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31:  Chapters

:915 Verses

Proverbs 1:

Chapter 1:33 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-1:1      The proverbs4912 of Solomon8010 the son1121 of David,1732 king4428 of Israel;3478 

20-1:2      To know3045 wisdom2451 and instruction;4148 to perceive995 the words561 of understanding;998 

20-1:3      To receive3947 the instruction4148 of wisdom,7919 justice,6664 and judgment,4941 and equity;4339 

20-1:4      To give5414 subtlety6195 to the simple,6612 to the young man5288 knowledge1847 and discretion.4209 

20-1:5      A wise2450 man will hear,8085 and will increase3254 learning;3948 and a man of understanding995 shall attain7069 unto wise counsels:8458 

20-1:6      To understand995 a proverb,4912 and the interpretation;4426 the words1697 of the wise,2450 and their dark sayings.2420 

20-1:7      The fear3374 of the LORD3068 is the beginning7225 of knowledge:1847 but fools191 despise936 wisdom2451 and instruction.4148 

20-1:8      My son,1121 hear8085 the instruction4148 of thy father,1 and forsake5203 not408 the law8451 of thy mother:517 

20-1:9      For3588 they1992 shall be an ornament3880 of grace2580 unto thy head,7218 and chains6060 about thy neck.1621 

20-1:10     My son,1121 if518 sinners2400 entice6601 thee, consent14 thou not.408 

20-1:11     If518 they say,559 Come1980 with854 us, let us lay wait693 for blood,1818 let us lurk privily6845 for the innocent5355 without cause:2600 

20-1:12     Let us swallow them up1104 alive2416 as the grave;7585 and whole,8549 as those that go down3381 into the pit:953 

20-1:13     We shall find4672 all3605 precious3368 substance,1952 we shall fill4390 our houses1004 with spoil:7998 

20-1:14     Cast in5307 thy lot1486 among8432 us; let us all3605 have1961 one259 purse:3599 

20-1:15     My son,1121 walk1980 not408 thou in the way1870 with854 them; refrain4513 thy foot7272 from their path:4480, 5410 

20-1:16     For3588 their feet7272 run7323 to evil,7451 and make haste4116 to shed8210 blood.1818 

20-1:17     Surely3588 in vain2600 the net7568 is spread2219 in the sight5869 of any3605 bird.1167, 3671 

20-1:18     And they1992 lay wait693 for their own blood;1818 they lurk privily6845 for their own lives.5315 

20-1:19     So3651 are the ways734 of every one3605 that is greedy1214 of gain;1215 which taketh away3947 (853) the life5315 of the owners1167 thereof. 

20-1:20     Wisdom2454 crieth7442 without;2351 she uttereth5414 her voice6963 in the streets:7339 

20-1:21     She crieth7121 in the chief7218 place of concourse,1993 in the openings6607 of the gates:8179 in the city5892 she uttereth559 her words,561 saying, 

20-1:22     How long,5704, 4970 ye simple ones,6612 will ye love157 simplicity?6612 and the scorners3887 delight2530 in their scorning,3944 and fools3684 hate8130 knowledge?1847 

20-1:23     Turn7725 you at my reproof:8433 behold,2009 I will pour out5042 my spirit7307 unto you, I will make known3045 my words1697 unto you. 

20-1:24     Because3282 I have called,7121 and ye refused;3985 I have stretched out5186 my hand,3027 and no man369 regarded;7181 

20-1:25     But ye have set at naught6544 all3605 my counsel,6098 and would14 none3808 of my reproof:8433 

20-1:26     I589 also1571 will laugh7832 at your calamity;343 I will mock3932 when your fear6343 cometh;935 

20-1:27     When your fear6343 cometh935 as desolation,7722 and your destruction343 cometh857 as a whirlwind;5492 when distress6869 and anguish6695 cometh935 upon5921 you. 

20-1:28     Then227 shall they call upon7121 me, but I will not3808 answer;6030 they shall seek me early,7836 but they shall not3808 find4672 me: 

20-1:29     For that8478, 3588 they hated8130 knowledge,1847 and did not3808 choose977 the fear3374 of the LORD:3068 

20-1:30     They would14 none3808 of my counsel:6098 they despised5006 all3605 my reproof.8433 

20-1:31     Therefore shall they eat398 of the fruit4480, 6529 of their own way,1870 and be filled7646 with their own devices.4480, 4156 

20-1:32     For3588 the turning away4878 of the simple6612 shall slay2026 them, and the prosperity7962 of fools3684 shall destroy6 them. 

20-1:33     But whoso hearkeneth8085 unto me shall dwell7931 safely,983 and shall be quiet7599 from fear4480, 6343 of evil.7451 





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Proverbs 2:

Chapter 2:22 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-2:1      My son,1121 if518 thou wilt receive3947 my words,561 and hide6845 my commandments4687 with854 thee; 

20-2:2      So that thou incline7181 thine ear241 unto wisdom,2451 and apply5186 thine heart3820 to understanding;8394 

20-2:3      Yea,3588 if518 thou criest7121 after knowledge,998 and liftest up5414 thy voice6963 for understanding;8394 

20-2:4      If518 thou seekest1245 her as silver,3701 and searchest2664 for her as for hid treasures;4301 

20-2:5      Then227 shalt thou understand995 the fear3374 of the LORD,3068 and find4672 the knowledge1847 of God.430 

20-2:6      For3588 the LORD3068 giveth5414 wisdom:2451 out of his mouth4480, 6310 cometh knowledge1847 and understanding.8394 

20-2:7      He layeth up6845 sound wisdom8454 for the righteous:3477 he is a buckler4043 to them that walk1980 uprightly.8537 

20-2:8      He keepeth5341 the paths734 of judgment,4941 and preserveth8104 the way1870 of his saints.2623 

20-2:9      Then227 shalt thou understand995 righteousness,6664 and judgment,4941 and equity;4339 yea, every3605 good2896 path.4570 

20-2:10     When3588 wisdom2451 entereth935 into thine heart,3820 and knowledge1847 is pleasant5276 unto thy soul;5315 

20-2:11     Discretion4209 shall preserve8104, 5921 thee, understanding8394 shall keep5341 thee: 

20-2:12     To deliver5337 thee from the way4480, 1870 of the evil7451 man, from the man4480, 376 that speaketh1696 froward things;8419 

20-2:13     Who leave5800 the paths734 of uprightness,3476 to walk1980 in the ways1870 of darkness;2822 

20-2:14     Who rejoice8056 to do6213 evil,7451 and delight in1523 the frowardness8419 of the wicked;7451 

20-2:15     Whose834 ways734 are crooked,6141 and they froward3868 in their paths:4570 

20-2:16     To deliver5337 thee from the strange woman,4480, 802, 2114 even from the stranger4480, 5237 which flattereth2505 with her words;561 

20-2:17     Which forsaketh5800 the guide441 of her youth,5271 and forgetteth7911 the covenant1285 of her God.430 

20-2:18     For3588 her house1004 inclineth7743 unto413 death,4194 and her paths4570 unto413 the dead.7496 

20-2:19     None3808, 3605 that go unto935 her return again,7725 neither3808 take they hold5381 of the paths734 of life.2416 

20-2:20     That4616 thou mayest walk1980 in the way1870 of good2896 men, and keep8104 the paths734 of the righteous.6662 

20-2:21     For3588 the upright3477 shall dwell in7931 the land,776 and the perfect8549 shall remain3498 in it. 

20-2:22     But the wicked7563 shall be cut off3772 from the earth,4480, 776 and the transgressors898 shall be rooted5255 out of4480 it. 





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Proverbs 3:

Chapter 3:35 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-3:1      My son,1121 forget7911 not408 my law;8451 but let thine heart3820 keep5341 my commandments:4687 

20-3:2      For3588 length753 of days,3117 and long8141 life,2416 and peace,7965 shall they add3254 to thee. 

20-3:3      Let not408 mercy2617 and truth571 forsake5800 thee: bind7194 them about5921 thy neck;1621 write3789 them upon5921 the table3871 of thine heart:3820 

20-3:4      So shalt thou find4672 favor2580 and good2896 understanding7922 in the sight5869 of God430 and man.120 

20-3:5      Trust982 in413 the LORD3068 with all3605 thine heart;3820 and lean8172 not408 unto413 thine own understanding.998 

20-3:6      In all3605 thy ways1870 acknowledge3045 him, and he1931 shall direct3474 thy paths.734 

20-3:7      Be1961 not408 wise2450 in thine own eyes:5869 fear3372 (853) the LORD,3068 and depart5493 from evil.4480, 7451 

20-3:8      It shall be1961 health7500 to thy navel,8270 and marrow8250 to thy bones.6106 

20-3:9      Honor3513 (853) the LORD3068 with thy substance,4480, 1952 and with the firstfruits4480, 7225 of all3605 thine increase:8393 

20-3:10     So shall thy barns618 be filled4390 with plenty,7647 and thy presses3342 shall burst out6555 with new wine.8492 

20-3:11     My son,1121 despise3988 not408 the chastening4148 of the LORD;3068 neither408 be weary6973 of his correction:8433 

20-3:12     For3588 (853) whom834 the LORD3068 loveth157 he correcteth;3198 even as a father1 (853) the son1121 in whom he delighteth.7521 

20-3:13     Happy835 is the man120 that findeth4672 wisdom,2451 and the man120 that getteth6329 understanding.8394 

20-3:14     For3588 the merchandise5504 of it is better2896 than the merchandise4480, 5505 of silver,3701 and the gain8393 thereof than fine gold.4480, 2742 

20-3:15     She1931 is more precious3368 than rubies:4480, 6443 and all3605 the things thou canst desire2656 are not3808 to be compared7737 unto her. 

20-3:16     Length753 of days3117 is in her right hand;3225 and in her left hand8040 riches6239 and honor.3519 

20-3:17     Her ways1870 are ways1870 of pleasantness,5278 and all3605 her paths5410 are peace.7965 

20-3:18     She1931 is a tree6086 of life2416 to them that lay hold2388 upon her: and happy833 is every one that retaineth8551 her. 

20-3:19     The LORD3068 by wisdom2451 hath founded3245 the earth;776 by understanding8394 hath he established3559 the heavens.8064 

20-3:20     By his knowledge1847 the depths8415 are broken up,1234 and the clouds7834 drop down7491 the dew.2919 

20-3:21     My son,1121 let not408 them depart3868 from thine eyes:4480, 5869 keep5341 sound wisdom8454 and discretion:4209 

20-3:22     So shall they be1961 life2416 unto thy soul,5315 and grace2580 to thy neck.1621 

20-3:23     Then227 shalt thou walk1980 in thy way1870 safely,983 and thy foot7272 shall not3808 stumble.5062 

20-3:24     When518 thou liest down,7901 thou shalt not3808 be afraid:6342 yea, thou shalt lie down,7901 and thy sleep8142 shall be sweet.6149 

20-3:25     Be not408 afraid3372 of sudden6597 fear,4480, 6343 neither of the desolation4480, 7722 of the wicked,7563 when3588 it cometh.935 

20-3:26     For3588 the LORD3068 shall be1961 thy confidence,3689 and shall keep8104 thy foot7272 from being taken.4480, 3921 

20-3:27     Withhold4513 not408 good2896 from them to whom it is due,4480, 1167 when it is1961 in the power410 of thine hand3027 to do6213 it. 

20-3:28     Say559 not408 unto thy neighbor,7453 Go,1980 and come again,7725 and tomorrow4279 I will give;5414 when thou hast3426 it by854 thee. 

20-3:29     Devise2790 not408 evil7451 against5921 thy neighbor,7453 seeing he1931 dwelleth3427 securely983 by854 thee. 

20-3:30     Strive7378 not408 with5973 a man120 without cause,2600 if518 he have done1580 thee no3808 harm.7451 

20-3:31     Envy7065 thou not408 the oppressor,376, 2555 and choose977 none408, 3605 of his ways.1870 

20-3:32     For3588 the froward3868 is abomination8441 to the LORD:3068 but his secret5475 is with854 the righteous.3477 

20-3:33     The curse3994 of the LORD3068 is in the house1004 of the wicked:7563 but he blesseth1288 the habitation5116 of the just.6662 

20-3:34     Surely518 he1931 scorneth3887 the scorners:3887 but he giveth5414 grace2580 unto the lowly.6035 

20-3:35     The wise2450 shall inherit5157 glory:3519 but shame7036 shall be the promotion7311 of fools.3684 





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Proverbs 4:

Chapter 4:27 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-4:1      Hear,8085 ye children,1121 the instruction4148 of a father,1 and attend7181 to know3045 understanding.998 

20-4:2      For3588 I give5414 you good2896 doctrine,3948 forsake5800 ye not408 my law.8451 

20-4:3      For3588 I was1961 my father's1 son,1121 tender7390 and only3173 beloved in the sight6440 of my mother.517 

20-4:4      He taught3384 me also, and said559 unto me, Let thine heart3820 retain8551 my words:1697 keep8104 my commandments,4687 and live.2421 

20-4:5      Get7069 wisdom,2451 get7069 understanding:998 forget7911 it not;408 neither408 decline5186 from the words4480, 561 of my mouth.6310 

20-4:6      Forsake5800 her not,408 and she shall preserve8104 thee: love157 her, and she shall keep5341 thee. 

20-4:7      Wisdom2451 is the principal thing;7225 therefore get7069 wisdom:2451 and with all3605 thy getting7075 get7069 understanding.998 

20-4:8      Exalt5549 her, and she shall promote7311 thee: she shall bring thee to honor,3513 when3588 thou dost embrace2263 her. 

20-4:9      She shall give5414 to thine head7218 an ornament3880 of grace:2580 a crown5850 of glory8597 shall she deliver4042 to thee. 

20-4:10     Hear,8085 O my son,1121 and receive3947 my sayings;561 and the years8141 of thy life2416 shall be many.7235 

20-4:11     I have taught3384 thee in the way1870 of wisdom;2451 I have led1869 thee in right3476 paths.4570 

20-4:12     When thou goest,1980 thy steps6806 shall not3808 be straitened;3334 and when518 thou runnest,7323 thou shalt not3808 stumble.3782 

20-4:13     Take fast hold2388 of instruction;4148 let her not408 go:7503 keep5341 her; for3588 she1931 is thy life.2416 

20-4:14     Enter935 not408 into the path734 of the wicked,7563 and go833 not408 in the way1870 of evil7451 men. 

20-4:15     Avoid6544 it, pass5674 not408 by it, turn7847 from4480, 5921 it, and pass away.5674 

20-4:16     For3588 they sleep3462 not,3808 except518, 3808 they have done mischief;7489 and their sleep8142 is taken away,1497 unless518, 3808 they cause some to fall.3782 

20-4:17     For3588 they eat3898 the bread3899 of wickedness,7562 and drink8354 the wine3196 of violence.2555 

20-4:18     But the path734 of the just6662 is as the shining5051 light,216 that shineth215 more and more1980 unto5704 the perfect3559 day.3117 

20-4:19     The way1870 of the wicked7563 is as darkness:653 they know3045 not3808 at what4100 they stumble.3782 

20-4:20     My son,1121 attend7181 to my words;1697 incline5186 thine ear241 unto my sayings.561 

20-4:21     Let them not408 depart3868 from thine eyes;4480, 5869 keep8104 them in the midst8432 of thine heart.3824 

20-4:22     For3588 they1992 are life2416 unto those that find4672 them, and health4832 to all3605 their flesh.1320 

20-4:23     Keep5341 thy heart3820 with all4480, 3605 diligence;4929 for3588 out of4480 it are the issues8444 of life.2416 

20-4:24     Put away5493 from4480 thee a froward6143 mouth,6310 and perverse3891 lips8193 put far7368 from4480 thee. 

20-4:25     Let thine eyes5869 look5027 right on,5227 and let thine eyelids6079 look straight3474 before5048 thee. 

20-4:26     Ponder6424 the path4570 of thy feet,7272 and let all3605 thy ways1870 be established.3559 

20-4:27     Turn5186 not408 to the right hand3225 nor to the left:8040 remove5493 thy foot7272 from evil.4480, 7451 





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Proverbs 5:

Chapter 5:23 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-5:1      My son,1121 attend7181 unto my wisdom,2451 and bow5186 thine ear241 to my understanding:8394 

20-5:2      That thou mayest regard8104 discretion,4209 and that thy lips8193 may keep5341 knowledge.1847 

20-5:3      For3588 the lips8193 of a strange woman2114 drop5197 as a honeycomb,5317 and her mouth2441 is smoother2509 than oil:4480, 8081 

20-5:4      But her end319 is bitter4751 as wormwood,3939 sharp2299 as a twoedged6310 sword.2719 

20-5:5      Her feet7272 go down3381 to death;4194 her steps6806 take hold8551 on hell.7585 

20-5:6      Lest6435 thou shouldest ponder6424 the path734 of life,2416 her ways4570 are movable,5128 that thou canst not3808 know3045 them. 

20-5:7      Hear8085 me now6258 therefore, O ye children,1121 and depart5493 not408 from the words4480, 561 of my mouth.6310 

20-5:8      Remove thy way far7368, 1870 from4480, 5921 her, and come not nigh7126, 408, 413 the door6607 of her house:1004 

20-5:9      Lest6435 thou give5414 thine honor1935 unto others,312 and thy years8141 unto the cruel:394 

20-5:10     Lest6435 strangers2114 be filled7646 with thy wealth;3581 and thy labors6089 be in the house1004 of a stranger;5237 

20-5:11     And thou mourn5098 at the last,319 when thy flesh1320 and thy body7607 are consumed,3615 

20-5:12     And say,559 How349 have I hated8130 instruction,4148 and my heart3820 despised5006 reproof;8433 

20-5:13     And have not3808 obeyed8085 the voice6963 of my teachers,3384 nor3808 inclined5186 mine ear241 to them that instructed3925 me! 

20-5:14     I was1961 almost4592 in all3605 evil7451 in the midst8432 of the congregation6951 and assembly.5712 

20-5:15     Drink8354 waters4325 out of thine own cistern,4480, 953 and running waters5140 out of4480, 8432 thine own well.875 

20-5:16     Let thy fountains4599 be dispersed6327 abroad,2351 and rivers6388 of waters4325 in the streets.7339 

20-5:17     Let them be1961 only905 thine own, and not369 strangers'2114 with854 thee. 

20-5:18     Let thy fountain4726 be1961 blessed:1288 and rejoice8055 with the wife4480, 802 of thy youth.5271 

20-5:19     Let her be as the loving158 hind365 and pleasant2580 roe;3280 let her breasts1717 satisfy7301 thee at all3605 times;6256 and be thou ravished7686 always8548 with her love.160 

20-5:20     And why4100 wilt thou, my son,1121 be ravished7686 with a strange woman,2114 and embrace2263 the bosom2436 of a stranger?5237 

20-5:21     For3588 the ways1870 of man376 are before5227 the eyes5869 of the LORD,3068 and he pondereth6424 all3605 his goings.4570 

20-5:22     His own iniquities5771 shall take3920 (853) the wicked7563 himself, and he shall be holden8551 with the cords2256 of his sins.2403 

20-5:23     He1931 shall die4191 without369 instruction;4148 and in the greatness7230 of his folly200 he shall go astray.7686 





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Proverbs 6:

Chapter 6:35 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-6:1      My son,1121 if518 thou be surety6148 for thy friend,7453 if thou hast stricken8628 thy hand3709 with a stranger,2114 

20-6:2      Thou art snared3369 with the words561 of thy mouth,6310 thou art taken3920 with the words561 of thy mouth.6310 

20-6:3      Do6213 this2063 now,645 my son,1121 and deliver thyself,5337 when3588 thou art come935 into the hand3709 of thy friend;7453 go,1980 humble thyself,7511 and make sure7292 thy friend.7453 

20-6:4      Give5414 not408 sleep8142 to thine eyes,5869 nor slumber8572 to thine eyelids.6079 

20-6:5      Deliver thyself5337 as a roe6643 from the hand4480, 3027 of the hunter, and as a bird6833 from the hand4480, 3027 of the fowler.3353 

20-6:6      Go1980 to413 the ant,5244 thou sluggard;6102 consider7200 her ways,1870 and be wise:2449 

20-6:7      Which834 having no369 guide,7101 overseer,7860 or ruler,4910 

20-6:8      Provideth3559 her meat3899 in the summer,7019 and gathereth103 her food3978 in the harvest.7105 

20-6:9      How long5704, 4970 wilt thou sleep,7901 O sluggard?6102 when4970 wilt thou arise6965 out of thy sleep?4480, 8142 

20-6:10     Yet a little4592 sleep,8142 a little4592 slumber,8572 a little4592 folding2264 of the hands3027 to sleep:7901 

20-6:11     So shall thy poverty7389 come935 as one that traveleth,1980 and thy want4270 as an armed4043 man.376 

20-6:12     A naughty1100 person,120 a wicked205 man,376 walketh1980 with a froward6143 mouth.6310 

20-6:13     He winketh7169 with his eyes,5869 he speaketh4448 with his feet,7272 he teacheth3384 with his fingers;676 

20-6:14     Frowardness8419 is in his heart,3820 he deviseth2790 mischief7451 continually;3605, 6256 he soweth7971 discord.4066 

20-6:15     Therefore5921, 3651 shall his calamity343 come935 suddenly;6597 suddenly6621 shall he be broken7665 without369 remedy.4832 

20-6:16     These2007 six8337 things doth the LORD3068 hate:8130 yea, seven7651 are an abomination8441 unto him:5315 

20-6:17     A proud7311 look,5869 a lying8267 tongue,3956 and hands3027 that shed8210 innocent5355 blood,1818 

20-6:18     A heart3820 that deviseth2790 wicked205 imaginations,4284 feet7272 that be swift4116 in running7323 to mischief,7451 

20-6:19     A false8267 witness5707 that speaketh6315 lies,3577 and he that soweth7971 discord4090 among996 brethren.251 

20-6:20     My son,1121 keep5341 thy father's1 commandment,4687 and forsake5203 not408 the law8451 of thy mother:517 

20-6:21     Bind7194 them continually8548 upon5921 thine heart,3820 and tie6029 them about5921 thy neck.1621 

20-6:22     When thou goest,1980 it shall lead5148 thee;(853) when thou sleepest,7901 it shall keep8104, 5921 thee; and when thou awakest,6974 it1931 shall talk7878 with thee. 

20-6:23     For3588 the commandment4687 is a lamp;5216 and the law8451 is light;216 and reproofs8433 of instruction4148 are the way1870 of life:2416 

20-6:24     To keep8104 thee from the evil7451 woman,4480, 802 from the flattery4480, 2513 of the tongue3956 of a strange woman.5237 

20-6:25     Lust2530 not408 after her beauty3308 in thine heart;3824 neither408 let her take3947 thee with her eyelids.6079 

20-6:26     For3588 by means1157 of a whorish2181 woman802 a man is brought to5704 a piece3603 of bread:3899 and the adulteress802, 376 will hunt6679 for the precious3368 life.5315 

20-6:27     Can a man376 take2846 fire784 in his bosom,2436 and his clothes899 not3808 be burned?8313 

20-6:28     Can518 one376 go1980 upon5921 hot coals,1513 and his feet7272 not3808 be burned?3554 

20-6:29     So3651 he that goeth in935 to413 his neighbor's7453 wife;802 whosoever3605 toucheth5060 her shall not3808 be innocent.5352 

20-6:30     Men do not3808 despise936 a thief,1590 if3588 he steal1589 to satisfy4390 his soul5315 when3588 he is hungry;7456 

20-6:31     But if he be found,4672 he shall restore7999 sevenfold;7659 he shall give5414 (853) all3605 the substance1952 of his house.1004 

20-6:32     But whoso committeth adultery5003 with a woman802 lacketh2638 understanding:3820 he1931 that doeth6213 it destroyeth7843 his own soul.5315 

20-6:33     A wound5061 and dishonor7036 shall he get;4672 and his reproach2781 shall not3808 be wiped away.4229 

20-6:34     For3588 jealousy7068 is the rage2534 of a man:1397 therefore he will not3808 spare2550 in the day3117 of vengeance.5359 

20-6:35     He will not3808 regard6440, 5375 any3605 ransom;3724 neither3808 will he rest content,14 though3588 thou givest many7235 gifts.7810 





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Proverbs 7:

Chapter 7:27 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-7:1      My son,1121 keep8104 my words,561 and lay up6845 my commandments4687 with854 thee. 

20-7:2      Keep8104 my commandments,4687 and live;2421 and my law8451 as the apple380 of thine eye.5869 

20-7:3      Bind7194 them upon5921 thy fingers,676 write3789 them upon5921 the table3871 of thine heart.3820 

20-7:4      Say559 unto wisdom,2451 Thou859 art my sister;269 and call7121 understanding998 thy kinswoman:4129 

20-7:5      That they may keep8104 thee from the strange2114 woman,4480, 802 from the stranger4480, 5237 which flattereth2505 with her words.561 

20-7:6      For3588 at the window2474 of my house1004 I looked8259 through1157 my casement,822 

20-7:7      And beheld7200 among the simple ones,6612 I discerned995 among the youths,1121 a young man5288 void2638 of understanding,3820 

20-7:8      Passing5674 through the street7784 near681 her corner;6438 and he went6805 the way1870 to her house,1004 

20-7:9      In the twilight,5399 in the evening,6153, 3117 in the black380 and dark653 night:3915 

20-7:10     And, behold,2009 there met7125 him a woman802 with the attire7897 of a harlot,2181 and subtle5341 of heart.3820 

20-7:11     (She1931 is loud1993 and stubborn;5637 her feet7272 abide7931 not3808 in her house:1004 

20-7:12     Now6471 is she without,2351 now6471 in the streets,7339 and lieth in wait693 at681 every3605 corner.)6438 

20-7:13     So she caught2388 him, and kissed5401 him, and with an impudent5810 face6440 said559 unto him, 

20-7:14     I have peace offerings2077, 8002 with5921 me; this day3117 have I paid7999 my vows.5088 

20-7:15     Therefore5921, 3651 came I forth3318 to meet7125 thee, diligently to seek7836 thy face,6440 and I have found4672 thee. 

20-7:16     I have decked7234 my bed6210 with coverings of tapestry,4765 with carved2405 works, with fine linen330 of Egypt.4714 

20-7:17     I have perfumed5130 my bed4904 with myrrh,4753 aloes,174 and cinnamon.7076 

20-7:18     Come,1980 let us take our fill7301 of love1730 until5704 the morning:1242 let us solace ourselves5965 with loves.159 

20-7:19     For3588 the goodman376 is not369 at home,1004 he is gone1980 a long4480, 7350 journey:1870 

20-7:20     He hath taken3947 a bag6872 of money3701 with3027 him, and will come935 home1004 at the day3117 appointed.3677 

20-7:21     With her much7230 fair speech3948 she caused him to yield,5186 with the flattering2506 of her lips8193 she forced5080 him. 

20-7:22     He goeth1980 after310 her straightway,6597 as an ox7794 goeth935 to413 the slaughter,2874 or as a fool191 to413 the correction4148 of the stocks;5914 

20-7:23     Till5704 a dart2671 strike through6398 his liver;3516 as a bird6833 hasteth4116 to413 the snare,6341 and knoweth3045 not3808 that3588 it1931 is for his life.5315 

20-7:24     Hearken8085 unto me now6258 therefore, O ye children,1121 and attend7181 to the words561 of my mouth.6310 

20-7:25     Let not408 thine heart3820 decline7847 to413 her ways,1870 go not astray8582, 408 in her paths.5410 

20-7:26     For3588 she hath cast down5307 many7227 wounded:2491 yea, many3605 strong6099 men have been slain2026 by her. 

20-7:27     Her house1004 is the way1870 to hell,7585 going down3381 to413 the chambers2315 of death.4194 





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Proverbs 8:

Chapter 8:36 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-8:1      Doth not3808 wisdom2451 cry?7121 and understanding8394 put forth5414 her voice?6963 

20-8:2      She standeth5324 in the top7218 of high places,4791 by5921 the way1870 in the places1004 of the paths.5410 

20-8:3      She crieth7442 at3027 the gates,8179 at the entry6310 of the city,7176 at the coming3996 in at the doors.6607 

20-8:4      Unto413 you, O men,376 I call;7121 and my voice6963 is to413 the sons1121 of man.120 

20-8:5      O ye simple,6612 understand995 wisdom:6195 and, ye fools,3684 be ye of an understanding995 heart.3820 

20-8:6      Hear;8085 for3588 I will speak1696 of excellent things;5057 and the opening4669 of my lips8193 shall be right things.4339 

20-8:7      For3588 my mouth2441 shall speak1897 truth;571 and wickedness7562 is an abomination8441 to my lips.8193 

20-8:8      All3605 the words561 of my mouth6310 are in righteousness;6664 there is nothing369 froward6617 or perverse6141 in them. 

20-8:9      They are all3605 plain5228 to him that understandeth,995 and right3477 to them that find4672 knowledge.1847 

20-8:10     Receive3947 my instruction,4148 and not408 silver;3701 and knowledge1847 rather than choice gold.4480, 977, 2742 

20-8:11     For3588 wisdom2451 is better2896 than rubies;4480, 6443 and all3605 the things that may be desired2656 are not3808 to be compared7737 to it. 

20-8:12     I589 wisdom2451 dwell7931 with prudence,6195 and find out4672 knowledge1847 of witty inventions.4209 

20-8:13     The fear3374 of the LORD3068 is to hate8130 evil:7451 pride,1344 and arrogance,1347 and the evil7451 way,1870 and the froward8419 mouth,6310 do I hate.8130 

20-8:14     Counsel6098 is mine, and sound wisdom:8454 I589 am understanding;998 I have strength.1369 

20-8:15     By me kings4428 reign,4427 and princes7336 decree2710 justice.6664 

20-8:16     By me princes8269 rule,8323 and nobles,5081 even all3605 the judges8199 of the earth.776 

20-8:17     I589 love157 them that love157 me; and those that seek me early7836 shall find4672 me. 

20-8:18     Riches6239 and honor3519 are with854 me; yea, durable6276 riches1952 and righteousness.6666 

20-8:19     My fruit6529 is better2896 than gold,4480, 2742 yea, than fine gold;4480, 6337 and my revenue8393 than choice977 silver.4480, 3701 

20-8:20     I lead1980 in the way734 of righteousness,6666 in the midst8432 of the paths5410 of judgment:4941 

20-8:21     That I may cause those that love157 me to inherit5157 substance;3426 and I will fill4390 their treasures.214 

20-8:22     The LORD3068 possessed7069 me in the beginning7225 of his way,1870 before6924 his works4659 of old.4480, 227 

20-8:23     I was set up5258 from everlasting,4480, 5769 from the beginning,4480, 7218 or ever4480, 6924 the earth776 was. 

20-8:24     When there were no369 depths,8415 I was brought forth;2342 when there were no369 fountains4599 abounding3513 with water.4325 

20-8:25     Before2962 the mountains2022 were settled,2883 before6440 the hills1389 was I brought forth:2343 

20-8:26     While as yet5704 he had not3808 made6213 the earth,776 nor the fields,2351 nor the highest part7218 of the dust6083 of the world.8398 

20-8:27     When he prepared3559 the heavens,8064 I589 was there:8033 when he set2710 a compass2329 upon5921 the face6440 of the depth:8415 

20-8:28     When he established553 the clouds7834 above:4480, 4605 when he strengthened5810 the fountains5869 of the deep:8415 

20-8:29     When he gave7760 to the sea3220 his decree,2706 that the waters4325 should not3808 pass5674 his commandment:6310 when he appointed2710 the foundations4146 of the earth:776 

20-8:30     Then I was1961 by681 him, as one brought up525 with him: and I was1961 daily3117, 3117 his delight,8191 rejoicing7832 always3605, 6256 before6440 him; 

20-8:31     Rejoicing7832 in the habitable part8398 of his earth;776 and my delights8191 were with854 the sons1121 of men.120 

20-8:32     Now6258 therefore hearken8085 unto me, O ye children:1121 for blessed835 are they that keep8104 my ways.1870 

20-8:33     Hear8085 instruction,4148 and be wise,2449 and refuse6544 it not.408 

20-8:34     Blessed835 is the man120 that heareth8085 me, watching8245 daily3117, 3117 at5921 my gates,1817 waiting8104 at the posts4201 of my doors.6607 

20-8:35     For3588 whoso findeth4672 me findeth4672 life,2416 and shall obtain6329 favor7522 of the LORD.4480, 3068 

20-8:36     But he that sinneth against2398 me wrongeth2554 his own soul:5315 all3605 they that hate8130 me love157 death.4194 





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Proverbs 9:

Chapter 9:18 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-9:1      Wisdom2454 hath built1129 her house,1004 she hath hewn out2672 her seven7651 pillars:5982 

20-9:2      She hath killed2873 her beasts;2874 she hath mingled4537 her wine;3196 she hath also637 furnished6186 her table.7979 

20-9:3      She hath sent forth7971 her maidens:5291 she crieth7121 upon5921 the highest places1610, 4791 of the city,7176 

20-9:4      Whoso4310 is simple,6612 let him turn5493 in hither:2008 as for him that wanteth2638 understanding,3820 she saith559 to him, 

20-9:5      Come,1980 eat3898 of my bread,3899 and drink8354 of the wine3196 which I have mingled.4537 

20-9:6      Forsake5800 the foolish,6612 and live;2421 and go833 in the way1870 of understanding.998 

20-9:7      He that reproveth3256 a scorner3887 getteth3947 to himself shame:7036 and he that rebuketh3198 a wicked7563 man getteth himself a blot.3971 

20-9:8      Reprove3198 not408 a scorner,3887 lest6435 he hate8130 thee: rebuke3198 a wise man,2450 and he will love157 thee. 

20-9:9      Give5414 instruction to a wise2450 man, and he will be yet5750 wiser:2449 teach3045 a just6662 man, and he will increase3254 in learning.3948 

20-9:10     The fear3374 of the LORD3068 is the beginning8462 of wisdom:2451 and the knowledge1847 of the holy6918 is understanding.998 

20-9:11     For3588 by me thy days3117 shall be multiplied,7235 and the years8141 of thy life2416 shall be increased.3254 

20-9:12     If518 thou be wise,2449 thou shalt be wise2449 for thyself: but if thou scornest,3887 thou alone905 shalt bear5375 it. 

20-9:13     A foolish3687 woman802 is clamorous:1993 she is simple,6615 and knoweth3045 nothing.1077, 4100 

20-9:14     For she sitteth3427 at the door6607 of her house,1004 on5921 a seat3678 in the high places4791 of the city,7176 

20-9:15     To call7121 passengers5674, 1870 who go right3474 on their ways:734 

20-9:16     Whoso4310 is simple,6612 let him turn5493 in hither:2008 and as for him that wanteth2638 understanding,3820 she saith559 to him, 

20-9:17     Stolen1589 waters4325 are sweet,4985 and bread3899 eaten in secret5643 is pleasant.5276 

20-9:18     But he knoweth3045 not3808 that3588 the dead7496 are there;8033 and that her guests7121 are in the depths6011 of hell.7585 





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Proverbs 10:

Chapter 10:32 Verses

20 Proverbs

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

20-10:1     The proverbs4912 of Solomon.8010