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:167 Verses

Esther 1:

Chapter 1:22 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-1:1      Now it came to pass1961 in the days3117 of Ahasuerus,325 (this1931 is Ahasuerus325 which reigned,4427 from India4480, 1912 even unto5704 Ethiopia,3568 over a hundred3967 and seven7651 and twenty6242 provinces:)4082 

17-1:2      That in those1992 days,3117 when the king4428 Ahasuerus325 sat3427 on5921 the throne3678 of his kingdom,4438 which834 was in Shushan7800 the palace,1002 

17-1:3      In the third7969 year8141 of his reign,4427 he made6213 a feast4960 unto all3605 his princes8269 and his servants;5650 the power2428 of Persia6539 and Media,4074 the nobles6579 and princes8269 of the provinces,4082 being before6440 him: 

17-1:4      When he showed7200 (853) the riches6239 of his glorious3519 kingdom4438 and the honor3366 of his excellent8597 majesty1420 many7227 days,3117 even a hundred3967 and fourscore8084 days.3117 

17-1:5      And when these428 days3117 were expired,4390 the king4428 made6213 a feast4960 unto all3605 the people5971 that were present4672 in Shushan7800 the palace,1002 both unto great4480, 1419 and small,6996 seven7651 days,3117 in the court2691 of the garden1594 of the king's4428 palace;1055 

17-1:6      Where were white,2353 green,3768 and blue,8504 hangings, fastened270 with cords2256 of fine linen948 and purple713 to5921 silver3701 rings1550 and pillars5982 of marble:8336 the beds4296 were of gold2091 and silver,3701 upon5921 a pavement7531 of red,923 and blue,8336 and white,1858 and black marble.5508 

17-1:7      And they gave them drink8248 in vessels3627 of gold,2091 (the vessels3627 being diverse8138 one from another,)4480, 3627 and royal4438 wine3196 in abundance,7227 according to the state3027 of the king.4428 

17-1:8      And the drinking8360 was according to the law;1881 none369 did compel:597 for3588 so3651 the king4428 had appointed3245 to5921 all3605 the officers7227 of his house,1004 that they should do6213 according to every man's376, 376 pleasure.7522 

17-1:9      Also1571 Vashti2060 the queen4436 made6213 a feast4960 for the women802 in the royal4438 house1004 which834 belonged to king4428 Ahasuerus.325 

17-1:10     On the seventh7637 day,3117 when the heart3820 of the king4428 was merry2895 with wine,3196 he commanded559 Mehuman,4104 Biztha,968 Harbona,2726 Bigtha,903 and Abagtha,5 Zethar,2242 and Carcas,3752 the seven7651 chamberlains5631 that served8334 (853) in the presence6440 of Ahasuerus325 the king,4428 

17-1:11     To bring935 (853) Vashti2060 the queen4436 before6440 the king4428 with the crown3804 royal,4438 to show7200 the people5971 and the princes8269 (853) her beauty:3308 for3588 she1931 was fair2896 to look on.4758 

17-1:12     But the queen4436 Vashti2060 refused3985 to come935 at the king's4428 commandment1697 by834, 3027 his chamberlains:5631 therefore was the king4428 very3966 wroth,7107 and his anger2534 burned1197 in him. 

17-1:13     Then the king4428 said559 to the wise men,2450 which knew3045 the times,6256 (for3588 so3651 was the king's4428 manner1697 toward6440 all3605 that knew3045 law1881 and judgment:1779 

17-1:14     And the next7138 unto413 him was Carshena,3771 Shethar,8369 Admatha,133 Tarshish,8659 Meres,4825 Marsena,4826 and Memucan,4462 the seven7651 princes8269 of Persia6539 and Media,4074 which saw7200 the king's4428 face,6440 and which sat3427 the first7223 in the kingdom;)4438 

17-1:15     What4100 shall we do6213 unto the queen4436 Vashti2060 according to law,1881 because5921, 834 she hath not3808 performed6213 (853) the commandment3982 of the king4428 Ahasuerus325 by3027 the chamberlains?5631 

17-1:16     And Memucan4462 answered559 before6440 the king4428 and the princes,8269 Vashti2060 the queen4436 hath not3808 done wrong5753 to5921 the king4428 only,905 but3588 also to5921 all3605 the princes,8269 and to5921 all3605 the people5971 that834 are in all3605 the provinces4082 of the king4428 Ahasuerus.325 

17-1:17     For3588 this deed1697 of the queen4436 shall come abroad3318 unto5921 all3605 women,802 so that they shall despise959 their husbands1167 in their eyes,5869 when it shall be reported,559 The king4428 Ahasuerus325 commanded559 (853) Vashti2060 the queen4436 to be brought in935 before6440 him, but she came935 not.3808  

17-1:18     Likewise shall the ladies8282 of Persia6539 and Media4074 say559 this2088 day3117 unto all3605 the king's4428 princes,8269 which834 have heard of8085 (853) the deed1697 of the queen.4436 Thus shall there arise too much1767 contempt963 and wrath.7110 

17-1:19     If518 it please2895, 5921 the king,4428 let there go3318 a royal4438 commandment1697 from4480, 6440 him, and let it be written3789 among the laws1881 of the Persians6539 and the Medes,4074 that it be not3808 altered,5674 That834 Vashti2060 come935 no3808 more before6440 king4428 Ahasuerus;325 and let the king4428 give5414 her royal estate4438 unto another7468 that is better2896 than4480 she. 

17-1:20     And when the king's4428 decree6599 which834 he shall make6213 shall be published8085 throughout all3605 his empire,4438 (for3588 it1931 is great,)7227 all3605 the wives802 shall give5414 to their husbands1167 honor,3366 both to great4480, 1419 and small.6996 

17-1:21     And the saying1697 pleased3190, 5869 the king4428 and the princes;8269 and the king4428 did6213 according to the word1697 of Memucan:4462 

17-1:22     For he sent7971 letters5612 into413 all3605 the king's4428 provinces,4082 into413 every province4082, 4082 according to the writing3791 thereof, and to413 every people5971, 5971 after their language,3956 that every3605 man376 should1961 bear rule8323 in his own house,1004 and that it should be published1696 according to the language3956 of every people.5971 





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Esther 2:

Chapter 2:23 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-2:1      After310 these428 things,1697 when the wrath2534 of king4428 Ahasuerus325 was appeased,7918 he remembered2142 (853) Vashti,2060 and what834 she had done,6213 and what834 was decreed1504 against5921 her. 

17-2:2      Then said559 the king's4428 servants5288 that ministered8334 unto him, Let there be fair2896, 4758 young5291 virgins1330 sought1245 for the king:4428 

17-2:3      And let the king4428 appoint6485 officers6496 in all3605 the provinces4082 of his kingdom,4438 that they may gather together6908 (853) all3605 the fair2896, 4758 young5291 virgins1330 unto413 Shushan7800 the palace,1002 to413 the house1004 of the women,802 unto413 the custody3027 of Hege1896 the king's4428 chamberlain,5631 keeper8104 of the women;802 and let their things for purification8562 be given5414 them: 

17-2:4      And let the maiden5291 which834 pleaseth3190, 5869 the king4428 be queen4427 instead8478 of Vashti.2060 And the thing1697 pleased3190, 5869 the king;4428 and he did6213 so.3651 

17-2:5      Now in Shushan7800 the palace1002 there was1961 a certain376 Jew,3064 whose name8034 was Mordecai,4782 the son1121 of Jair,2971 the son1121 of Shimei,8096 the son1121 of Kish,7027 a Benjamite;1145 

17-2:6      Who834 had been carried away1540 from Jerusalem4480, 3389 with5973 the captivity1473 which834 had been carried away1540 with5973 Jeconiah3204 king4428 of Judah,3063 whom834 Nebuchadnezzar5019 the king4428 of Babylon894 had carried away.1540 

17-2:7      And he brought up1961, 539 (853) Hadassah,1919 that1931 is, Esther,635 his uncle's1730 daughter:1323 for3588 she had neither369 father1 nor mother,517 and the maid5291 was fair3303, 8389 and beautiful;2896, 4758 whom Mordecai,4782 when her father1 and mother517 were dead,4194 took3947 for his own daughter.1323 

17-2:8      So it came to pass,1961 when the king's4428 commandment1697 and his decree1881 was heard,8085 and when many7227 maidens5291 were gathered together6908 unto413 Shushan7800 the palace,1002 to413 the custody3027 of Hegai,1896 that Esther635 was brought3947 also unto413 the king's4428 house,1004 to413 the custody3027 of Hegai,1896 keeper8104 of the women.802 

17-2:9      And the maiden5291 pleased3190, 5869 him, and she obtained5375 kindness2617 of6440 him; and he speedily926 gave5414 her (853) her things for purification,8562 with854 such things as belonged4490 to her, and seven7651 maidens,5291 which were meet7200 to be given5414 her, out of the king's house:4480, 1004, 4428 and he preferred8138 her and her maids5291 unto the best2896 place of the house1004 of the women.802 

17-2:10     Esther635 had not3808 showed5046 (853) her people5971 nor her kindred:4138 for3588 Mordecai4782 had charged6680 her5921 that834 she should not3808 show5046 it. 

17-2:11     And Mordecai4782 walked1980 every day3605, 3117, 3117 before6440 the court2691 of the women's802 house,1004 to know3045 (853) how Esther635 did,7965 and what4100 should become6213 of her. 

17-2:12     Now when every maid's5291, 5291 turn8447 was come5060 to go in935 to413 king4428 Ahasuerus,325 after that4480, 7093 she had been1961 twelve8147, 6240 months,2320 according to the manner1881 of the women,802 (for3588 so3651 were the days3117 of their purifications4795 accomplished,4390 to wit, six8337 months2320 with oil8081 of myrrh,4753 and six8337 months2320 with sweet odors,1314 and with other things for the purification8562 of the women;)802 

17-2:13     Then thus2088 came935 every maiden5291 unto413 the king;4428 (853) whatsoever3605, 834 she desired559 was given5414 her to go935 with5973 her out of the house4480, 1004 of the women802 unto5704 the king's4428 house.1004 

17-2:14     In the evening6153 she1931 went,935 and on the morrow1242 she1931 returned7725 into413 the second8145 house1004 of the women,802 to413 the custody3027 of Shaashgaz,8190 the king's4428 chamberlain,5631 which kept8104 the concubines:6370 she came in935 unto413 the king4428 no3808 more,5750 except3588, 518 the king4428 delighted2654 in her, and that she were called7121 by name.8034 

17-2:15     Now when the turn8447 of Esther,635 the daughter1323 of Abihail32 the uncle1730 of Mordecai,4782 who834 had taken3947 her for his daughter,1323 was come5060 to go in935 unto413 the king,4428 she required1245 nothing3808, 1697 but3588, 518 (853) what834 Hegai1896 the king's4428 chamberlain,5631 the keeper8104 of the women,802 appointed.559 And Esther635 obtained1961, 5375 favor2580 in the sight5869 of all3605 them that looked7200 upon her. 

17-2:16     So Esther635 was taken3947 unto413 king4428 Ahasuerus325 into413 his house1004 royal4438 in the tenth6224 month,2320 which1931 is the month2320 Tebeth,2887 in the seventh7651 year8141 of his reign.4438 

17-2:17     And the king4428 loved157 (853) Esther635 above all4480, 3605 the women,802 and she obtained5375 grace2580 and favor2617 in his sight6440 more than all4480, 3605 the virgins;1330 so that he set7760 the royal4438 crown3804 upon her head,7218 and made her queen4427 instead8478 of Vashti.2060 

17-2:18     Then the king4428 made6213 a great1419 feast4960 unto all3605 his princes8269 and his servants,5650 even (853) Esther's635 feast;4960 and he made6213 a release2010 to the provinces,4082 and gave5414 gifts,4864 according to the state3027 of the king.4428 

17-2:19     And when the virgins1330 were gathered together6908 the second time,8145 then Mordecai4782 sat3427 in the king's4428 gate.8179 

17-2:20     Esther635 had not369 yet showed5046 her kindred4138 nor her people;5971 as834 Mordecai4782 had charged6680 her:5921 for Esther635 did6213 the commandment3982 of Mordecai,4782 like as834 when she was1961 brought up545 with854 him. 

17-2:21     In those1992 days,3117 while Mordecai4782 sat3427 in the king's4428 gate,8179 two8147 of the king's4428 chamberlains,5631 Bigthan904 and Teresh,8657 of those which kept4480, 8104 the door,5592 were wroth,7107 and sought1245 to lay7971 hand3027 on the king4428 Ahasuerus.325 

17-2:22     And the thing1697 was known3045 to Mordecai,4782 who told5046 it unto Esther635 the queen;4436 and Esther635 certified559 the king4428 thereof in Mordecai's4782 name.8034 

17-2:23     And when inquisition was made1245 of the matter,1697 it was found out;4672 therefore they were both8147 hanged8518 on5921 a tree:6086 and it was written3789 in the book5612 of the chronicles1697 before6440 the king.4428 





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Esther 3:

Chapter 3:15 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-3:1      After310 these428 things1697 did king4428 Ahasuerus325 promote1431 (853) Haman2001 the son1121 of Hammedatha4099 the Agagite,91 and advanced5375 him, and set7760 (853) his seat3678 above4480, 5921 all3605 the princes8269 that834 were with854 him. 

17-3:2      And all3605 the king's4428 servants,5650 that834 were in the king's4428 gate,8179 bowed,3766 and reverenced7812 Haman:2001 for3588 the king4428 had so3651 commanded6680 concerning him. But Mordecai4782 bowed3766 not,3808 nor3808 did him reverence.7812 

17-3:3      Then the king's4428 servants,5650 which834 were in the king's4428 gate,8179 said559 unto Mordecai,4782 Why4069 transgressest5674 thou859 (853) the king's4428 commandment?4687 

17-3:4      Now it came to pass,1961 when they spoke559 daily3117, 3117 unto413 him, and he hearkened8085 not3808 unto413 them, that they told5046 Haman,2001 to see7200 whether Mordecai's4782 matters1697 would stand:5975 for3588 he had told5046 them that834 he1931 was a Jew.3064 

17-3:5      And when Haman2001 saw7200 that3588 Mordecai4782 bowed3766 not,369 nor did him reverence,7812 then was Haman2001 full4390 of wrath.2534 

17-3:6      And he thought5869 scorn959 to lay7971 hands3027 on Mordecai4782 alone;905 for3588 they had showed5046 him (853) the people5971 of Mordecai:4782 wherefore Haman2001 sought1245 to destroy8045 (853) all3605 the Jews3064 that834 were throughout the whole3605 kingdom4438 of Ahasuerus,325 even the people5971 of Mordecai.4782 

17-3:7      In the first7223 month,2320 that1931 is, the month2320 Nisan,5212 in the twelfth8147, 6240 year8141 of king4428 Ahasuerus,325 they cast5307 Pur,6332 that1931 is, the lot,1486 before6440 Haman2001 from day4480, 3117 to day,3117 and from month4480, 2320 to month,2320 to the twelfth8147, 6240 month, that1931 is, the month2320 Adar.143 

17-3:8      And Haman2001 said559 unto king4428 Ahasuerus,325 There is3426 a certain259 people5971 scattered abroad6340 and dispersed6504 among996 the people5971 in all3605 the provinces4082 of thy kingdom;4438 and their laws1881 are diverse8138 from all4480, 3605 people;5971 neither369 keep6213 they the king's4428 laws:1881 therefore it is not369 for the king's4428 profit7737 to suffer5117 them. 

17-3:9      If518 it please2895, 5921 the king,4428 let it be written3789 that they may be destroyed:6 and I will pay8254 ten6235 thousand505 talents3603 of silver3701 to5921 the hands3027 of those that have the charge6213 of the business,4399 to bring935 it into413 the king's4428 treasuries.1595 

17-3:10     And the king4428 took5493 (853) his ring2885 from4480, 5921 his hand,3027 and gave5414 it unto Haman2001 the son1121 of Hammedatha4099 the Agagite,91 the Jews'3064 enemy.6887 

17-3:11     And the king4428 said559 unto Haman,2001 The silver3701 is given5414 to thee, the people5971 also, to do6213 with them as it seemeth good to thee.5869 

17-3:12     Then were the king's4428 scribes5608 called7121 on the thirteenth7969, 6240 day3117 of the first7223 month,2320 and there was written3789 according to all3605 that834 Haman2001 had commanded6680 unto413 the king's4428 lieutenants,323 and to413 the governors6346 that834 were over5921 every province,4082, 4082 and to413 the rulers8269 of every people5971, 5971 of every province4082, 4082 according to the writing3791 thereof, and to every people5971, 5971 after their language;3956 in the name8034 of king4428 Ahasuerus325 was it written,3789 and sealed2856 with the king's4428 ring.2885 

17-3:13     And the letters5612 were sent7971 by3027 posts7323 into413 all3605 the king's4428 provinces,4082 to destroy,8045 to kill,2026 and to cause to perish,6 (853) all3605 Jews,3064 both young4480, 5288 and5704 old,2205 little children2945 and women,802 in one259 day,3117 even upon the thirteenth7969, 6240 day of the twelfth8147, 6240 month,2320 which1931 is the month2320 Adar,143 and to take the spoil7998 of them for a prey.962 

17-3:14     The copy6572 of the writing3791 for a commandment1881 to be given5414 in every3605 province4082, 4082 was published1540 unto all3605 people,5971 that they should be1961 ready6264 against that2088 day.3117 

17-3:15     The posts7323 went out,3318 being hastened1765 by the king's4428 commandment,1697 and the decree1881 was given5414 in Shushan7800 the palace.1002 And the king4428 and Haman2001 sat down3427 to drink;8354 but the city5892 Shushan7800 was perplexed.943 





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Esther 4:

Chapter 4:17 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-4:1      When Mordecai4782 perceived3045 (853) all3605 that834 was done,6213 Mordecai4782 rent7167 (853) his clothes,899 and put on3847 sackcloth8242 with ashes,665 and went out3318 into the midst8432 of the city,5892 and cried2199 with a loud1419 and a bitter4751 cry;2201 

17-4:2      And came935 even5704 before6440 the king's4428 gate:8179 for3588 none369 might enter935 into413 the king's4428 gate8179 clothed3830 with sackcloth.8242 

17-4:3      And in every3605 province,4082, 4082 whithersoever4725, 834 the king's4428 commandment1697 and his decree1881 came,5060 there was great1419 mourning60 among the Jews,3064 and fasting,6685 and weeping,1065 and wailing;4553 and many7227 lay3331 in sackcloth8242 and ashes.665 

17-4:4      So Esther's635 maids5291 and her chamberlains5631 came935 and told5046 it her. Then was the queen4436 exceedingly3966 grieved;2342 and she sent7971 raiment899 to clothe3847 (853) Mordecai,4782 and to take away5493 his sackcloth8242 from4480, 5921 him: but he received6901 it not.3808 

17-4:5      Then called7121 Esther635 for Hatach,2047 one of the king's4428 chamberlains,4480, 5631 whom834 he had appointed5975 to attend upon6440 her, and gave him a commandment6680 to5921 Mordecai,4782 to know3045 what4100 it2088 was, and why5921, 4100 it2088 was. 

17-4:6      So Hatach2047 went forth3318 to413 Mordecai4782 unto413 the street7339 of the city,5892 which834 was before6440 the king's4428 gate.8179 

17-4:7      And Mordecai4782 told5046 him of (853) all3605 that834 had happened7136 unto him, and(853) of the sum6575 of the money3701 that834 Haman2001 had promised559 to pay8254 to5921 the king's4428 treasuries1595 for the Jews,3064 to destroy6 them. 

17-4:8      Also he gave5414 him the copy6572 of the writing3791 of the decree1881 that834 was given5414 at Shushan7800 to destroy8045 them, to show7200 it unto (853) Esther,635 and to declare5046 it unto her, and to charge6680 her5921 that she should go in935 unto413 the king,4428 to make supplication2603 unto him, and to make request1245 before4480, 6440 him for5921 her people.5971 

17-4:9      And Hatach2047 came935 and told5046 Esther635 (853) the words1697 of Mordecai.4782 

17-4:10     Again Esther635 spoke559 unto Hatach,2047 and gave him commandment6680 unto413 Mordecai;4782 

17-4:11     All3605 the king's4428 servants,5650 and the people5971 of the king's4428 provinces,4082 do know,3045 that834 whosoever,3605, 834 whether834 man376 or woman,802 shall come935 unto413 the king4428 into413 the inner6442 court,2691 who834 is not3808 called,7121 there is one259 law1881 of his to put him to death,4191 except905 such to whom4480, 834 the king4428 shall hold out3447 (853) the golden2091 scepter,8275 that he may live:2421 but I589 have not3808 been called7121 to come in935 unto413 the king4428 these2088 thirty7970 days.3117 

17-4:12     And they told5046 to Mordecai4782 (853) Esther's635 words.1697 

17-4:13     Then Mordecai4782 commanded559 to answer7725, 413 Esther,635 Think1819 not408 with thyself5315 that thou shalt escape4422 in the king's4428 house,1004 more than all4480, 3605 the Jews.3064 

17-4:14     For3588 if518 thou altogether holdest thy peace2790, 2790 at this2063 time,6256 then shall there enlargement7305 and deliverance2020 arise5975 to the Jews3064 from another place;4480, 4725, 312 but thou859 and thy father's1 house1004 shall be destroyed:6 and who4310 knoweth3045 whether518 thou art come5060 to the kingdom4438 for such a time6256 as this?2063 

17-4:15     Then Esther635 bade559 them return7725, 413 Mordecai4782 this answer, 

17-4:16     Go,1980 gather together3664 (853) all3605 the Jews3064 that are present4672 in Shushan,7800 and fast6684 ye for5921 me, and neither408 eat398 nor408 drink8354 three7969 days,3117 night3915 or day:3117 I589 also1571 and my maidens5291 will fast6684 likewise;3651 and so3651 will I go in935 unto413 the king,4428 which834 is not3808 according to the law:1881 and if834 I perish,6 I perish.6 

17-4:17     So Mordecai4782 went his way,5674 and did6213 according to all3605 that834 Esther635 had commanded6680 him.5921 





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Esther 5:

Chapter 5:14 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-5:1      Now it came to pass1961 on the third7992 day,3117 that Esther635 put on3847 her royal4438 apparel, and stood5975 in the inner6442 court2691 of the king's4428 house,1004 over against5227 the king's4428 house:1004 and the king4428 sat3427 upon5921 his royal4438 throne3678 in the royal4438 house,1004 over against5227 the gate6607 of the house.1004 

17-5:2      And it was1961 so, when the king4428 saw7200 (853) Esther635 the queen4436 standing5975 in the court,2691 that she obtained5375 favor2580 in his sight:5869 and the king4428 held out3447 to Esther635 (853) the golden2091 scepter8275 that834 was in his hand.3027 So Esther635 drew near,7126 and touched5060 the top7218 of the scepter.8275 

17-5:3      Then said559 the king4428 unto her, What4100 wilt thou, queen4436 Esther?635 and what4100 is thy request?1246 it shall be even given5414 thee to5704 the half2677 of the kingdom.4438 

17-5:4      And Esther635 answered,559 If518 it seem good2895 unto5921 the king,4428 let the king4428 and Haman2001 come935 this day3117 unto413 the banquet4960 that834 I have prepared6213 for him. 

17-5:5      Then the king4428 said,559 Cause (853) Haman2001 to make haste,4116 that he may do6213 (853) as Esther635 hath said.1697 So the king4428 and Haman2001 came935 to413 the banquet4960 that834 Esther635 had prepared.6213 

17-5:6      And the king4428 said559 unto Esther635 at the banquet4960 of wine,3196 What4100 is thy petition?7596 and it shall be granted5414 thee: and what4100 is thy request?1246 even to5704 the half2677 of the kingdom4438 it shall be performed.6213 

17-5:7      Then answered6030 Esther,635 and said,559 My petition7596 and my request1246 is; 

17-5:8      If518 I have found4672 favor2580 in the sight5869 of the king,4428 and if518 it please2895, 5921 the king4428 to grant5414 (853) my petition,7596 and to perform6213 (853) my request,1246 let the king4428 and Haman2001 come935 to413 the banquet4960 that834 I shall prepare6213 for them, and I will do6213 tomorrow4279 as the king4428 hath said.1697 

17-5:9      Then went Haman forth3318, 2001 that1931 day3117 joyful8056 and with a glad2896 heart:3820 but when Haman2001 saw7200 (853) Mordecai4782 in the king's4428 gate,8179 that he stood not up,6965, 3808 nor3808 moved2111 for4480 him,2001 he2001 was full4390 of indignation2534 against5921 Mordecai.4782 

17-5:10     Nevertheless Haman2001 refrained himself:662 and when he came935, 413 home,1004 he sent7971 and called935 for (853) his friends,157 and Zeresh2238 his wife.802 

17-5:11     And Haman2001 told5608 them of (853) the glory3519 of his riches,6239 and the multitude7230 of his children,1121 and all3605 the things wherein834 the king4428 had promoted1431 him, and how834 he had advanced5375 him above5921 the princes8269 and servants5650 of the king.4428 

17-5:12     Haman2001 said559 moreover,637 Yea, Esther635 the queen4436 did let no3808 man come in935 with5973 the king4428 unto413 the banquet4960 that834 she had prepared6213 but3588, 518 myself; and tomorrow4279 am I589 invited7121 unto her also1571 with5973 the king.4428 

17-5:13     Yet all3605 this2088 availeth7737 me nothing,369 so long3605, 6256 as I589 see7200 (853) Mordecai4782 the Jew3064 sitting3427 at the king's4428 gate.8179 

17-5:14     Then said559 Zeresh2238 his wife802 and all3605 his friends157 unto him, Let a gallows6086 be made6213 of fifty2572 cubits520 high,1364 and tomorrow1242 speak559 thou unto the king4428 that (853) Mordecai4782 may be hanged8518 thereon:5921 then go935 thou in merrily8056 with5973 the king4428 unto413 the banquet.4960 And the thing1697 pleased3190, 6440 Haman;2001 and he caused the gallows6086 to be made.6213 





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Esther 6:

Chapter 6:14 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-6:1      On that1931 night3915 could not5074 the king4428 sleep,8142 and he commanded559 to bring935 (853) the book5612 of records2146 of the chronicles;1697, 3117 and they were1961 read7121 before6440 the king.4428 

17-6:2      And it was found4672 written,3789 that834 Mordecai4782 had told5046 of5921 Bigthana904 and Teresh,8657 two8147 of the king's4428 chamberlains,5631 the keepers4480, 8104 of the door,5592 who834 sought1245 to lay7971 hand3027 on the king4428 Ahasuerus.325 

17-6:3      And the king4428 said,559 What4100 honor3366 and dignity1420 hath been done6213 to Mordecai4782 for5921 this?2088 Then said559 the king's4428 servants5288 that ministered8334 unto him, There is nothing3808, 1697 done6213 for5973 him. 

17-6:4      And the king4428 said,559 Who4310 is in the court?2691 Now Haman2001 was come935 into the outward2435 court2691 of the king's4428 house,1004 to speak559 unto the king4428 to hang8518 (853) Mordecai4782 on5921 the gallows6086 that834 he had prepared3559 for him. 

17-6:5      And the king's4428 servants5288 said559 unto413 him, Behold,2009 Haman2001 standeth5975 in the court.2691 And the king4428 said,559 Let him come in.935 

17-6:6      So Haman2001 came in.935 And the king4428 said559 unto him, What4100 shall be done6213 unto the man376 whom834 the king4428 delighteth2654 to honor?3366 Now Haman2001 thought559 in his heart,3820 To whom4310 would the king4428 delight2654 to do6213 honor3366 more than3148 to4480 myself? 

17-6:7      And Haman2001 answered559, 413 the king,4428 For the man376 whom834 the king4428 delighteth2654 to honor,3366 

17-6:8      Let the royal4438 apparel3830 be brought935 which834 the king4428 useth to wear,3847 and the horse5483 that834 the king4428 rideth7392 upon,5921 and the crown3804 royal4438 which834 is set5414 upon his head:7218 

17-6:9      And let this apparel3830 and horse5483 be delivered5414 to5921 the hand3027 of one376 of the king's4428 most noble6579 princes,4480, 8269 that they may array3847 (853) the man376 withal whom834 the king4428 delighteth2654 to honor,3366 and bring7392 him on5921 horseback5483 through the street7339 of the city,5892 and proclaim7121 before6440 him, Thus3602 shall it be done6213 to the man376 whom834 the king4428 delighteth2654 to honor.3366 

17-6:10     Then the king4428 said559 to Haman,2001 Make haste,4116 and take3947 (853) the apparel3830 and the horse,5483 as834 thou hast said,1696 and do6213 even so3651 to Mordecai4782 the Jew,3064 that sitteth3427 at the king's4428 gate:8179 let nothing408, 1697 fail5307 of all4480, 3605 that834 thou hast spoken.1696 

17-6:11     Then took3947 Haman2001 (853) the apparel3830 and the horse,5483 and arrayed3847 (853) Mordecai,4782 and brought him on horseback7392 through the street7339 of the city,5892 and proclaimed7121 before6440 him, Thus3602 shall it be done6213 unto the man376 whom834 the king4428 delighteth2654 to honor.3366 

17-6:12     And Mordecai4782 came again7725 to413 the king's4428 gate.8179 But Haman2001 hasted1765 to413 his house1004 mourning,57 and having his head7218 covered.2645 

17-6:13     And Haman2001 told5608 Zeresh2238 his wife802 and all3605 his friends157 (853) every3605 thing that834 had befallen7136 him. Then said559 his wise men2450 and Zeresh2238 his wife802 unto him, If518 Mordecai4782 be of the seed4480, 2233 of the Jews,3064 before6440 whom834 thou hast begun2490 to fall,5307 thou shalt not3808 prevail3201 against him, but3588 shalt surely fall5307, 5307 before6440 him. 

17-6:14     And while they were yet5750 talking1696 with5973 him, came5060 the king's4428 chamberlains,5631 and hasted926 to bring935 (853) Haman2001 unto413 the banquet4960 that834 Esther635 had prepared.6213 





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Esther 7:

Chapter 7:10 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-7:1      So the king4428 and Haman2001 came935 to banquet8354 with5973 Esther635 the queen.4436 

17-7:2      And the king4428 said559 again1571 unto Esther635 on the second8145 day3117 at the banquet4960 of wine,3196 What4100 is thy petition,7596 queen4436 Esther?635 and it shall be granted5414 thee: and what4100 is thy request?1246 and it shall be performed,6213 even to5704 the half2677 of the kingdom.4438 

17-7:3      Then Esther635 the queen4436 answered6030 and said,559 If518 I have found4672 favor2580 in thy sight,5869 O king,4428 and if518 it please2895, 5921 the king,4428 let my life5315 be given5414 me at my petition,7596 and my people5971 at my request:1246 

17-7:4      For3588 we are sold,4376 I589 and my people,5971 to be destroyed,8045 to be slain,2026 and to perish.6 But if432 we had been sold4376 for bondmen5650 and bondwomen,8198 I had held my tongue,2790 although3588 the enemy6862 could not369 countervail7737 the king's4428 damage.5143 

17-7:5      Then the king4428 Ahasuerus325 answered559 and said559 unto Esther635 the queen,4436 Who4310 is he,1931, 2088 and where335 is he,2088, 1931 that834 durst presume4390 in his heart3820 to do6213 so?3651 

17-7:6      And Esther635 said,559 The adversary376, 6862 and enemy341 is this2088 wicked7451 Haman.2001 Then Haman2001 was afraid1204 before4480, 6440 the king4428 and the queen.4436 

17-7:7      And the king4428 arising6965 from the banquet4480, 4960 of wine3196 in his wrath2534 went into413 the palace1055 garden:1594 and Haman2001 stood up5975 to make request1245 for5921 his life5315 to Esther4480, 635 the queen;4436 for3588 he saw7200 that3588 there was evil7451 determined3615 against413 him by4480, 854 the king.4428 

17-7:8      Then the king4428 returned7725 out of the palace garden4480, 1594, 1055 into413 the place1004 of the banquet4960 of wine;3196 and Haman2001 was fallen5307 upon5921 the bed4296 whereon834, 5921 Esther635 was. Then said559 the king,4428 Will he force3533 (853) the queen4436 also1571 before5973 me in the house?1004 As the word1697 went out3318 of the king's mouth,4480, 6310, 4428 they covered2645 Haman's2001 face.6440 

17-7:9      And Harbonah,2726 one259 of4480 the chamberlains,5631 said559 before6440 the king,4428 Behold2009 also,1571 the gallows6086 fifty2572 cubits520 high,1364 which834 Haman2001 had made6213 for Mordecai,4782 who834 had spoken1696 good2896 for5921 the king,4428 standeth5975 in the house1004 of Haman.2001 Then the king4428 said,559 Hang8518 him thereon.5921 

17-7:10     So they hanged8518 (853) Haman2001 on5921 the gallows6086 that834 he had prepared3559 for Mordecai.4782 Then was the king's4428 wrath2534 pacified.7918 





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Esther 8:

Chapter 8:17 Verses

17 Esther

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

17-8:1      On that1931 day3117 did the king4428 Ahasuerus325 give5414 (853) the house1004 of Haman2001 the Jews'3064 enemy6887 unto Esther635 the queen.4436 And Mordecai4782 came935 before6440 the king;4428 for3588 Esther635 had told5046 what4100 he1931 was unto her. 

17-8:2      And the king4428 took off5493 (853) his ring,2885 which834 he had taken5674 from Haman,4480, 2001 and gave5414 it unto Mordecai.4782 And Esther635 set7760 (853) Mordecai4782 over5921 the house1004 of Haman.2001 

17-8:3      And Esther635 spoke1696 yet again3254 before6440 the king,4428 and fell down5307 at6440 his feet,7272 and besought2603 him with tears1058 to put away5674 (853) the mischief7451 of Haman2001 the Agagite,91 and his device4284 that834 he had devised2803 against5921 the Jews.3064 

17-8:4      Then the king4428 held out3447 (853) the golden2091 scepter8275 toward Esther.635 So Esther635 arose,6965 and stood5975 before6440 the king,4428 

17-8:5      And said,559 If518 it please2895, 5921 the king,4428 and if518 I have found4672 favor2580 in his sight,6440 and the thing1697 seem right3787 before6440 the king,4428 and I589 be pleasing2895 in his eyes,5869 let it be written3789 to reverse7725 (853) the letters5612 devised4284 by Haman2001 the son1121 of Hammedatha4099 the Agagite,91 which834 he wrote3789 to destroy6 (853) the Jews3064 which834 are in all3605 the king's4428 provinces:4082 

17-8:6      For3588 how349 can I endure3201 to see7200 the evil7451 that834 shall come unto4672 (853) my people?5971 or how349 can I endure3201 to see7200 the destruction13 of my kindred?4138 

17-8:7      Then the king4428 Ahasuerus325 said559 unto Esther635 the queen4436 and to Mordecai4782 the Jew,3064 Behold,2009 I have given5414 Esther635 the house1004 of Haman,2001 and him they have hanged8518 upon5921 the gallows,6086 because5921, 834 he laid7971 his hand3027 upon the Jews.3064 

17-8:8      Write3789 ye859 also for5921 the Jews,3064 as it liketh2896, 5869 you, in the king's4428 name,8034 and seal2856 it with