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2 Corinthians 1:

Chapter 1:24 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-1:1      Paul,3972 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 by1223 the will2307 of God,2316 and2532 Timothy5095 our brother,80 unto the3588 church1577 of God2316 which is5607 at1722 Corinth,2882 with4862 all3956 the3588 saints40 which are5607 in1722 all3650 Achaia:882 

47-1:2      Grace5485 be to you5213 and2532 peace1515 from575 God2316 our2257 Father,3962 and2532 from the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547 

47-1:3      Blessed2128 be God,2316 even2532 the Father3962 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 the3588 Father3962 of mercies,3628 and2532 the God2316 of all3956 comfort;3874 

47-1:4      Who3588 comforteth3870 us2248 in1909 all3956 our2257 tribulation,2347 that we2248 may be able1410 to comfort3870 them3588 which are in1722 any3956 trouble,2347 by1223 the3588 comfort3874 wherewith3739 we848 ourselves are comforted3870 of5259 God.2316 

47-1:5      For3754 as2531 the3588 sufferings3804 of Christ5547 abound4052 in1519 us,2248 so3779 our2257 consolation3874 also2532 aboundeth4052 by1223 Christ.5547 

47-1:6      And1161 whether1535 we be afflicted,2346 it is for5228 your5216 consolation3874 and2532 salvation,4991 which is effectual1754 in1722 the enduring5281 of the3588 same846 sufferings3804 which3739 we2249 also2532 suffer:3958 or whether1535 we be comforted,3870 it is for5228 your5216 consolation3874 and2532 salvation.4991 

47-1:7      And2532 our2257 hope1680 of5228 you5216 is steadfast,949 knowing,1492 that3754 as5618 ye are2075 partakers2844 of the3588 sufferings,3804 so3779 shall ye be also2532 of the3588 consolation.3874 

47-1:8      For1063 we would2309 not,3756 brethren,80 have you ignorant50, 5209 of5228 our2257 trouble2347 which came1096 to us2254 in1722 Asia,773 that3754 we were pressed916 out of measure,2596, 5236 above5228 strength,1411 insomuch that5620 we2248 despaired1820 even2532 of life:2198 

47-1:9      But235 we848 had2192 the3588 sentence610 of death2288 in1722 ourselves,1438 that2443 we should5600 not3361 trust3982 in1909 ourselves,1438 but235 in1909 God2316 which raiseth1453 the3588 dead:3498 

47-1:10     Who3739 delivered4506 us2248 from1537 so great5082 a death,2288 and2532 doth deliver:4506 in1519 whom3739 we trust1679 that3754 he will(2532) yet2089 deliver4506 us; 

47-1:11     Ye5216 also2532 helping together4943 by prayer1162 for5228 us,2257 that2443 for the gift5486 bestowed upon1519 us2248 by the means of1537 many4183 persons4383 thanks may be given2168 by1223 many4183 on our behalf.5228, 2257 

47-1:12     For1063 our2257 rejoicing2746 is2076 this,3778 the3588 testimony3142 of our2257 conscience,4893 that3754 in1722 simplicity572 and2532 godly2316 sincerity,1505 not3756 with1722 fleshly4559 wisdom,4678 but235 by1722 the grace5485 of God,2316 we have had our conversation390 in1722 the3588 world,2889 and1161 more abundantly4056 to4314 you-ward.5209 

47-1:13     For1063 we write1125 none3756 other things243 unto you,5213 than235, 2228 what3739 ye read314 or2228, (2532) acknowledge;1921 and1161 I trust1679 ye shall(3754) acknowledge1921 even2532 to2193 the end;5056 

47-1:14     As2531 also2532 ye have acknowledged1921 us2248 in575 part,3313 that3754 we are2070 your5216 rejoicing,2745 even as2509 ye5210 also2532 are ours2257 in1722 the3588 day2250 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus.2424 

47-1:15     And2532 in this5026 confidence4006 I was minded1014 to come2064 unto4314 you5209 before,4386 that2443 ye might have2192 a second1208 benefit;5485 

47-1:16     And2532 to pass1330 by1223 you5216 into1519 Macedonia,3109 and2532 to come2064 again3825 out of575 Macedonia3109 unto4314 you,5209 and2532 of5259 you5216 to be brought on my way4311 toward1519 Judea.2449 

47-1:17     When I therefore3767 was thus minded,1011, 5124 did I(3385, 686) use5530 lightness?1644 or2228 the things that3739 I purpose,1011 do I purpose1011 according2596 to the flesh,4561 that2443 with3844 me1698 there should be5600 yea3483 yea,3483 and2532 nay3756 nay?3756 

47-1:18     But1161 as God2316 is true,4103, (3754) our2257 word3056 toward4314 you5209 was1096 not3756 yea and nay.3483, 2532, 3756 

47-1:19     For1063 the3588 Son5207 of God,2316 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who was preached2784 among1722 you5213 by1223 us,2257 even by1223 me1700 and2532 Silvanus4610 and2532 Timothy,5095 was1096 not3756 yea and nay,3483, 2532, 3756 but235 in1722 him846 was1096 yea.3483 

47-1:20     For1063 all3745 the promises1860 of God2316 in1722 him846 are(3588) yea,3483 and2532 in1722 him846, (3588) Amen,281 unto4314 the glory1391 of God2316 by1223 us.2257 

47-1:21     Now1161 he which establisheth950 us2248 with4862 you5213 in1519 Christ,5547 and2532 hath anointed5548 us,2248 is God;2316 

47-1:22     Who hath also sealed4972, 2532 us,2248 and2532 given1325 the3588 earnest728 of the3588 Spirit4151 in1722 our2257 hearts.2588 

47-1:23     Moreover1161 I1473 call1941 God2316 for a record3144 upon1909 my1699 soul,5590 that3754 to spare5339 you5216 I came2064 not as yet3765 unto1519 Corinth.2882 

47-1:24     Not3756 for that3754 we have dominion over2961 your5216 faith,4102 but235 are2070 helpers4904 of your5216 joy:5479 for1063 by faith4102 ye stand.2476 





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2 Corinthians 2:

Chapter 2:17 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-2:1      But1161 I determined2919 this5124 with myself,1683 that I would not3361 come2064 again3825 to4314 you5209 in1722 heaviness.3077 

47-2:2      For1063 if1487 I1473 make you sorry,3076, 5209 who5101 (2532) is2076 he then that maketh me glad,2165, 3165 but1508 the same which is made sorry3076 by1537 me?1700 

47-2:3      And2532 I wrote1125 this5124 same846 unto you,5213 lest,3363 when I came,2064 I should have2192 sorrow3077 from575 them of whom3739 I3165 ought1163 to rejoice;5463 having confidence3982 in1909 you5209 all,3956 that3754 my1699 joy5479 is2076 the joy of you5216 all.3956 

47-2:4      For1063 out of1537 much4183 affliction2347 and2532 anguish4928 of heart2588 I wrote1125 unto you5213 with1223 many4183 tears;1144 not3756 that2443 ye should be grieved,3076 but235 that2443 ye might know1097 the3588 love26 which3739 I have2192 more abundantly4056 unto1519 you.5209 

47-2:5      But1161 if1487 any5100 have caused grief,3076 he hath not3756 grieved3076 me,1691 but235 in part:575, 3313 that2443 I may not3361 overcharge1912 you5209 all.3956 

47-2:6      Sufficient2425 to such a man5108 is this3778 punishment,2009 which3588 was inflicted of5259 many.4119 

47-2:7      So that5620 contrariwise5121 ye5209 ought rather3123 to forgive5483 him, and2532 comfort3870 him, lest3381 perhaps such a one5108 should be swallowed up2666 with overmuch4055 sorrow.3077 

47-2:8      Wherefore1352 I beseech3870 you5209 that ye would confirm2964 your love26 toward1519 him.846 

47-2:9      For1063 to1519 this end5124 also2532 did I write,1125 that2443 I might know1097 the3588 proof1382 of you,5216 whether1487 ye be2075 obedient5255 in1519 all things.3956 

47-2:10     (1161) To whom3739 ye forgive5483 any thing,5100 I1473 forgive also:2532 for1063 if I forgave any thing,1536, 1473, 5483 (2532) to whom3739 I forgave5483 it, for your sakes1223, 5209 forgave I it in1722 the person4383 of Christ;5547 

47-2:11     Lest3363 Satan4567 should get an advantage4122 of us: for1063 we are not ignorant50, 3756 of his846 devices.3540 

47-2:12     Furthermore, when I came2064 to1519 Troas5174 to1519 preach Christ's5547 gospel,2098 and2532 a door2374 was opened455 unto me3427 of1722 the Lord,2962 

47-2:13     I had2192 no3756 rest425 in my3450 spirit,4151 because I3165 found2147 not3361 Titus5103 my3450 brother:80 but235 taking my leave657 of them,846 I went from thence1831 into1519 Macedonia.3109 

47-2:14     Now1161 thanks5485 be unto God,2316 which always causeth us to triumph2358, 3842, 2248 in1722 Christ,5547 and2532 maketh manifest5319 the3588 savor3744 of his848 knowledge1108 by1223 us2257 in1722 every3956 place.5117 

47-2:15     For3754 we are2070 unto God2316 a sweet savor2175 of Christ,5547 in1722 them that are saved,4982 and2532 in1722 them that perish:622 

47-2:16     To the one3739, 3303 we are the savor3744 of death2288 unto1519 death;2288 and1161 to the other3739 the savor3744 of life2222 unto1519 life.2222 And2532 who5101 is sufficient2425 for4314 these things?5023 

47-2:17     For1063 we are2070 not3756 as5613 many,4183 which corrupt2585 the3588 word3056 of God:2316 but235 as5613 of1537 sincerity,1505 but235 as5613 of1537 God,2316 in the sight2714 of God2316 speak2980 we in1722 Christ.5547 





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2 Corinthians 3:

Chapter 3:18 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-3:1      Do we begin756 again3825 to commend4921 ourselves?1438 or1508 need5535 we, as5613 some5100 others, epistles1992 of commendation4956 to4314 you,5209 or2228 letters of commendation4956 from1537 you?5216 

47-3:2      Ye5210 are2075 our2257 epistle1992 written1449 in1722 our2257 hearts,2588 known1097 and2532 read314 of5259 all3956 men:444 

47-3:3      Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared5319 to(3754) be2075 the epistle1992 of Christ5547 ministered1247 by5259 us,2257 written1449 not3756 with ink,3188 but235 with the Spirit4151 of the living2198 God;2316 not3756 in1722 tables4109 of stone,3035 but235 in1722 fleshy4560 tables4109 of the heart.2588 

47-3:4      And1161 such5108 trust4006 have2192 we through1223 Christ5547 to4314 God-ward:2316 

47-3:5      Not3756 that3754 we are2070 sufficient2425 of575 ourselves1438 to think3049 any thing5100 as5613 of1537 ourselves;1438 but235 our2257 sufficiency2426 is of1537 God;2316 

47-3:6      Who3739 also2532 hath made us able2427, 2248 ministers1249 of the new2537 testament;1242 not3756 of the letter,1121 but235 of the spirit:4151 for1063 the3588 letter1121 killeth,615 but1161 the3588 spirit4151 giveth life.2227 

47-3:7      But1161 if1487 the3588 ministration1248 of death,2288 written1722, 1121 and engraven1795 in1722 stones,3037 was1096 glorious,1722, 1391 so that5620 the3588 children5207 of Israel2474 could1410 not3361 steadfastly816 behold(1519) the3588 face4383 of Moses3475 for1223 the3588 glory1391 of his846 countenance;4383 which glory was to be done away:2673 

47-3:8      How4459 shall not3780 the3588 ministration1248 of the3588 spirit4151 be2071 rather3123 glorious?1722, 1391 

47-3:9      For1063 if1487 the3588 ministration1248 of condemnation2633 be glory,1391 much4183 more3123 doth the3588 ministration1248 of righteousness1343 exceed4052 in1722 glory.1391 

47-3:10     For1063 even2532 that which was made glorious1392 had no glory1392, 3761 in1722 this5129 respect,3313 by reason of1752 the3588 glory1391 that excelleth.5235 

47-3:11     For1063 if1487 that which is done away2673 was glorious,1223, 1391 much4183 more3123 that which remaineth3306 is glorious.1722, 1391 

47-3:12     Seeing then3767 that we have2192 such5108 hope,1680 we use5530 great4183 plainness of speech:3954 

47-3:13     And2532 not3756 as2509 Moses,3475 which put5087 a veil2571 over1909 his1438 face,4383 that the3588 children5207 of Israel2474 could not3361 steadfastly look816 to1519 the3588 end5056 of that which is abolished:2673 

47-3:14     But235 their846 minds3540 were blinded:4456 for1063 until891 this day4594 remaineth3306 the3588 same846 veil2571 untaken away343, 3361 in1909 the3588 reading320 of the3588 old3820 testament;1242 which3748 veil is done away2673 in1722 Christ.5547 

47-3:15     But235 even unto2193 this day,4594 when2259 Moses3475 is read,314 the veil2571 is2749 upon1909 their846 heart.2588 

47-3:16     Nevertheless1161 when2259, 302 it shall turn1994 to4314 the Lord,2962 the3588 veil2571 shall be taken away.4014 

47-3:17     Now1161 the3588 Lord2962 is2076 that Spirit:4151 and1161 where3757 the3588 Spirit4151 of the Lord2962 is, there1563 is liberty.1657 

47-3:18     But1161 we2249 all,3956 with open343 face4383 beholding as in a glass2734 the3588 glory1391 of the Lord,2962 are changed3339 into the3588 same846 image1504 from575 glory1391 to1519 glory,1391 even as2509 by575 the Spirit4151 of the Lord.2962 





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2 Corinthians 4:

Chapter 4:18 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-4:1      Therefore1223, 5124 seeing we have2192 this5026 ministry,1248 as2531 we have received mercy,1653 we faint1573 not;3756 

47-4:2      But235 have renounced550 the3588 hidden things2927 of dishonesty,152 not3361 walking4043 in1722 craftiness,3834 nor3366 handling the word of God deceitfully;1389, 3588, 3056, 2316 but235 by manifestation5321 of the3588 truth225 commending4921 ourselves1438 to4314 every3956 man's444 conscience4893 in the sight1799 of God.2316 

47-4:3      But1161 if1487, (2532) our2257 gospel2098 be2076 hid,2572 it is2076 hid2572 to1722 them that are lost:622 

47-4:4      In1722 whom3739 the3588 god2316 of this5127 world165 hath blinded5186 the3588 minds3540 of them which believe not,571 lest3361 the3588 light5462 of the3588 glorious1391 gospel2098 of Christ,5547 who3739 is2076 the image1504 of God,2316 should shine826 unto them.846 

47-4:5      For1063 we preach2784 not3756 ourselves,1438 but235 Christ5547 Jesus2424 the Lord;2962 and1161 ourselves1438 your5216 servants1401 for Jesus' sake.1223, 2424 

47-4:6      For3754 God,2316 who commanded2036 the light5457 to shine2989 out of1537 darkness,4655 hath(3739) shined2989 in1722 our2257 hearts,2588 to4314 give the light5462 of the3588 knowledge1108 of the3588 glory1391 of God2316 in1722 the face4383 of Jesus2424 Christ.5547 

47-4:7      But1161 we have2192 this5126 treasure2344 in1722 earthen3749 vessels,4632 that2443 the3588 excellency5236 of the3588 power1411 may be5600 of God,2316 and2532 not3361 of1537 us.2257 

47-4:8      We are troubled2346 on1722 every side,3956 yet235 not3756 distressed;4729 we are perplexed,639 but235 not3756 in despair;1820 

47-4:9      Persecuted,1377 but235 not3756 forsaken;1459 cast down,2598 but235 not3756 destroyed;622 

47-4:10     Always3842 bearing about4064 in1722 the3588 body4983 the3588 dying3500 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus,2424 that2443 the3588 life2222 also2532 of Jesus2424 might be made manifest5319 in1722 our2257 body.4983 

47-4:11     For1063 we2249 which live2198 are always104 delivered3860 unto1519 death2288 for Jesus' sake,1223, 2424 that2443 the3588 life2222 also2532 of Jesus2424 might be made manifest5319 in1722 our2257 mortal2349 flesh.4561 

47-4:12     So then5620 (3303) death2288 worketh1754 in1722 us,5213 but1161 life2222 in1722 you.2254 

47-4:13     (1161) We having2192 the3588 same846 spirit4151 of faith,4102 according as2596 it is written,1125 I believed,4100 and2532 therefore1352 have I spoken;2980 we2249 also2532 believe,4100 and2532 therefore1352 speak;2980 

47-4:14     Knowing1492 that3754 he which raised up1453 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 shall raise up1453 us2248 also2532 by1223 Jesus,2424 and2532 shall present3936 us with4862 you.5213 

47-4:15     For1063 all things3956 are for your sakes,1223, 5209 that2443 the3588 abundant4121 grace5485 might through1223 the3588 thanksgiving2169 of many4119 redound4052 to1519 the3588 glory1391 of God.2316 

47-4:16     For which cause1352 we faint1573 not;3756 but235 though1499 our2257 outward1854 man444 perish,1311 yet235 the3588 inward2081 man is renewed341 day by day.2250, 2532, 2250 

47-4:17     For1063 our2257 light1645 affliction,2347 which is but for a moment,3910 worketh2716 for us2254 a far more exceeding2596, 5236, 1519, 5236 and eternal166 weight922 of glory;1391 

47-4:18     While we2257 look not at4648, 3361 the things which are seen,991 but235 at the things which are not seen:991, 3361 for1063 the things which are seen991 are temporal;4340 but1161 the things which are not seen991, 3361 are eternal.166 





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2 Corinthians 5:

Chapter 5:21 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-5:1      For1063 we know1492 that3754 if1437 our2257 earthly1919 house3614 of this tabernacle4636 were dissolved,2647 we have2192 a building3619 of1537 God,2316 a house3614 not made with hands,886 eternal166 in1722 the3588 heavens.3772 

47-5:2      For1063 in1722 this5129 we(2532) groan,4727 earnestly desiring1971 to be clothed upon1902 with our2257 house3613 which3588 is from1537 heaven:3772 

47-5:3      If so be1489 that(2532) being clothed1746 we shall not3756 be found2147 naked.1131 

47-5:4      For1063 (2532) we that are5607 in1722 this tabernacle4636 do groan,4727 being burdened:916 not3756 for that1909, 3739 we would2309 be unclothed,1562 but235 clothed upon,1902 that2443 mortality2349 might be swallowed up2666 of5259 life.2222 

47-5:5      Now1161 he that hath wrought2716 us2248 for1519 the selfsame thing846, 5124 is God,2316 who also hath given1325, 2532 unto us2254 the3588 earnest728 of the3588 Spirit.4151 

47-5:6      Therefore3767 we are always3842 confident,2292 knowing(1492) that,3754 whilst we are at home1736 in1722 the3588 body,4983 we are absent1553 from575 the3588 Lord:2962 

47-5:7      (For1063 we walk4043 by1223 faith,4102 not3756 by1223 sight:)1491 

47-5:8      (1161) We are confident,2292 I say, and2532 willing2106 rather3123 to be absent1553 from1537 the3588 body,4983 and2532 to be present1736 with4314 the3588 Lord.2962 

47-5:9      Wherefore1352 we(2532) labor,5389 that, whether1535 present1736 or1535 absent,1553 we may be1511 accepted2101 of him.846 

47-5:10     For1063 we2248 must1163 all3956 appear5319 before1715 the3588 judgment seat968 of Christ;5547 that2443 every one1538 may receive2865 the things3588 done in1223 his body,4983 according4314 to that3739 he hath done,4238 whether1535 it be good18 or1535 bad.2556 

47-5:11     Knowing1492 therefore3767 the3588 terror5401 of the3588 Lord,2962 we persuade3982 men;444 but1161 we are made manifest5319 unto God;2316 and1161 I trust1679 also2532 are made manifest5319 in1722 your5216 consciences.4893 

47-5:12     For1063 we commend4921 not3756 ourselves1438 again3825 unto you,5213 but235 give1325 you5213 occasion874 to glory2745 on our behalf,5228, 2257 that2443 ye may have2192 somewhat to4314 answer them which glory2744 in1722 appearance,4383 and2532 not3756 in heart.2588 

47-5:13     For1063 whether1535 we be beside ourselves,1839 it is to God:2316 or whether1535 we be sober,4993 it is for your cause.5213 

47-5:14     For1063 the3588 love26 of Christ5547 constraineth4912 us;2248 because we thus5124 judge,2919 that3754 if1487 one1520 died599 for5228 all,3956 then686 were all dead:599, 3956 

47-5:15     And2532 that he died599 for5228 all,3956 that2443 they which live2198 should not henceforth3371 live2198 unto themselves,1438 but235 unto him which died599 for5228 them,846 and2532 rose again.1453 

47-5:16     Wherefore5620 henceforth575, 3568 know1492 we2249 no man3762 after2596 the flesh:4561 yea,1161 though1499 we have known1097 Christ5547 after2596 the flesh,4561 yet235 now3568 henceforth know1097 we him no more.3765 

47-5:17     Therefore5620 if any man1536 be in1722 Christ,5547 he is a new2537 creature:2937 old things744 are passed away;3928 behold,2400 all things3956 are become1096 new.2537 

47-5:18     And1161 all things3956 are of1537 God,2316 who hath reconciled2644 us2248 to himself1438 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and2532 hath given1325 to us2254 the3588 ministry1248 of reconciliation;2643 

47-5:19     To wit,5613 that3754 God2316 was2258 in1722 Christ,5547 reconciling2644 the world2889 unto himself,1438 not3361 imputing3049 their846 trespasses3900 unto them;846 and2532 hath committed5087 unto1722 us2254 the3588 word3056 of reconciliation.2643 

47-5:20     Now then3767 we are ambassadors4243 for5228 Christ,5547 as though5613 God2316 did beseech3870 you by1223 us;2257 we pray1189 you in Christ's stead,5228, 5547 be ye reconciled2644 to God.2316 

47-5:21     For1063 he hath made4160 him to be sin266 for5228 us,2257 who knew1097 no3361 sin;266 that2443 we2249 might be made1096 the righteousness1343 of God2316 in1722 him.846 





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2 Corinthians 6:

Chapter 6:18 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-6:1      We then,1161 as workers together4903 with him, beseech3870 you also2532 that ye5209 receive1209 not3361 the3588 grace5485 of God2316 in1519 vain.2756 

47-6:2      (For1063 he saith,3004 I have heard1873 thee4675 in a time2540 accepted,1184 and2532 in1722 the day2250 of salvation4991 have I succored997 thee:4671 behold,2400 now3568 is the accepted2144 time;2540 behold,2400 now3568 is the day2250 of salvation.)4991 

47-6:3      Giving1325 no3367 offense4349 in1722 any thing,3367 that2443 the3588 ministry1248 be not3361 blamed:3469 

47-6:4      But235 in1722 all3956 things approving4921 ourselves1438 as5613 the ministers1249 of God,2316 in1722 much4183 patience,5281 in1722 afflictions,2347 in1722 necessities,318 in1722 distresses,4730 

47-6:5      In1722 stripes,4127 in1722 imprisonments,5438 in1722 tumults,181 in1722 labors,2873 in1722 watchings,70 in1722 fastings;3521 

47-6:6      By1722 pureness,54 by1722 knowledge,1108 by1722 longsuffering,3115 by1722 kindness,5544 by1722 the Holy40 Ghost,4151 by1722 love26 unfeigned,505 

47-6:7      By1722 the word3056 of truth,225 by1722 the power1411 of God,2316 by1223 the3588 armor3696 of righteousness1343 on the3588 right hand1188 and2532 on the left,710 

47-6:8      By1223 honor1391 and2532 dishonor,819 by1223 evil report1426 and2532 good report:2162 as5613 deceivers,4108 and2532 yet true;227 

47-6:9      As5613 unknown,50 and2532 yet well known;1921 as5613 dying,599 and,2532 behold,2400 we live;2198 as5613 chastened,3811 and2532 not3361 killed;2289 

47-6:10     As5613 sorrowful,3076 yet1161 always104 rejoicing;5463 as5613 poor,4434 yet1161 making many rich;4148, 4183 as5613 having2192 nothing,3367 and2532 yet possessing2722 all things.3956 

47-6:11     O ye Corinthians,2881 our2257 mouth4750 is open455 unto4314 you,5209 our2257 heart2588 is enlarged.4115 

47-6:12     Ye are not3756 straitened4729 in1722 us,2254 but1161 ye are straitened4729 in1722 your own5216 bowels.4698 

47-6:13     Now1161 for a recompense489 in the3588 same, I846 (speak3004 as5613 unto my children,)5043 be ye5210 also2532 enlarged.4115 

47-6:14     Be1096 ye not3361 unequally yoked together2086 with unbelievers:571 for1063 what5101 fellowship3352 hath righteousness1343 with2532 unrighteousness?458 and1161 what5101 communion2842 hath light5457 with4314 darkness?4655 

47-6:15     And1161 what5101 concord4857 hath Christ5547 with4314 Belial?955 or2228 what part3310 hath he that believeth4103 with3326 an infidel?571 

47-6:16     And1161 what5101 agreement4783 hath the temple3485 of God2316 with3326 idols?1497 for1063 ye5210 are2075 the temple3485 of the living2198 God;2316 as2531 God2316 hath said,2036 I will dwell1774 in1722 them,846 and2532 walk in1704 them; and2532 I will be2071 their846 God,2316 and2532 they846 shall be2071 my3427 people.2992 

47-6:17     Wherefore1352 come out1831 from1537 among3319 them,846 and2532 be ye separate,873 saith3004 the Lord,2962 and2532 touch680 not3361 the unclean169 thing; and I2504 will receive1523 you.5209 

47-6:18     And2532 will be2071 a(1519) Father3962 unto you,5213 and2532 ye5210 shall be2071, (1519) my3427 sons5207 and2532 daughters,2364 saith3004 the Lord2962 Almighty.3841 





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2 Corinthians 7:

Chapter 7:16 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-7:1      Having2192 therefore3767 these5025 promises,1860 dearly beloved,27 let us cleanse2511 ourselves1438 from575 all3956 filthiness3436 of the flesh4561 and2532 spirit,4151 perfecting2005 holiness42 in1722 the fear5401 of God.2316 

47-7:2      Receive5562 us;2248 we have wronged91 no man,3762 we have corrupted5351 no man,3762 we have defrauded4122 no man.3762 

47-7:3      I speak3004 not3756 this to4314 condemn2633 you: for1063 I have said before,4280 that3754 ye are2075 in1722 our2257 hearts2588 to die4880 and2532 live with4800 you. 

47-7:4      Great4183 is my3427 boldness of speech3954 toward4314 you,5209 great4183 is my3427 glorying2746 of5228 you:5216 I am filled4137 with comfort,3874 I am exceeding5248 joyful5479 in1909 all3956 our2257 tribulation.2347 

47-7:5      For,1063 when2532 we2257 were come2064 into1519 Macedonia,3109 our2257 flesh4561 had2192 no3762 rest,425 but235 we were troubled2346 on1722 every side;3956 without1855 were fightings,3163 within2081 were fears.5401 

47-7:6      Nevertheless235 God,2316 that comforteth3870 those that are cast down,5011 comforted3870 us2248 by1722 the3588 coming3952 of Titus;5103 

47-7:7      And1161 not3756 by1722 his846 coming3952 only,3440 but235, (2532) by1722 the3588 consolation3874 wherewith3739 he was comforted3870 in1909 you,5213 when he told312 us2254 your5216 earnest desire,1972 your5216 mourning,3602 your5216 fervent mind2205 toward5228 me;1700 so that5620 I3165 rejoiced5463 the more.3123 

47-7:8      For3754 though1499 I made you sorry3076, 5209 with1722 a letter,1992 I do not3756 repent,3338 though1499 I did repent:3338 for1063 I perceive991 that3754 the3588 same1565 epistle1992 hath made you sorry,3076, 5209 though1499 it were but for4314 a season.5610 

47-7:9      Now3568 I rejoice,5463 not3756 that3754 ye were made sorry,3076 but235 that3754 ye sorrowed3076 to1519 repentance:3341 for1063 ye were made sorry3076 after a godly manner,2596, 2316 that2443 ye might receive damage2210 by1537 us2257 in1722 nothing.3367 

47-7:10     For1063 godly2596, 2316 sorrow3077 worketh2716 repentance3341 to1519 salvation4991 not to be repented of:278 but1161 the3588 sorrow3077 of the3588 world2889 worketh2716 death.2288 

47-7:11     For1063 behold2400 this5124 selfsame thing,846 that ye5209 sorrowed3076 after a godly sort,2596, 2316 what4214 carefulness4710 it wrought2716 in you,5213 yea,235 what clearing of yourselves,627 yea,235 what indignation,24 yea,235 what fear,5401 yea,235 what vehement desire,1972 yea,235 what zeal,2205 yea,235 what revenge!1557 In1722 all3956 things ye have approved4921 yourselves1438 to be1511 clear53 in1722 this matter.4229 

47-7:12     Wherefore,686 though1499 I wrote1125 unto you,5213 I did it not3756 for his cause1752 that had done the wrong,91 nor3761 for his cause1752 that suffered wrong,91 but235 that our2257 care4710 for5228 you5216 in the sight1799 of God2316 might appear5319 unto4314 you.5209 

47-7:13     Therefore1223, 5124 we were comforted3870 in1909 your5216 comfort:3874 yea, and1161 exceedingly4056 the more3123 joyed5463 we for1909 the3588 joy5479 of Titus,5103 because3754 his846 spirit4151 was refreshed373 by575 you5216 all.3956 

47-7:14     For3754 if I have boasted any thing1536, 2744 to him846 of5228 you,5216 I am not ashamed;2617, 3756 but235 as5613 we spake2980 all things3956 to you5213 in1722 truth,225 even2532 so3779 our2257 boasting,2746 which3588 I made before1909 Titus,5103 is found1096 a truth.225 

47-7:15     And2532 his846 inward affection4698 is2076 more abundant4056 toward1519 you,5209 whilst he remembereth363 the3588 obedience5218 of you5216 all,3956 how5613 with3326 fear5401 and2532 trembling5156 ye received1209 him.846 

47-7:16     I rejoice5463 therefore3767 that3754 I have confidence2292 in1722 you5213 in1722 all3956 things. 





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2 Corinthians 8:

Chapter 8:24 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

47-8:1      Moreover,1161 brethren,80 we do you to wit1107, 5213 of the3588 grace5485 of God2316 bestowed1325 on1722 the3588 churches1577 of Macedonia;3109 

47-8:2      How that3754 in1722 a great4183 trial1382 of affliction2347 the3588 abundance4050 of their846 joy5479 and2532 their846 deep899 poverty4432 abounded4052 unto1519 the3588 riches4149 of their846 liberality.572 

47-8:3      For3754 to2596 their power,1411 I bear record,3140 yea, and2532 beyond5228 their power1411 they were willing of themselves;830 

47-8:4      Praying1189 us2257 with3326 much4183 entreaty3874 that we2248 would receive1209 the3588 gift,5485 and2532 take upon us the3588 fellowship2842 of the3588 ministering1248 to1519 the3588 saints.40 

47-8:5      And2532 this they did, not3756 as2531 we hoped,1679 but235 first4412 gave1325 their own selves1438 to the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 unto us2254 by1223 the will2307 of God.2316 

47-8:6      Insomuch that we2248 desired3870 Titus,5103 that2443 as2531 he had begun,4278 so3779 he would also2532 finish2005 in1519 you5209 the3588 same5026 grace5485 also.2532 

47-8:7      Therefore,235 as5618 ye abound4052 in1722 every3956 thing, in faith,4102 and2532 utterance,3056 and2532 knowledge,1108 and2532 in all3956 diligence,4710 and2532 in(1537) your5216 love26 to1722 us,2254 see that2443 ye abound4052 in1722 this5026 grace5485 also.2532 

47-8:8      I speak3004 not3756 by2596 commandment,2003 but235 by occasion of1223 the3588 forwardness4710 of others,2087 and2532 to prove1381 the3588 sincerity1103 of your5212 love.26 

47-8:9      For1063 ye know1097 the3588 grace5485 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 that,3754 though he was5607 rich,4145 yet for your sakes1223, 5209 he became poor,4433 that2443 ye5210 through his1565 poverty4432 might be rich.4147 

47-8:10     And2532 herein1722, 5129 I give1325 my advice:1106 for1063 this5124 is expedient4851 for you,5213 who3748 have begun before,4278 not3756 only3440 to do,4160 but235 also2532 to be forward2309 a year ago.575, 4070 

47-8:11     (1161) Now3570 therefore2532 perform2005 the3588 doing4160 of it; that3704 as2509 there was a readiness4288 to will,2309 so3779 there may be a performance2005 also2532 out of1537 that which ye have.2192 

47-8:12     For1063 if1487 there be first4295 a willing mind,4288 it is accepted2144 according to that2526 a man5100 hath,2192, 1437 and not3756 according to that2526 he hath2192 not.3756 

47-8:13     For1063 I mean not3756 that2443 other men243 be eased,425 and1161 ye5213 burdened:2347 

47-8:14     But235 by1537 an equality,2471 that now3568 at1722 this time2540 your5216 abundance4051 may be a supply for1519 their1565 want,5303 that2443 their1565 abundance4051 also2532 may be1096 a supply for1519 your5216 want:5303 that3704 there may be1096 equality:2471 

47-8:15     As2531 it is written,1125 He3588 that had gathered much4183 had nothing over;4121, 3756 and2532 he3588 that had gathered little3641 had no lack.1641, 3756 

47-8:16     But1161 thanks5485 be to God,2316 which put1325 the3588 same846 earnest care4710 into1722 the3588 heart2588 of Titus5103 for5228 you.5216 

47-8:17     For3754 indeed3303 he accepted1209 the3588 exhortation;3874 but1161 being5225 more forward,4707 of his own accord830 he went1831 unto4314 you.5209 

47-8:18     And1161 we have sent4842 with3326 him846 the3588 brother,80 whose3739 praise1868 is in1722 the3588 gospel2098 throughout1223 all3956 the3588 churches;1577 

47-8:19     And1161 not3756 that only,3440 but235 who was also2532 chosen5500 of5259 the3588 churches1577 to travel with4898 us2257 with4862 this5026 grace,5485 which is administered1247 by5259 us2257 to4314 the3588 glory1391 of the3588 same846 Lord,2962 and2532 declaration of your5216 ready mind:4288 

47-8:20     Avoiding4724 this,5124 that no3361 man5100 should blame3469 us2248 in1722 this5026 abundance100 which is administered1247 by5259 us:2257 

47-8:21     Providing for4306 honest things,2570 not3756 only3440 in the sight1799 of the Lord,2962 but235 also2532 in the sight1799 of men.444 

47-8:22     And1161 we have sent with4842 them846 our2257 brother,80 whom3739 we have oftentimes4178 proved1381, (5607) diligent4705 in1722 many things,4183 but1161 now3570 much4183 more diligent,4706 upon the great4183 confidence4006 which3588 I have in1519 you.5209 

47-8:23     Whether1535 any do inquire of5228 Titus,5103 he is my1699 partner2844 and2532 fellowhelper4904 concerning1519 you:5209 or1535 our2257 brethren80 be inquired of, they are the messengers652 of the churches,1577 and the glory1391 of Christ.5547 

47-8:24     Wherefore3767 show1731 ye to1519 them,846 and2532 before1519, 4383 the3588 churches,1577 the3588 proof1732 of your5216 love,26 and2532 of our2257 boasting2746 on your behalf.5228, 5216 





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2 Corinthians 9:

Chapter 9:15 Verses

47 2 Corinthians

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .