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John 1:

Chapter 1:51 Verses

43 John

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

43-1:1      In1722 the beginning746 was2258 the3588 Word,3056 and2532 the3588 Word3056 was2258 with4314 God,2316 and2532 the3588 Word3056 was2258 God.2316 

43-1:2      The same3778 was2258 in1722 the beginning746 with4314 God.2316 

43-1:3      All things3956 were made1096 by1223 him;846 and2532 without5565 him846 was not3761 any thing1520 made1096 that3739 was made.1096 

43-1:4      In1722 him846 was2258 life;2222 and2532 the3588 life2222 was2258 the3588 light5457 of men.444 

43-1:5      And2532 the3588 light5457 shineth5316 in1722 darkness;4653 and2532 the3588 darkness4653 comprehended2638 it846 not.3756 

43-1:6      There was1096 a man444 sent649 from3844 God,2316 whose846 name3686 was John.2491 

43-1:7      The same3778 came2064 for1519 a witness,3141 to2443 bear witness3140 of4012 the3588 Light,5457 that2443 all3956 men through1223 him846 might believe.4100 

43-1:8      He1565 was2258 not3756 that Light,5457 but235 was sent to2443 bear witness3140 of4012 that Light.5457 

43-1:9      That was2258 the3588 true228 Light,5457 which3739 lighteth5461 every3956 man444 that cometh2064 into1519 the3588 world.2889 

43-1:10     He was2258 in1722 the3588 world,2889 and2532 the3588 world2889 was made1096 by1223 him,846 and2532 the3588 world2889 knew1097 him846 not.3756 

43-1:11     He came2064 unto1519 his own,2398 and2532 his own2398 received3880 him846 not.3756 

43-1:12     But1161 as many as3745 received2983 him,846 to them846 gave1325 he power1849 to become1096 the sons5043 of God,2316 even to them that believe4100 on1519 his846 name:3686 

43-1:13     Which3739 were born,1080 not3756 of1537 blood,129 nor3761 of1537 the will2307 of the flesh,4561 nor3761 of1537 the will2307 of man,435 but235 of1537 God.2316 

43-1:14     And2532 the3588 Word3056 was made1096 flesh,4561 and2532 dwelt4637 among1722 us,2254 (and2532 we beheld2300 his846 glory,1391 the glory1391 as5613 of the only begotten3439 of3844 the Father,)3962 full4134 of grace5485 and2532 truth.225 

43-1:15     John2491 bare witness3140 of4012 him,846 and2532 cried,2896 saying,3004 This3778 was2258 he of whom3739 I spake,2036 He that cometh2064 after3694 me3450 is preferred1096 before1715 me:3450 for he3754 was2258 before4413 me.3450 

43-1:16     And2532 of1537 his846 fullness4138 have all3956 we2249 received,2983 and2532 grace5485 for473 grace.5485 

43-1:17     For3754 the3588 law3551 was given1325 by1223 Moses,3475 but grace5485 and2532 truth225 came1096 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ.5547 

43-1:18     No man3762 hath seen3708 God2316 at any time;4455 the3588 only begotten3439 Son,5207 which is5607 in1519 the3588 bosom2859 of the3588 Father,3962 he1565 hath declared1834 him. 

43-1:19     And2532 this3778 is2076 the3588 record3141 of John,2491 when3753 the3588 Jews2453 sent649 priests2409 and2532 Levites3019 from1537 Jerusalem2414 to2443 ask2065 him,846 Who5101 art1488 thou?4771 

43-1:20     And2532 he confessed,3670 and2532 denied720 not;3756 but2532 confessed,3670 I1473 am1510 not3756 the3588 Christ.5547 

43-1:21     And2532 they asked2065 him,846 What5101 then?3767 Art1488 thou4771 Elijah?2243 And2532 he saith,3004 I am1510 not.3756 Art1488 thou4771 that Prophet?4396 And2532 he answered,611 No.3756 

43-1:22     Then3767 said2036 they unto him,846 Who5101 art1488 thou? that2443 we may give1325 an answer612 to them that sent3992 us.2248 What5101 sayest3004 thou of4012 thyself?4572 

43-1:23     He said,5346 I1473 am the voice5456 of one crying994 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 Make straight2116 the3588 way3598 of the Lord,2962 as2531 said2036 the3588 prophet4396 Isaiah.2268 

43-1:24     And2532 they which were sent649 were2258 of1537 the3588 Pharisees.5330 

43-1:25     And2532 they asked2065 him,846 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Why5101 baptizest907 thou then,3767 if1487 thou4771 be1488 not3756 that Christ,5547 nor3777 Elijah,2243 neither3777 that prophet?4396 

43-1:26     John2491 answered611 them,846 saying,3004 I1473 baptize907 with1722 water:5204 but1161 there standeth2476 one among3319 you,5216 whom3739 ye5210 know1492 not;3756 

43-1:27     He846 it is,2076 who coming2064 after3694 me3450 is preferred1096 before1715 me,3450 whose3739 shoe's5266 latchet2438 I1473 am1510 not3756 worthy514 to2443 unloose.3089, (846) 

43-1:28     These things5023 were done1096 in1722 Bethabara962 beyond4008 Jordan,2446 where3699 John2491 was2258 baptizing.907 

43-1:29     The3588 next day1887 John2491 seeth991 Jesus2424 coming2064 unto4314 him,846 and2532 saith,3004 Behold2396 the3588 Lamb286 of God,2316 which taketh away142 the3588 sin266 of the3588 world.2889 

43-1:30     This3778 is2076 he of4012 whom3739 I1473 said,2036 After3694 me3450 cometh2064 a man435 which3739 is preferred1096 before1715 me:3450 for3754 he was2258 before4413 me.3450 

43-1:31     And I2504 knew1492 him846 not:3756 but235 that2443 he should be made manifest5319 to Israel,2474 therefore1223, 5124 am I1473 come2064 baptizing907 with1722 water.5204 

43-1:32     And2532 John2491 bare record,3140 saying,3004 I saw2300 the3588 Spirit4151 descending2597 from1537 heaven3772 like5616 a dove,4058 and2532 it abode3306 upon1909 him.846 

43-1:33     And I2504 knew1492 him846 not:3756 but235 he that sent3992 me3165 to baptize907 with1722 water,5204 the same1565 said2036 unto me,3427 Upon1909 whom3739, 302 thou shalt see1492 the3588 Spirit4151 descending,2597 and2532 remaining3306 on1909 him,846 the same3778 is2076 he which baptizeth907 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151 

43-1:34     And I2504 saw,3708 and2532 bare record3140 that3754 this3778 is2076 the3588 Son5207 of God.2316 

43-1:35     Again3825 the3588 next day after1887 John2491 stood,2476 and2532 two1417 of1537 his846 disciples;3101 

43-1:36     And2532 looking upon1689 Jesus2424 as he walked,4043 he saith,3004 Behold2396 the3588 Lamb286 of God!2316 

43-1:37     And2532 the3588 two1417 disciples3101 heard191 him846 speak,2980 and2532 they followed190 Jesus.2424 

43-1:38     Then1161 Jesus2424 turned,4762 and2532 saw2300 them846 following,190 and saith3004 unto them,846 What5101 seek2212 ye?(1161) They said2036 unto him,846 Rabbi,4461 (which3739 is to say,3004 being interpreted,2059 Master,)1320 where4226 dwellest3306 thou? 

43-1:39     He saith3004 unto them,846 Come2064 and2532 see.1492 They came2064 and2532 saw1492 where4226 he dwelt,3306 and2532 abode3306 with3844 him846 that1565 day:2250 for1161 it was2258 about5613 the tenth1182 hour.5610 

43-1:40     One1520 of1537 the3588 two1417 which heard191 John2491 speak, and2532 followed190 him,846 was2258 Andrew,406 Simon4613 Peter's4074 brother.80 

43-1:41     He3778 first4413 findeth2147 his own2398 brother80 Simon,4613 and2532 saith3004 unto him,846 We have found2147 the3588 Messiah,3323 which is,3603 being interpreted,3177 the3588 Christ.5547 

43-1:42     And2532 he brought71 him846 to4314 Jesus.2424 And1161 when Jesus2424 beheld1689 him,846 he said,2036 Thou4771 art1488 Simon4613 the3588 son5207 of Jona:2495 thou4771 shalt be called2564 Cephas,2786 which3739 is by interpretation,2059 A stone.4074 

43-1:43     The3588 day following1887 Jesus2424 would2309 go forth1831 into1519 Galilee,1056 and2532 findeth2147 Philip,5376 and2532 saith3004 unto him,846 Follow190 me.3427 

43-1:44     Now1161 Philip5376 was2258 of575 Bethsaida,966 the3588 city4172 of Andrew406 and2532 Peter.4074 

43-1:45     Philip5376 findeth2147 Nathanael,3482 and2532 saith3004 unto him,846 We have found2147 him, of whom3739 Moses3475 in1722 the3588 law,3551 and2532 the3588 prophets,4396 did write,1125 Jesus2424 of575 Nazareth,3478 the3588 son5207 of Joseph.2501 

43-1:46     And2532 Nathanael3482 said2036 unto him,846 Can1410 there any5100 good thing18 come1511 out of1537 Nazareth?3478 Philip5376 saith3004 unto him,846 Come2064 and2532 see.1492 

43-1:47     Jesus2424 saw1492 Nathanael3482 coming2064 to4314 him,846 and2532 saith3004 of4012 him,846 Behold2396 an Israelite2475 indeed,230 in1722 whom3739 is2076 no3756 guile!1388 

43-1:48     Nathanael3482 saith3004 unto him,846 Whence4159 knowest1097 thou me?3165 Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Before4253 that Philip5376 called5455 thee,4571 when thou wast5607 under5259 the3588 fig tree,4808 I saw1492 thee.4571 

43-1:49     Nathanael3482 answered611 and2532 saith3004 unto him,846 Rabbi,4461 thou4771 art1488 the3588 Son5207 of God;2316 thou4771 art1488 the3588 King935 of Israel.2474 

43-1:50     Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Because3754 I said2036 unto thee,4671 I saw1492 thee4571 under5270 the3588 fig tree,4808 believest4100 thou? thou shalt see3700 greater things3187 than these.5130 

43-1:51     And2532 he saith3004 unto him,846 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 Hereafter575, 737 ye shall see3700 heaven3772 open,455 and2532 the3588 angels32 of God2316 ascending305 and2532 descending2597 upon1909 the3588 Son5207 of man.444 





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John 2:

Chapter 2:25 Verses

43 John

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

43-2:1      And2532 the3588 third5154 day2250 there was1096 a marriage1062 in1722 Cana2580 of Galilee;1056 and2532 the3588 mother3384 of Jesus2424 was2258 there:1563 

43-2:2      And1161 both2532 Jesus2424 was called,2564 and2532 his846 disciples,3101 to1519 the3588 marriage.1062 

43-2:3      And2532 when they wanted5302 wine,3631 the3588 mother3384 of Jesus2424 saith3004 unto4314 him,846 They have2192 no3756 wine.3631 

43-2:4      Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 Woman,1135 what have I to do with thee?5101, 1698, 2532, 4671 mine3450 hour5610 is not yet3768 come.2240 

43-2:5      His846 mother3384 saith3004 unto the3588 servants,1249 Whatsoever3748, 302 he saith3004 unto you,5213 do4160 it. 

43-2:6      And1161 there were2258 set2749 there1563 six1803 waterpots5201 of stone,3035 after2596 the3588 manner of the purifying2512 of the3588 Jews,2453 containing5562 two1417 or2228 three5140 firkins3355 apiece.303 

43-2:7      Jesus2424 saith3004 unto them,846 Fill1072 the3588 waterpots5201 with water.5204 And2532 they filled1072 them846 up to2193 the brim.507 

43-2:8      And2532 he saith3004 unto them,846 Draw out501 now,3568 and2532 bear5342 unto the3588 governor of the feast.755 And2532 they bare5342 it. 

43-2:9      (1161) When5613 the3588 ruler of the feast755 had tasted1089 the3588 water5204 that was made1096 wine,3631 and2532 knew1492 not3756 whence4159 it was:2076 (but1161 the3588 servants1249 which drew501 the3588 water5204 knew;)1492 the3588 governor of the feast755 called5455 the3588 bridegroom,3566 

43-2:10     And2532 saith3004 unto him,846 Every3956 man444 at the beginning4412 doth set forth5087 good2570 wine;3631 and2532 when3752 men have well drunk,3184 then5119 that which is worse:1640 but thou4771 hast kept5083 the3588 good2570 wine3631 until2193 now.737 

43-2:11     This5026 beginning746 of miracles4592 did4160 Jesus2424 in1722 Cana2580 of Galilee,1056 and2532 manifested forth5319 his848 glory;1391 and2532 his846 disciples3101 believed4100 on1519 him.846 

43-2:12     After3326 this5124 he went down2597 to1519 Capernaum,2584 he,846 and2532 his846 mother,3384 and2532 his846 brethren,80 and2532 his846 disciples:3101 and2532 they continued3306 there1563 not3756 many4183 days.2250 

43-2:13     And2532 the3588 Jews'2453 passover3957 was2258 at hand,1451 and2532 Jesus2424 went up305 to1519 Jerusalem,2414 

43-2:14     And2532 found2147 in1722 the3588 temple2411 those that sold4453 oxen1016 and2532 sheep4263 and2532 doves,4058 and2532 the3588 changers of money2773 sitting:2521 

43-2:15     And2532 when he had made4160 a scourge5416 of1537 small cords,4979 he drove1544 them all3956 out of1537 the3588 temple,2411 and5037 the3588 sheep,4263 and2532 the3588 oxen;1016 and2532 poured out1632 the3588 changers'2855 money,2772 and2532 overthrew390 the3588 tables;5132 

43-2:16     And2532 said2036 unto them that sold4453 doves,4058 Take142 these things5023 hence;1782 make4160 not3361 my3450 Father's3962 house3624 a house3624 of merchandise.1712 

43-2:17     And1161 his846 disciples3101 remembered3415 that3754 it was2076 written,1125 The3588 zeal2205 of thine4675 house3624 hath eaten me up.2719, 3165 

43-2:18     Then3767 answered611 the3588 Jews2453 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 What5101 sign4592 showest1166 thou unto us,2254 seeing that3754 thou doest4160 these things?5023  

43-2:19     Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto them,846 Destroy3089 this5126 temple,3485 and2532 in1722 three5140 days2250 I will raise it up.1453, 846 

43-2:20     Then3767 said2036 the3588 Jews,2453 Forty and six5062, 2532, 1803 years2094 was this temple in building,3618, 3778, 3485 and2532 wilt thou4771 rear it up1453, 846 in1722 three5140 days?2250 

43-2:21     But1161 he1565 spake3004 of4012 the3588 temple3485 of his848 body.4983 

43-2:22     When3753 therefore3767 he was risen1453 from1537 the dead,3498 his846 disciples3101 remembered3415 that3754 he had said3004 this5124 unto them;846 and2532 they believed4100 the3588 Scripture,1124 and2532 the3588 word3056 which3739 Jesus2424 had said.2036 

43-2:23     Now1161 when5613 he was2258 in1722 Jerusalem2414 at1722 the3588 passover,3957 in1722 the3588 feast1859 day, many4183 believed4100 in1519 his846 name,3686 when they saw2334 the3588 miracles4592 which3739 he did.4160 

43-2:24     But1161 Jesus2424 did not3756 commit4100 himself1438 unto them,846 because he846 knew1097 all3956 men, 

43-2:25     And2532 (3754) needed2192, 5532 not3756 that2443 any5100 should testify3140 of4012 man:444 for1063 he846 knew1097 what5101 was2258 in1722 man.444 





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John 3:

Chapter 3:36 Verses

43 John

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

43-3:1      There(1161) was2258 a man444 of1537 the3588 Pharisees,5330 named3686 Nicodemus,3530 a ruler758 of the3588 Jews:2453 

43-3:2      The same3778 came2064 to4314 Jesus2424 by night,3571 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Rabbi,4461 we know1492 that3754 thou art a teacher1320 come2064 from575 God:2316 for1063 no man3762 can1410 do4160 these5023 miracles4592 that3739 thou4771 doest,4160 except3362 God2316 be5600 with3326 him.846 

43-3:3      Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto thee,4671 Except3362 a man5100 be born1080 again,509 he cannot1410, 3756 see1492 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316 

43-3:4      Nicodemus3530 saith3004 unto4314 him,846 How4459 can1410 a man444 be born1080 when he is5607 old?1088 can1410 he(3361) enter1525 the second time1208 into1519 his848 mother's3384 womb,2836 and2532 be born?1080 

43-3:5      Jesus2424 answered,611 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto thee,4671 Except3362 a man5100 be born1080 of1537 water5204 and2532 of the Spirit,4151 he cannot1410, 3756 enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316 

43-3:6      That which is born1080 of1537 the3588 flesh4561 is2076 flesh;4561 and2532 that which is born1080 of1537 the3588 Spirit4151 is2076 spirit.4151 

43-3:7      Marvel2296 not3361 that3754 I said2036 unto thee,4671 Ye5209 must1163 be born1080 again.509 

43-3:8      The3588 wind4151 bloweth4154 where3699 it listeth,2309 and2532 thou hearest191 the3588 sound5456 thereof,846 but235 canst not tell1492, 3756 whence4159 it cometh,2064 and2532 whither4226 it goeth:5217 so3779 is2076 every one3956 that is born1080 of1537 the3588 Spirit.4151 

43-3:9      Nicodemus3530 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 How4459 can1410 these things5023 be?1096 

43-3:10     Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Art1488 thou4771 a master1320 of Israel,2474 and2532 knowest1097 not3756 these things?5023 

43-3:11     Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto thee,4671 We(3754) speak2980 that3739 we do know,1492 and2532 testify3140 that3739 we have seen;3708 and2532 ye receive2983 not3756 our2257 witness.3141 

43-3:12     If1487 I have told2036 you5213 earthly things,1919 and2532 ye believe4100 not,3756 how4459 shall ye believe,4100 if1437 I tell2036 you5213 of heavenly things?2032 

43-3:13     And2532 no man3762 hath ascended up305 to1519 heaven,3772 but1508 he that came down2597 from1537 heaven,3772 even the3588 Son5207 of man444 which is5607 in1722 heaven.3772 

43-3:14     And2532 as2531 Moses3475 lifted up5312 the3588 serpent3789 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 even so3779 must1163 the3588 Son5207 of man444 be lifted up:5312 

43-3:15     That2443 whosoever3956 believeth4100 in1519 him846 should not3361 perish,622 but235 have2192 eternal166 life.2222 

43-3:16     For1063 God2316 so3779 loved25 the3588 world,2889 that5620 he gave1325 his848 only begotten3439 Son,5207 that2443 whosoever3956 believeth4100 in1519 him846 should not3361 perish,622 but235 have2192 everlasting166 life.2222 

43-3:17     For1063 God2316 sent649 not3756 his848 Son5207 into1519 the3588 world2889 to2443 condemn2919 the3588 world;2889 but235 that2443 the3588 world2889 through1223 him846 might be saved.4982 

43-3:18     He that believeth4100 on1519 him846 is not3756 condemned:2919 but1161 he that believeth4100 not3361 is condemned2919 already,2235 because3754 he hath not3361 believed4100 in1519 the3588 name3686 of the3588 only begotten3439 Son5207 of God.2316 

43-3:19     And1161 this3778 is2076 the3588 condemnation,2920 that3754 light5457 is come2064 into1519 the3588 world,2889 and2532 men444 loved25 darkness4655 rather3123 than2228 light,5457 because1063 their846 deeds2041 were2258 evil.4190 

43-3:20     For1063 every one3956 that doeth4238 evil5337 hateth3404 the3588 light,5457 neither2532, 3756 cometh2064 to4314 the3588 light,5457 lest3363 his846 deeds2041 should be reproved.1651 

43-3:21     But1161 he that doeth4160 truth225 cometh2064 to4314 the3588 light,5457 that2443 his846 deeds2041 may be made manifest,5319 that3754 they are2076 wrought2038 in1722 God.2316 

43-3:22     After3326 these things5023 came2064 Jesus2424 and2532 his846 disciples3101 into1519 the3588 land1093 of Judea;2449 and2532 there1563 he tarried1304 with3326 them,846 and2532 baptized.907 

43-3:23     And1161 John2491 also2532 was2258 baptizing907 in1722 Aenon137 near to1451 Salim,4530 because3754 there was2258 much4183 water5204 there:1563 and2532 they came,3854 and2532 were baptized.907 

43-3:24     For1063 John2491 was2258 not yet3768 cast906 into1519 prison.5438 

43-3:25     Then3767 there arose1096 a question2214 between some of1537 John's2491 disciples3101 and3326 the Jews2453 about4012 purifying.2512 

43-3:26     And2532 they came2064 unto4314 John,2491 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Rabbi,4461 he that3739 was2258 with3326 thee4675 beyond4008 Jordan,2446 to whom3739 thou4771 barest witness,3140 behold,2396 the same3778 baptizeth,907 and2532 all3956 men come2064 to4314 him.846 

43-3:27     John2491 answered611 and2532 said,2036 A man444 can1410, (3756) receive2983 nothing,3762 except3362 it be5600 given1325 him846 from1537 heaven.3772 

43-3:28     Ye5210 yourselves846 bear me witness,3140, 3427 that3754 I said,2036 I1473 am1510 not3756 the3588 Christ,5547 but235 that3754 I am1510 sent649 before1715 him.1565 

43-3:29     He that hath2192 the3588 bride3565 is2076 the bridegroom:3566 but1161 the3588 friend5384 of the3588 bridegroom,3566 which standeth2476 and2532 heareth191 him,846 rejoiceth5463 greatly5479 because1223 of the3588 bridegroom's3566 voice:5456 this3778 my1699 joy5479 therefore3767 is fulfilled.4137 

43-3:30     He1565 must1163 increase,837 but1161 I1691 must decrease.1642 

43-3:31     He that cometh2064 from above509 is2076 above1883 all:3956 he that is5607 of1537 the3588 earth1093 is2076 earthly,1537, 1093 and2532 speaketh2980 of1537 the3588 earth:1093 he that cometh2064 from1537 heaven3772 is2076 above1883 all.3956 

43-3:32     And2532 what3739 he hath seen3708 and2532 heard,191 that5124 he testifieth;3140 and2532 no man3762 receiveth2983 his846 testimony.3141 

43-3:33     He that hath received2983 his846 testimony3141 hath set to his seal4972 that3754 God2316 is2076 true.227 

43-3:34     For1063 he whom3739 God2316 hath sent649 speaketh2980 the3588 words4487 of God:2316 for1063 God2316 giveth1325 not3756 the3588 Spirit4151 by1537 measure3358 unto him. 

43-3:35     The3588 Father3962 loveth25 the3588 Son,5207 and2532 hath given1325 all things3956 into1722 his846 hand.5495 

43-3:36     He that believeth4100 on1519 the3588 Son5207 hath2192 everlasting166 life:2222 and1161 he that believeth544 not the3588 Son5207 shall not3756 see3700 life;2222 but235 the3588 wrath3709 of God2316 abideth3306 on1909 him.846 





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John 4:

Chapter 4:54 Verses

43 John

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

43-4:1      When5613 therefore3767 the3588 Lord2962 knew1097 how3754 the3588 Pharisees5330 had heard191 that3754 Jesus2424 made4160 and2532 baptized907 more4119 disciples3101 than2228 John,2491 

43-4:2      (Though2544 Jesus2424 himself846 baptized907 not,3756 but235 his846 disciples,)3101 

43-4:3      He left863 Judea,2449 and2532 departed565 again3825 into1519 Galilee.1056 

43-4:4      And1161 he846 must needs1163 go1330 through1223 Samaria.4540 

43-4:5      Then3767 cometh2064 he to1519 a city4172 of Samaria,4540 which is called3004 Sychar,4965 near4139 to the3588 parcel of ground5564 that3739 Jacob2384 gave1325 to his848 son5207 Joseph.2501 

43-4:6      Now1161 Jacob's2384 well4077 was2258 there.1563 Jesus2424 therefore,3767 being wearied2872 with1537 his journey,3597 sat2516 thus3779 on1909 the3588 well:4077 and it was2258 about5616 the sixth1623 hour.5610 

43-4:7      There cometh2064 a woman1135 of1537 Samaria4540 to draw501 water:5204 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 Give1325 me3427 to drink.4095 

43-4:8      (For1063 his846 disciples3101 were gone away565 unto1519 the3588 city4172 to2443 buy59 meat.)5160 

43-4:9      Then3767 saith3004 the3588 woman1135 of Samaria4542 unto him,846 How4459 is it that thou,4771 being5607 a Jew,2453 askest154 drink4095 of3844 me,1700 which am5607 a woman1135 of Samaria?4542 for1063 the Jews2453 have no dealings4798, 3756 with the Samaritans.4541 

43-4:10     Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto her,846 If1487 thou knewest1492 the3588 gift1431 of God,2316 and2532 who5101 it is2076 that saith3004 to thee,4671 Give1325 me3427 to drink;4095 thou4771 wouldest have asked154, 302 of him,846 and2532 he would have given1325, 302 thee4671 living2198 water.5204 

43-4:11     The3588 woman1135 saith3004 unto him,846 Sir,2962 thou hast2192 nothing3777 to draw502 with, and2532 the3588 well5421 is2076 deep:901 from whence4159 then3767 hast2192 thou that living2198 water?5204 

43-4:12     Art1488 thou4771 (3361) greater3187 than our2257 father3962 Jacob,2384 which3739 gave1325 us2254 the3588 well,5421 and2532 drank4095 thereof1537, 846 himself,846 and2532 his846 children,5207 and2532 his846 cattle?2353 

43-4:13     Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto her,846 Whosoever3956 drinketh4095 of1537 this5127 water5204 shall thirst1372 again:3825 

43-4:14     But1161 whosoever3739, 302 drinketh4095 of1537 the3588 water5204 that3739 I1473 shall give1325 him846 shall never3364, 1519, 165 thirst;1372 but235 the3588 water5204 that3739 I shall give1325 him846 shall be1096 in1722 him846 a well4077 of water5204 springing up242 into1519 everlasting166 life.2222 

43-4:15     The3588 woman1135 saith3004 unto4314 him,846 Sir,2962 give1325 me3427 this5124 water,5204 that2443 I thirst1372 not,3361 neither3366 come2064 hither1759 to draw.501 

43-4:16     Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 Go,5217 call5455 thy4675 husband,435 and2532 come2064 hither.1759 

43-4:17     The3588 woman1135 answered611 and2532 said,2036 I have2192 no3756 husband.435 Jesus2424 said3004 unto her,846 Thou hast well2573 said,2036 I have2192 no3756 husband:435 

43-4:18     For1063 thou hast had2192 five4002 husbands;435 and2532 he whom3739 thou now3568 hast2192 is2076 not3756 thy4675 husband:435 in that5124 saidst2046 thou truly.227 

43-4:19     The3588 woman1135 saith3004 unto him,846 Sir,2962 I perceive2334 that3754 thou4771 art1488 a prophet.4396 

43-4:20     Our2257 fathers3962 worshiped4352 in1722 this5129 mountain;3735 and2532 ye5210 say,3004 that3754 in1722 Jerusalem2414 is2076 the3588 place5117 where3699 men ought1163 to worship.4352 

43-4:21     Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 Woman,1135 believe4100 me,3427, (3754) the hour5610 cometh,2064 when3753 ye shall neither3777 in1722 this5129 mountain,3735 nor yet3777 at1722 Jerusalem,2414 worship4352 the3588 Father.3962 

43-4:22     Ye5210 worship4352 ye know1492 not3756 what:3739 we2249 know1492 what3739 we worship:4352 for3754 salvation4991 is2076 of1537 the3588 Jews.2453 

43-4:23     But235 the hour5610 cometh,2064 and2532 now3568 is,2076 when3753 the3588 true228 worshipers4353 shall worship4352 the3588 Father3962 in1722 spirit4151 and2532 in truth:225 for1063 the3588 Father3962 (2532) seeketh2212 such5108 to worship4352 him.846 

43-4:24     God2316 is a Spirit:4151 and2532 they that worship4352 him846 must1163 worship4352 him in1722 spirit4151 and2532 in truth.225 

43-4:25     The3588 woman1135 saith3004 unto him,846 I know1492 that3754 Messiah3323 cometh,2064 which is called3004 Christ:5547 when3752 he1565 is come,2064 he will tell312 us2254 all things.3956 

43-4:26     Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 I1473 that speak2980 unto thee4671 am1510 he.  

43-4:27     And2532 upon1909 this5129 came2064 his846 disciples,3101 and2532 marveled2296 that3754 he talked2980 with3326 the woman:1135 yet3305 no man3762 said,2036 What5101 seekest2212 thou? or,2228 Why5101 talkest2980 thou with3326 her?846 

43-4:28     The3588 woman1135 then3767 left863 her848 waterpot,5201 and2532 went her way565 into1519 the3588 city,4172 and2532 saith3004 to the3588 men,444 

43-4:29     Come,1205 see1492 a man,444 which3739 told2036 me3427 all things3956 that ever3745 I did:4160 is2076 not3385 this3778 the3588 Christ?5547 

43-4:30     Then3767 they went1831 out of1537 the3588 city,4172 and2532 came2064 unto4314 him.846 

43-4:31     (1161) In1722 the3588 mean while3342 his disciples3101 prayed2065 him,846 saying,3004 Master,4461 eat.5315 

43-4:32     But1161 he3588 said2036 unto them,846 I1473 have2192 meat1035 to eat5315 that3739 ye5210 know1492 not3756 of. 

43-4:33     Therefore3767 said3004 the3588 disciples3101 one to another,240, 4314 Hath any man3387 brought5342 him846 aught to eat?5315 

43-4:34     Jesus2424 saith3004 unto them,846 My1699 meat1033 is2076 to2443 do4160 the3588 will2307 of him that sent3992 me,3165 and2532 to finish5048 his846 work.2041 

43-4:35     Say3004 not3756 ye,5210 There are2076 yet2089 four months,5072 and2532 then cometh2064 harvest?2326 behold,2400 I say3004 unto you,5213 Lift up1869 your5216 eyes,3788 and2532 look on2300 the3588 fields;5561 for3754 they are1526 white3022 already2235 to4314 harvest.2326 

43-4:36     And2532 he that reapeth2325 receiveth2983 wages,3408 and2532 gathereth4863 fruit2590 unto1519 life2222 eternal:166 that2443 both2532 he that soweth4687 and2532 he that reapeth2325 may rejoice5463 together.3674 

43-4:37     And1063 herein1722, 5129 is2076 that saying3056 true,228 One243 soweth,4687 and2532 another243 reapeth.2325 

43-4:38     I1473 sent649 you5209 to reap2325 that whereon3739 ye5210 bestowed no labor:2872, 3756 other men243 labored,2872 and2532 ye5210 are entered1525 into1519 their846 labors.2873 

43-4:39     And1161 many4183 of the3588 Samaritans4541 of1537 that1565 city4172 believed4100 on1519 him846 for1223 the3588 saying3056 of the3588 woman,1135 which testified,3140 He told2036 me3427 all3956 that ever3745 I did.4160 

43-4:40     So3767 when5613 the3588 Samaritans4541 were come2064 unto4314 him,846 they besought2065 him846 that he would tarry3306 with3844 them:846 and2532 he abode3306 there1563 two1417 days.2250 

43-4:41     And2532 many4183 more4119 believed4100 because1223 of his own846 word;3056 

43-4:42     And5037 said3004 unto the3588 woman,1135 Now3765 we believe,4100 not because1223 of thy4674 saying:2981 for1063 we have heard191 him ourselves,846 and2532 know1492 that3754 this3778 is2076 indeed230 the3588 Christ,5547 the3588 Savior4990 of the3588 world.2889 

43-4:43     Now1161 after3326 two1417 days2250 he departed1831 thence,1564 and2532 went565 into1519 Galilee.1056 

43-4:44     For1063 Jesus2424 himself846 testified,3140 that3754 a prophet4396 hath2192 no3756 honor5092 in1722 his own2398 country.3968 

43-4:45     Then3767 when3753 he was come2064 into1519 Galilee,1056 the3588 Galilaeans1057 received1209 him,846 having seen3708 all the things3956 that3739 he did4160 at1722 Jerusalem2414 at1722 the3588 feast:1859 for1063 they846 also2532 went2064 unto1519 the3588 feast.1859 

43-4:46     So3767 Jesus2424 came2064 again3825 into1519 Cana2580 of Galilee,1056 where3699 he made4160 the3588 water5204 wine.3631 And2532 there was2258 a certain5100 nobleman,937 whose3739 son5207 was sick770 at1722 Capernaum.2584 

43-4:47     When he3778 heard191 that3754 Jesus2424 was come2240 out of1537 Judea2449 into1519 Galilee,1056 he went565 unto4314 him,846 and2532 besought2065 him846 that2443 he would come down,2597 and2532 heal2390 his846 son:5207 for1063 he was at the point of death.3195, 599 

43-4:48     Then3767 said2036 Jesus2424 unto4314 him,846 Except3362 ye see1492 signs4592 and2532 wonders,5059 ye will not3364 believe.4100 

43-4:49     The3588 nobleman937 saith3004 unto4314 him,846 Sir,2962 come down2597 ere4250 my3450 child3813 die.599 

43-4:50     Jesus2424 saith3004 unto him,846 Go thy way;4198 thy4675 son5207 liveth.2198 And2532 the3588 man444 believed4100 the3588 word3056 that3739 Jesus2424 had spoken2036 unto him,846 and2532 he went his way.4198 

43-4:51     And1161 as he846 was now2235 going down,2597 his846 servants1401 met528 him,846 and2532 told518 him, saying,3004 Thy4675 son3816 liveth.2198 

43-4:52     Then3767 inquired4441 he of3844 them846 the3588 hour5610 when1722, 3739 he began to amend.2192, 2866 And2532 they said2036 unto him,846 Yesterday5504 at the seventh1442 hour5610 the3588 fever4446 left863 him.846 

43-4:53     So3767 the3588 father3962 knew1097 that3754 it was at1722 the same1565 hour,5610 in1722 the which3739 Jesus2424 said2036 unto him,846 Thy4675 son5207 liveth:2198 and2532 himself846 believed,4100 and2532 his846 whole3650 house.3614 

43-4:54     This5124 is again3825 the second1208 miracle4592 that Jesus2424 did,4160 when he was come2064 out of1537 Judea2449 into1519 Galilee.1056 





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John 5:

Chapter 5:47 Verses

43 John

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

43-5:1      After3326 this5023 there was2258 a feast1859 of the3588 Jews;2453 and2532 Jesus2424 went up305 to1519 Jerusalem.2414 

43-5:2      Now1161 there is2076 at1722 Jerusalem2414 by1909 the3588 sheep4262 market a pool,2861 which is called1951 in the Hebrew tongue1447 Bethesda,964 having2192 five4002 porches.4745 

43-5:3      In1722 these5025 lay2621 a great4183 multitude4128 of impotent folk,770 of blind,5185 halt,5560 withered,3584 waiting for1551 the3588 moving2796 of the3588 water.5204 

43-5:4      For1063 an angel32 went down2597 at a certain season2596, 2540 into1722 the3588 pool,2861 and2532 troubled5015 the3588 water:5204 whosoever then3767 first4413 after3326 the3588 troubling5016 of the3588 water5204 stepped in1684 was made1096 whole5199 of whatsoever3739, 1221 disease3553 he had.2722 

43-5:5      And1161 a certain5100 man444 was2258 there,1563 which had2192 an(1722) infirmity769 thirty and eight5144, 3638 years.2094 

43-5:6      When Jesus2424 saw1492 him5126 lie,2621 and2532 knew1097 that3754 he had been2192 now2235 a long4183 time5550 in that case, he saith3004 unto him,846 Wilt2309 thou be made1096 whole?5199 

43-5:7      The3588 impotent man770 answered611 him,846 Sir,2962 I have2192 no3756 man,444 (2443) when3752 the3588 water5204 is troubled,5015 to put906 me3165 into1519 the3588 pool:2861 but1161 while1722, 3739 I1473 am coming,2064 another243 steppeth down2597 before4253 me.