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42:    Chapters

:1,070 Verses

Job 1:

Chapter 1:22 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-1:1      There was1961 a man376 in the land776 of Uz,5780 whose name8034 was Job;347 and that1931 man376 was1961 perfect8535 and upright,3477 and one that feared3373 God,430 and eschewed5493 evil.4480, 7451 

18-1:2      And there were born3205 unto him seven7651 sons1121 and three7969 daughters.1323 

18-1:3      His substance4735 also was1961 seven7651 thousand505 sheep,6629 and three7969 thousand505 camels,1581 and five2568 hundred3967 yoke6776 of oxen,1241 and five2568 hundred3967 she asses,860 and a very3966 great7227 household;5657 so that this1931 man376 was1961 the greatest1419 of all4480, 3605 the men1121 of the east.6924 

18-1:4      And his sons1121 went1980 and feasted6213, 4960 in their houses,1004 every one376 his day;3117 and sent7971 and called7121 for their three7969 sisters269 to eat398 and to drink8354 with5973 them. 

18-1:5      And it was1961 so, when3588 the days3117 of their feasting4960 were gone about,5362 that Job347 sent7971 and sanctified6942 them, and rose up early7925 in the morning,1242 and offered5927 burnt offerings5930 according to the number4557 of them all:3605 for3588 Job347 said,559 It may be194 that my sons1121 have sinned,2398 and cursed1288 God430 in their hearts.3824 Thus3602 did6213 Job347 continually.3605, 3117 

18-1:6      Now there was1961 a day3117 when the sons1121 of God430 came935 to present themselves3320 before5921 the LORD,3068 and Satan7854 came935 also1571 among8432 them. 

18-1:7      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Whence4480, 370 comest935 thou? Then Satan7854 answered6030 (853) the LORD,3068 and said,559 From going to and fro4480, 7751 in the earth,776 and from walking up and down4480, 1980 in it. 

18-1:8      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Hast thou considered7760, 3820, 5921 my servant5650 Job,347 that3588 there is none369 like him3644 in the earth,776 a perfect8535 and an upright3477 man,376 one that feareth3373 God,430 and escheweth5493 evil?4480, 7451 

18-1:9      Then Satan7854 answered6030 (853) the LORD,3068 and said,559 Doth Job347 fear3372 God430 for naught?2600 

18-1:10     Hast not3808 thou859 made a hedge7753 about1157 him, and about1157 his house,1004 and about1157 all3605 that834 he hath on every side?4480, 5439 thou hast blessed1288 the work4639 of his hands,3027 and his substance4735 is increased6555 in the land.776 

18-1:11     But199 put forth7971 thine hand3027 now,4994 and touch5060 all3605 that834 he hath, and518 he will curse1288 thee to5921 thy face.6440 

18-1:12     And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Behold,2009 all3605 that834 he hath is in thy power;3027 only7535 upon413 himself put not forth408, 7971 thine hand.3027 So Satan7854 went forth3318 from4480, 5973 the presence6440 of the LORD.3068 

18-1:13     And there was1961 a day3117 when his sons1121 and his daughters1323 were eating398 and drinking8354 wine3196 in their eldest1060 brother's251 house:1004 

18-1:14     And there came935 a messenger4397 unto413 Job,347 and said,559 The oxen1241 were1961 plowing,2790 and the asses860 feeding7462 beside5921, 3027 them: 

18-1:15     And the Sabeans7614 fell5307 upon them, and took them away;3947 yea, they have slain5221 the servants5288 with the edge6310 of the sword;2719 and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee. 

18-1:16     While he2088 was yet5750 speaking,1696 there came935 also another,2088 and said,559 The fire784 of God430 is fallen5307 from4480 heaven,8064 and hath burned up1197 the sheep,6629 and the servants,5288 and consumed398 them; and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee. 

18-1:17     While he2088 was yet5750 speaking,1696 there came935 also another,2088 and said,559 The Chaldeans3778 made7760 out three7969 bands,7218 and fell6584 upon5921 the camels,1581 and have carried them away,3947 yea, and slain5221 the servants5288 with the edge6310 of the sword;2719 and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee. 

18-1:18     While he2088 was yet5750 speaking,1696 there came935 also another,2088 and said,559 Thy sons1121 and thy daughters1323 were eating398 and drinking8354 wine3196 in their eldest1060 brother's251 house:1004 

18-1:19     And, behold,2009 there came935 a great1419 wind7307 from4480, 5676 the wilderness,4057 and smote5060 the four702 corners6438 of the house,1004 and it fell5307 upon5921 the young men,5288 and they are dead;4191 and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee. 

18-1:20     Then Job347 arose,6965 and rent7167 (853) his mantle,4598 and shaved1494 (853) his head,7218 and fell down5307 upon the ground,776 and worshiped,7812 

18-1:21     And said,559 Naked6174 came I out3318 of my mother's womb,4480, 990, 517 and naked6174 shall I return7725 thither:8033 the LORD3068 gave,5414 and the LORD3068 hath taken away;3947 blessed1288 be1961 the name8034 of the LORD.3068 

18-1:22     In all3605 this2063 Job347 sinned2398 not,3808 nor3808 charged5414 God430 foolishly.8604 





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Job 2:

Chapter 2:13 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-2:1      Again there was1961 a day3117 when the sons1121 of God430 came935 to present themselves3320 before5921 the LORD,3068 and Satan7854 came935 also1571 among8432 them to present himself3320 before5921 the LORD.3068 

18-2:2      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 From whence335, 4480, 2088 comest935 thou? And Satan7854 answered6030 (853) the LORD,3068 and said,559 From going to and fro4480, 7751 in the earth,776 and from walking up and down4480, 1980 in it. 

18-2:3      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Hast thou considered7760, 3820, 413 my servant5650 Job,347 that3588 there is none369 like him3644 in the earth,776 a perfect8535 and an upright3477 man,376 one that feareth3373 God,430 and escheweth5493 evil?4480, 7451 and still5750 he holdeth fast2388 his integrity,8538 although thou movedst5496 me against him, to destroy1104 him without cause.2600 

18-2:4      And Satan7854 answered6030 (853) the LORD,3068 and said,559 Skin for skin,5785, 1157, 5785 yea, all3605 that834 a man376 hath will he give5414 for1157 his life.5315 

18-2:5      But199 put forth7971 thine hand3027 now,4994 and touch5060, 413 his bone6106 and his flesh,1320 and518 he will curse1288 thee to413 thy face.6440 

18-2:6      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Behold,2009 he is in thine hand;3027 but389 save8104 (853) his life.5315 

18-2:7      So went Satan forth3318, 7854 from4480, 854 the presence6440 of the LORD,3068 and smote5221 (853) Job347 with sore7451 boils7822 from the sole4480, 3709 of his foot7272 unto5704 his crown.6936 

18-2:8      And he took3947 him a potsherd2789 to scrape himself1623 withal; and he1931 sat down3427 among8432 the ashes.665 

18-2:9      Then said559 his wife802 unto him, Dost thou still5750 retain2388 thine integrity?8538 curse1288 God,430 and die.4191 

18-2:10     But he said559 unto413 her, Thou speakest1696 as one259 of the foolish women5036 speaketh.1696 What?1571 shall we receive6901 (853) good2896 at the hand4480, 854 of God,430 and shall we not3808 receive6901 evil?7451 In all3605 this2063 did not3808 Job347 sin2398 with his lips.8193 

18-2:11     Now when Job's347 three7969 friends7453 heard8085 (853) of all3605 this2063 evil7451 that was come935 upon5921 him, they came935 every one376 from his own place;4480, 4725 Eliphaz464 the Temanite,8489 and Bildad1085 the Shuhite,7747 and Zophar6691 the Naamathite:5284 for they had made an appointment3259 together3162 to come935 to mourn5110 with him and to comfort5162 him. 

18-2:12     And when they lifted up5375 (853) their eyes5869 afar off,4480, 7350 and knew5234 him not,3808 they lifted up5375 their voice,6963 and wept;1058 and they rent7167 every one376 his mantle,4598 and sprinkled2236 dust6083 upon5921 their heads7218 toward heaven.8064 

18-2:13     So they sat down3427 with854 him upon the ground776 seven7651 days3117 and seven7651 nights,3915 and none369 spoke1696 a word1697 unto413 him: for3588 they saw7200 that3588 his grief3511 was very great.1431, 3966 





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Job 3:

Chapter 3:26 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-3:1      After310 this3651 opened6605 Job347 (853) his mouth,6310 and cursed7043 (853) his day.3117 

18-3:2      And Job347 spoke,6030 and said,559 

18-3:3      Let the day3117 perish6 wherein I was born,3205 and the night3915 in which it was said,559 There is a man child1397 conceived.2029 

18-3:4      Let that1931 day3117 be1961 darkness;2822 let not408 God433 regard1875 it from above,4480, 4605 neither408 let the light5105 shine3313 upon5921 it. 

18-3:5      Let darkness2822 and the shadow of death6757 stain1350 it; let a cloud6053 dwell7931 upon5921 it; let the blackness3650 of the day3117 terrify1204 it. 

18-3:6      As for that1931 night,3915 let darkness652 seize upon3947 it; let it not408 be joined2302 unto the days3117 of the year,8141 let it not408 come935 into the number4557 of the months.3391 

18-3:7      Lo,2009 let that1931 night3915 be1961 solitary,1565 let no408 joyful voice7445 come935 therein. 

18-3:8      Let them curse5344 it that curse779 the day,3117 who are ready6264 to raise up5782 their mourning.3882 

18-3:9      Let the stars3556 of the twilight5399 thereof be dark;2821 let it look6960 for light,216 but have none;369 neither408 let it see7200 the dawning6079 of the day:7837 

18-3:10     Because3588 it shut not up3808, 5462 the doors1817 of my mother's womb,990 nor hid5641 sorrow5999 from mine eyes.4480, 5869 

18-3:11     Why4100 died4191 I not3808 from the womb?4480, 7358 why did I not give up the ghost1478 when I came out3318 of the belly?4480, 990 

18-3:12     Why4069 did the knees1290 prevent6923 me? or why4100 the breasts7699 that3588 I should suck?3243 

18-3:13     For3588 now6258 should I have lain still7901 and been quiet,8252 I should have slept:3462 then227 had I been at rest,5117 

18-3:14     With5973 kings4428 and counselors3289 of the earth,776 which built1129 desolate places2723 for themselves; 

18-3:15     Or176 with5973 princes8269 that had gold,2091 who filled4390 their houses1004 with silver:3701 

18-3:16     Or176 as a hidden2934 untimely birth5309 I had not3808 been;1961 as infants5768 which never3808 saw7200 light.216 

18-3:17     There8033 the wicked7563 cease2308 from troubling;7267 and there8033 the weary3019, 3581 be at rest.5117 

18-3:18     There the prisoners615 rest7599 together;3162 they hear8085 not3808 the voice6963 of the oppressor.5065 

18-3:19     The small6996 and great1419 are there;8033 and the servant5650 is free2670 from his master.4480, 113 

18-3:20     Wherefore4100 is light216 given5414 to him that is in misery,6001 and life2416 unto the bitter4751 in soul;5315 

18-3:21     Which long2442 for death,4194 but it cometh not;369 and dig2658 for it more than for hid treasures;4480, 4301 

18-3:22     Which rejoice8056 exceedingly,413, 1524 and are glad,7797 when3588 they can find4672 the grave?6913 

18-3:23     Why is light given to a man1397 whose834 way1870 is hid,5641 and whom1157 God433 hath hedged in?5526 

18-3:24     For3588 my sighing585 cometh935 before6440 I eat,3899 and my roarings7581 are poured out5413 like the waters.4325 

18-3:25     For3588 the thing which I greatly feared6343, 6342 is come upon857 me, and that which834 I was afraid of3025 is come935 unto me. 

18-3:26     I was not3808 in safety,7951 neither3808 had I rest,8252 neither3808 was I quiet;5117 yet trouble7267 came.935 





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Job 4:

Chapter 4:21 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-4:1      Then Eliphaz464 the Temanite8489 answered6030 and said,559 

18-4:2      If we attempt to commune5254, 1697 with413 thee, wilt thou be grieved?3811 but who4310 can3201 withhold6113 himself from speaking?4405 

18-4:3      Behold,2009 thou hast instructed3256 many,7227 and thou hast strengthened2388 the weak7504 hands.3027 

18-4:4      Thy words4405 have upheld6965 him that was falling,3782 and thou hast strengthened553 the feeble3766 knees.1290 

18-4:5      But3588 now6258 it is come935 upon413 thee, and thou faintest;3811 it toucheth5060, 5704 thee, and thou art troubled.926 

18-4:6      Is not3808 this thy fear,3374 thy confidence,3690 thy hope,8615 and the uprightness8537 of thy ways?1870 

18-4:7      Remember,2142 I pray thee,4994 who4310 ever perished,6 being innocent?5355 or where375 were the righteous3477 cut off?3582 

18-4:8      Even as834 I have seen,7200 they that plow2790 iniquity,205 and sow2232 wickedness,5999 reap7114 the same. 

18-4:9      By the blast4480, 5397 of God433 they perish,6 and by the breath4480, 7307 of his nostrils639 are they consumed.3615 

18-4:10     The roaring7581 of the lion,738 and the voice6963 of the fierce lion,7826 and the teeth8127 of the young lions,3715 are broken.5421 

18-4:11     The old lion3918 perisheth6 for lack4480, 1097 of prey,2964 and the stout lion's3833 whelps1121 are scattered abroad.6504 

18-4:12     Now a thing1697 was secretly brought1589 to413 me, and mine ear241 received3947 a little8102 thereof.4480 

18-4:13     In thoughts5587 from the visions4480, 2384 of the night,3915 when deep sleep8639 falleth5307 on5921 men,376 

18-4:14     Fear6343 came upon7122 me, and trembling,7460 which made all7230 my bones6106 to shake.6342 

18-4:15     Then a spirit7307 passed2498 before5921 my face;6440 the hair8185 of my flesh1320 stood up:5568 

18-4:16     It stood still,5975 but I could not3808 discern5234 the form4758 thereof: an image8544 was before5048 mine eyes,5869 there was silence,1827 and I heard8085 a voice,6963 saying, 

18-4:17     Shall mortal man582 be more just than God?6663, 4480, 433 shall a man1397 be more pure2891 than his maker?4480, 6213 

18-4:18     Behold,2005 he put no trust539, 3808 in his servants;5650 and his angels4397 he charged7760 with folly:8417 

18-4:19     How much less637 in them that dwell in7931 houses1004 of clay,2563 whose834 foundation3247 is in the dust,6083 which are crushed1792 before6440 the moth?6211 

18-4:20     They are destroyed3807 from morning4480, 1242 to evening:6153 they perish6 forever5331 without any4480, 1097 regarding7760 it. 

18-4:21     Doth not3808 their excellency3499 which is in them go away?5265 they die,4191 even without3808 wisdom.2451 





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Job 5:

Chapter 5:27 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-5:1      Call7121 now,4994 if there be3426 any that will answer6030 thee; and to413 which4310 of the saints4480, 6918 wilt thou turn?6437 

18-5:2      For3588 wrath3708 killeth2026 the foolish191 man, and envy7068 slayeth4191 the silly6601 one. 

18-5:3      I589 have seen7200 the foolish191 taking root:8327 but suddenly6597 I cursed5344 his habitation.5116 

18-5:4      His children1121 are far7368 from safety,4480, 3468 and they are crushed1792 in the gate,8179 neither369 is there any to deliver5337 them. 

18-5:5      Whose834 harvest7105 the hungry7457 eateth up,398 and taketh3947 it even out of413 the thorns,4480, 6791 and the robber6782 swalloweth up7602 their substance.2428 

18-5:6      Although3588 affliction205 cometh not forth3318, 3808 of the dust,4480, 6083 neither3808 doth trouble5999 spring6779 out of the ground;4480, 127 

18-5:7      Yet3588 man120 is born3205 unto trouble,5999 as the sparks1121, 7565 fly5774 upward.1361 

18-5:8      I589 would seek1875 unto413 God,410 and unto413 God430 would I commit7760 my cause:1700 

18-5:9      Which doeth6213 great things1419 and unsearchable;369, 2714 marvelous things6381 without5704, 369 number:4557 

18-5:10     Who giveth5414 rain4306 upon5921, 6440 the earth,776 and sendeth7971 waters4325 upon5921, 6440 the fields:2351 

18-5:11     To set up7760 on high4791 those that be low;8217 that those which mourn6937 may be exalted7682 to safety.3468 

18-5:12     He disappointeth6565 the devices4284 of the crafty,6175 so that their hands3027 cannot3808 perform6213 their enterprise.8454 

18-5:13     He taketh3920 the wise2450 in their own craftiness:6193 and the counsel6098 of the froward6617 is carried headlong.4116 

18-5:14     They meet6298 with darkness2822 in the daytime,3119 and grope4959 in the noonday6672 as in the night.3915 

18-5:15     But he saveth3467 the poor34 from the sword,4480, 2719 from their mouth,4480, 6310 and from the hand4480, 3027 of the mighty.2389 

18-5:16     So the poor1800 hath1961 hope,8615 and iniquity5766 stoppeth7092 her mouth.6310 

18-5:17     Behold,2009 happy835 is the man582 whom God433 correcteth:3198 therefore despise3988 not408 thou the chastening4148 of the Almighty:7706 

18-5:18     For3588 he1931 maketh sore,3510 and bindeth up:2280 he woundeth,4272 and his hands3027 make whole.7495 

18-5:19     He shall deliver5337 thee in six8337 troubles:6869 yea, in seven7651 there shall no3808 evil7451 touch5060 thee. 

18-5:20     In famine7458 he shall redeem6299 thee from death:4480, 4194 and in war4421 from the power4480, 3027 of the sword.2719 

18-5:21     Thou shalt be hid2244 from the scourge7752 of the tongue:3956 neither3808 shalt thou be afraid3372 of destruction4480, 7701 when3588 it cometh.935 

18-5:22     At destruction7701 and famine3720 thou shalt laugh:7832 neither408 shalt thou be afraid3372 of the beasts4480, 2416 of the earth.776 

18-5:23     For3588 thou shalt be in league1285 with5973 the stones68 of the field:7704 and the beasts2416 of the field7704 shall be at peace7999 with thee. 

18-5:24     And thou shalt know3045 that thy tabernacle168 shall be in peace;7965 and thou shalt visit6485 thy habitation,5116 and shalt not sin.3808, 2398 

18-5:25     Thou shalt know3045 also that3588 thy seed2233 shall be great,7227 and thine offspring6631 as the grass6212 of the earth.776 

18-5:26     Thou shalt come935 to413 thy grave6913 in a full age,3624 like as a shock of corn1430 cometh in5927 in his season.6256 

18-5:27     Lo2009 this,2063 we have searched2713 it, so3651 it1931 is; hear8085 it, and know3045 thou859 it for thy good. 





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Job 6:

Chapter 6:30 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-6:1      But Job347 answered6030 and said,559 

18-6:2      Oh that3863 my grief3708 were throughly weighed,8254, 8254 and my calamity1942 laid5375 in the balances3976 together!3162 

18-6:3      For3588 now6258 it would be heavier3513 than the sand4480, 2344 of the sea:3220 therefore5921, 3651 my words1697 are swallowed up.3886 

18-6:4      For3588 the arrows2671 of the Almighty7706 are within5978 me, the poison2534 whereof834 drinketh up8354 my spirit:7307 the terrors1161 of God433 do set themselves in array against6186 me. 

18-6:5      Doth the wild ass6501 bray5101 when he hath grass?1877 or518 loweth1600 the ox7794 over5921 his fodder?1098 

18-6:6      Can that which is unsavory8602 be eaten398 without4480, 1097 salt?4417 or518 is there3426 any taste2940 in the white7388 of an egg?2495 

18-6:7      The things1992 that my soul5315 refused3985 to touch5060 are as my sorrowful1741 meat.3899 

18-6:8      Oh that4310 I might5414 have935 my request;7596 and that God433 would grant5414 me the thing that I long for!8615 

18-6:9      Even that it would please2974 God433 to destroy1792 me; that he would let loose5425 his hand,3027 and cut me off!1214 

18-6:10     Then should I yet5750 have1961 comfort;5165 yea, I would harden5539 myself in sorrow:2427 let him not3808 spare;2550 for3588 I have not3808 concealed3582 the words561 of the Holy One.6918 

18-6:11     What4100 is my strength,3581 that3588 I should hope?3176 and what4100 is mine end,7093 that3588 I should prolong748 my life?5315 

18-6:12     Is my strength3581 the strength3581 of stones?68 or is my flesh1320 of brass?5153 

18-6:13     Is not369 my help5833 in me? and is wisdom8454 driven5080 quite from4480 me? 

18-6:14     To him that is afflicted4523 pity2617 should be showed from his friend;4480, 7453 but he forsaketh5800 the fear3374 of the Almighty.7706 

18-6:15     My brethren251 have dealt deceitfully898 as3644 a brook,5158 and as the stream650 of brooks5158 they pass away;5674 

18-6:16     Which are blackish6937 by reason of4480 the ice,7140 and wherein5921 the snow7950 is hid:5956 

18-6:17     What time6256 they wax warm,2215 they vanish:6789 when it is hot,2522 they are consumed1846 out of their place.4480, 4725 

18-6:18     The paths734 of their way1870 are turned aside;3943 they go5927 to nothing,8414 and perish.6 

18-6:19     The troops734 of Tema8485 looked,5027 the companies1979 of Sheba7614 waited6960 for3926 them. 

18-6:20     They were confounded954 because3588 they had hoped;982 they came935 thither,5704 and were ashamed.2659 

18-6:21     For3588 now6258 ye are1961 nothing;3808 ye see7200 my casting down,2866 and are afraid.3372 

18-6:22     Did3588 I say,559 Bring3051 unto me? or, Give a reward7809 for1157 me of your substance?4480, 3581 

18-6:23     Or, Deliver4422 me from the enemy's hand?4480, 3027, 6862 or, Redeem6299 me from the hand4480, 3027 of the mighty?6184 

18-6:24     Teach3384 me, and I589 will hold my tongue:2790 and cause me to understand995 wherein4100 I have erred.7686 

18-6:25     How4100 forcible4834 are right3476 words!561 but what4100 doth your arguing3198 reprove?3198, 4480 

18-6:26     Do ye imagine2803 to reprove3198 words,4405 and the speeches561 of one that is desperate,2976 which are as wind?7307 

18-6:27     Yea,637 ye overwhelm5307, 5921 the fatherless,3490 and ye dig3738 a pit for5921 your friend.7453 

18-6:28     Now6258 therefore be content,2974 look6437 upon me; for it is evident unto5921, 6440 you if518 I lie.3576 

18-6:29     Return,7725 I pray you,4994 let it not408 be1961 iniquity;5766 yea, return7725 again,5750 my righteousness6664 is in it. 

18-6:30     Is there3426 iniquity5766 in my tongue?3956 cannot3808 my taste2441 discern995 perverse things?1942 





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Job 7:

Chapter 7:21 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-7:1      Is there not3808 an appointed time6635 to man582 upon5921 earth?776 are not his days3117 also like the days3117 of a hireling?7916 

18-7:2      As a servant5650 earnestly desireth7602 the shadow,6738 and as a hireling7916 looketh for6960 the reward of his work:6467 

18-7:3      So3651 am I made to possess5157 months3391 of vanity,7723 and wearisome5999 nights3915 are appointed4487 to me. 

18-7:4      When518 I lie down,7901 I say,559 When4970 shall I arise,6965 and the night6153 be gone?4059 and I am full7646 of tossings to and fro5076 unto5704 the dawning of the day.5399 

18-7:5      My flesh1320 is clothed3847 with worms7415 and clods1487 of dust;6083 my skin5785 is broken,7280 and become loathsome.3988 

18-7:6      My days3117 are swifter7043 than4480 a weaver's shuttle,708 and are spent3615 without657 hope.8615 

18-7:7      O remember2142 that3588 my life2416 is wind:7307 mine eye5869 shall no3808 more7725 see7200 good.2896 

18-7:8      The eye5869 of him that hath seen7210 me shall see7789 me no3808 more: thine eyes5869 are upon me, and I am not.369 

18-7:9      As the cloud6051 is consumed3615 and vanisheth away:1980 so3651 he that goeth down3381 to the grave7585 shall come up5927 no3808 more. 

18-7:10     He shall return7725 no3808 more5750 to his house,1004 neither3808 shall his place4725 know5234 him any more.5750 

18-7:11     Therefore1571 I589 will not3808 refrain2820 my mouth;6310 I will speak1696 in the anguish6862 of my spirit;7307 I will complain7878 in the bitterness4751 of my soul.5315 

18-7:12     Am I589 a sea,3220 or518 a whale,8577 that3588 thou settest7760 a watch4929 over5921 me? 

18-7:13     When3588 I say,559 My bed6210 shall comfort5162 me, my couch4904 shall ease5375 my complaint;7879 

18-7:14     Then thou scarest2865 me with dreams,2472 and terrifiest1204 me through visions:4480, 2384 

18-7:15     So that my soul5315 chooseth977 strangling,4267 and death4194 rather than my life.4480, 6106 

18-7:16     I loathe3988 it; I would not3808 live2421 always:5769 let me alone;2308, 4480 for3588 my days3117 are vanity.1892 

18-7:17     What4100 is man,582 that3588 thou shouldest magnify1431 him? and that3588 thou shouldest set7896 thine heart3820 upon413 him? 

18-7:18     And that thou shouldest visit6485 him every morning,1242 and try974 him every moment?7281 

18-7:19     How long4100 wilt thou not3808 depart8159 from4480 me, nor3808 let me alone7503 till5704 I swallow down1104 my spittle?7536 

18-7:20     I have sinned;2398 what4100 shall I do6466 unto thee, O thou preserver5341 of men?120 why4100 hast thou set7760 me as a mark4645 against thee, so that I am1861 a burden4853 to5921 myself? 

18-7:21     And why4100 dost thou not3808 pardon5375 my transgression,6588 and take away5674 (853) mine iniquity?5771 for3588 now6258 shall I sleep7901 in the dust;6083 and thou shalt seek me in the morning,7836 but I shall not369 be. 





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Job 8:

Chapter 8:22 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-8:1      Then answered6030 Bildad1085 the Shuhite,7747 and said,559 

18-8:2      How long5704, 575 wilt thou speak4448 these428 things? and how long shall the words561 of thy mouth6310 be like a strong3524 wind?7307 

18-8:3      Doth God410 pervert5791 judgment?4941 or518 doth the Almighty7706 pervert5791 justice?6664 

18-8:4      If518 thy children1121 have sinned2398 against him, and he have cast them away7971 for3027 their transgression;6588 

18-8:5      If518 thou859 wouldest seek unto God quickly,7836, 413, 410 and make thy supplication2603 to413 the Almighty;7706 

18-8:6      If518 thou859 wast pure2134 and upright;3477 surely3588 now6258 he would awake5782 for5921 thee, and make the habitation5116 of thy righteousness6664 prosperous.7999 

18-8:7      Though thy beginning7225 was1961 small,4705 yet thy latter end319 should greatly3966 increase.7685 

18-8:8      For3588 inquire,7592 I pray thee,4994 of the former7223 age,1755 and prepare3559 thyself to the search2714 of their fathers:1 

18-8:9      (For3588 we587 are but of yesterday,8543 and know3045 nothing,3808 because3588 our days3117 upon5921 earth776 are a shadow:)6738 

18-8:10     Shall not3808 they1992 teach3384 thee, and tell559 thee, and utter3318 words4405 out of their heart?4480, 3820 

18-8:11     Can the rush1573 grow up1342 without3808 mire?1207 can the flag260 grow7685 without1097 water?4325 

18-8:12     Whilst it is yet5750 in his greenness,3 and not3808 cut down,6998 it withereth3001 before6440 any3605 other herb.2682 

18-8:13     So3651 are the paths734 of all3605 that forget7911 God;410 and the hypocrite's2611 hope8615 shall perish:6 

18-8:14     Whose834 hope3689 shall be cut off,6990 and whose trust4009 shall be a spider's5908 web.1004 

18-8:15     He shall lean8172 upon5921 his house,1004 but it shall not3808 stand:5975 he shall hold it fast,2388 but it shall not3808 endure.6965 

18-8:16     He1931 is green7373 before6440 the sun,8121 and his branch3127 shooteth forth3318 in5921 his garden.1593 

18-8:17     His roots8328 are wrapped5440 about5921 the heap,1530 and seeth2372 the place1004 of stones.68 

18-8:18     If518 he destroy1104 him from his place,4480, 4725 then it shall deny3584 him, saying, I have not3808 seen7200 thee. 

18-8:19     Behold,2005 this1931 is the joy4885 of his way,1870 and out of the earth4480, 6083 shall others312 grow.6779 

18-8:20     Behold,2005 God410 will not3808 cast away3988 a perfect8535 man, neither3808 will he help2388, 3027 the evildoers:7489 

18-8:21     Till5704 he fill4390 thy mouth6310 with laughing,7814 and thy lips8193 with rejoicing.8643 

18-8:22     They that hate8130 thee shall be clothed3847 with shame;1322 and the dwelling place168 of the wicked7563 shall come to naught.369 





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Job 9:

Chapter 9:35 Verses

18 Job

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

18-9:1      Then Job347 answered6030 and said,559 

18-9:2      I know3045 it is so3588, 3651 of a truth:551 but how4100 should man582 be just6663 with5973 God?410 

18-9:3      If518 he will2654 contend7378 with5973 him, he cannot3808 answer6030 him one259 of4480 a thousand.505 

18-9:4      He is wise2450 in heart,3824 and mighty533 in strength:3581 who4310 hath hardened7185 himself against413 him, and hath prospered?7999 

18-9:5      Which removeth6275 the mountains,2022 and they know3045 not:3808 which834 overturneth2015 them in his anger.639 

18-9:6      Which shaketh7264 the earth776 out of her place,4480, 4725 and the pillars5982 thereof tremble.6426 

18-9:7      Which commandeth559 the sun,2775 and it riseth2224 not;3808 and sealeth up2856 the stars.3556 

18-9:8      Which alone905 spreadeth out5186 the heavens,8064 and treadeth1869 upon5921 the waves1116 of the sea.3220 

18-9:9      Which maketh6213 Arcturus,5906 Orion,3685 and Pleiades,3598 and the chambers2315 of the south.8486 

18-9:10     Which doeth6213 great things1419 past5704, 369 finding out;2714 yea, and wonders6381 without5704, 369 number.4557 

18-9:11     Lo,2005 he goeth5674 by5921 me, and I see7200 him not:3808 he passeth on2498 also, but I perceive995 him not.3808 

18-9:12     Behold,2005 he taketh away,2862 who4310 can hinder7725 him? who4310 will say559 unto413 him, What4100 doest6213 thou? 

18-9:13     If God433 will not3808 withdraw7725 his anger,639 the proud7295 helpers5826 do stoop7817 under8478 him. 

18-9:14     How much less637, 3588 shall I595 answer6030 him, and choose out977 my words1697 to reason with5973 him? 

18-9:15     Whom,834 though518 I were righteous,6663 yet would I not3808 answer,6030 but I would make supplication2603 to my judge.8199 

18-9:16     If518 I had called,7121 and he had answered6030 me; yet would I not3808 believe539 that3588 he had hearkened238 unto my voice.6963 

18-9:17     For834 he breaketh7779 me with a tempest,8183 and multiplieth7235 my wounds6482 without cause.2600 

18-9:18     He will not3808 suffer5414 me to take7725 my breath,7307 but3588 filleth7646 me with bitterness.4472 

18-9:19     If518 I speak of strength,3581 lo,2009 he is strong:533 and if518 of judgment,4941 who4310 shall set me a time3259 to plead? 

18-9:20     If518 I justify6663 myself, mine own mouth6310 shall condemn7561 me: if I say, I589 am perfect,8535 it shall also prove me perverse.6140 

18-9:21     Though I589 were perfect,8535 yet would I not3808 know3045 my soul:5315 I would despise3988 my life.2416 

18-9:22     This1931 is one259 thing, therefore5921, 3651 I said559 it, He1931 destroyeth3615 the perfect8535 and the wicked.7563 

18-9:23     If518 the scourge7752 slay4191 suddenly,6597 he will laugh3932 at the trial4531 of the innocent.5355 

18-9:24     The earth776 is given5414 into the hand3027 of the wicked:7563 he covereth3680 the faces6440 of the judges8199 thereof; if518 not,3808 where,645 and who4310 is he?1931 

18-9:25     Now my days3117 are swifter7043 than4480 a post:7323 they flee away,1272 they see7200 no3808 good.2896 

18-9:26     They are passed away2498 as5973 the swift16 ships:591 as the eagle5404 that hasteth2907 to5921 the prey.400 

18-9:27     If518 I say,559 I will forget7911 my complaint,7879 I will leave off5800 my heaviness,6440 and comfort1082 myself: 

18-9:28     I am afraid3025 of all3605 my sorrows,6094 I know3045 that3588 thou wilt not3808 hold me innocent.5352 

18-9:29     If I595 be wicked,7561 why4100 then2088 labor3021 I in vain?1892 

18-9:30     If518 I wash myself7364 with snow7950 water,4325 and make my hands3709 never1253 so clean;2141 

18-9:31     Yet227 shalt thou plunge2881 me in the ditch,7845 and mine own clothes8008 shall abhor8581 me. 

18-9:32     For3588 he is not3808 a man,376 as I3644 am, that I should answer6030 him, and we should come935 together3162 in judgment.4941 

18-9:33     Neither3808 is there3426 any daysman3198 between996 us, that might lay7896 his hand3027 upon5921 us both.8147 

18-9:34     Let him take his rod away5493, 7626 from4480, 5921 me, and let</