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28:    Chapters

:1,071 Verses

Matthew 1:

Chapter 1:25 Verses

40 Matthew

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

40-1:1      The book976 of the generation1078 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 the son5207 of David,1138 the son5207 of Abraham.11 

40-1:2      Abraham11 begat1080 Isaac;2464 and1161 Isaac2464 begat1080 Jacob;2384 and1161 Jacob2384 begat1080 Judas2455 and2532 his846 brethren;80 

40-1:3      And1161 Judas2455 begat1080 Phares5329 and2532 Zara2196 of1537 Tamar;2283 and1161 Phares5329 begat1080 Esrom;2074 and1161 Esrom2074 begat1080 Aram;689 

40-1:4      And1161 Aram689 begat1080 Aminadab;284 and1161 Aminadab284 begat1080 Naasson;3476 and1161 Naasson3476 begat1080 Salmon;4533 

40-1:5      And1161 Salmon4533 begat1080 Boaz1003 of1537 Rahab;4477 and1161 Boaz1003 begat1080 Obed5601 of1537 Ruth;4503 and1161 Obed5601 begat1080 Jesse;2421 

40-1:6      And1161 Jesse2421 begat1080 David1138 the3588 king;935 and1161 David1138 the3588 king935 begat1080 Solomon4672 of1537 her3588 that had been the wife of Uriah;3774 

40-1:7      And1161 Solomon4672 begat1080 Roboam;4497 and1161 Roboam4497 begat1080 Abia;7 and1161 Abia7 begat1080 Asa;760 

40-1:8      And1161 Asa760 begat1080 Jehoshaphat;2498 and1161 Jehoshaphat2498 begat1080 Joram;2496 and1161 Joram2496 begat1080 Ozias;3604 

40-1:9      And1161 Ozias3604 begat1080 Joatham;2488 and1161 Joatham2488 begat1080 Achaz;881 and1161 Achaz881 begat1080 Ezekias;1478 

40-1:10     And1161 Ezekias1478 begat1080 Manasses;3128 and1161 Manasses3128 begat1080 Amon;300 and1161 Amon300 begat1080 Josiah;2502 

40-1:11     And1161 Josiah2502 begat1080 Jechoniah2423 and2532 his846 brethren,80 about1909 the3588 time they were carried away3350 to Babylon:897 

40-1:12     And1161 after3326 they3588 were brought3350 to Babylon,897 Jechoniah2423 begat1080 Shealtiel;4528 and1161 Shealtiel4528 begat1080 Zorobabel;2216 

40-1:13     And1161 Zorobabel2216 begat1080 Abiud;10 and1161 Abiud10 begat1080 Eliakim;1662 and1161 Eliakim1662 begat1080 Azor;107 

40-1:14     And1161 Azor107 begat1080 Sadoc;4524 and1161 Sadoc4524 begat1080 Achim;885 and1161 Achim885 begat1080 Eliud;1664 

40-1:15     And1161 Eliud1664 begat1080 Eleazar;1648 and1161 Eleazar1648 begat1080 Matthan;3157 and1161 Matthan3157 begat1080 Jacob;2384 

40-1:16     And1161 Jacob2384 begat1080 Joseph2501 the3588 husband435 of Mary,3137 of1537 whom3739 was born1080 Jesus,2424 who3588 is called3004 Christ.5547 

40-1:17     So3767 all3956 the3588 generations1074 from575 Abraham11 to2193 David1138 are fourteen1180 generations;1074 and2532 from575 David1138 until2193 the3588 carrying away3350 into Babylon897 are fourteen1180 generations;1074 and2532 from575 the3588 carrying away3350 into Babylon897 unto2193 Christ5547 are fourteen1180 generations.1074 

40-1:18     Now1161 the3588 birth1083 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 was2258 on this wise:3779 When as1063 his846 mother3384 Mary3137 was espoused3423 to Joseph,2501 before4250 they846 came together,4905 she was found with child2147, 2192, 1722, 1064 of1537 the Holy40 Ghost.4151 

40-1:19     Then1161 Joseph2501 her846 husband,435 being5607 a just1342 man, and2532 not3361 willing2309 to make her a public example,3856, 846 was minded1014 to put her away630, 846 privily.2977 

40-1:20     But1161 while he846 thought1760 on these things,5023 behold,2400 the angel32 of the Lord2962 appeared5316 unto him846 in2596 a dream,3677 saying,3004 Joseph,2501 thou son5207 of David,1138 fear5399 not3361 to take3880 unto thee Mary3137 thy4675 wife;1135 for1063 that which is conceived1080 in1722 her846 is2076 of1537 the Holy40 Ghost.4151 

40-1:21     And1161 she shall bring forth5088 a son,5207 and2532 thou shalt call2564 his846 name3686 JESUS:2424 for1063 he846 shall save4982 his848 people2992 from575 their846 sins.266 

40-1:22     Now1161 all3650 this5124 was done,1096 that2443 it might be fulfilled4137 which3588 was spoken4483 of5259 the3588 Lord2962 by1223 the3588 prophet,4396 saying,3004 

40-1:23     Behold,2400 a virgin3933 shall be with child,2192, 1722, 1064 and2532 shall bring forth5088 a son,5207 and2532 they shall call2564 his846 name3686 Emmanuel,1694 which3739 being interpreted3177 is,2076 God2316 with3326 us.2257 

40-1:24     Then1161 Joseph2501 being raised1326 from575 sleep5258 did4160 as5613 the3588 angel32 of the Lord2962 had bidden4367 him,846 and2532 took3880 unto him his848 wife:1135 

40-1:25     And2532 knew1097 her846 not3756 till2193 she had brought forth5088 her848 firstborn4416 son:5207 and2532 he called2564 his846 name3686 JESUS.2424 





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Matthew 2:

Chapter 2:23 Verses

40 Matthew

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

40-2:1      Now1161 when Jesus2424 was born1080 in1722 Bethlehem965 of Judea2449 in1722 the days2250 of Herod2264 the3588 king,935 behold,2400 there came3854 wise men3097 from575 the east395 to1519 Jerusalem,2414 

40-2:2      Saying,3004 Where4226 is2076 he that is born5088 King935 of the3588 Jews?2453 for1063 we have seen1492 his846 star792 in1722 the3588 east,395 and2532 are come2064 to worship4352 him.846 

40-2:3      When1161 Herod2264 the3588 king935 had heard191 these things, he was troubled,5015 and2532 all3956 Jerusalem2414 with3326 him.846 

40-2:4      And2532 when he had gathered4863 all3956 the3588 chief priests749 and2532 scribes1122 of the3588 people2992 together, he demanded4441 of3844 them846 where4226 Christ5547 should be born.1080 

40-2:5      And1161 they3588 said2036 unto him,846 In1722 Bethlehem965 of Judea:2449 for1063 thus3779 it is written1125 by1223 the3588 prophet,4396 

40-2:6      And2532 thou4771 Bethlehem,965 in the land1093 of Judah,2448 art1488 not3760 the least1646 among1722 the3588 princes2232 of Judah:2448 for1063 out1537 of thee4675 shall come1831 a Governor,2233 that3748 shall rule4165 my3450 people2992 Israel.2474 

40-2:7      Then5119 Herod,2264 when he had privily2977 called2564 the3588 wise men,3097 inquired of them diligently198, 3844, 846 what time5550 the3588 star792 appeared.5316 

40-2:8      And2532 he sent3992 them846 to1519 Bethlehem,965 and said,2036 Go4198 and search1833 diligently199 for4012 the3588 young child;3813 and1161 when1875 ye have found2147 him, bring me word again,518, 3427 that3704 I2504 may come2064 and worship4352 him846 also. 

40-2:9      When1161 they3588 had heard191 the3588 king,935 they departed;4198 and,2532 lo,2400 the3588 star,792 which3739 they saw1492 in1722 the3588 east,395 went before4254 them,846 till2193 it came2064 and stood2476 over1883 where3757 the3588 young child3813 was.2258 

40-2:10     When1161 they saw1492 the3588 star,792 they rejoiced5463 with exceeding4970 great3173 joy.5479 

40-2:11     And2532 when they were come2064 into1519 the3588 house,3614 they saw1492 the3588 young child3813 with3326 Mary3137 his846 mother,3384 and2532 fell down,4098 and worshiped4352 him:846 and2532 when they had opened455 their848 treasures,2344 they presented4374 unto him846 gifts;1435 gold,5557 and2532 frankincense,3030 and2532 myrrh.4666 

40-2:12     And2532 being warned of God5537 in2596 a dream3677 that they should not3361 return344 to4314 Herod,2264 they departed402 into1519 their own848 country another5561, (243) way.3598 

40-2:13     And1161 when they846 were departed,402 behold,2400 the angel32 of the Lord2962 appeareth5316 to Joseph2501 in2596 a dream,3677 saying,3004 Arise,1453 and take3880 the3588 young child3813 and2532 his846 mother,3384 and2532 flee5343 into1519 Egypt,125 and2532 be2468 thou there1563 until2193 (302) I bring thee word:2036, 4671 for1063 Herod2264 will3195 seek2212 the3588 young child3813 to destroy622 him.846 

40-2:14     When1161 he3588 arose,1453 he took3880 the3588 young child3813 and2532 his846 mother3384 by night,3571 and2532 departed402 into1519 Egypt:125 

40-2:15     And2532 was2258 there1563 until2193 the3588 death5054 of Herod:2264 that2443 it might be fulfilled4137 which3588 was spoken4483 of5259 the3588 Lord2962 by1223 the3588 prophet,4396 saying,3004 Out1537 of Egypt125 have I called2564 my3450 son.5207 

40-2:16     Then5119 Herod,2264 when he saw1492 that3754 he was mocked1702 of5259 the3588 wise men,3097 was exceeding wroth,2373, 3029 and2532 sent forth,649 and2532 slew337 all3956 the3588 children3816 that3588 were in1722 Bethlehem,965 and2532 in1722 all3956 the3588 coasts3725 thereof,846 from575 two years old1332 and2532 under,2736 according2596 to the3588 time5550 which3739 he had diligently inquired198 of3844 the3588 wise men.3097 

40-2:17     Then5119 was fulfilled4137 that which was spoken4483 by5259 Jeremiah2408 the3588 prophet,4396 saying,3004 

40-2:18     In1722 Ramah4471 was there a voice5456 heard,191 lamentation,2355 and2532 weeping,2805 and2532 great4183 mourning,3602 Rachel4478 weeping2799 for her848 children,5043 and2532 would2309 not3756 be comforted,3870 because3754 they are1526 not.3756 

40-2:19     But1161 when Herod2264 was dead,5053 behold,2400 an angel32 of the Lord2962 appeareth5316 in2596 a dream3677 to Joseph2501 in1722 Egypt,125 

40-2:20     Saying,3004 Arise,1453 and take3880 the3588 young child3813 and2532 his846 mother,3384 and2532 go4198 into1519 the land1093 of Israel:2474 for1063 they are dead2348 which sought2212 the3588 young child's3813 life.5590 

40-2:21     And1161 he3588 arose,1453 and took3880 the3588 young child3813 and2532 his846 mother,3384 and2532 came2064 into1519 the land1093 of Israel.2474 

40-2:22     But1161 when he heard191 that3754 Archelaus745 did reign936 in1909 Judea2449 in the room473 of his846 father3962 Herod,2264 he was afraid5399 to go565 thither:1563 notwithstanding,1161 being warned of God5537 in2596 a dream,3677 he turned aside402 into1519 the3588 parts3313 of Galilee:1056 

40-2:23     And2532 he came2064 and dwelt2730 in1519 a city4172 called3004 Nazareth:3478 that3704 it might be fulfilled4137 which was spoken4483 by1223 the3588 prophets,4396 He shall be called2564 a Nazarene.3480 





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Matthew 3:

Chapter 3:17 Verses

40 Matthew

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

40-3:1      In1722 those1565 days2250 came3854 John2491 the3588 Baptist,910 preaching2784 in1722 the3588 wilderness2048 of Judea,2449 

40-3:2      And2532 saying,3004 Repent3340 ye: for1063 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven3772 is at hand.1448 

40-3:3      For1063 this3778 is2076 he that was spoken of4483 by5259 the3588 prophet4396 Isaiah,2268 saying,3004 The voice5456 of one crying994 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 Prepare2090 ye the3588 way3598 of the Lord,2962 make4160 his846 paths5147 straight.2117 

40-3:4      And1161 the same846 John2491 had2192 his848 raiment1742 of575 camel's2574 hair,2359 and2532 a leather1193 girdle2223 about4012 his846 loins;3751 and1161 his848 meat5160 was2258 locusts200 and2532 wild66 honey.3192 

40-3:5      Then5119 went out1607 to4314 him846 Jerusalem,2414 and2532 all3956 Judea,2449 and2532 all3956 the3588 region round about4066 Jordan,2446 

40-3:6      And2532 were baptized907 of5259 him846 in1722 Jordan,2446 confessing1843 their848 sins.266 

40-3:7      But1161 when he saw1492 many4183 of the3588 Pharisees5330 and2532 Sadducees4523 come2064 to1909 his846 baptism,908 he said2036 unto them,846 O generation1081 of vipers,2191 who5101 hath warned5263 you5213 to flee5343 from575 the3588 wrath3709 to come?3195 

40-3:8      Bring forth4160 therefore3767 fruits2590 meet514 for repentance:3341 

40-3:9      And2532 think1380 not3361 to say3004 within1722 yourselves,1438 We have2192 Abraham11 to our father:3962 for1063 I say3004 unto you,5213 that3754 God2316 is able1410 of1537 these5130 stones3037 to raise up1453 children5043 unto Abraham.11 

40-3:10     And1161 now2235 also2532 the3588 axe513 is laid2749 unto4314 the3588 root4491 of the3588 trees:1186 therefore3767 every3956 tree1186 which bringeth not forth4160, 3361 good2570 fruit2590 is hewn down,1581 and2532 cast906 into1519 the fire.4442 

40-3:11     I1473 indeed3303 baptize907 you5209 with1722 water5204 unto1519 repentance:3341 but1161 he that cometh2064 after3694 me3450 is2076 mightier2478 than I,3450 whose3739 shoes5266 I am1510 not3756 worthy2425 to bear:941 he846 shall baptize907 you5209 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 with fire:4442 

40-3:12     Whose3739 fan4425 is in1722 his846 hand,5495 and2532 he will throughly purge1245 his848 floor,257 and2532 gather4863 his848 wheat4621 into1519 the3588 garner;596 but1161 he will burn up2618 the3588 chaff892 with unquenchable762 fire.4442 

40-3:13     Then5119 cometh3854 Jesus2424 from575 Galilee1056 to1909 Jordan2446 unto4314 John,2491 to be baptized907 of5259 him.846 

40-3:14     But1161 John2491 forbade1254 him,846 saying,3004 I1473 have2192 need5532 to be baptized907 of5259 thee,4675 and2532 comest2064 thou4771 to4314 me?3165 

40-3:15     And1161 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Suffer863 it to be so now:737 for1063 thus3779 it(2076) becometh4241 us2254 to fulfill4137 all3956 righteousness.1343 Then5119 he suffered863 him.846 

40-3:16     And2532 Jesus,2424 when he was baptized,907 went up305 straightway2117 out of575 the3588 water:5204 and,2532 lo,2400 the3588 heavens3772 were opened455 unto him,846 and2532 he saw1492 the3588 Spirit4151 of God2316 descending2597 like5616 a dove,4058 and2532 lighting2064 upon1909 him:846 

40-3:17     And2532 lo2400 a voice5456 from1537 heaven,3772 saying,3004 This3778 is2076 my3450 beloved27 Son,5207 in1722 whom3739 I am well pleased.2106 





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Matthew 4:

Chapter 4:25 Verses

40 Matthew

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

40-4:1      Then5119 was Jesus2424 led up321 of5259 the3588 spirit4151 into1519 the3588 wilderness2048 to be tempted3985 of5259 the3588 devil.1228 

40-4:2      And2532 when he had fasted3522 forty5062 days2250 and2532 forty5062 nights,3571 he was afterward hungry.3983, 5305 

40-4:3      And2532 when the3588 tempter3985 came4334 to him,846 he said,2036 If1487 thou be1488 the Son of5207 God,2316 command2036 that2443 these3778 stones3037 be made1096 bread.740 

40-4:4      But1161 he3588 answered611 and said,2036 It is written,1125 Man444 shall not3756 live2198 by1909 bread740 alone,3441 but235 by1909 every3956 word4487 that proceedeth1607 out of1223 the mouth4750 of God.2316 

40-4:5      Then5119 the3588 devil1228 taketh him up3880, 846 into1519 the3588 holy40 city,4172 and2532 setteth2476 him846 on1909 a pinnacle4419 of the3588 temple,2411 

40-4:6      And2532 saith3004 unto him,846 If1487 thou be1488 the Son5207 of God,2316 cast906 thyself4572 down:2736 for1063 it is written,1125 He shall give his angels charge1781, 848, 32 concerning4012 thee:4675 and2532 in1909 their hands5495 they shall bear thee up,142, 4571 lest at any time3379 thou dash4350 thy4675 foot4228 against4314 a stone.3037 

40-4:7      Jesus2424 said5346 unto him,846 It is written1125 again,3825 Thou shalt not3756 tempt1598 the Lord2962 thy4675 God.2316 

40-4:8      Again,3825 the3588 devil1228 taketh him up3880, 846 into1519 an exceeding3029 high5308 mountain,3735 and2532 showeth1166 him846 all3956 the3588 kingdoms932 of the3588 world,2889 and2532 the3588 glory1391 of them;846 

40-4:9      And2532 saith3004 unto him,846 All3956 these things5023 will I give1325 thee,4671 if1437 thou wilt fall down4098 and worship4352 me.3427 

40-4:10     Then5119 saith3004 Jesus2424 unto him,846 Get thee hence,5217 Satan:4567 for1063 it is written,1125 Thou shalt worship4352 the Lord2962 thy4675 God,2316 and2532 him846 only3441 shalt thou serve.3000 

40-4:11     Then5119 the3588 devil1228 leaveth863 him,846 and,2532 behold,2400 angels32 came4334 and2532 ministered1247 unto him.846 

40-4:12     Now1161 when Jesus2424 had heard191 that3754 John2491 was cast into prison,3860 he departed402 into1519 Galilee;1056  

40-4:13     And2532 leaving2641 Nazareth,3478 he came2064 and dwelt2730 in1519 Capernaum,2584 which is upon the sea coast,3864 in1722 the borders3725 of Zebulun2194 and2532 Naphtali:3508 

40-4:14     That2443 it might be fulfilled4137 which3588 was spoken4483 by1223 Isaiah2268 the3588 prophet,4396 saying,3004 

40-4:15     The land1093 of Zebulun,2194 and2532 the land1093 of Naphtali,3508 by the way3598 of the sea,2281 beyond4008 Jordan,2446 Galilee1056 of the3588 Gentiles;1484 

40-4:16     The3588 people2992 which3588 sat2521 in1722 darkness4655 saw1492 great3173 light;5457 and2532 to them which sat2521 in1722 the region5561 and2532 shadow4639 of death2288 light5457 is sprung up.393 

40-4:17     From575 that time5119 Jesus2424 began756 to preach,2784 and2532 to say,3004 Repent:3340 for1063 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven3772 is at hand.1448 

40-4:18     And1161 Jesus,2424 walking4043 by3844 the3588 sea2281 of Galilee,1056 saw1492 two1417 brethren,80 Simon4613 called3004 Peter,4074 and2532 Andrew406 his846 brother,80 casting906 a net293 into1519 the3588 sea:2281 for1063 they were2258 fishers.231 

40-4:19     And2532 he saith3004 unto them,846 Follow1205, 3694 me,3450 and2532 I will make4160 you5209 fishers231 of men.444 

40-4:20     And1161 they3588 straightway2112 left863 their nets,1350 and followed190 him.846 

40-4:21     And2532 going on4260 from thence,1564 he saw1492 other243 two1417 brethren,80 James2385 the3588 son of Zebedee,2199 and2532 John2491 his846 brother,80 in1722 a ship4143 with3326 Zebedee2199 their846 father,3962 mending2675 their848 nets;1350 and2532 he called2564 them.846 

40-4:22     And1161 they immediately left863, 2112 the3588 ship4143 and2532 their848 father,3962 and2532 followed190 him.846 

40-4:23     And2532 Jesus2424 went about4013 all3650 Galilee,1056 teaching1321 in1722 their846 synagogues,4864 and2532 preaching2784 the3588 gospel2098 of the3588 kingdom,932 and2532 healing2323 all manner3956 of sickness3554 and2532 all manner3956 of disease3119 among1722 the3588 people.2992 

40-4:24     And2532 his846 fame189 went565 throughout1519 all3650 Syria:4947 and2532 they brought4374 unto him846 all3956 sick people2192, 2560 that were taken4912 with divers4164 diseases3554 and2532 torments,931 and2532 those which were possessed with devils,1139 and2532 those which were lunatic,4583 and2532 those that had the palsy;3885 and2532 he healed2323 them.846 

40-4:25     And2532 there followed190 him846 great4183 multitudes of people3793 from575 Galilee,1056 and2532 from Decapolis,1179 and2532 from Jerusalem,2414 and2532 from Judea,2449 and2532 from beyond4008 Jordan.2446 





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Matthew 5:

Chapter 5:48 Verses

40 Matthew

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

40-5:1      And1161 seeing1492 the3793 multitudes,3793 he went up305 into1519 a mountain:3735 and2532 when he846 was set,2523 his846 disciples3101 came4334 unto him:846 

40-5:2      And2532 he opened455 his848 mouth,4750 and taught1321 them,846 saying,3004 

40-5:3      Blessed3107 are the3588 poor4434 in spirit:4151 for3754 theirs846 is2076 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven.3772 

40-5:4      Blessed3107 are they that mourn:3996 for3754 they846 shall be comforted.3870 

40-5:5      Blessed3107 are the meek:4239 for3754 they846 shall inherit2816 the3588 earth.1093 

40-5:6      Blessed3107 are they which do hunger3983 and2532 thirst1372 after righteousness:1343 for3754 they846 shall be filled.5526 

40-5:7      Blessed3107 are the3588 merciful:1655 for3754 they846 shall obtain mercy.1653 

40-5:8      Blessed3107 are the3588 pure2513 in heart:2588 for3754 they846 shall see3700 God.2316 

40-5:9      Blessed3107 are the3588 peacemakers:1518 for3754 they846 shall be called2564 the children5207 of God.2316 

40-5:10     Blessed3107 are they which are persecuted1377 for righteousness' sake:1752, 1343 for3754 theirs846 is2076 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven.3772 

40-5:11     Blessed3107 are2075 ye, when3752 men shall revile3679 you,5209 and2532 persecute1377 you, and2532 shall say2036 all manner of evil3956, 4190, 4487 against2596 you5216 falsely,5574 for my sake.1752, 1700 

40-5:12     Rejoice,5463 and2532 be exceeding glad:21 for3754 great4183 is your5216 reward3408 in1722 heaven:3772 for1063 so3779 persecuted1377 they the3588 prophets4396 which3588 were before4253 you.5216 

40-5:13     Ye5210 are2075 the3588 salt217 of the3588 earth:1093 but1161 if1437 the3588 salt217 have lost his savor,3471 wherewith1722, 5101 shall it be salted?233 it is thenceforth2089 good2480 for1519 nothing,3762 but1508 to be cast906 out,1854 and2532 to be trodden under foot2662 of5259 men.444 

40-5:14     Ye5210 are2075 the3588 light5457 of the3588 world.2889 A city4172 that is set2749 on1883 a hill3735 cannot1410, 3756 be hid.2928 

40-5:15     Neither3761 do men light2545 a candle,3088 and2532 put5087 it846 under5259 a bushel,3426 but235 on1909 a candlestick;3087 and2532 it giveth light2989 unto all3956 that3588 are in1722 the3588 house.3614 

40-5:16     Let your5216 light5457 so3779 shine2989 before1715 men,444 that3704 they may see1492 your5216 good2570 works,2041 and2532 glorify1392 your5216 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven.3772 

40-5:17     Think3543 not3361 that3754 I am come2064 to destroy2647 the3588 law,3551 or2228 the3588 prophets:4396 I am not3756 come2064 to destroy,2647 but235 to fulfill.4137 

40-5:18     For1063 verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 Till2193 heaven3772 and2532 earth1093 pass,3928 one1520 jot2503 or2228 one3391 tittle2762 shall in no wise3364 pass3928 from575 the3588 law,3551 till2193 all3956 be fulfilled.1096 

40-5:19     Whosoever3739, 1437 therefore3767 shall break3089 one3391 of these5130 least1646 commandments,1785 and2532 shall teach1321 men444 so,3779 he shall be called2564 the least1646 in1722 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven:3772 but1161 whosoever3739, 302 shall do4160 and2532 teach1321 them, the same3778 shall be called2564 great3173 in1722 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven.3772 

40-5:20     For1063 I say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 except3362 your5216 righteousness1343 shall exceed4052, 4119 the righteousness of the3588 scribes1122 and2532 Pharisees,5330 ye shall in no case3364 enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of heaven.3772 

40-5:21     Ye have heard191 that3754 it was said4483 by them of old time,744 Thou shalt not3756 kill;5407 and1161 whosoever3739, 302 shall kill5407 shall be2071 in danger1777 of the3588 judgment:2920 

40-5:22     But1161 I1473 say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 whosoever3956 is angry3710 with his848 brother80 without a cause1500 shall be2071 in danger1777 of the3588 judgment:2920 and1161 whosoever3739, 302 shall say2036 to his848 brother,80 Raca,4469 shall be2071 in danger1777 of the3588 council:4892 but1161 whosoever3739, 302 shall say,2036 Thou fool,3474 shall be2071 in danger1777 of1519 hell1067 fire.4442 

40-5:23     Therefore3767 if1437 thou bring4374 thy4675 gift1435 to1909 the3588 altar,2379 and there2546 rememberest3415 that3754 thy4675 brother80 hath2192 aught5100 against2596 thee;4675 

40-5:24     Leave863 there1563 thy4675 gift1435 before1715 the3588 altar,2379 and2532 go thy way;5217 first4412 be reconciled1259 to thy4675 brother,80 and2532 then5119 come2064 and offer4374 thy4675 gift.1435 

40-5:25     Agree2468, 2132 with thine4675 adversary476 quickly,5035 while2193, 3755 thou art1488 in1722 the3588 way3598 with3326 him;846 lest at any time3379 the3588 adversary476 deliver3860 thee4571 to the3588 judge,2923 and2532 the3588 judge2923 deliver3860 thee4571 to the3588 officer,5257 and2532 thou be cast906 into1519 prison.5438 

40-5:26     Verily281 I say3004 unto thee,4671 Thou shalt by no means3364 come out1831 thence,1564 till2193, 302 thou hast paid591 the3588 uttermost2078 farthing.2835 

40-5:27     Ye have heard191 that3754 it was said4483 by them of old time,744 Thou shalt not3756 commit adultery:3431 

40-5:28     But1161 I1473 say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 whosoever3956 looketh991 on a woman1135 to lust1937 after her846 hath committed adultery3431 with her846 already2235 in1722 his848 heart.2588 

40-5:29     And1161 if1487 thy4675 right1188 eye3788 offend4624 thee,4571 pluck it out,1807, 846 and2532 cast906 it from575 thee:4675 for1063 it is profitable4851 for thee4671 that2443 one1520 of thy4675 members3196 should perish,622 and2532 not3361 that thy4675 whole3650 body4983 should be cast906 into1519 hell.1067 

40-5:30     And2532 if1487 thy4675 right1188 hand5495 offend4624 thee,4571 cut it off,1581, 846 and2532 cast906 it from575 thee:4675 for1063 it is profitable4851 for thee4671 that2443 one1520 of thy4675 members3196 should perish,622 and2532 not3361 that thy4675 whole3650 body4983 should be cast906 into1519 hell.1067 

40-5:31     It(1161) hath been said,4483 Whosoever3739, 302 shall put away630 his848 wife,1135 let him give1325 her846 a writing of divorcement:647 

40-5:32     But1161 I1473 say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 whosoever3739, 302 shall put away630 his848 wife,1135 saving for3924 the cause3056 of fornication,4202 causeth4160 her846 to commit adultery:3429 and2532 whosoever3739, 1437 shall marry1060 her that is divorced630 committeth adultery.3429 

40-5:33     Again,3825 ye have heard191 that3754 it hath been said4483 by them of old time,744 Thou shalt not3756 forswear1964 thyself, but1161 shalt perform591 unto the3588 Lord2962 thine4675 oaths:3727 

40-5:34     But1161 I1473 say3004 unto you,5213 Swear3660 not3361 at all;3654 neither3383 by1722 heaven;3772 for3754 it is2076 God's2316 throne:2362 

40-5:35     Nor3383 by1722 the3588 earth;1093 for3754 it is2076 his846 footstool:5286, 4228 neither3383 by1519 Jerusalem;2414 for3754 it is2076 the city4172 of the3588 great3173 King.935 

40-5:36     Neither3383 shalt thou swear3660 by1722 thy4675 head,2776 because3754 thou canst1410 not3756 make4160 one3391 hair2359 white3022 or2228 black.3189 

40-5:37     But1161 let your5216 communication3056 be,2077 Yea,3483 yea;3483 Nay,3756 nay:3756 for1161 whatsoever is more4053 than these5130 cometh2076 of1537 evil.4190 

40-5:38     Ye have heard191 that3754 it hath been said,4483 An eye3788 for473 an eye,3788 and2532 a tooth3599 for473 a tooth:3599 

40-5:39     But1161 I1473 say3004 unto you,5213 That ye resist436 not3361 evil:4190 but235 whosoever3748 shall smite4474 thee4571 on1909 thy4675 right1188 cheek,4600 turn4762 to him846 the3588 other243 also.2532 

40-5:40     And2532 if any man will2309 sue thee at the law,2919, 4671 and2532 take away2983 thy4675 coat,5509 let him846 have863 thy cloak2440 also.2532 

40-5:41     And2532 whosoever3748 shall compel thee to go29, 4571 a1520 mile,3400 go5217 with3326 him846 twain.1417 

40-5:42     Give1325 to him that asketh154 thee,4571 and2532 from him that would2309 borrow1155 of575 thee4675 turn not thou away.654, 3361 

40-5:43     Ye have heard191 that3754 it hath been said,4483 Thou shalt love25 thy4675 neighbor,4139 and2532 hate3404 thine4675 enemy.2190 

40-5:44     But1161 I1473 say3004 unto you,5213 Love25 your5216 enemies,2190 bless2127 them that curse2672 you,5209 do4160 good2573 to them that hate3404 you,5209 and2532 pray4336 for5228 them which despitefully use1908 you,5209 and2532 persecute1377 you;5209 

40-5:45     That3704 ye may be1096 the children5207 of your5216 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven:3772 for3754 he maketh his848 sun2246 to rise393 on1909 the evil4190 and2532 on the good,18 and2532 sendeth rain1026 on1909 the just1342 and2532 on the unjust.94 

40-5:46     For1063 if1437 ye love25 them which love25 you,5209 what5101 reward3408 have2192 ye? do4160 not3780 even2532 the3588 publicans5057 the3588 same?846 

40-5:47     And2532 if1437 ye salute782 your5216 brethren80 only,3440 what5101 do4160 ye more4053 than others? do4160 not3780 even2532 the3588 publicans5057 so?3779 

40-5:48     Be2071 ye5210 therefore3767 perfect,5046 even as5618 your5216 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven3772 is2076 perfect.5046 





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Matthew 6:

Chapter 6:34 Verses

40 Matthew

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

40-6:1      Take heed4337 that ye do4160 not3361 your5216 alms1654 before1715 men,444 to be seen2300 of them:846 otherwise1490 ye have2192 no3756 reward3408 of3844 your5216 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven.3772 

40-6:2      Therefore3767 when3752 thou doest4160 thine alms,1654 do not3361 sound a trumpet4537 before1715 thee,4675 as5618 the3588 hypocrites5273 do4160 in1722 the3588 synagogues4864 and2532 in1722 the3588 streets,4505 that3704 they may have glory1392 of5259 men.444 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 They have568 their848 reward.3408 

40-6:3      But1161 when thou4675 doest4160 alms,1654 let not3361 thy4675 left hand710 know1097 what5101 thy4675 right hand1188 doeth:4160 

40-6:4      That3704 thine4675 alms1654 may be5600 in1722 secret:2927 and2532 thy4675 Father3962 which seeth991 in1722 secret2927 himself848 shall reward591 thee4671 openly.1722, 5318 

40-6:5      And2532 when3752 thou prayest,4336 thou shalt not3756 be2071 as5618 the3588 hypocrites5273 are: for3754 they love5368 to pray4336 standing2476 in1722 the3588 synagogues4864 and2532 in1722 the3588 corners1137 of the3588 streets,4113 that3704 they may be seen5316, 302 of men.444 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 They have568 their848 reward.3408 

40-6:6      But1161 thou,4771 when3752 thou prayest,4336 enter1525 into1519 thy4675 closet,5009 and2532 when thou hast shut2808 thy4675 door,2374 pray4336 to thy4675 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 secret;2927 and2532 thy4675 Father3962 which seeth991 in1722 secret2927 shall reward591 thee4671 openly.1722, 5318 

40-6:7      But1161 when ye pray,4336 use not vain repetitions,945, 3361 as5618 the3588 heathen1482 do: for1063 they think1380 that3754 they shall be heard1522 for1722 their848 much speaking.4180 

40-6:8      Be not3361 ye therefore3767 like unto3666 them:846 for1063 your5216 Father3962 knoweth1492 what things3739 ye have2192 need5532 of, before4253 ye5209 ask154 him.846 

40-6:9      After this manner3779 therefore3767 pray4336 ye:5210 Our2257 Father3962 which3588 art in1722 heaven,3772 Hallowed37 be thy4675 name.3686 

40-6:10     Thy4675 kingdom932 come.2064 Thy4675 will2307 be done1096 in1909 earth,1093 as5613 it is in1722 heaven.3772 

40-6:11     Give1325 us2254 this day4594 our2257 daily1967 bread.740 

40-6:12     And2532 forgive863 us2254 our2257 debts,3783 as5613 we2249 forgive863 our2257 debtors.3781 

40-6:13     And2532 lead1533 us2248 not3361 into1519 temptation,3986 but235 deliver4506 us2248 from575 evil:4190 For3754 thine4675 is2076 the3588 kingdom,932 and2532 the3588 power,1411 and2532 the3588 glory,1391 forever.1519, 165 Amen.281 

40-6:14     For1063 if1437 ye forgive863 men444 their846 trespasses,3900 your5216 heavenly3770 Father3962 will also2532 forgive863 you:5213 

40-6:15     But1161 if1437 ye forgive863 not3361 men444 their846 trespasses,3900 neither3761 will your5216 Father3962 forgive863 your5216 trespasses.3900 

40-6:16     Moreover1161 when3752 ye fast,3522 be1096 not,3361 as5618 the3588 hypocrites,5273 of a sad countenance:4659 for1063 they disfigure853 their848 faces,4383 that3704 they may appear5316 unto men444 to fast.3522 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 They have568 their848 reward.3408 

40-6:17     But1161 thou,4771 when thou fastest,3522 anoint218 thine4675 head,2776 and2532 wash3538 thy4675 face;4383 

40-6:18     That3704 thou appear5316 not3361 unto men444 to fast,3522 but235 unto thy4675 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 secret:2927 and2532 thy4675 Father,3962 which seeth991 in1722 secret,2927 shall reward591 thee4671 openly.1722, 5318 

40-6:19     Lay not up2343, 3361 for yourselves5213 treasures2344 upon1909 earth,1093 where3699 moth4597 and2532 rust1035 doth corrupt,853 and2532 where3699 thieves2812 break through1358 and2532 steal:2813 

40-6:20     But1161 lay up2343 for yourselves5213 treasures2344 in1722 heaven,3772 where3699 neither3777 moth4597 nor3777 rust1035 doth corrupt,853 and2532 where3699 thieves2812 do not3756 break through1358 nor3761 steal:2813 

40-6:21     For1063 where3699 your5216 treasure2344 is,2076 there1563 will your5216 heart2588 be2071 also.2532 

40-6:22     The3588 light3088 of the3588 body4983 is2076 the3588 eye:3788 if1437 therefore3767 thine4675 eye3788 be5600 single,573 thy4675 whole3650 body4983 shall be2071 full of light.5460 

40-6:23     But1161 if1437