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10:  Chapters

:280 Verses

Ezra 1:

Chapter 1:11 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-1:1      Now in the first259 year8141 of Cyrus3566 king4428 of Persia,6539 that the word1697 of the LORD3068 by the mouth4480, 6310 of Jeremiah3414 might be fulfilled,3615 the LORD3068 stirred up5782 (853) the spirit7307 of Cyrus3566 king4428 of Persia,6539 that he made a proclamation5674, 6963 throughout all3605 his kingdom,4438 and put it also1571 in writing,4385 saying,559 

15-1:2      Thus3541 saith559 Cyrus3566 king4428 of Persia,6539 The LORD3068 God430 of heaven8064 hath given5414 me all3605 the kingdoms4467 of the earth;776 and he1931 hath charged6485, 5921 me to build1129 him a house1004 at Jerusalem,3389 which834 is in Judah.3063 

15-1:3      Who4310 is there among you of all4480, 3605 his people?5971 his God430 be1961 with5973 him, and let him go up5927 to Jerusalem,3389 which834 is in Judah,3063 and build1129 (853) the house1004 of the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 (he1931 is the God,)430 which834 is in Jerusalem.3389 

15-1:4      And whosoever3605 remaineth7604 in any4480, 3605 place4725 where834 he1931 sojourneth,1481 let the men376 of his place4725 help5375 him with silver,3701 and with gold,2091 and with goods,7399 and with beasts,929 beside5973 the freewill offering5071 for the house1004 of God430 that834 is in Jerusalem.3389 

15-1:5      Then rose up6965 the chief7218 of the fathers1 of Judah3063 and Benjamin,1144 and the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 with all3605 them (853) whose spirit7307 God430 had raised,5782 to go up5927 to build1129 (853) the house1004 of the LORD3068 which834 is in Jerusalem.3389 

15-1:6      And all3605 they that were about5439 them strengthened2388 their hands3027 with vessels3627 of silver,3701 with gold,2091 with goods,7399 and with beasts,929 and with precious things,4030 beside all905, 5921, 3605 that was willingly offered.5068 

15-1:7      Also Cyrus3566 the king4428 brought forth3318 (853) the vessels3627 of the house1004 of the LORD,3068 which834 Nebuchadnezzar5019 had brought forth3318 out of Jerusalem,4480, 3389 and had put5414 them in the house1004 of his gods;430 

15-1:8      Even those did Cyrus3566 king4428 of Persia6539 bring forth3318 by5921 the hand3027 of Mithredath4990 the treasurer,1489 and numbered5608 them unto Sheshbazzar,8339 the prince5387 of Judah.3063 

15-1:9      And this428 is the number4557 of them: thirty7970 chargers105 of gold,2091 a thousand505 chargers105 of silver,3701 nine8672 and twenty6242 knives,4252 

15-1:10     Thirty7970 basins3713 of gold,2091 silver3701 basins3713 of a second4932 sort four702 hundred3967 and ten,6235 and other312 vessels3627 a thousand.505 

15-1:11     All3605 the vessels3627 of gold2091 and of silver3701 were five2568 thousand505 and four702 hundred.3967 All3605 these did Sheshbazzar8339 bring up5927 with5973 them of the captivity1473 that were brought up5927 from Babylon4480, 894 unto Jerusalem.3389 





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Ezra 2:

Chapter 2:70 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-2:1      Now these428 are the children1121 of the province4082 that went up5927 out of the captivity,4480, 7628 of those which had been carried away,1473 whom834 Nebuchadnezzar5019 the king4428 of Babylon894 had carried away1540 unto Babylon,894 and came again7725 unto Jerusalem3389 and Judah,3063 every one376 unto his city;5892 

15-2:2      Which834 came935 with5973 Zerubbabel:2216 Jeshua,3442 Nehemiah,5166 Seraiah,8304 Reelaiah,7480 Mordecai,4782 Bilshan,1114 Mispar,4558 Bigvai,902 Rehum,7348 Baanah.1196 The number4557 of the men376 of the people5971 of Israel:3478 

15-2:3      The children1121 of Parosh,6551 two thousand505 a hundred3967 seventy7657 and two.8147 

15-2:4      The children1121 of Shephatiah,8203 three7969 hundred3967 seventy7657 and two.8147 

15-2:5      The children1121 of Arah,733 seven7651 hundred3967 seventy7657 and five.2568 

15-2:6      The children1121 of Pahath-moab,6355 of the children1121 of Jeshua3442 and Joab,3097 two thousand505 eight8083 hundred3967 and twelve.8147, 6240 

15-2:7      The children1121 of Elam,5867 a thousand505 two hundred3967 fifty2572 and four.702 

15-2:8      The children1121 of Zattu,2240 nine8672 hundred3967 forty705 and five.2568 

15-2:9      The children1121 of Zaccai,2140 seven7651 hundred3967 and threescore.8346 

15-2:10     The children1121 of Bani,1137 six8337 hundred3967 forty705 and two.8147 

15-2:11     The children1121 of Bebai,893 six8337 hundred3967 twenty6242 and three.7969 

15-2:12     The children1121 of Azgad,5803 a thousand505 two hundred3967 twenty6242 and two.8147 

15-2:13     The children1121 of Adonikam,140 six8337 hundred3967 sixty8346 and six.8337 

15-2:14     The children1121 of Bigvai,902 two thousand505 fifty2572 and six.8337 

15-2:15     The children1121 of Adin,5720 four702 hundred3967 fifty2572 and four.702 

15-2:16     The children1121 of Ater333 of Hezekiah,3169 ninety8673 and eight.8083 

15-2:17     The children1121 of Bezai,1209 three7969 hundred3967 twenty6242 and three.7969 

15-2:18     The children1121 of Jorah,3139 a hundred3967 and twelve.8147, 6240 

15-2:19     The children1121 of Hashum,2828 two hundred3967 twenty6242 and three.7969 

15-2:20     The children1121 of Gibbar,1402 ninety8673 and five.2568 

15-2:21     The children1121 of Bethlehem,1035 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and three.7969 

15-2:22     The men376 of Netophah,5199 fifty2572 and six.8337 

15-2:23     The men376 of Anathoth,6068 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight.8083 

15-2:24     The children1121 of Azmaveth,5820 forty705 and two.8147 

15-2:25     The children1121 of Kirjath-arim,7157 Chephirah,3716 and Beeroth,881 seven7651 hundred3967 and forty705 and three.7969 

15-2:26     The children1121 of Ramah7414 and Gaba,1387 six8337 hundred3967 twenty6242 and one.259 

15-2:27     The men376 of Michmas,4363 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and two.8147 

15-2:28     The men376 of Bethel1008 and Ai,5857 two hundred3967 twenty6242 and three.7969 

15-2:29     The children1121 of Nebo,5015 fifty2572 and two.8147 

15-2:30     The children1121 of Magbish,4019 a hundred3967 fifty2572 and six.8337 

15-2:31     The children1121 of the other312 Elam,5867 a thousand505 two hundred3967 fifty2572 and four.702 

15-2:32     The children1121 of Harim,2766 three7969 hundred3967 and twenty.6242 

15-2:33     The children1121 of Lod,3850 Hadid,2307 and Ono,207 seven7651 hundred3967 twenty6242 and five.2568 

15-2:34     The children1121 of Jericho,3405 three7969 hundred3967 forty705 and five.2568 

15-2:35     The children1121 of Senaah,5570 three7969 thousand505 and six8337 hundred3967 and thirty.7970 

15-2:36     The priests:3548 the children1121 of Jedaiah,3048 of the house1004 of Jeshua,3442 nine8672 hundred3967 seventy7657 and three.7969 

15-2:37     The children1121 of Immer,564 a thousand505 fifty2572 and two.8147 

15-2:38     The children1121 of Pashur,6583 a thousand505 two hundred3967 forty705 and seven.7651 

15-2:39     The children1121 of Harim,2766 a thousand505 and seventeen.7651, 6240 

15-2:40     The Levites:3881 the children1121 of Jeshua3442 and Kadmiel,6934 of the children1121 of Hodaviah,1938 seventy7657 and four.702 

15-2:41     The singers:7891 the children1121 of Asaph,623 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight.8083 

15-2:42     The children1121 of the porters:7778 the children1121 of Shallum,7967 the children1121 of Ater,333 the children1121 of Talmon,2929 the children1121 of Akkub,6126 the children1121 of Hatita,2410 the children1121 of Shobai,7630 in all3605 a hundred3967 thirty7970 and nine.8672 

15-2:43     The Nethinims:5411 the children1121 of Ziha,6727 the children1121 of Hasupha,2817 the children1121 of Tabbaoth,2884 

15-2:44     The children1121 of Keros,7026 the children1121 of Siaha,5517 the children1121 of Padon,6303 

15-2:45     The children1121 of Lebanah,3838 the children1121 of Hagabah,2286 the children1121 of Akkub,6126 

15-2:46     The children1121 of Hagab,2285 the children1121 of Shalmai,8073 the children1121 of Hanan,2605 

15-2:47     The children1121 of Giddel,1435 the children1121 of Gahar,1515 the children1121 of Reaiah,7211 

15-2:48     The children1121 of Rezin,7526 the children1121 of Nekoda,5353 the children1121 of Gazzam,1502 

15-2:49     The children1121 of Uzza,5798 the children1121 of Paseah,6454 the children1121 of Besai,1153 

15-2:50     The children1121 of Asnah,619 the children1121 of Mehunim,4586 the children1121 of Nephusim,5304 

15-2:51     The children1121 of Bakbuk,1227 the children1121 of Hakupha,2709 the children1121 of Harhur,2744 

15-2:52     The children1121 of Bazluth,1213 the children1121 of Mehida,4240 the children1121 of Harsha,2797 

15-2:53     The children1121 of Barkos,1302 the children1121 of Sisera,5516 the children1121 of Thamah,8547 

15-2:54     The children1121 of Neziah,5335 the children1121 of Hatipha.2412 

15-2:55     The children1121 of Solomon's8010 servants:5650 the children1121 of Sotai,5479 the children1121 of Sophereth,5618 the children1121 of Peruda,6514 

15-2:56     The children1121 of Jaalah,3279 the children1121 of Darkon,1874 the children1121 of Giddel,1435 

15-2:57     The children1121 of Shephatiah,8203 the children1121 of Hattil,2411 the children1121 of Pochereth of Zebaim,6380 the children1121 of Ami.532 

15-2:58     All3605 the Nethinims,5411 and the children1121 of Solomon's8010 servants,5650 were three7969 hundred3967 ninety8673 and two.8147 

15-2:59     And these428 were they which went up5927 from Tel-melah,4480, 8528 Tel-harsa,8521 Cherub,3743 Addan,135 and Immer:564 but they could3201 not3808 show5046 their father's1 house,1004 and their seed,2233 whether518 they1992 were of Israel:4480, 3478 

15-2:60     The children1121 of Delaiah,1806 the children1121 of Tobiah,2900 the children1121 of Nekoda,5353 six8337 hundred3967 fifty2572 and two.8147 

15-2:61     And of the children4480, 1121 of the priests:3548 the children1121 of Habaiah,2252 the children1121 of Koz,6976 the children1121 of Barzillai;1271 which834 took3947 a wife802 of the daughters4480, 1323 of Barzillai1271 the Gileadite,1569 and was called7121 after5921 their name:8034 

15-2:62     These428 sought1245 their register3791 among those that were reckoned by genealogy,3187 but they were not3808 found:4672 therefore were they, as polluted, put1351 from4480 the priesthood.3550 

15-2:63     And the Tirshatha8660 said559 unto them, that834 they should not3808 eat398 of the most holy things,4480, 6944, 6944 till5704 there stood up5975 a priest3548 with Urim224 and with Thummim.8550 

15-2:64     The whole3605 congregation6951 together259 was forty702, 7239 and two thousand505 three7969 hundred3967 and threescore,8346 

15-2:65     Beside4480, 905 their servants5650 and their maids,519 of whom428 there were seven7651 thousand505 three7969 hundred3967 thirty7970 and seven:7651 and there were among them two hundred3967 singing men7891 and singing women.7891 

15-2:66     Their horses5483 were seven7651 hundred3967 thirty7970 and six;8337 their mules,6505 two hundred3967 forty705 and five;2568 

15-2:67     Their camels,1581 four702 hundred3967 thirty7970 and five;2568 their asses,2543 six8337 thousand505 seven7651 hundred3967 and twenty.6242 

15-2:68     And some of the chief4480, 7218 of the fathers,1 when they came935 to the house1004 of the LORD3068 which834 is at Jerusalem,3389 offered freely5068 for the house1004 of God430 to set it up5975 in5921 his place:4349 

15-2:69     They gave5414 after their ability3581 unto the treasure214 of the work4399 threescore8337, 7239 and one thousand505 drams1871 of gold,2091 and five2568 thousand505 pound4488 of silver,3701 and one hundred3967 priests'3548 garments.3801 

15-2:70     So the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 and some of4480 the people,5971 and the singers,7891 and the porters,7778 and the Nethinims,5411 dwelt3427 in their cities,5892 and all3605 Israel3478 in their cities.5892 





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Ezra 3:

Chapter 3:13 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-3:1      And when the seventh7637 month2320 was come,5060 and the children1121 of Israel3478 were in the cities,5892 the people5971 gathered themselves together622 as one259 man376 to413 Jerusalem.3389 

15-3:2      Then stood up6965 Jeshua3442 the son1121 of Jozadak,3136 and his brethren251 the priests,3548 and Zerubbabel2216 the son1121 of Shealtiel,7597 and his brethren,251 and built1129 (853) the altar4196 of the God430 of Israel,3478 to offer5927 burnt offerings5930 thereon,5921 as it is written3789 in the law8451 of Moses4872 the man376 of God.430 

15-3:3      And they set3559 the altar4196 upon5921 his bases;4350 for3588 fear367 was upon5921 them because of the people4480, 5971 of those countries:776 and they offered5927 burnt offerings5930 thereon5921 unto the LORD,3068 even burnt offerings5930 morning1242 and evening.6153 

15-3:4      They kept6213 also (853) the feast2282 of tabernacles,5521 as it is written,3789 and offered the daily3117, 3117 burnt offerings5930 by number,4557 according to the custom,4941 as the duty1697 of every day3117, 3117 required; 

15-3:5      And afterward310 offered the continual8548 burnt offering,5930 both of the new moons,2320 and of all3605 the set feasts4150 of the LORD3068 that were consecrated,6942 and of every one3605 that willingly offered5068 a freewill offering5071 unto the LORD.3068 

15-3:6      From the first day4480, 3117, 259 of the seventh7637 month2320 began2490 they to offer5927 burnt offerings5930 unto the LORD.3068 But the foundation3245 of the temple1964 of the LORD3068 was not3808 yet laid. 

15-3:7      They gave5414 money3701 also unto the masons,2672 and to the carpenters;2796 and meat,3978 and drink,4960 and oil,8081 unto them of Zidon,6722 and to them of Tyre,6876 to bring935 cedar730 trees6086 from4480 Lebanon3844 to413 the sea3220 of Joppa,3305 according to the grant7558 that they had of Cyrus3566 king4428 of Persia.6539 

15-3:8      Now in the second8145 year8141 of their coming935 unto413 the house1004 of God430 at Jerusalem,3389 in the second8145 month,2320 began2490 Zerubbabel2216 the son1121 of Shealtiel,7597 and Jeshua3442 the son1121 of Jozadak,3136 and the remnant7605 of their brethren251 the priests3548 and the Levites,3881 and all3605 they that were come935 out of the captivity4480, 7628 unto Jerusalem;3389 and appointed5975 (853) the Levites,3881 from twenty years old4480, 1121, 6242, 8141 and upward,4605 to set5329 forward5921 the work4399 of the house1004 of the LORD.3068 

15-3:9      Then stood5975 Jeshua3442 with his sons1121 and his brethren,251 Kadmiel6934 and his sons,1121 the sons1121 of Judah,3063 together,259 to set5329 forward5921 the workmen6213, 4399 in the house1004 of God:430 the sons1121 of Henadad,2582 with their sons1121 and their brethren251 the Levites.3881 

15-3:10     And when the builders1129 laid the foundation3245 of (853) the temple1964 of the LORD,3068 they set5975 the priests3548 in their apparel3847 with trumpets,2689 and the Levites3881 the sons1121 of Asaph623 with cymbals,4700 to praise1984 (853) the LORD,3068 after5921 the ordinance3027 of David1732 king4428 of Israel.3478 

15-3:11     And they sang together by course6030 in praising1984 and giving thanks3034 unto the LORD;3068 because3588 he is good,2896 for3588 his mercy2617 endureth forever5769 toward5921 Israel.3478 And all3605 the people5971 shouted7321 with a great1419 shout,8643 when they praised1984 the LORD,3068 because5921 the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.3245, 1004, 3068 

15-3:12     But many7227 of the priests4480, 3548 and Levites3881 and chief7218 of the fathers,1 who were ancient men,2205 that834 had seen7200 (853) the first7223 house,1004 when the foundation of this house was laid3245, 2088, 1004 before their eyes,5869 wept1058 with a loud1419 voice;6963 and many7227 shouted aloud8643, 7311, 6963 for joy:8057 

15-3:13     So that the people5971 could not369 discern5234 the noise6963 of the shout8643 of joy8057 from the noise6963 of the weeping1065 of the people:5971 for3588 the people5971 shouted7321 with a loud1419 shout,8643 and the noise6963 was heard8085 afar off.5704, 4480, 7350  





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Ezra 4:

Chapter 4:24 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-4:1      Now when the adversaries6862 of Judah3063 and Benjamin1144 heard8085 that3588 the children1121 of the captivity1473 built1129 the temple1964 unto the LORD3068 God430 of Israel;3478 

15-4:2      Then they came5066 to413 Zerubbabel,2216 and to413 the chief7218 of the fathers,1 and said559 unto them, Let us build1129 with5973 you: for3588 we seek1875 your God,430 as ye do; and we587 do sacrifice2076 unto him since the days4480, 3117 of Esar-haddon634 king4428 of Assur,804 which brought us up5927, (853) hither.6311 

15-4:3      But Zerubbabel,2216 and Jeshua,3442 and the rest7605 of the chief7218 of the fathers1 of Israel,3478 said559 unto them, Ye have nothing3808 to do with us to build1129 a house1004 unto our God;430 but3588 we ourselves587 together3162 will build1129 unto the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 as834 king4428 Cyrus3566 the king4428 of Persia6539 hath commanded6680 us. 

15-4:4      Then the people5971 of the land776 weakened7503 the hands3027 of the people5971 of Judah,3063 and troubled1089 them in building,1129 

15-4:5      And hired7936 counselors3289 against5921 them, to frustrate6565 their purpose,6098 all3605 the days3117 of Cyrus3566 king4428 of Persia,6539 even until5704 the reign4438 of Darius1867 king4428 of Persia.6539 

15-4:6      And in the reign4438 of Ahasuerus,325 in the beginning8462 of his reign,4438 wrote3789 they unto him an accusation7855 against5921 the inhabitants3427 of Judah3063 and Jerusalem.3389 

15-4:7      And in the days3117 of Artaxerxes783 wrote3789 Bishlam,1312 Mithredath,4990 Tabeel,2870 and the rest7605 of their companions,3674 unto5921 Artaxerxes783 king4428 of Persia;6539 and the writing3791 of the letter5406 was written3789 in the Syrian tongue,762 and interpreted8638 in the Syrian tongue.762 

15-4:8      Rehum7348 the chancellor2942, 1169 and Shimshai8124 the scribe5613 wrote3790 a2298 letter104 against5922 Jerusalem3390 to Artaxerxes783 the king4430 in this sort:3660 

15-4:9      Then116 wrote Rehum7348 the chancellor,2942, 1169 and Shimshai8124 the scribe,5613 and the rest7606 of their companions;3675 the Dinaites,1784 the Apharsathchites,671 the Tarpelites,2967 the Apharsites,670 the Archevites,756 the Babylonians,896 the Susanchites,7801 the Dehavites,1723 and the Elamites,5962 

15-4:10     And the rest7606 of the nations524 whom1768 the great7229 and noble3358 Asnappar620 brought over,1541 and set3488 in the cities7149 of1768 Samaria,8115 and the rest7606 that are on this side5675 the river,5103 and at such a time.3706 

15-4:11     This1836 is the copy6573 of the letter104 that1768 they sent7972 unto5922 him, even unto5922 Artaxerxes783 the king;4430 Thy servants5649 the men606 on this side5675 the river,5103 and at such a time.3706 

15-4:12     Be1934 it known3046 unto the king,4430 that the Jews3062 which1768 came up5559 from4481, 3890 thee to5922 us are come858 unto Jerusalem,3390 building1124 the rebellious4779 and the bad873 city,7149 and have set up3635 the walls7792 thereof, and joined2338 the foundations.787 

15-4:13     Be1934 it known3046 now3705 unto the king,4430 that,1768 if2006 this1791 city7149 be built,1124 and the walls7792 set up3635 again, then will they not3809 pay5415 toll,4061 tribute,1093 and custom,1983 and so thou shalt endamage5142 the revenue674 of the kings.4430 

15-4:14     Now3705 because3606, 6903, 1768 we have maintenance4415, 4416 from the king's palace,1965 and it was not3809 meet749 for us to see2370 the king's4430 dishonor,6173 therefore5922, 1836 have we sent7972 and certified3046 the king;4430 

15-4:15     That1768 search may be made1240 in the book5609 of the records1799 of1768 thy fathers:2 so shalt thou find7912 in the book5609 of the records,1799 and know3046 that1768 this1791 city7149 is a rebellious4779 city,7149 and hurtful5142 unto kings4430 and provinces,4083 and that they have moved5648 sedition849 within the same1459 of4481 old5957 time:3118 for5922 which cause1836 was this1791 city7149 destroyed.2718 

15-4:16     We586 certify3046 the king4430 that,1768 if2006 this1791 city7149 be built1124 again, and the walls7792 thereof set up,3635 by this1836 means6903 thou shalt have383 no3809 portion2508 on this side5675 the river.5103 

15-4:17     Then sent7972 the king4430 an answer6600 unto5922 Rehum7348 the chancellor,1169, 2942 and to Shimshai8124 the scribe,5613 and to the rest7606 of their companions3675 that1768 dwell3488 in Samaria,8115 and unto the rest7606 beyond5675 the river,5103 Peace,8001 and at such a time.3706 

15-4:18     The letter5407 which1768 ye sent7972 unto5922 us hath been plainly6568 read7123 before6925 me. 

15-4:19     And I commanded,7761, 2942 and search hath been made,1240 and it is found7912 that1768 this1791 city7149 of4481 old5957 time3118 hath made insurrection5376 against5922 kings,4430 and that rebellion4776 and sedition849 have been made5648 therein. 

15-4:20     There have been1934 mighty8624 kings4430 also over5922 Jerusalem,3390 which have ruled7990 over all3606 countries beyond5675 the river;5103 and toll,4061 tribute,1093 and custom,1983 was paid3052 unto them. 

15-4:21     Give7761 ye now3705 commandment2942 to cause these479 men1400 to cease,989 and that this1791 city7149 be not3809 built,1124 until5705 another commandment2941 shall be given7761 from4481 me. 

15-4:22     Take heed2095, 1934 now that ye fail not7960 to do5648 this:(5922), 1836 why4101 should damage2257 grow7680 to the hurt5142 of the kings?4430 

15-4:23     Now116 when4481, 1768 the copy6573 of king4430 Artaxerxes'783 letter5407 was read7123 before6925 Rehum,7348 and Shimshai8124 the scribe,5613 and their companions,3675 they went up236 in haste924 to Jerusalem3390 unto5922 the Jews,3062 and made them1994 to cease989 by force153 and power.2429 

15-4:24     Then116 ceased989 the work5673 of the house1005 of God426 which1768 is at Jerusalem.3390 So1934 it ceased989 unto5705 the second8648 year8140 of the reign4437 of Darius1868 king4430 of Persia.6540 





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Ezra 5:

Chapter 5:17 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-5:1      Then the prophets,5029 Haggai2292 the prophet,5029 and Zechariah2148 the son1247 of Iddo,5714 prophesied5013 unto5922 the Jews3062 that1768 were in Judah3061 and Jerusalem3390 in the name8036 of the God426 of Israel,3479 even unto5922 them. 

15-5:2      Then116 rose up6966 Zerubbabel2217 the son1247 of Shealtiel,7598 and Jeshua3443 the son1247 of Jozadak,3136 and began8271 to build1124 the house1005 of God426 which1768 is at Jerusalem:3390 and with5974 them were the prophets5029 of1768 God426 helping5583 them. 

15-5:3      At the same time2166 came858 to5922 them Tatnai,8674 governor6347 on this side5675 the river,5103 and Shethar-boznai,8370 and their companions,3675 and said560 thus3652 unto them, Who4479 hath commanded7761, 2942 you to build1124 this1836 house,1005 and to make up3635 this1836 wall?846 

15-5:4      Then116 said560 we unto them after this manner,3660 What4479 are the names8036 of the men1400 that1768 make1124 this1836 building?1147 

15-5:5      But the eye5870 of their God426 was1934 upon5922 the elders7868 of the Jews,3062 that they could not3809 cause them1994 to cease,989 till5705 the matter2941 came1946 to Darius:1868 and then116 they returned answer8421 by letter5407 concerning5922 this1836 matter. 

15-5:6      The copy6573 of the letter104 that1768 Tatnai,8674 governor6347 on this side5675 the river,5103 and Shethar-boznai,8370 and his companions3675 the Apharsachites,671 which1768 were on this side5675 the river,5103 sent7972 unto5922 Darius1868 the king:4430 

15-5:7      They sent7972 a letter6600 unto5922 him, wherein1459 was written3790 thus;1836 Unto Darius1868 the king,4430 all3606 peace.8001 

15-5:8      Be1934 it known3046 unto the king,4430 that1768 we went236 into the province4083 of Judea,3061 to the house1005 of the great7229 God,426 which1932 is built1124 with great1560 stones,69 and timber636 is laid7761 in the walls,3797 and this1791 work5673 goeth5648 fast on,629 and prospereth6744 in their hands.3028 

15-5:9      Then116 asked7593 we those479 elders,7868 and said560 unto them thus,3660 Who4479 commanded7761, 2942 you to build1124 this1836 house,1005 and to make up3635 these1836 walls?846 

15-5:10     We asked7593 their names8036 also,638 to certify3046 thee, that1768 we might write3790 the names8036 of the men1400 that1768 were the chief7217 of them. 

15-5:11     And thus3660 they returned8421 us answer,6600 saying,560 We586 are the servants5649 of1768 the God426 of heaven8065 and earth,772 and build1124 the house1005 that1768 was1934 built1124 these1836 many7690 years8140 ago,4481, 6928 which a great7229 king4430 of Israel3479 built1124 and set up.3635 

15-5:12     But3861 after4481 that1768 our fathers2 had provoked the God of heaven unto wrath,7265, 426, 8065 he gave3052 them1994 into the hand3028 of Nebuchadnezzar5020 the king4430 of Babylon,895 the Chaldean,3679 who destroyed5642 this1836 house,1005 and carried the people away1541, 5972 into Babylon.895 

15-5:13     But1297 in the first2298 year8140 of Cyrus3567 the king4430 of1768 Babylon895 the same king4430 Cyrus3567 made7761 a decree2942 to build1124 this1836 house1005 of God.426 

15-5:14     And the vessels3984 also638 of1768 gold1722 and silver3702 of1768 the house1005 of God,426 which1768 Nebuchadnezzar5020 took5312 out of4481 the temple1965 that1768 was in Jerusalem,3390 and brought2987 them1994 into the temple1965 of1768 Babylon,895 those1994 did Cyrus3567 the king4430 take5312 out of4481 the temple1965 of1768 Babylon,895 and they were delivered3052 unto one, whose name8036 was Sheshbazzar,8340 whom1768 he had made7761 governor;6347 

15-5:15     And said560 unto him, Take5376 these459 vessels,3984 go,236 carry5182 them1994 into the temple1965 that1768 is in Jerusalem,3390 and let the house1005 of God426 be built1124 in5922 his place.870 

15-5:16     Then116 came858 the same1791 Sheshbazzar,8340 and laid3052 the foundation787 of1768 the house1005 of God426 which1768 is in Jerusalem:3390 and since4481 that time116 even until5705 now3705 hath it been in building,1124 and yet it is not3809 finished.8000 

15-5:17     Now3705 therefore, if2006 it seem good2869 to5922 the king,4430 let there be search made1240 in the king's4430 treasure1596 house,1005 which1768 is there8536 at Babylon,895 whether2006 it be383 so, that1768 a decree2942 was made7761 of4481 Cyrus3567 the king4430 to build1124 this1791 house1005 of God426 at Jerusalem,3390 and let the king4430 send7972 his pleasure7470 to5922 us concerning5922 this matter.1836 





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Ezra 6:

Chapter 6:22 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-6:1      Then116 Darius1868 the king4430 made7761 a decree,2942 and search was made1240 in the house1005 of the rolls,5609 where1768, 8536 the treasures1596 were laid up5182 in Babylon.895 

15-6:2      And there was found7912 at Achmetha,307 in the palace1001 that1768 is in the province4083 of the Medes,4076 a2298 roll,4040 and therein1459 was a record1799 thus3652 written:3790 

15-6:3      In the first2298 year8140 of Cyrus3567 the king4430 the same Cyrus3567 the king4430 made7761 a decree2942 concerning the house1005 of God426 at Jerusalem,3390 Let the house1005 be built,1124 the place870 where1768 they offered1684 sacrifices,1685 and let the foundations787 thereof be strongly laid;5446 the height7314 thereof threescore8361 cubits,521 and the breadth6613 thereof threescore8361 cubits;521 

15-6:4      With three8532 rows5073 of1768 great1560 stones,69 and a row5073 of1768 new2323 timber:636 and let the expenses5313 be given3052 out of4481 the king's4430 house:1005 

15-6:5      And also638 let the golden1722 and silver3702 vessels3984 of the house1005 of God,426 which1768 Nebuchadnezzar5020 took forth5312 out of4481 the temple1965 which1768 is at Jerusalem,3390 and brought2987 unto Babylon,895 be restored,8421 and brought again1946 unto the temple1965 which1768 is at Jerusalem,3390 every one to his place,870 and place5182 them in the house1005 of God.426 

15-6:6      Now3705 therefore, Tatnai,8674 governor6347 beyond5675 the river,5103 Shethar-boznai,8370 and your companions3675 the Apharsachites,671 which1768 are beyond5675 the river,5103 be1934 ye far7352 from4481 thence:8536 

15-6:7      Let the work5673 of this1791 house1005 of God426 alone;7662 let the governor6347 of the Jews3062 and the elders7868 of the Jews3062 build1124 this1791 house1005 of God426 in5922 his place.870 

15-6:8      Moreover I make7761 a decree2942 what3964, 1768 ye shall do5648 to5974 the elders7868 of these479 Jews3062 for the building1124 of this1791 house1005 of God:426 that of the king's goods,4481, 5232, 4430 even of1768 the tribute4061 beyond5675 the river,5103 forthwith629 expenses5313 be1934 given3052 unto these479 men,1400 that1768 they be not3809 hindered.989 

15-6:9      And that4100 which they have need of,2818 both young1123 bullocks,8450 and rams,1798 and lambs,563 for the burnt offerings5928 of the God426 of heaven,8065 wheat,2591 salt,4416 wine,2562 and oil,4887 according to the appointment3983 of the priests3549 which1768 are at Jerusalem,3390 let it be1934 given3052 them day3118 by day3118 without1768, 3809 fail:7960 

15-6:10     That1768 they may1934 offer7127 sacrifices of sweet savors5208 unto the God426 of heaven,8065 and pray6739 for the life2417 of the king,4430 and of his sons.1123 

15-6:11     Also I have made7761 a decree,2942 that1768 whosoever3606, 606, 1768 shall alter8133 this1836 word,6600 let timber636 be pulled down5256 from4481 his house,1005 and being set up,2211 let him be hanged4223 thereon;5922 and let his house1005 be made5648 a dunghill5122 for5922 this.1836 

15-6:12     And the God426 that1768 hath caused his name8036 to dwell7932 there8536 destroy4049 all3606 kings4430 and people,5972 that1768 shall put7972 to their hand3028 to alter8133 and to destroy2255 this1791 house1005 of God426 which1768 is at Jerusalem.3390 I576 Darius1868 have made7761 a decree;2942 let it be done5648 with speed.629 

15-6:13     Then116 Tatnai,8674 governor6347 on this side5675 the river,5103 Shethar-boznai,8370 and their companions,3675 according to6903 that which1768 Darius1868 the king4430 had sent,7972 so3660 they did5648 speedily.629 

15-6:14     And the elders7868 of the Jews3062 built,1124 and they prospered6744 through the prophesying5017 of Haggai2292 the prophet5029 and Zechariah2148 the son1247 of Iddo.5714 And they built,1124 and finished3635 it, according4481 to the commandment2941 of the God426 of Israel,3479 and according to4481 the commandment2942 of Cyrus,3567 and Darius,1868 and Artaxerxes783 king4430 of Persia.6540 

15-6:15     And this1836 house1005 was finished3319 on5705 the third8532 day3118 of the month3393 Adar,144 which1768 was in the sixth8353 year8140 of the reign4437 of Darius1868 the king.4430 

15-6:16     And the children1123 of Israel,3479 the priests,3549 and the Levites,3879 and the rest7606 of the children1123 of the captivity,1547 kept5648 the dedication2597 of this1836 house1005 of God426 with joy,2305 

15-6:17     And offered7127 at the dedication2597 of this1836 house1005 of God426 a hundred3969 bullocks,8450 two hundred3969 rams,1798 four703 hundred3969 lambs;563 and for a sin offering2409 for5922 all3606 Israel,3479 twelve8648, 6236 he goats,6841, 5796 according to the number4510 of the tribes7625 of Israel.3479 

15-6:18     And they set6966 the priests3549 in their divisions,6392 and the Levites3879 in their courses,4255 for5922 the service5673 of God,426 which1768 is at Jerusalem;3390 as it is written3792 in the book5609 of Moses.4873 

15-6:19     And the children1121 of the captivity1473 kept6213 (853) the passover6453 upon the fourteenth702, 6240 day of the first7223 month.2320 

15-6:20     For3588 the priests3548 and the Levites3881 were purified2891 together,259 all3605 of them were pure,2889 and killed7819 the passover6453 for all3605 the children1121 of the captivity,1473 and for their brethren251 the priests,3548 and for themselves. 

15-6:21     And the children1121 of Israel,3478 which were come again7725 out of captivity,4480, 1473 and all3605 such as had separated themselves914 unto413 them from the filthiness4480, 2932 of the heathen1471 of the land,776 to seek1875 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 did eat,398 

15-6:22     And kept6213 the feast2282 of unleavened bread4682 seven7651 days3117 with joy:8057 for3588 the LORD3068 had made them joyful,8055 and turned5437 the heart3820 of the king4428 of Assyria804 unto5921 them, to strengthen2388 their hands3027 in the work4399 of the house1004 of God,430 the God430 of Israel.3478 





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Ezra 7:

Chapter 7:28 Verses

15 Ezra

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

15-7:1      Now after310 these428 things,1697 in the reign4438 of Artaxerxes783 king4428 of Persia,6539 Ezra5830 the son1121 of Seraiah,8304 the son1121 of Azariah,5838 the son1121 of Hilkiah,2518 

15-7:2      The son1121 of Shallum,7967 the son1121 of Zadok,6659 the son1121 of Ahitub,285 

15-7:3      The son1121 of Amariah,568 the son1121 of Azariah,5838 the son1121 of Meraioth,4812 

15-7:4      The son1121 of Zerahiah,2228 the son1121 of Uzzi,5813 the son1121 of Bukki,1231 

15-7:5      The son1121 of Abishua,50 the son1121 of Phinehas,6372 the son1121 of Eleazar,499 the son1121 of Aaron175 the chief7218 priest:3548 

15-7:6      This1931 Ezra5830 went up5927 from Babylon;4480, 894 and he1931 was a ready4106 scribe5608 in the law8451 of Moses,4872 which834 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel3478 had given:5414 and the king4428 granted5414 him all3605 his request,1246 according to the hand3027 of the LORD3068 his God430 upon5921 him. 

15-7:7      And there went up5927 some of the children4480, 1121 of Israel,3478 and of4480 the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 and