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13:  Chapters

:303 Verses

Hebrews 1:

Chapter 1:14 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-1:1      God2316 who at sundry times4181 and2532 in divers manners4187 spake2980 in time past3819 unto the3588 fathers3962 by1722 the3588 prophets,4396 

58-1:2      Hath in1909 these5130 last2078 days2250 spoken2980 unto us2254 by1722 his Son,5207 whom3739 he hath appointed5087 heir2818 of all things,3956 by1223 whom3739 also2532 he made4160 the3588 worlds;165 

58-1:3      Who3739 being5607 the brightness541 of his glory,1391 and2532 the express image5481 of his848 person,5287 and5037 upholding5342 all things3956 by the3588 word4487 of his846 power,1411 when he had by1223 himself1438 purged4160, 2512 our2257 sins,266 sat down2523 on1722 the right hand1188 of the3588 Majesty3172 on1722 high;5308 

58-1:4      Being made1096 so much5118 better2909 than the3588 angels,32 as3745 he hath by inheritance obtained2816 a more excellent1313 name3686 than3844 they.846 

58-1:5      For1063 unto which5101 of the3588 angels32 said2036 he at any time,4218 Thou4771 art1488 my3450 son,5207 this day4594 have I1473 begotten1080 thee?4571 And2532 again,3825 I1473 will be2071 to him846 a(1519) Father,3962 and2532 he846 shall be2071 to me3427 a(1519) Son?5207 

58-1:6      And1161 again,3825 when3752 he bringeth in1521 the3588 first begotten4416 into1519 the3588 world,3625 he saith,3004 And2532 let all3956 the angels32 of God2316 worship4352 him.846 

58-1:7      And2532 of the angels4314, (3588), 32 he saith,3004 Who maketh4160 his848 angels32 spirits,4151 and2532 his848 ministers3011 a flame5395 of fire.4442 

58-1:8      But1161 unto4314 the3588 Son5207 he saith, Thy4675 throne,2362 O God,2316 is forever and ever:1519, 165, 165 a scepter4464 of righteousness2118 is the3588 scepter4464 of thy4675 kingdom.932 

58-1:9      Thou hast loved25 righteousness,1343 and2532 hated3404 iniquity;458 therefore1223, 5124 God,2316 even thy4675 God,2316 hath anointed5548 thee4571 with the oil1637 of gladness20 above3844 thy4675 fellows.3353 

58-1:10     And,2532 Thou,4771 Lord,2962 in2596 the beginning746 hast laid the foundation2311 of the3588 earth;1093 and2532 the3588 heavens3772 are1526 the works2041 of thine4675 hands:5495 

58-1:11     They846 shall perish;622 but1161 thou4771 remainest;1265 and2532 they all3956 shall wax old3822 as5613 doth a garment;2440 

58-1:12     And2532 as5616 a vesture4018 shalt thou fold them up,1667, 846 and2532 they shall be changed:236 but1161 thou4771 art1488 the3588 same,846 and2532 thy4675 years2094 shall not3756 fail.1587 

58-1:13     But1161 to4314 which5101 of the3588 angels32 said2046 he at any time,4218 Sit2521 on1537 my3450 right hand,1188 until2193, 302 I make5087 thine4675 enemies2190 thy footstool?5286, 4675, 4228 

58-1:14     Are1526 they not3780 all3956 ministering3010 spirits,4151 sent forth649 to minister1519, 1248 for1223 them who shall be3195 heirs2816 of salvation?4991 





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Hebrews 2:

Chapter 2:18 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-2:1      Therefore1223, 5124 we2248 ought1163 to give the more earnest heed4337, 4056 to the things which we have heard,191 lest at any time3379 we should let them slip.3901 

58-2:2      For1063 if1487 the3588 word3056 spoken2980 by1223 angels32 was1096 steadfast,949 and2532 every3956 transgression3847 and2532 disobedience3876 received2983 a just1738 recompense of reward;3405 

58-2:3      How4459 shall we2249 escape,1628 if we neglect272 so great5082 salvation;4991 which3748 at the first began2983, 746 to be spoken2980 by1223 the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 was confirmed950 unto1519 us2248 by5259 them that heard191 him; 

58-2:4      God2316 also bearing them witness,4901 both5037 with signs4592 and2532 wonders,5059 and2532 with divers4164 miracles,1411 and2532 gifts3311 of the Holy40 Ghost,4151 according2596 to his own848 will?2308 

58-2:5      For1063 unto the angels32 hath he not3756 put in subjection5293 the3588 world3625 to come,3195 whereof4012, 3739 we speak.2980 

58-2:6      But1161 one5100 in a certain place4225 testified,1263 saying,3004 What5101 is2076 man,444 that3754 thou art mindful3403 of him?846 or2228 the son5207 of man,444 that3754 thou visitest1980 him?846 

58-2:7      Thou madest1642 him846 a little lower5100, 1024 than3844 the angels;32 thou crownedst4737 him846 with glory1391 and2532 honor,5092 and2532 didst set2525 him846 over1909 the3588 works2041 of thy4675 hands:5495 

58-2:8      Thou hast put all things in subjection5293, 3956 under5270 his846 feet.4228 For1063 in that he put all in subjection under5293, 3956 him,846 he left863 nothing3762 that is not put under506 him.846 But1161 now3568 we see3708 not yet3768 all things3956 put under5293 him.846 

58-2:9      But1161 we see991 Jesus,2424 who was made a little lower1642, 1024, 5100 than3844 the angels32 for1223 the3588 suffering3804 of death,2288 crowned4737 with glory1391 and2532 honor;5092 that3704 he by the grace5485 of God2316 should taste1089 death2288 for5228 every man.3956 

58-2:10     For1063 it became4241 him,846 for1223 whom3739 are all things,3956 and2532 by1223 whom3739 are all things,3956 in bringing71 many4183 sons5207 unto1519 glory,1391 to make the captain of their salvation perfect5048, 3588, 747, 846, 4991 through1223 sufferings.3804 

58-2:11     For1063 both5037 he that sanctifieth37 and2532 they who are sanctified37 are all3956 of1537 one:1520 for1223 which3739 cause156 he is not3756 ashamed1870 to call2564 them846 brethren,80 

58-2:12     Saying,3004 I will declare518 thy4675 name3686 unto my3450 brethren,80 in1722 the midst3319 of the church1577 will I sing praise5214 unto thee.4571 

58-2:13     And2532 again,3825 I1473 will put my trust2071, 3982 in1909 him.846 And2532 again,3825 Behold2400 I1473 and2532 the3588 children3813 which3739 God2316 hath given1325 me.3427 

58-2:14     Forasmuch1893 then3767 as the3588 children3813 are partakers2841 of flesh4561 and2532 blood,129 he846 also2532 himself likewise3898 took part3348 of the3588 same;846 that2443 through1223 death2288 he might destroy2673 him that had2192 the3588 power2904 of death,2288 that is,5123 the3588 devil;1228 

58-2:15     And2532 deliver525 them5128 who3745 through fear5401 of death2288 were2258 all3956 their(1223) lifetime2198 subject to1777 bondage.1397 

58-2:16     For1063 verily1222 he took not on1949, 3756 him the nature of angels;32 but235 he took on1949 him the seed4690 of Abraham.11 

58-2:17     Wherefore3606 in2596 all things3956 it behooved3784 him to be made like unto3666 his brethren,80 that2443 he might be1096 a merciful1655 and2532 faithful4103 high priest749 in things4314 pertaining to God,2316 to make reconciliation for2433 the3588 sins266 of the3588 people.2992 

58-2:18     For1063 in1722 that3739 he846 himself hath suffered3958 being tempted,3985 he is able1410 to succor997 them that are tempted.3985 





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Hebrews 3:

Chapter 3:19 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-3:1      Wherefore,3606 holy40 brethren,80 partakers3353 of the heavenly2032 calling,2821 consider2657 the3588 Apostle652 and2532 High Priest749 of our2257 profession,3671 Christ5547 Jesus;2424 

58-3:2      Who was5607 faithful4103 to him that appointed4160 him,846 as5613 also2532 Moses3475 was faithful in1722 all3650 his846 house.3624 

58-3:3      For1063 this3778 man was counted worthy515 of more4119 glory1391 than3844 Moses,3475 inasmuch2596, 3745 as he who hath builded2680 the house(846) hath2192 more4119 honor5092 than the3588 house.3624 

58-3:4      For1063 every3956 house3624 is builded2680 by5259 some5100 man; but1161 he that built2680 all things3956 is God.2316 

58-3:5      And2532 Moses3475 verily3303 was faithful4103 in1722 all3650 his846 house,3624 as5613 a servant,2324 for1519 a testimony3142 of those things which were to be spoken after;2980 

58-3:6      But1161 Christ5547 as5613 a son5207 over1909 his own848 house;3624 whose3739 house3624 are2070 we,2249 if1437, 4007 we hold fast2722 the3588 confidence3954 and2532 the3588 rejoicing2745 of the3588 hope1680 firm949 unto3360 the end.5056 

58-3:7      Wherefore1352 (as2531 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 saith,3004 Today4594 if1437 ye will hear191 his846 voice,5456 

58-3:8      Harden4645 not3361 your5216 hearts,2588 as5613 in1722 the3588 provocation,3894 in2596 the3588 day2250 of temptation3986 in1722 the3588 wilderness:2048 

58-3:9      When3757 your5216 fathers3962 tempted3985 me,3165 proved1381 me,3165 and2532 saw1492 my3450 works2041 forty5062 years.2094 

58-3:10     Wherefore1352 I was grieved4360 with that1565 generation,1074 and2532 said,2036 They do always104 err4105 in their heart;2588 and1161 they846 have not3756 known1097 my3450 ways.3598 

58-3:11     So5613 I swore3660 in1722 my3450 wrath,3709 They(1487) shall not enter1525 into1519 my3450 rest.)2663 

58-3:12     Take heed,991 brethren,80 lest3379 there be2071 in1722 any5100 of you5216 an evil4190 heart2588 of unbelief,570 in departing868 from575 the living2198 God.2316 

58-3:13     But235 exhort3870 one another1438 daily,2596, 1538, 2250 while891, 3757 it3588 is called2564 Today;4594 lest3363 any5100 of1537 you5216 be hardened4645 through the deceitfulness539 of sin.266 

58-3:14     For1063 we are made1096 partakers3353 of Christ,5547 if1437, 4007 we hold2722 the3588 beginning746 of our confidence5287 steadfast949 unto3360 the end;5056 

58-3:15     While it is said,3004 Today4594 if1437 ye will hear191 his846 voice,5456 harden4645 not3361 your5216 hearts,2588 as5613 in1722 the3588 provocation.3894 

58-3:16     For1063 some,5100 when they had heard,191 did provoke:3893 howbeit235 not3756 all3956 that came1831 out of1537 Egypt125 by1223 Moses.3475 

58-3:17     But1161 with whom5101 was he grieved4360 forty5062 years?2094 was it not3780 with them that had sinned,264 whose3739 carcasses2966 fell4098 in1722 the3588 wilderness?2048 

58-3:18     And1161 to whom5101 swore3660 he that they should not3361 enter1525 into1519 his848 rest,2663 but1508 to them that believed not?544 

58-3:19     So2532 we see991 that3754 they could1410 not3756 enter in1525 because1223 of unbelief.570 





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Hebrews 4:

Chapter 4:16 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-4:1      Let us therefore3767 fear,5399 lest,3379 a promise1860 being left2641 us of entering1525 into1519 his846 rest,2663 any5100 of1537 you5216 should seem1380 to come short5302 of it. 

58-4:2      For1063 unto us(2532) was the gospel preached,2070, 2097 as well as2509 unto them:2548 but235 the3588 word3056 preached189 did not3756 profit5623 them,1565 not3361 being mixed with4786 faith4102 in them that heard191 it. 

58-4:3      For1063 we which have believed4100 do enter1525 into1519 rest,2663 as2531 he said,2046 As5613 I have sworn3660 in1722 my3450 wrath,3709 if1487 they shall enter1525 into1519 my3450 rest:2663 although2543 the3588 works2041 were finished1096 from575 the foundation2602 of the world.2889 

58-4:4      For1063 he spake2046 in a certain place4225 of4012 the3588 seventh1442 day on this wise,3779 And2532 God2316 did rest2664 the3588 seventh1442 day2250 from575 all3956 his848 works.2041 

58-4:5      And2532 in1722 this5129 place again,3825 If1487 they shall enter1525 into1519 my3450 rest.2663 

58-4:6      Seeing1893 therefore3767 it remaineth620 that some5100 must enter1525 therein,1519, 846 and2532 they to whom it was first preached2097, 4386 entered not in1525, 3756 because1223 of unbelief:543 

58-4:7      Again,3825 he limiteth3724 a certain5100 day,2250 saying3004 in1722 David,1138 Today,4594 after3326 so long5118 a time;5550 as2531 it is said,2046 Today4594 if1437 ye will hear191 his846 voice,5456 harden4645 not3361 your5216 hearts.2588 

58-4:8      For1063 if1487 Joshua2424 had given them rest,2664, 846 then would he not3756 (302) afterward3326, 5023 have spoken2980 of4012 another243 day.2250 

58-4:9      There remaineth620 therefore686 a rest4520 to the3588 people2992 of God.2316 

58-4:10     For1063 he that is entered1525 into1519 his846 rest,2663 he846 also2532 hath ceased2664 from575 his own848 works,2041 as5618 God2316 did from575 his.2398 

58-4:11     Let us labor4704 therefore3767 to enter1525 into1519 that1565 rest,2663 lest3363 any man5100 fall4098 after1722 the3588 same846 example5262 of unbelief.543 

58-4:12     For1063 the3588 word3056 of God2316 is quick,2198 and2532 powerful,1756 and2532 sharper5114 than5228 any3956 two-edged1366 sword,3162 piercing1338 even2532 to891 the dividing asunder3311 of(5037) soul5590 and2532 spirit,4151 and5037 of the joints719 and2532 marrow,3452 and2532 is a discerner2924 of the thoughts1761 and2532 intents1771 of the heart.2588 

58-4:13     Neither2532, 3756 is2076 there any creature2937 that is not manifest852 in his sight:1799, 846 but1161 all things3956 are naked1131 and2532 opened5136 unto the3588 eyes3788 of him846 with4314 whom3739 we have to do.2254, 3056 

58-4:14     Seeing then3767 that we have2192 a great3173 high priest,749 that is passed into1330 the3588 heavens,3772 Jesus2424 the3588 Son5207 of God,2316 let us hold fast2902 our profession.3671 

58-4:15     For1063 we have2192 not3756 a high priest749 which cannot1410, 3361 be touched with the feeling of4834 our2257 infirmities;769 but1161 was in2596 all points3956 tempted3985 like as2596, 3665 we are, yet without5565 sin.266 

58-4:16     Let us therefore3767 come4334 boldly3326, 3954 unto the3588 throne2362 of grace,5485 that2443 we may obtain2983 mercy,1656 and2532 find2147 grace5485 to help in time of need.1519, 2121, 996 





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Hebrews 5:

Chapter 5:14 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-5:1      For1063 every3956 high priest749 taken2983 from among1537 men444 is ordained2525 for5228 men444 in things3588 pertaining to4314 God,2316 that2443 he may offer4374 both5037 gifts1435 and2532 sacrifices2378 for5228 sins:266 

58-5:2      Who can1410 have compassion3356 on the3588 ignorant,50 and2532 on them that are out of the way;4105 for that1893 he846 himself also2532 is compassed with4029 infirmity.769 

58-5:3      And2532 by reason hereof1223, 5026 he ought,3784 as2531 for4012 the3588 people,2992 so3779 also2532 for4012 himself,1438 to offer4374 for5228 sins.266 

58-5:4      And2532 no man5100, 3756 taketh2983 this honor5092 unto himself,1438 but235 he that is called2564 of5259 God,2316 as2509 was(2532) Aaron.2 

58-5:5      So3779 also2532 Christ5547 glorified1392 not3756 himself1438 to be made1096 a high priest;749 but235 he that said2980 unto4314 him,846 Thou4771 art1488 my3450 Son,5207 today4594 have I1473 begotten1080 thee.4571 

58-5:6      As2531 he saith3004 also2532 in1722 another2087 place, Thou4771 art a priest2409 forever1519, 165 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek.3198 

58-5:7      Who3739 in1722 the3588 days2250 of his848 flesh,4561 when he had offered up4374 (5037) prayers1162 and2532 supplications2428 with3326 strong2478 crying2906 and2532 tears1144 unto4314 him that was able1410 to save4982 him846 from1537 death,2288 and2532 was heard1522 in that he feared;575, 2124 

58-5:8      Though2539 he were5607 a Son,5207 yet learned3129 he obedience5218 by575 the things which3739 he suffered;3958 

58-5:9      And2532 being made perfect,5048 he became1096 the author159 of eternal166 salvation4991 unto all3956 them that obey5219 him;846 

58-5:10     Called4316 of5259 God2316 a high priest749 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek.3198 

58-5:11     Of4012 whom3739 we2254 have many things to say,4183, 3056 and2532 hard1421 to be uttered,3004 seeing1893 ye are1096 dull3576 of hearing.189 

58-5:12     For1063 when2532 for1223 the3588 time5550 ye ought3784 to be1511 teachers,1320 ye have2192 need5532 that one teach1321 you5209 again3825 which5101 be the3588 first746 principles4747 of the3588 oracles3051 of God;2316 and2532 are become1096 such as have2192 need5532 of milk,1051 and2532 not3756 of strong meat.4731, 5160 

58-5:13     For1063 every one3956 that useth3348 milk1051 is unskillfull552 in the word3056 of righteousness:1343 for1063 he is2076 a babe.3516 

58-5:14     But1161 strong meat4731, 5160 belongeth2076 to them that are of full age,5046 even those who by reason of1223 use1838 have2192 their senses145 exercised1128 to4314 discern1253 both5037 good2570 and2532 evil.2556 





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Hebrews 6:

Chapter 6:20 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-6:1      Therefore1352 leaving863 the3588 principles746 of the3588 doctrine3056 of Christ,5547 let us go on5342 unto1909 perfection;5047 not3361 laying2598 again3825 the foundation2310 of repentance3341 from575 dead3498 works,2041 and2532 of faith4102 toward1909 God,2316 

58-6:2      Of the doctrine1322 of baptisms,909 and5037 of laying on1936 of hands,5495 and5037 of resurrection386 of the dead,3498 and2532 of eternal166 judgment.2917 

58-6:3      And2532 this5124 will we do,4160 if1437, 4007 God2316 permit.2010 

58-6:4      For1063 it is impossible102 for those who were once enlightened,5461, 530 and5037 have tasted1089 of the3588 heavenly2032 gift,1431 and2532 were made1096 partakers3353 of the Holy40 Ghost,4151 

58-6:5      And2532 have tasted1089 the good2570 word4487 of God,2316 and5037 the powers1411 of the world165 to come,3195 

58-6:6      If they(2532) shall fall away,3895 to renew340 them again3825 unto1519 repentance;3341 seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh,388, 1438, 3588, 5207, 2316 and2532 put him to an open shame.3856 

58-6:7      For1063 the earth1093 which drinketh in4095 the3588 rain5205 that cometh2064 oft4178 upon1909 it,846 and2532 bringeth forth5088 herbs1008 meet2111 for them1565 by1223 whom3739 it is(2532) dressed,1090 receiveth3335 blessing2129 from575 God:2316 

58-6:8      But1161 that which beareth1627 thorns173 and2532 briars5146 is rejected,96 and2532 is nigh unto1451 cursing;2671 whose3739 end5056 is to be burned.1519, 2740 

58-6:9      But,1161 beloved,27 we are persuaded3982 better things2909 of4012 you,5216 and2532 things that accompany2192 salvation,4991 though1499 we thus3779 speak.2980 

58-6:10     For1063 God2316 is not3756 unrighteous94 to forget1950 your5216 work2041 and2532 labor2873 of love,26 which3739 ye have showed1731 toward1519 his846 name,3686 in that ye have ministered1247 to the3588 saints,40 and2532 do minister.1247 

58-6:11     And1161 we desire1937 that every one1538 of you5216 do show1731 the3588 same846 diligence4710 to4314 the3588 full assurance4136 of hope1680 unto891 the end:5056 

58-6:12     That2443 ye be1096 not3361 slothful,3576 but1161 followers3402 of them who through1223 faith4102 and2532 patience3115 inherit2816 the3588 promises.1860 

58-6:13     For1063 when God2316 made promise1861 to Abraham,11 because1893 he could2192 swear3660 by2596 no3762 greater,3187 he swore3660 by2596 himself,1438 

58-6:14     Saying,3004 Surely2229, 3375 blessing2127 I will bless2127 thee,4571 and2532 multiplying4129 I will multiply4129 thee.4571 

58-6:15     And2532 so,3779 after he had patiently endured,3114 he obtained2013 the3588 promise.1860 

58-6:16     For1063 men444 verily3303 swear3660 by2596 the3588 greater:3187 and2532 an oath3727 for1519 confirmation951 is to them846 an end4009 of all3956 strife.485 

58-6:17     Wherein1722, 3739 God,2316 willing1014 more abundantly4054 to show1925 unto the3588 heirs2818 of promise1860 the3588 immutability276 of his848 counsel,1012 confirmed3315 it by an oath:3727 

58-6:18     That2443 by1223 two1417 immutable276 things,4229 in1722 which3739 it was impossible102 for God2316 to lie,5574 we might have2192 a strong2478 consolation,3874 who have fled for refuge2703 to lay hold upon2902 the hope1680 set before4295 us: 

58-6:19     Which3739 hope we have2192 as5613 an anchor45 of the3588 soul,5590 both5037 sure804 and2532 steadfast,949 and2532 which entereth1525 into1519 that within2082 the3588 veil;2665 

58-6:20     Whither3699 the forerunner4274 is for5228 us2257 entered,1525 even Jesus,2424 made1096 a high priest749 forever1519, 165 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek.3198 





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Hebrews 7:

Chapter 7:28 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-7:1      For1063 this3778 Melchizedek,3198 king935 of Salem,4532 priest2409 of the3588 most high5310 God,2316 who met4876 Abraham11 returning5290 from575 the3588 slaughter2871 of the3588 kings,935 and2532 blessed2127 him;846 

58-7:2      To whom3739 also2532 Abraham11 gave3307 a tenth part1181 of575 all;3956 first4412, 3303 being by interpretation2059 King935 of righteousness,1343 and1161 after that1899 also2532 King935 of Salem,4532 which is,3603 King935 of peace;1515 

58-7:3      Without father,540 without mother,282 without descent,35 having2192 neither3383 beginning746 of days,2250 nor3383 end5056 of life;2222 but1161 made like unto871 the3588 Son5207 of God;2316 abideth3306 a priest2409 continually.1519, 1336 

58-7:4      Now1161 consider2334 how great4080 this man3778 was, unto whom3739 even2532 the3588 patriarch3966 Abraham11 gave1325 the tenth1181 of1537 the3588 spoils.205 

58-7:5      And2532 verily3303 they3588 that are of1537 the3588 sons5207 of Levi,3017 who receive2983 the3588 office of the priesthood,2405 have2192 a commandment1785 to take tithes586 of the3588 people2992 according2596 to the3588 law,3551 that is,5123 of their848 brethren,80 though2539 they come1831 out of1537 the3588 loins3751 of Abraham:11 

58-7:6      But1161 he whose descent is not counted1075, 3361 from1537 them846 received tithes1183 of Abraham,11 and2532 blessed2127 him that had2192 the3588 promises.1860 

58-7:7      And1161 without5565 all3956 contradiction485 the3588 less1640 is blessed2127 of5259 the3588 better.2909 

58-7:8      And2532 here5602, 3303 men444 that die599 receive2983 tithes;1181 but1161 there1563 he receiveth them, of whom it is witnessed3140 that3754 he liveth.2198 

58-7:9      And2532 as I may so say,5613, 2031, 2036 Levi3017 also,2532 who receiveth2983 tithes,1181 paid tithes1183 in1223 Abraham.11 

58-7:10     For1063 he was2258 yet2089 in1722 the3588 loins3751 of his father,3962 when3753 Melchizedek3198 met4876 him.846 

58-7:11     If1487 (3303) therefore3767 perfection5050 were2258 by1223 the3588 Levitical3020 priesthood,2420 (for1063 under1909 it846 the3588 people2992 received the law,)3549 what5101 further2089 need5532 was there that another2087 priest2409 should rise450 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek,3198 and2532 not3756 be called3004 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Aaron?2 

58-7:12     For1063 the3588 priesthood2420 being changed,3346 there is made1096 of1537 necessity318 a change3331 also2532 of the law.3551 

58-7:13     For1063 he of1909 whom3739 these things5023 are spoken3004 pertaineth3348 to another2087 tribe,5443 of575 which3739 no man3762 gave attendance4337 at the3588 altar.2379 

58-7:14     For1063 it is evident4271 that3754 our2257 Lord2962 sprang393 out of1537 Judah;2455 of1519 which3739 tribe5443 Moses3475 spake2980 nothing3762 concerning4012 priesthood.2420 

58-7:15     And2532 it is2076 yet2089 far more4054 evident:2612 for that1487 after2596 the3588 similitude3665 of Melchizedek3198 there ariseth450 another2087 priest,2409 

58-7:16     Who3739 is made,1096 not3756 after2596 the law3551 of a carnal4559 commandment,1785 but235 after2596 the power1411 of an endless179 life.2222 

58-7:17     For1063 he testifieth,3140 Thou4771 art a priest2409 forever1519, 165 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek.3198 

58-7:18     For1063 there is1096 verily3303 a disannulling115 of the commandment1785 going before4254 for1223 the3588 weakness772 and2532 unprofitableness512 thereof.846 

58-7:19     For1063 the3588 law3551 made nothing perfect,5048, 3762 but1161 the bringing in1898 of a better2909 hope1680 did; by1223 the which3739 we draw nigh1448 unto God.2316 

58-7:20     And2532 inasmuch as2596, 3745 not3756 without5565 an oath3728 he was made priest: 

58-7:21     (For1063 those priests2409 (3303) were1526 made1096 without5565 an oath;3728 but1161 this3588 with3326 an oath3728 by1223 him that said3004 unto4314 him,846 The Lord2962 swore3660 and2532 will not3756 repent,3338 Thou4771 art a priest2409 forever1519, 165 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek:)3198 

58-7:22     By2596 so much5118 was Jesus2424 made1096 a surety1450 of a better2909 testament.1242 

58-7:23     And2532 they3588 truly3303 were1526 many4119 priests,2409 because they were not suffered2967 to continue3887 by reason of death:2288 

58-7:24     But1161 this3588 man, because he846 continueth3306 ever,1519, 165 hath2192 an unchangeable531 priesthood.2420 

58-7:25     Wherefore3606 he is able1410 also2532 to save4982 them to1519 the3588 uttermost3838 that come4334 unto God2316 by1223 him,846 seeing he ever3842 liveth2198 to make intercession1793 for5228 them.846 

58-7:26     For1063 such5108 a high priest749 became4241 us,2254 who is holy,3741 harmless,172 undefiled,283 separate5563 from575 sinners,268 and2532 made1096 higher5308 than the3588 heavens;3772 

58-7:27     Who3739 needeth2192, 318 not3756 daily,2596, 2250 as5618 those high priests,749 to offer up399 sacrifice,2378 first4386 for5228 his own2398 sins,266 and then1899 for(3588) the3588 people's:2992 for1063 this5124 he did4160 once,2178 when he offered up399 himself.1438 

58-7:28     For1063 the3588 law3551 maketh2525 men444 high priests749 which have2192 infirmity;769 but1161 the3588 word3056 of the3588 oath,3728 which3588 was since3326 the3588 law,3551 maketh the Son,5207 who is consecrated5048 forevermore.1519, 165 





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Hebrews 8:

Chapter 8:13 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-8:1      Now1161 of1909 the things which we have spoken3004 this is the sum:2774 We have2192 such5108 a high priest,749 who3739 is set2523 on1722 the right hand1188 of the3588 throne2362 of the3588 Majesty3172 in1722 the3588 heavens;3772 

58-8:2      A minister3011 of the3588 sanctuary,39 and2532 of the3588 true228 tabernacle,4633 which3739 the3588 Lord2962 pitched,4078 and2532 not3756 man.444 

58-8:3      For1063 every3956 high priest749 is ordained2525 to offer4374 (5037) gifts1435 and2532 sacrifices:2378 wherefore3606 it is of necessity316 that this man5126 have2192 somewhat5100, 3739 also2532 to offer.4374 

58-8:4      For1063 if1487 he(3303) were2258 on1909 earth,1093 he should not3761 be2258, 302 a priest,2409 seeing that there are5607 priests2409 that offer4374 gifts1435 according2596 to the3588 law:3551 

58-8:5      Who3748 serve3000 unto the example5262 and2532 shadow4639 of heavenly things,2032 as2531 Moses3475 was admonished of God5537 when he was about3195 to make2005 the3588 tabernacle:4633 for,1063 See,3708 saith5346 he, that thou make4160 all things3956 according2596 to the3588 pattern5179 showed1166 to thee4671 in1722 the3588 mount.3735 

58-8:6      But1161 now3570 hath he obtained5177 a more excellent1313 ministry,3009 by how much3745 also2532 he is2076 the mediator3316 of a better2909 covenant,1242 which3748 was established3549 upon1909 better2909 promises.1860 

58-8:7      For1063 if1487 that1565 first4413 covenant had been2258 faultless,273 then should no3756 (302) place5117 have been sought2212 for the second.1208 

58-8:8      For1063 finding fault3201 with them,846 he saith,3004 Behold,2400 the days2250 come,2064 saith3004 the Lord,2962 when2532 I will make4931 a new2537 covenant1242 with1909 the3588 house3624 of Israel2474 and2532 with1909 the3588 house3624 of Judah:2455 

58-8:9      Not3756 according2596 to the3588 covenant1242 that3739 I made4160 with their846 fathers3962 in1722 the day2250 when I3450 took1949 them846 by the3588 hand5495 to lead1806 them846 out of1537 the land1093 of Egypt;125 because3754 they846 continued1696 not3756 in1722 my3450 covenant,1242 and I2504 regarded them not,272, 846 saith3004 the Lord.2962 

58-8:10     For3754 this3778 is the3588 covenant1242 that3739 I will make1303 with the3588 house3624 of Israel2474 after3326 those1565 days,2250 saith3004 the Lord;2962 I will put1325 my3450 laws3551 into1519 their846 mind,1271 and2532 write1924 them846 in1909 their846 hearts:2588 and2532 I will be2071 to them846 a(1519) God,2316 and2532 they846 shall be2071 to me3427 a(1519) people:2992 

58-8:11     And2532 they shall not3364 teach1321 every man1538 his848 neighbor,4139 and2532 every man1538 his848 brother,80 saying,3004 Know1097 the3588 Lord:2962 for3754 all3956 shall know1492 me,3165 from575 the least3398, (846) to2193 the greatest.3173, (846) 

58-8:12     For3754 I will be2071 merciful2436 to their846 unrighteousness,93 and2532 their846 sins266 and2532 their846 iniquities458 will I remember3415 no more.3364, 2089 

58-8:13     In that he saith,3004 A new2537 covenant, he hath made the first old.3822, 3588, 4413 Now1161 that which decayeth3822 and2532 waxeth old1095 is ready to vanish away.1451, 854 





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Hebrews 9:

Chapter 9:28 Verses

58 Hebrews

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

58-9:1      Then3767 verily3303 the3588 first4413 covenant had2192 also2532 ordinances1345 of divine service,2999 and5037 a worldly2886 sanctuary.39 

58-9:2      For1063 there was a tabernacle4633 made;2680 the3588 first,4413 wherein1722, 3739 was the(5037, 3739) candlestick,3087 and2532 the3588 table,5132 and2532 the3588 shewbread;4286, 740 which3748 is called3004 the sanctuary.39 

58-9:3      And1161 after3326 the3588 second1208 veil,2665 the tabernacle4633 which is called3004 the holiest of all;39, 39 

58-9:4      Which had2192 the golden5552 censer,2369 and2532 the3588 ark2787 of the3588 covenant1242 overlaid4028 round about3840 with gold,5552 wherein1722, 3739 was the golden5553 pot4713 that had2192 manna,3131 and2532 Aaron's2 rod4464 that budded,985 and2532 the3588 tables4109 of the3588 covenant;1242 

58-9:5      And1161 over5231 it846 the cherubim5502 of glory1391 shadowing2683 the3588 mercy seat;2435 of4012 which3739 we cannot2076, 3756 now3568 speak3004 particularly.2596, 3313 

58-9:6      Now1161 when these things5130 were thus3779 ordained,2680 the3588 priests2409 went1524 always1275 into1519 (3303) the3588 first4413 tabernacle,4633 accomplishing2005 the3588 service2999 of God. 

58-9:7      But1161 into1519 the3588 second1208 went the3588 high priest749 alone3441 once530 every year,1763 not3756 without5565 blood,129 which3739 he offered4374 for5228 himself,1438 and2532 for the3588 errors51 of the3588 people:2992 

58-9:8      The3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 this5124 signifying,1213 that the3588 way3598 into the3588 holiest of all39 was not yet3380 made manifest,5319 while as the3588 first4413 tabernacle4633 was2192 yet2089 standing:4714 

58-9:9      Which3748 was a figure3850 for1519 the3588 time2540 then present,1764 in2596 which3739 were offered4374 both5037 gifts1435 and2532 sacrifices,2378 that could1410 not3361 make him that did the service perfect,5048, 3588, 3000 as pertaining2596 to the conscience;4893 

58-9:10     Which stood only3440 in1909 meats1033 and2532 drinks,4188 and2532 divers1313 washings,909 and2532 carnal4561 ordinances,1345 imposed1945 on them until3360 the time2540 of reformation.1357 

58-9:11     But1161 Christ5547 being come3854 a high priest749 of good things18 to come,3195 by1223 a greater3187 and2532 more perfect5046 tabernacle,4633 not3756 made with hands,5499 that is to say,5123 not3756 of this5026 building;2937 

58-9:12     Neither3761 by1223 the blood129 of goats5131 and2532 calves,3448 but1161 by1223 his own2398 blood129 he entered in1525 once2178 into1519 the3588 holy place,39 having obtained2147 eternal166 redemption3085 for us. 

58-9:13     For1063 if1487 the3588 blood129 of bulls5022 and2532 of goats,5131 and2532 the ashes4700 of a heifer1151 sprinkling4472 the3588 unclean,2840 sanctifieth37 to4314 the3588 purifying2514 of the3588 flesh:4561 

58-9:14     How much4214 more3123 shall the3588 blood129 of Christ,5547 who3739 through1223 the eternal166 Spirit4151 offered4374 himself1438 without spot299 to God,2316 purge2511 your5216 conscience4893 from575 dead3498 works2041 to serve3000 the living2198 God?2316 

58-9:15     And2532 for this cause1223, 5124 he is2076 the mediator3316 of the new2537 testament,1242 that3704 by means of death,2288, 1096 for1519 the redemption629 of the3588 transgressions3847 that were under1909 the3588 first4413 testament,1242 they which are called2564 might receive