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Psalm 1:6 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

19-1:1      Blessed835 is the man376 that834 walketh1980 not3808 in the counsel6098 of the ungodly,7563 nor3808 standeth5975 in the way1870 of sinners,2400 nor3808 sitteth3427 in the seat4186 of the scornful.3887 

19-1:2      But3588, 518 his delight2656 is in the law8451 of the LORD;3068 and in his law8451 doth he meditate1897 day3119 and night.3915 

19-1:3      And he shall be1961 like a tree6086 planted8362 by5921 the rivers6388 of water,4325 that834 bringeth forth5414 his fruit6529 in his season;6256 his leaf5929 also shall not3808 wither;5034 and whatsoever3605, 834 he doeth6213 shall prosper.6743 

19-1:4      The ungodly7563 are not3808 so:3651 but3588, 518 are like the chaff4671 which834 the wind7307 driveth away.5086 

19-1:5      Therefore5921, 3651 the ungodly7563 shall not3808 stand6965 in the judgment,4941 nor sinners2400 in the congregation5712 of the righteous.6662 

19-1:6      For3588 the LORD3068 knoweth3045 the way1870 of the righteous:6662 but the way1870 of the ungodly7563 shall perish.6 





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Psalm 2:

Psalm 2:12 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

19-2:1      Why4100 do the heathen1471 rage,7283 and the people3816 imagine1897 a vain thing?7385 

19-2:2      The kings4428 of the earth776 set themselves,3320 and the rulers7336 take counsel3245 together,3162 against5921 the LORD,3068 and against5921 his anointed,4899 saying, 

19-2:3      Let us break their bands asunder,5423, (853), 4147 and cast away7993 their cords5688 from4480 us. 

19-2:4      He that sitteth3427 in the heavens8064 shall laugh:7832 the Lord136 shall have them in derision.3932 

19-2:5      Then227 shall he speak1696 unto413 them in his wrath,639 and vex926 them in his sore displeasure.2740 

19-2:6      Yet have I589 set5258 my king4428 upon5921 my holy6944 hill2022 of Zion.6726 

19-2:7      I will declare5608, 413 the decree:2706 the LORD3068 hath said559 unto413 me, Thou859 art my Son;1121 this day3117 have I589 begotten3205 thee. 

19-2:8      Ask7592 of4480 me, and I shall give5414 thee the heathen1471 for thine inheritance,5159 and the uttermost parts657 of the earth776 for thy possession.272 

19-2:9      Thou shalt break7489 them with a rod7626 of iron;1270 thou shalt dash them in pieces5310 like a potter's3335 vessel.3627 

19-2:10     Be wise7919 now6258 therefore, O ye kings:4428 be instructed,3256 ye judges8199 of the earth.776 

19-2:11     Serve5647 (853) the LORD3068 with fear,3374 and rejoice1523 with trembling.7461 

19-2:12     Kiss5401 the Son,1248 lest6435 he be angry,599 and ye perish6 from the way,1870 when3588 his wrath639 is kindled1197 but a little.4592 Blessed835 are all3605 they that put their trust2620 in him. 





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Psalm 3:

Psalm 3:8 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


A Psalm4210 of David,1732
when he fled1272 from4480, 6440 Absalom53 his son.1121  


19-3:1      LORD,3068 how4100 are they increased7231 that trouble6862 me! many7227 are they that rise up6965 against5921 me. 

19-3:2      Many7227 there be which say559 of my soul,5315 There is no369 help3444 for him in God.430 Selah.5542 

19-3:3      But thou,859 O LORD,3068 art a shield4043 for1157 me; my glory,3519 and the lifter up7311 of mine head.7218 

19-3:4      I cried7121 unto413 the LORD3068 with my voice,6963 and he heard6030 me out of his holy6944 hill.4480, 2022 Selah.5542 

19-3:5      I589 laid me down7901 and slept;3462 I awaked;6974 for3588 the LORD3068 sustained5564 me. 

19-3:6      I will not3808 be afraid3372 of ten thousands4480, 7233 of people,5971 that834 have set7896 themselves against5921 me round about.5439 

19-3:7      Arise,6965 O LORD;3068 save3467 me, O my God:430 for3588 thou hast smitten5221 (853) all3605 mine enemies341 upon the cheek bone;3895 thou hast broken7665 the teeth8127 of the ungodly.7563 

19-3:8      Salvation3444 belongeth unto the LORD:3068 thy blessing1293 is upon5921 thy people.5971 Selah.5542 





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Psalm 4:

Psalm 4:8 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician5329 on Neginoth,5058
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-4:1      Hear6030 me when I call,7121 O God430 of my righteousness:6664 thou hast enlarged7337 me when I was in distress;6862 have mercy2603 upon me, and hear8085 my prayer.8605 

19-4:2      O ye sons1121 of men,376 how long5704, 4100 will ye turn my glory3519 into shame?3639 how long will ye love157 vanity,7385 and seek after1245 leasing?3577 Selah.5542 

19-4:3      But know3045 that3588 the LORD3068 hath set apart6395 him that is godly2623 for himself: the LORD3068 will hear8085 when I call7121 unto413 him. 

19-4:4      Stand in awe,7264 and sin2398 not:408 commune559 with your own heart3824 upon5921 your bed,4904 and be still.1826 Selah.5542 

19-4:5      Offer2076 the sacrifices2077 of righteousness,6664 and put your trust982 in413 the LORD.3068 

19-4:6      There be many7227 that say,559 Who4310 will show7200 us any good?2896 LORD,3068 lift thou up5375 the light216 of thy countenance6440 upon5921 us. 

19-4:7      Thou hast put5414 gladness8057 in my heart,3820 more than in the time4480, 6256 that their corn1715 and their wine8492 increased.7231 

19-4:8      I will both3162 lay me down7901 in peace,7965 and sleep:3462 for3588 thou,859 LORD,3068 only910 makest me dwell3427 in safety.983 





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Psalm 5:

Psalm 5:12 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician5329 upon413 Nehiloth,5155
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-5:1      Give ear238 to my words,561 O LORD,3068 consider995 my meditation.1901 

19-5:2      Hearken7181 unto the voice6963 of my cry,7773 my King,4428 and my God:430 for3588 unto413 thee will I pray.6419 

19-5:3      My voice6963 shalt thou hear8085 in the morning,1242 O LORD;3068 in the morning1242 will I direct6186 my prayer unto thee, and will look up.6822 

19-5:4      For3588 thou859 art not3808 a God410 that hath pleasure2655 in wickedness:7562 neither3808 shall evil7451 dwell1481 with thee. 

19-5:5      The foolish1984 shall not3808 stand3320 in5048 thy sight:5869 thou hatest8130 all3605 workers6466 of iniquity.205 

19-5:6      Thou shalt destroy6 them that speak1696 leasing:3577 the LORD3068 will abhor8581 the bloody1818 and deceitful4820 man.376 

19-5:7      But as for me,589 I will come935 into thy house1004 in the multitude7230 of thy mercy:2617 and in thy fear3374 will I worship7812 toward413 thy holy6944 temple.1964 

19-5:8      Lead5148 me, O LORD,3068 in thy righteousness6666 because of4616 mine enemies;8324 make thy way1870 straight3474 before my face.6440 

19-5:9      For3588 there is no369 faithfulness3559 in their mouth;6310 their inward part7130 is very wickedness;1942 their throat1627 is an open6605 sepulcher;6913 they flatter2505 with their tongue.3956 

19-5:10     Destroy816 thou them, O God;430 let them fall5307 by their own counsels;4480, 4156 cast them out5080 in the multitude7230 of their transgressions;6588 for3588 they have rebelled4784 against thee. 

19-5:11     But let all3605 those that put their trust2620 in thee rejoice:8055 let them ever5769 shout for joy,7442 because thou defendest5526 them:5921 let them also that love157 thy name8034 be joyful5970 in thee. 

19-5:12     For3588 thou,859 LORD,3068 wilt bless1288 the righteous;6662 with favor7522 wilt thou compass5849 him as with a shield.6793 





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Psalm 6:

Psalm 6:10 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician5329 on Neginoth5058 upon5921 Sheminith,8067
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-6:1      O LORD,3068 rebuke3198 me not408 in thine anger,639 neither408 chasten3256 me in thy hot displeasure.2534 

19-6:2      Have mercy2603 upon me, O LORD;3068 for3588 I589 am weak:536 O LORD,3068 heal7495 me; for3588 my bones6106 are vexed.926 

19-6:3      My soul5315 is also sore3966 vexed:926 but thou,859 O LORD,3068 how long?5704, 4970 

19-6:4      Return,7725 O LORD,3068 deliver2502 my soul:5315 oh save3467 me for thy mercies' sake.4616, 2617 

19-6:5      For3588 in death4194 there is no369 remembrance2143 of thee: in the grave7585 who4310 shall give thee thanks?3034 

19-6:6      I am weary3021 with my groaning;585 all3605 the night3915 make I my bed4296 to swim;7811 I water4529 my couch6210 with my tears.1832 

19-6:7      Mine eye5869 is consumed6244 because of grief;4480, 3708 it waxeth old6275 because of all3605 mine enemies.6887 

19-6:8      Depart5493 from4480 me, all3605 ye workers6466 of iniquity;205 for3588 the LORD3068 hath heard8085 the voice6963 of my weeping.1065 

19-6:9      The LORD3068 hath heard8085 my supplication;8467 the LORD3068 will receive3947 my prayer.8605 

19-6:10     Let all3605 mine enemies341 be ashamed954 and sore3966 vexed:926 let them return7725 and be ashamed954 suddenly.7281 





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Psalm 7:

Psalm 7:17 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


Shiggaion7692 of David,1732
which834 he sang7891 unto the LORD,3068
concerning5921 the words1697 of Cush3568 the Benjamite.1121, 1145 


19-7:1      O LORD3068 my God,430 in thee do I put my trust:2620 save3467 me from all4480, 3605 them that persecute7291 me, and deliver5337 me: 

19-7:2      Lest6435 he tear2963 my soul5315 like a lion,738 rending it in pieces,6561 while there is none369 to deliver.5337 

19-7:3      O LORD3068 my God,430 if518 I have done6213 this;2063 if518 there be3426 iniquity5766 in my hands;3709 

19-7:4      If518 I have rewarded1580 evil7451 unto him that was at peace7999 with me; (yea, I have delivered2502 him that without cause7387 is mine enemy:)6887 

19-7:5      Let the enemy341 persecute7291 my soul,5315 and take5381 it; yea, let him tread down7429 my life2416 upon the earth,776 and lay7931 mine honor3519 in the dust.6083 Selah.5542 

19-7:6      Arise,6965 O LORD,3068 in thine anger,639 lift up thyself5375 because of the rage5678 of mine enemies:6887 and awake5782 for413 me to the judgment4941 that thou hast commanded.6680 

19-7:7      So shall the congregation5712 of the people3816 compass thee about:5437 for their sakes5921 therefore return7725 thou on high.4791 

19-7:8      The LORD3068 shall judge1777 the people:5971 judge8199 me, O LORD,3068 according to my righteousness,6664 and according to mine integrity8537 that is in5921 me. 

19-7:9      Oh4994 let the wickedness7451 of the wicked7563 come to an end;1584 but establish3559 the just:6662 for the righteous6662 God430 trieth974 the hearts3820 and reins.3629 

19-7:10     My defense4043 is of5921 God,430 which saveth3467 the upright3477 in heart.3820 

19-7:11     God430 judgeth8199 the righteous,6662 and God410 is angry2194 with the wicked every3605 day.3117 

19-7:12     If518 he turn7725 not,3808 he will whet3913 his sword;2719 he hath bent1869 his bow,7198 and made it ready.3559 

19-7:13     He hath also prepared3559 for him the instruments3627 of death;4194 he ordaineth6466 his arrows2671 against the persecutors.1814 

19-7:14     Behold,2009 he travaileth2254 with iniquity,205 and hath conceived2029 mischief,5999 and brought forth3205 falsehood.8267 

19-7:15     He made3738 a pit,953 and digged2658 it, and is fallen5307 into the ditch7845 which he made.6466 

19-7:16     His mischief5999 shall return7725 upon his own head,7218 and his violent dealing2555 shall come down3381 upon5921 his own pate.6936 

19-7:17     I will praise3034 the LORD3068 according to his righteousness:6664 and will sing praise2167 to the name8034 of the LORD3068 most high.5945 





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Psalm 8:

Psalm 8:9 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Gittith,1665
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-8:1      O LORD3068 our Lord,113 how4100 excellent117 is thy name8034 in all3605 the earth!776 who834 hast set5414 thy glory1935 above5921 the heavens.8064 

19-8:2      Out of the mouth4480, 6310 of babes5768 and sucklings3243 hast thou ordained3245 strength5797 because of4616 thine enemies,6887 that thou mightest still7673 the enemy341 and the avenger.5358 

19-8:3      When3588 I consider7200 thy heavens,8064 the work4639 of thy fingers,676 the moon3394 and the stars,3556 which834 thou hast ordained;3559 

19-8:4      What4100 is man,582 that3588 thou art mindful2142 of him? and the son1121 of man,120 that3588 thou visitest6485 him? 

19-8:5      For thou hast made him a little lower2637, 4592 than the angels,4480, 430 and hast crowned5849 him with glory3519 and honor.1926 

19-8:6      Thou madest him to have dominion4910 over the works4639 of thy hands;3027 thou hast put7896 all3605 things under8478 his feet:7272 

19-8:7      All3605 sheep6792 and oxen,504 yea,1571 and the beasts929 of the field;7704 

19-8:8      The fowl6833 of the air,8064 and the fish1709 of the sea,3220 and whatsoever passeth through5674 the paths734 of the seas.3220 

19-8:9      O LORD3068 our Lord,113 how4100 excellent117 is thy name8034 in all3605 the earth!776 





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Psalm 9:

Psalm 9:20 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Muth-labben,4192
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-9:1      I will praise3034 thee, O LORD,3068 with my whole3605 heart;3820 I will show forth5608 all3605 thy marvelous works.6381 

19-9:2      I will be glad8055 and rejoice5970 in thee: I will sing praise2167 to thy name,8034 O thou most High.5945 

19-9:3      When mine enemies341 are turned7725 back,268 they shall fall3782 and perish6 at thy presence.4480, 6440 

19-9:4      For3588 thou hast maintained6213 my right4941 and my cause;1779 thou satest3427 in the throne3678 judging8199 right.6664 

19-9:5      Thou hast rebuked1605 the heathen,1471 thou hast destroyed6 the wicked,7563 thou hast put out4229 their name8034 forever5769 and ever.5703 

19-9:6      O thou enemy,341 destructions2723 are come to a perpetual end:8552, 5331 and thou hast destroyed5428 cities;5892 their memorial2143 is perished6 with them.1992 

19-9:7      But the LORD3068 shall endure3427 forever:5769 he hath prepared3559 his throne3678 for judgment.4941 

19-9:8      And he1931 shall judge8199 the world8398 in righteousness,6664 he shall minister judgment1777 to the people3816 in uprightness.4339 

19-9:9      The LORD3068 also will be1961 a refuge4869 for the oppressed,1790 a refuge4869 in times6256 of trouble.6869 

19-9:10     And they that know3045 thy name8034 will put their trust982 in thee: for3588 thou, LORD,3068 hast not3808 forsaken5800 them that seek1875 thee. 

19-9:11     Sing praises2167 to the LORD,3068 which dwelleth3427 in Zion:6726 declare5046 among the people5971 his doings.5949 

19-9:12     When3588 he maketh inquisition1875 for blood,1818 he remembereth2142 them: he forgetteth7911 not3808 the cry6818 of the humble.6035 

19-9:13     Have mercy2603 upon me, O LORD;3068 consider7200 my trouble6040 which I suffer of them that hate4480, 8130 me, thou that liftest me up7311 from the gates4480, 8179 of death:4194 

19-9:14     That4616 I may show forth5608 all3605 thy praise8416 in the gates8179 of the daughter1323 of Zion:6726 I will rejoice1523 in thy salvation.3444 

19-9:15     The heathen1471 are sunk down2883 in the pit7845 that they made:6213 in the net7568 which2098 they hid2934 is their own foot7272 taken.3920 

19-9:16     The LORD3068 is known3045 by the judgment4941 which he executeth:6213 the wicked7563 is snared3369 in the work6467 of his own hands.3709 Higgaion.1902 Selah.5542 

19-9:17     The wicked7563 shall be turned7725 into hell,7585 and all3605 the nations1471 that forget7913 God.430 

19-9:18     For3588 the needy34 shall not3808 always5331 be forgotten:7911 the expectation8615 of the poor6041 shall not perish6 forever.5703 

19-9:19     Arise,6965 O LORD;3068 let not408 man582 prevail:5810 let the heathen1471 be judged8199 in5921 thy sight.6440 

19-9:20     Put7896 them in fear,4172 O LORD:3068 that the nations1471 may know3045 themselves1992 to be but men.582 Selah.5542 





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Psalm 10:

Psalm 10:18 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

19-10:1     Why4100 standest5975 thou afar off,7350 O LORD?3068 why hidest5956 thou thyself in times6256 of trouble?6869 

19-10:2     The wicked7563 in his pride1346 doth persecute1814 the poor:6041 let them be taken8610 in the devices4209 that2098 they have imagined.2803 

19-10:3     For3588 the wicked7563 boasteth1984 of5921 his heart's5315 desire,8378 and blesseth1288 the covetous,1214 whom the LORD3068 abhorreth.5006 

19-10:4     The wicked,7563 through the pride1363 of his countenance,639 will not1077 seek1875 after God: God430 is not369 in all3605 his thoughts.4209 

19-10:5     His ways1870 are always3605, 6256 grievous;2342 thy judgments4941 are far above4791 out of his sight:4480, 5048 as for all3605 his enemies,6887 he puffeth6315 at them. 

19-10:6     He hath said559 in his heart,3820 I shall not1077 be moved:4131 for I shall never1755, 1755, 834, 3808 be in adversity.7451 

19-10:7     His mouth6310 is full4390 of cursing423 and deceit4820 and fraud:8496 under8478 his tongue3956 is mischief5999 and vanity.205 

19-10:8     He sitteth3427 in the lurking places3993 of the villages:2691 in the secret places4565 doth he murder2026 the innocent:5355 his eyes5869 are privily set6845 against the poor.2489 

19-10:9     He lieth in wait693 secretly4565 as a lion738 in his den:5520 he lieth in wait693 to catch2414 the poor:6041 he doth catch2414 the poor,6041 when he draweth4900 him into his net.7568 

19-10:10    He croucheth,1794 and humbleth7817 himself, that the poor2489 may fall5307 by his strong ones.6099 

19-10:11    He hath said559 in his heart,3820 God410 hath forgotten:7911 he hideth5641 his face;6440 he will never1077, 5331 see7200 it. 

19-10:12    Arise,6965 O LORD;3068 O God,410 lift up5375 thine hand:3027 forget7911 not408 the humble.6035 

19-10:13    Wherefore5921, 4100 doth the wicked7563 contemn5006 God?430 he hath said559 in his heart,3820 Thou wilt not3808 require1875 it. 

19-10:14    Thou hast seen7200 it; for3588 thou859 beholdest5027 mischief5999 and spite,3708 to requite5414 it with thy hand:3027 the poor2489 committeth5800 himself unto5921 thee; thou859 art1961 the helper5826 of the fatherless.3490 

19-10:15    Break7665 thou the arm2220 of the wicked7563 and the evil7451 man: seek out1875 his wickedness7562 till thou find4672 none.1077 

19-10:16    The LORD3068 is King4428 forever5769 and ever:5703 the heathen1471 are perished6 out of his land.4480, 776 

19-10:17    LORD,3068 thou hast heard8085 the desire8378 of the humble:6035 thou wilt prepare3559 their heart,3820 thou wilt cause thine ear241 to hear:7181 

19-10:18    To judge8199 the fatherless3490 and the oppressed,1790 that the man582 of4480 the earth776 may no1077 more3254, 5750 oppress.6206 





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Psalm 11:

Psalm 11:7 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician,5329
A Psalm of David.1732


19-11:1     In the LORD3068 put I my trust:2620 how349 say559 ye to my soul,5315 Flee5110 as a bird6833 to your mountain?2022 

19-11:2     For,3588 lo,2009 the wicked7563 bend1869 their bow,7198 they make ready3559 their arrow2671 upon5921 the string,3499 that they may privily1119, 652 shoot3384 at the upright3477 in heart.3820 

19-11:3     If3588 the foundations8356 be destroyed,2040 what4100 can the righteous6662 do?6466 

19-11:4     The LORD3068 is in his holy6944 temple,1964 the LORD's3068 throne3678 is in heaven:8064 his eyes5869 behold,2372 his eyelids6079 try,974 the children1121 of men.120 

19-11:5     The LORD3068 trieth974 the righteous:6662 but the wicked7563 and him that loveth157 violence2555 his soul5315 hateth.8130 

19-11:6     Upon5921 the wicked7563 he shall rain4305 snares,6341 fire784 and brimstone,1614 and a horrible2152 tempest:7307 this shall be the portion4521 of their cup.3563 

19-11:7     For3588 the righteous6662 LORD3068 loveth157 righteousness;6666 his countenance6440 doth behold2372 the upright.3477 





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Psalm 12:

Psalm 12:8 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Sheminith,8067
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-12:1     Help,3467 LORD;3068 for3588 the godly man2623 ceaseth;1584 for3588 the faithful539 fail6461 from among the children4480, 1121 of men.120 

19-12:2     They speak1696 vanity7723 every one376 with854 his neighbor:7453 with flattering2513 lips8193 and with a double heart3820, 3820 do they speak.1696 

19-12:3     The LORD3068 shall cut off3772 all3605 flattering2513 lips,8193 and the tongue3956 that speaketh1696 proud things:1419 

19-12:4     Who834 have said,559 With our tongue3956 will we prevail;1396 our lips8193 are our own: who4310 is lord113 over us? 

19-12:5     For the oppression4480, 7701 of the poor,6041 for the sighing4480, 603 of the needy,34 now6258 will I arise,6965 saith559 the LORD;3068 I will set7896 him in safety3468 from him that puffeth6315 at him. 

19-12:6     The words565 of the LORD3068 are pure2889 words:565 as silver3701 tried6884 in a furnace5948 of earth,776 purified2212 seven7659 times. 

19-12:7     Thou859 shalt keep8104 them, O LORD,3068 thou shalt preserve5341 them from4480 this2098 generation1755 forever.5769 

19-12:8     The wicked7563 walk1980 on every side,5439 when the vilest2149 men120 are exalted.7311 





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Psalm 13:

Psalm 13:6 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician,5329
A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-13:1     How long5704, 575 wilt thou forget7911 me, O LORD?3068 forever?5331 how long5704, 575 wilt thou hide5641 (853) thy face6440 from4480 me? 

19-13:2     How long5704, 575 shall I take7896 counsel6098 in my soul,5315 having sorrow3015 in my heart3824 daily?3119 how long5704, 575 shall mine enemy341 be exalted7311 over5921 me? 

19-13:3     Consider5027 and hear6030 me, O LORD3068 my God:430 lighten215 mine eyes,5869 lest6435 I sleep3462 the sleep of death;4194 

19-13:4     Lest6435 mine enemy341 say,559 I have prevailed against3201 him; and those that trouble6862 me rejoice1523 when3588 I am moved.4131 

19-13:5     But I589 have trusted982 in thy mercy;2617 my heart3820 shall rejoice1523 in thy salvation.3444 

19-13:6     I will sing7891 unto the LORD,3068 because3588 he hath dealt bountifully1580 with5921 me. 





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Psalm 14:

Psalm 14:7 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician,5329
A Psalm of David.1732 


19-14:1     The fool5036 hath said559 in his heart,3820 There is no369 God.430 They are corrupt,7843 they have done abominable8581 works,5949 there is none369 that doeth6213 good.2896 

19-14:2     The LORD3068 looked down8259 from heaven4480, 8064 upon5921 the children1121 of men,120 to see7200 if there were3426 any that did understand,7919 and seek1875 (853) God.430 

19-14:3     They are all3605 gone aside,5493 they are all together3162 become filthy:444 there is none369 that doeth6213 good,2896 no,369 not1571 one.259 

19-14:4     Have all3605 the workers6466 of iniquity205 no3808 knowledge?3045 who eat up398 my people5971 as they eat398 bread,3899 and call7121 not3808 upon the LORD.3068 

19-14:5     There8033 were they in great fear:6342, 6343 for3588 God430 is in the generation1755 of the righteous.6662 

19-14:6     Ye have shamed954 the counsel6098 of the poor,6041 because3588 the LORD3068 is his refuge.4268 

19-14:7     Oh that4310, 5414 the salvation3444 of Israel3478 were come out of Zion!4480, 6726 when the LORD3068 bringeth back7725 the captivity7622 of his people,5971 Jacob3290 shall rejoice,1523 and Israel3478 shall be glad.8055 





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Psalm 15:

Psalm 15:5 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


A Psalm4210 of David.1732 


19-15:1     LORD,3068 who4310 shall abide1481 in thy tabernacle?168 who4310 shall dwell7931 in thy holy6944 hill?2022 

19-15:2     He that walketh1980 uprightly,8549 and worketh6466 righteousness,6664 and speaketh1696 the truth571 in his heart.3824 

19-15:3     He that backbiteth7270 not3808 with5921 his tongue,3956 nor3808 doeth6213 evil7451 to his neighbor,7453 nor3808 taketh up5375 a reproach2781 against5921 his neighbor.7138 

19-15:4     In whose eyes5869 a vile person3988 is contemned;959 but he honoreth3513 them that fear3372 the LORD.3068 He that sweareth7650 to his own hurt,7489 and changeth4171 not.3808 

19-15:5     He that putteth not out5414, 3808 his money3701 to usury,5392 nor3808 taketh3947 reward7810 against5921 the innocent.5355 He that doeth6213 these428 things shall never3808, 5769 be moved.4131 





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Psalm 16:

Psalm 16:11 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


Michtam4387 of David.1732 


19-16:1     Preserve8104 me, O God:410 for3588 in thee do I put my trust.2620 

19-16:2     O my soul, thou hast said559 unto the LORD,3068 Thou859 art my Lord:136 my goodness2896 extendeth not1077 to5921 thee; 

19-16:3     But to the saints6918 that834 are in the earth,776 and to the excellent,117 in whom is all3605 my delight.2656 

19-16:4     Their sorrows6094 shall be multiplied7235 that hasten4116 after another312 god: their drink offerings5262 of blood4480, 1818 will I not1077 offer,5258 nor1077 take up5375 (853) their names8034 into5921 my lips.8193 

19-16:5     The LORD3068 is the portion4521 of mine inheritance2506 and of my cup:3563 thou859 maintainest8551 my lot.1486 

19-16:6     The lines2256 are fallen5307 unto me in pleasant5273 places; yea,637 I have5921 a goodly8231 heritage.5159 

19-16:7     I will bless1288 (853) the LORD,3068 who834 hath given me counsel:3289 my reins3629 also637 instruct3256 me in the night seasons.3915 

19-16:8     I have set7737 the LORD3068 always8548 before5048 me: because3588 he is at my right hand,4480, 3225 I shall not1077 be moved.4131 

19-16:9     Therefore3651 my heart3820 is glad,8055 and my glory3519 rejoiceth:1523 my flesh1320 also637 shall rest7931 in hope.983 

19-16:10    For3588 thou wilt not3808 leave5800 my soul5315 in hell;7585 neither3808 wilt thou suffer5414 thine Holy One2623 to see7200 corruption.7845 

19-16:11    Thou wilt show3045 me the path734 of life:2416 in854 thy presence6440 is fullness7648 of joy;8057 at thy right hand3225 there are pleasures5273 forevermore.5331 





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Psalm 17:

Psalm 17:15 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


A Prayer8605 of David.1732 


19-17:1     Hear8085 the right,6664 O LORD3068 attend7181 unto my cry,7440 give ear238 unto my prayer,8605 that goeth not3808 out of feigned4820 lips.8193 

19-17:2     Let my sentence4941 come forth3318 from thy presence;4480, 6440 let thine eyes5869 behold2372 the things that are equal.4339 

19-17:3     Thou hast proved974 mine heart;3820 thou hast visited6485 me in the night;3915 thou hast tried6884 me, and shalt find4672 nothing;1077 I am purposed2161 that my mouth6310 shall not1077 transgress.5674 

19-17:4     Concerning the works6468 of men,120 by the word1697 of thy lips8193 I589 have kept8104 me from the paths734 of the destroyer.6530 

19-17:5     Hold up8551 my goings838 in thy paths,4570 that my footsteps6471 slip4131 not.1077 

19-17:6     I589 have called upon7121 thee, for3588 thou wilt hear6030 me, O God:410 incline5186 thine ear241 unto me, and hear8085 my speech.565 

19-17:7     Show thy marvelous lovingkindness,6395, 2617 O thou that savest3467 by thy right hand3225 them which put their trust2620 in thee from those that rise up4480, 6965 against them. 

19-17:8     Keep8104 me as the apple380, 1323 of the eye,5869 hide5641 me under the shadow6738 of thy wings,3671 

19-17:9     From4480, 6440 the wicked7563 that2098 oppress7703 me, from my deadly5315 enemies,341 who compass me about.5362, 5921 

19-17:10    They are enclosed in5462 their own fat:2459 with their mouth6310 they speak1696 proudly.1348 

19-17:11    They have now6258 compassed5437 us in our steps:838 they have set7896 their eyes5869 bowing down5186 to the earth;776 

19-17:12    Like1825 as a lion738 that is greedy3700 of his prey,2963 and as it were a young lion3715 lurking3427 in secret places.4565 

19-17:13    Arise,6965 O LORD,3068 disappoint6923, 6440 him, cast him down:3766 deliver6403 my soul5315 from the wicked,4480, 7563 which is thy sword:2719 

19-17:14    From men4480, 4962 which are thy hand,3027 O LORD,3068 from men4480, 4962 of the world,4480, 2465 which have their portion2506 in this life,2416 and whose belly990 thou fillest4390 with thy hid6845 treasure: they are full7646 of children,1121 and leave5117 the rest3499 of their substance to their babes.5768 

19-17:15    As for me,589 I will behold2372 thy face6440 in righteousness:6664 I shall be satisfied,7646 when I awake,6974 with thy likeness.8544 





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Psalm 18:

Psalm 18:50 Verses

19 Psalms

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .


To the chief Musician,5329
A Psalm of David,1732
the servant5650 of the LORD,3068
who834 spoke1696 unto the LORD3068 (853) the words1697 of this2063 song7892 in the day3117 that the LORD3068 delivered5337 him from the hand4480, 3709 of all3605 his enemies,341
and from the hand4480, 3027 of Saul:7586
And he said,559 


19-18:1     I will love7355 thee, O LORD,3068 my strength.2391 

19-18:2     The LORD3068 is my rock,5553 and my fortress,4686 and my deliverer;6403 my God,410 my strength,6697 in whom I will trust;2620 my buckler,4043 and the horn7161 of my salvation,3468 and my high tower.4869 

19-18:3     I will call7121 upon the LORD,3068 who is worthy to be praised:1984 so shall I be saved3467 from4480 mine enemies.341 

19-18:4     The sorrows2256 of death4194