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36:  Chapters

:822 Verses

2 Chronicles 1:

Chapter 1:17 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

14-1:1      And Solomon8010 the son1121 of David1732 was strengthened2388 in5921 his kingdom,4438 and the LORD3068 his God430 was with5973 him, and magnified1431 him exceedingly.4605 

14-1:2      Then Solomon8010 spoke559 unto all3605 Israel,3478 to the captains8269 of thousands505 and of hundreds,3967 and to the judges,8199 and to every3605 governor5387 in all3605 Israel,3478 the chief7218 of the fathers.1 

14-1:3      So Solomon,8010 and all3605 the congregation6951 with5973 him, went1980 to the high place1116 that834 was at Gibeon;1391 for3588 there8033 was1961 the tabernacle168 of the congregation4150 of God,430 which834 Moses4872 the servant5650 of the LORD3068 had made6213 in the wilderness.4057 

14-1:4      But61 the ark727 of God430 had David1732 brought up5927 from Kirjath-jearim4480, 7157 to the place which David1732 had prepared3559 for it: for3588 he had pitched5186 a tent168 for it at Jerusalem.3389 

14-1:5      Moreover the brazen5178 altar,4196 that834 Bezaleel1212 the son1121 of Uri,221 the son1121 of Hur,2354 had made,6213 he put7760 before6440 the tabernacle4908 of the LORD:3068 and Solomon8010 and the congregation6951 sought1875 unto it. 

14-1:6      And Solomon8010 went up5927 thither8033 to5921 the brazen5178 altar4196 before6440 the LORD,3068 which834 was at the tabernacle168 of the congregation,4150 and offered5927 a thousand505 burnt offerings5930 upon5921 it. 

14-1:7      In that1931 night3915 did God430 appear7200 unto Solomon,8010 and said559 unto him, Ask7592 what4100 I shall give5414 thee. 

14-1:8      And Solomon8010 said559 unto God,430 Thou859 hast showed6213 great1419 mercy2617 unto5973 David1732 my father,1 and hast made me to reign4427 in his stead.8478 

14-1:9      Now,6258 O LORD3068 God,430 let thy promise1697 unto5973 David1732 my father1 be established:539 for3588 thou859 hast made me king4427 over5921 a people5971 like the dust6083 of the earth776 in multitude.7227 

14-1:10     Give5414 me now6258 wisdom2451 and knowledge,4093 that I may go out3318 and come in935 before6440 this2088 people:5971 for3588 who4310 can judge8199 this2088 (853) thy people,5971 that is so great?1419 

14-1:11     And God430 said559 to Solomon,8010 Because3282, 834 this2063 was1961 in5973 thine heart,3824 and thou hast not3808 asked7592 riches,6239 wealth,5233 or honor,3519 nor the life5315 of thine enemies,8130 neither3808 yet1571 hast asked7592 long life;7227, 3117 but hast asked7592 wisdom2451 and knowledge4093 for thyself, that834 thou mayest judge8199 (853) my people,5971 over5921 whom834 I have made thee king:4427 

14-1:12     Wisdom2451 and knowledge4093 is granted5414 unto thee; and I will give5414 thee riches,6239 and wealth,5233 and honor,3519 such as834, 3651 none3808 of the kings4428 have had1961 that834 have been before6440 thee, neither3808 shall there any after310 thee have1961 the like.3651 

14-1:13     Then Solomon8010 came935 from his journey to the high place1116 that834 was at Gibeon1391 to Jerusalem,3389 from before4480, 6440 the tabernacle168 of the congregation,4150 and reigned4427 over5921 Israel.3478 

14-1:14     And Solomon8010 gathered622 chariots7393 and horsemen:6571 and he had1961 a thousand505 and four702 hundred3967 chariots,7393 and twelve8147, 6240 thousand505 horsemen,6571 which he placed5117 in the chariot7393 cities,5892 and with5973 the king4428 at Jerusalem.3389 

14-1:15     And the king4428 made5414 (853) silver3701 and gold2091 at Jerusalem3389 as plenteous as stones,68 and cedar trees730 made5414 he as the sycamore trees8256 that834 are in the vale8219 for abundance.7230 

14-1:16     And Solomon8010 had horses5483 brought out4161 of Egypt,4480, 4714 and linen yarn:4723 the king's4428 merchants5503 received3947 the linen yarn4723 at a price.4242 

14-1:17     And they fetched up,5927 and brought forth3318 out of Egypt4480, 4714 a chariot4818 for six8337 hundred3967 shekels of silver,3701 and a horse5483 for a hundred3967 and fifty:2572 and so3651 brought they out3318 horses for all3605 the kings4428 of the Hittites,2850 and for the kings4428 of Syria,758 by their means.3027 





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2 Chronicles 2:

Chapter 2:18 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

14-2:1      And Solomon8010 determined559 to build1129 a house1004 for the name8034 of the LORD,3068 and a house1004 for his kingdom.4438 

14-2:2      And Solomon8010 told out5608 threescore and ten7657 thousand505 men376 to bear burdens,5449 and fourscore8084 thousand505, (376) to hew2672 in the mountain,2022 and three7969 thousand505 and six8337 hundred3967 to oversee5329, 5921 them. 

14-2:3      And Solomon8010 sent7971 to413 Huram2361 the king4428 of Tyre,6865 saying,559 As834 thou didst deal6213 with5973 David1732 my father,1 and didst send7971 him cedars730 to build1129 him a house1004 to dwell3427 therein, even so deal with me. 

14-2:4      Behold,2009 I589 build1129 a house1004 to the name8034 of the LORD3068 my God,430 to dedicate6942 it to him, and to burn6999 before6440 him sweet5561 incense,7004 and for the continual8548 shewbread,4635 and for the burnt offerings5930 morning1242 and evening,6153 on the sabbaths,7676 and on the new moons,2320 and on the solemn feasts4150 of the LORD3068 our God.430 This2063 is an ordinance forever5769 to5921 Israel.3478 

14-2:5      And the house1004 which834 I589 build1129 is great:1419 for3588 great1419 is our God430 above all4480, 3605 gods.430 

14-2:6      But who4310 is able6113, 3581 to build1129 him a house,1004 seeing3588 the heaven8064 and heaven8064 of heavens8064 cannot3808 contain3557 him? who4310 am I589 then, that834 I should build1129 him a house,1004 save only3588, 518 to burn sacrifice6999 before6440 him? 

14-2:7      Send7971 me now6258 therefore a man376 cunning2450 to work6213 in gold,2091 and in silver,3701 and in brass,5178 and in iron,1270 and in purple,710 and crimson,3758 and blue,8504 and that can skill3045 to grave6605, 6603 with5973 the cunning men2450 that834 are with5973 me in Judah3063 and in Jerusalem,3389 whom834 David1732 my father1 did provide.3559 

14-2:8      Send7971 me also cedar730 trees,6086 fir trees,1265 and algum trees,418 out of Lebanon:4480, 3844 for3588 I589 know3045 that834 thy servants5650 can skill3045 to cut3772 timber6086 in Lebanon;3844 and, behold,2009 my servants5650 shall be with5973 thy servants,5650 

14-2:9      Even to prepare3559 me timber6086 in abundance:7230 for3588 the house1004 which834 I589 am about to build1129 shall be wonderful6381 great.1419 

14-2:10     And, behold,2009 I will give5414 to thy servants,5650 the hewers2404 that cut3772 timber,6086 twenty6242 thousand505 measures3734 of beaten4347 wheat,2406 and twenty6242 thousand505 measures3734 of barley,8184 and twenty6242 thousand505 baths1324 of wine,3196 and twenty6242 thousand505 baths1324 of oil.8081 

14-2:11     Then Huram2361 the king4428 of Tyre6865 answered559 in writing,3791 which he sent7971 to413 Solomon,8010 Because the LORD3068 hath loved160 (853) his people,5971 he hath made5414 thee king4428 over5921 them. 

14-2:12     Huram2361 said559 moreover, Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 that834 made6213 (853) heaven8064 and earth,776 who834 hath given5414 to David1732 the king4428 a wise2450 son,1121 endued3045 with prudence7922 and understanding,998 that834 might build1129 a house1004 for the LORD,3068 and a house1004 for his kingdom.4438 

14-2:13     And now6258 I have sent7971 a cunning2450 man,376 endued3045 with understanding,998 of Huram2361 my father's,1 

14-2:14     The son1121 of a woman802 of4480 the daughters1323 of Dan,1835 and his father1 was a man376 of Tyre,6876 skillful3045 to work6213 in gold,2091 and in silver,3701 in brass,5178 in iron,1270 in stone,68 and in timber,6086 in purple,713 in blue,8504 and in fine linen,948 and in crimson;3758 also to grave6605 any manner3605 of graving,6603 and to find out2803 every3605 device4284 which834 shall be put5414 to him, with5973 thy cunning men,2450 and with the cunning men2450 of my lord113 David1732 thy father.1 

14-2:15     Now6258 therefore the wheat,2406 and the barley,8184 the oil,8081 and the wine,3196 which834 my lord113 hath spoken559 of, let him send7971 unto his servants:5650 

14-2:16     And we587 will cut3772 wood6086 out of4480 Lebanon,3844 as much as thou3605 shalt need:6878 and we will bring935 it to thee in floats7513 by5921 sea3220 to Joppa;3305 and thou859 shalt carry it up5927, (853) to Jerusalem.3389 

14-2:17     And Solomon8010 numbered5608 all3605 the strangers376, 1616 that834 were in the land776 of Israel,3478 after310 the numbering5610 wherewith834 David1732 his father1 had numbered5608 them; and they were found4672 a hundred3967 and fifty2572 thousand505 and three7969 thousand505 and six8337 hundred.3967 

14-2:18     And he set6213 threescore and ten7657 thousand505 of4480 them to be bearers of burdens,5449 and fourscore8084 thousand505 to be hewers2672 in the mountain,2022 and three7969 thousand505 and six8337 hundred3967 overseers5329 to set5647 (853) the people5971 a work. 





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2 Chronicles 3:

Chapter 3:17 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

14-3:1      Then Solomon8010 began2490 to build1129 (853) the house1004 of the LORD3068 at Jerusalem3389 in mount2022 Moriah,4179 where834 the LORD appeared7200 unto David1732 his father,1 in the place4725 that834 David1732 had prepared3559 in the threshingfloor1637 of Ornan771 the Jebusite.2983 

14-3:2      And he began2490 to build1129 in the second8145 day of the second8145 month,2320 in the fourth702 year8141 of his reign.4438 

14-3:3      Now these428 are the things wherein Solomon8010 was instructed3245 for the building1129 (853) of the house1004 of God.430 The length753 by cubits520 after the first7223 measure4060 was threescore8346 cubits,520 and the breadth7341 twenty6242 cubits.520 

14-3:4      And the porch197 that834 was in5921 the front6440 of the house, the length753 of it was according to5921, 6440 the breadth7341 of the house,1004 twenty6242 cubits,520 and the height1363 was a hundred3967 and twenty:6242 and he overlaid6823 it within4480, 6441 with pure2889 gold.2091 

14-3:5      And the greater1419 house1004 he ceiled2645 with fir1265 tree,6086 which he overlaid2645 with fine2896 gold,2091 and set5927 thereon5921 palm trees8561 and chains.8333 

14-3:6      And he garnished6823 (853) the house1004 with precious3368 stones68 for beauty:8597 and the gold2091 was gold2091 of Parvaim.6516 

14-3:7      He overlaid2645 also (853) the house,1004 the beams,6982 the posts,5592 and the walls7023 thereof, and the doors1817 thereof, with gold;2091 and graved6605 cherubims3742 on5921 the walls.7023 

14-3:8      And he made6213 (853) the most holy6944, 6944 house,1004 the length753 whereof was according to5921, 6440 the breadth7341 of the house,1004 twenty6242 cubits,520 and the breadth7341 thereof twenty6242 cubits:520 and he overlaid2645 it with fine2896 gold,2091 amounting to six8337 hundred3967 talents.3603 

14-3:9      And the weight4948 of the nails4548 was fifty2572 shekels8255 of gold.2091 And he overlaid2645 the upper chambers5944 with gold.2091 

14-3:10     And in the most holy6944, 6944 house1004 he made6213 two8147 cherubims3742 of image6816 work,4639 and overlaid6823 them with gold.2091 

14-3:11     And the wings3671 of the cherubims3742 were twenty6242 cubits520 long:753 one259 wing3671 of the one cherub was five2568 cubits,520 reaching5060 to the wall7023 of the house:1004 and the other312 wing3671 was likewise five2568 cubits,520 reaching5060 to the wing3671 of the other312 cherub.3742 

14-3:12     And one wing3671 of the other259 cherub3742 was five2568 cubits,520 reaching5060 to the wall7023 of the house:1004 and the other312 wing3671 was five2568 cubits520 also, joining1695 to the wing3671 of the other312 cherub.3742 

14-3:13     The wings3671 of these428 cherubims3742 spread themselves forth6566 twenty6242 cubits:520 and they1992 stood5975 on5921 their feet,7272 and their faces6440 were inward.1004 

14-3:14     And he made6213 (853) the veil6532 of blue,8504 and purple,713 and crimson,3758 and fine linen,948 and wrought5927 cherubims3742 thereon.5921 

14-3:15     Also he made6213 before6440 the house1004 two8147 pillars5982 of thirty7970 and five2568 cubits520 high,753 and the chapiter6858 that834 was on5921 the top7218 of each of them was five2568 cubits.520 

14-3:16     And he made6213 chains,8333 as in the oracle,1687 and put5414 them on5921 the heads7218 of the pillars;5982 and made6213 a hundred3967 pomegranates,7416 and put5414 them on the chains.8333 

14-3:17     And he reared up6965 (853) the pillars5982 before5921, 6440 the temple,1964 one259 on the right hand,4480, 3225 and the other259 on the left;4480, 8040 and called7121 the name8034 of that on the right hand3227 Jachin,3199 and the name8034 of that on the left8042 Boaz.1162 





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2 Chronicles 4:

Chapter 4:22 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

14-4:1      Moreover he made6213 an altar4196 of brass,5178 twenty6242 cubits520 the length753 thereof, and twenty6242 cubits520 the breadth7341 thereof, and ten6235 cubits520 the height6967 thereof. 

14-4:2      Also he made6213 (853) a molten3332 sea3220 of ten6235 cubits520 from brim4480, 8193 to413 brim,8193 round5696 in compass,5439 and five2568 cubits520 the height6967 thereof; and a line6957 of thirty7970 cubits520 did compass5437 it round about.5439 

14-4:3      And under8478 it was the similitude1823 of oxen,1241 which did compass5437 it round about:5439, 5439 ten6235 in a cubit,520 compassing5362 (853) the sea3220 round about.5439 Two8147 rows2905 of oxen1241 were cast,3332 when it was cast.4166 

14-4:4      It stood5975 upon5921 twelve8147, 6240 oxen,1241 three7969 looking6437 toward the north,6828 and three7969 looking6437 toward the west,3220 and three7969 looking6437 toward the south,5045 and three7969 looking6437 toward the east:4217 and the sea3220 was set above4480, 4605 upon5921 them, and all3605 their hinder parts268 were inward.1004 

14-4:5      And the thickness5672 of it was a handbreadth,2947 and the brim8193 of it like the work4639 of the brim8193 of a cup,3563 with flowers6525 of lilies;7799 and it received2388 and held3557 three7969 thousand505 baths.1324 

14-4:6      He made6213 also ten6235 lavers,3595 and put5414 five2568 on the right hand,4480, 3225 and five2568 on the left,4480, 8040 to wash7364 in them: (853) such things as they offered4639 for the burnt offering5930 they washed1740 in them; but the sea3220 was for the priests3548 to wash7364 in. 

14-4:7      And he made6213 (853) ten6235 candlesticks4501 of gold2091 according to their form,4941 and set5414 them in the temple,1964 five2568 on the right hand,4480, 3225 and five2568 on the left.4480, 8040 

14-4:8      He made6213 also ten6235 tables,7979 and placed5117 them in the temple,1964 five2568 on the right side,4480, 3225 and five2568 on the left.4480, 8040 And he made6213 a hundred3967 basins4219 of gold.2091 

14-4:9      Furthermore he made6213 the court2691 of the priests,3548 and the great1419 court,5835 and doors1817 for the court,5835 and overlaid6823 the doors1817 of them with brass.5178 

14-4:10     And he set5414 the sea3220 on the right3233 side4480, 3802 of the east end,6924 over against4480, 4136 the south.5045 

14-4:11     And Huram2361 made6213 (853) the pots,5518 and the shovels,3257 and the basins.4219 And Huram2361 finished the work3615, 6213, (853), 4399 that834 he was to make6213 for king4428 Solomon8010 for the house1004 of God;430 

14-4:12     To wit, the two8147 pillars,5982 and the pommels,1543 and the chapiters3805 which were on5921 the top7218 of the two8147 pillars,5982 and the two8147 wreaths7639 to cover3680 (853) the two8147 pommels1543 of the chapiters3805 which834 were on5921 the top7218 of the pillars;5982 

14-4:13     And four702 hundred3967 pomegranates7416 on the two8147 wreaths;7639 two8147 rows2905 of pomegranates7416 on each259 wreath,7639 to cover3680 (853) the two8147 pommels1543 of the chapiters3805 which834 were upon5921, 6440 the pillars.5982 

14-4:14     He made6213 also bases,4350 and lavers3595 made6213 he upon5921 the bases;4350 

14-4:15     (853) One259 sea,3220 and twelve8147, 6240 oxen1241 under8478 it. 

14-4:16     The pots5518 also, and the shovels,3257 and the fleshhooks,4207 and all3605 their instruments,3627 did Huram2361 his father1 make6213 to king4428 Solomon8010 for the house1004 of the LORD3068 of bright4838 brass.5178 

14-4:17     In the plain3603 of Jordan3383 did the king4428 cast3332 them, in the clay4568 ground127 between996 Succoth5523 and Zeredathah.6868 

14-4:18     Thus Solomon8010 made6213 all3605 these428 vessels3627 in great3966 abundance:7230 for3588 the weight4948 of the brass5178 could not3808 be found out.2713 

14-4:19     And Solomon8010 made6213 (853) all3605 the vessels3627 that834 were for the house1004 of God,430 the golden2091 altar4196 also, and the tables7979 whereon5921 the shewbread3899, 6440 was set; 

14-4:20     Moreover the candlesticks4501 with their lamps,5216 that they should burn1197 after the manner4941 before6440 the oracle,1687 of pure5462 gold;2091 

14-4:21     And the flowers,6525 and the lamps,5216 and the tongs,4457 made he of gold,2091 and that1931 perfect4357 gold;2091 

14-4:22     And the snuffers,4212 and the basins,4219 and the spoons,3709 and the censers,4289 of pure5462 gold:2091 and the entry6607 of the house,1004 the inner6442 doors1817 thereof for the most holy6944, 6944 place, and the doors1817 of the house1004 of the temple,1964 were of gold.2091 





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2 Chronicles 5:

Chapter 5:14 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

14-5:1      Thus all3605 the work4399 that834 Solomon8010 made6213 for the house1004 of the LORD3068 was finished:7999 and Solomon8010 brought in935 (853) all the things6944 that David1732 his father1 had dedicated;6944 and the silver,3701 and the gold,2091 and all3605 the instruments,3627 put5414 he among the treasures214 of the house1004 of God.430 

14-5:2      Then227 Solomon8010 assembled6950 (853) the elders2205 of Israel,3478 and all3605 the heads7218 of the tribes,4294 the chief5387 of the fathers1 of the children1121 of Israel,3478 unto413 Jerusalem,3389 to bring up5927 (853) the ark727 of the covenant1285 of the LORD3068 out of the city4480, 5892 of David,1732 which1931 is Zion.6726 

14-5:3      Wherefore all3605 the men376 of Israel3478 assembled themselves6950 unto413 the king4428 in the feast2282 which1931 was in the seventh7637 month.2320 

14-5:4      And all3605 the elders2205 of Israel3478 came;935 and the Levites3881 took up5375 (853) the ark.727 

14-5:5      And they brought up5927 (853) the ark,727 and the tabernacle168 of the congregation,4150 and all3605 the holy6944 vessels3627 that834 were in the tabernacle,168 these did the priests3548 and the Levites3881 bring up.5927 

14-5:6      Also king4428 Solomon,8010 and all3605 the congregation5712 of Israel3478 that were assembled3259 unto5921 him before6440 the ark,727 sacrificed2076 sheep6629 and oxen,1241 which834 could not3808 be told5608 nor3808 numbered4487 for multitude.4480, 7230 

14-5:7      And the priests3548 brought in935 (853) the ark727 of the covenant1285 of the LORD3068 unto413 his place,4725 to413 the oracle1687 of the house,1004 into413 the most holy6944, 6944 place, even under413, 8478 the wings3671 of the cherubims:3742 

14-5:8      For the cherubims3742 spread forth1961, 6566 their wings3671 over5921 the place4725 of the ark,727 and the cherubims3742 covered3680, 5921 the ark727 and the staves905 thereof above.4480, 4605 

14-5:9      And they drew out748 the staves905 of the ark, that the ends7218 of the staves905 were seen7200 from4480 the ark727 before5921, 6440 the oracle;1687 but they were not3808 seen7200 without.2351 And there8033 it is1961 unto5704 this2088 day.3117 

14-5:10     There was nothing369 in the ark727 save7535 the two8147 tables3871 which834 Moses4872 put5414 therein at Horeb,2722 when834 the LORD3068 made3772 a covenant with5973 the children1121 of Israel,3478 when they came out3318 of Egypt.4480, 4714 

14-5:11     And it came to pass,1961 when the priests3548 were come out3318 of4480 the holy6944 place: (for3588 all3605 the priests3548 that were present4672 were sanctified,6942 and did not369 then wait8104 by course:4256 

14-5:12     Also the Levites3881 which were the singers,7891 all3605 of them of Asaph,623 of Heman,1968 of Jeduthun,3038 with their sons1121 and their brethren,251 being arrayed3847 in white linen,948 having cymbals4700 and psalteries5035 and harps,3658 stood5975 at the east end4217 of the altar,4196 and with5973 them a hundred3967 and twenty6242 priests3548 sounding2690 with trumpets:)2689 

14-5:13     It came even to pass,1961 as the trumpeters2690 and singers7891 were as one,259 to make one259 sound6963 to be heard8085 in praising1984 and thanking3034 the LORD;3068 and when they lifted up7311 their voice6963 with the trumpets2689 and cymbals4700 and instruments3627 of music,7892 and praised1984 the LORD,3068 saying, For3588 he is good;2896 for3588 his mercy2617 endureth forever:5769 that then the house1004 was filled4390 with a cloud,6051 even the house1004 of the LORD;3068 

14-5:14     So that the priests3548 could3201 not3808 stand5975 to minister8334 by reason of4480, 6440 the cloud:6051 for3588 the glory3519 of the LORD3068 had filled4390 (853) the house1004 of God.430 





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2 Chronicles 6:

Chapter 6:42 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

14-6:1      Then227 said559 Solomon,8010 The LORD3068 hath said559 that he would dwell7931 in the thick darkness.6205 

14-6:2      But I589 have built1129 a house1004 of habitation2073 for thee, and a place4349 for thy dwelling3427 forever.5769 

14-6:3      And the king4428 turned5437 (853) his face,6440 and blessed1288 (853) the whole3605 congregation6951 of Israel:3478 and all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel3478 stood.5975 

14-6:4      And he said,559 Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 who hath with his hands3027 fulfilled4390 that which834 he spoke1696 with his mouth6310 to854 my father1 David,1732 saying,559 

14-6:5      Since4480 the day3117 that834 I brought forth3318 (853) my people5971 out of the land4480, 776 of Egypt4714 I chose977 no3808 city5892 among all4480, 3605 the tribes7626 of Israel3478 to build1129 a house1004 in, that my name8034 might be1961 there;8033 neither3808 chose977 I any man376 to be1961 a ruler5057 over5921 my people5971 Israel:3478 

14-6:6      But I have chosen977 Jerusalem,3389 that my name8034 might be1961 there;8033 and have chosen977 David1732 to be1961 over5921 my people5971 Israel.3478 

14-6:7      Now it was1961 in5973 the heart3824 of David1732 my father1 to build1129 a house1004 for the name8034 of the LORD3068 God430 of Israel.3478 

14-6:8      But the LORD3068 said559 to413 David1732 my father,1 Forasmuch3588, 834 as it was1961 in5973 thine heart3824 to build1129 a house1004 for my name,8034 thou didst well2895 in that3588 it was1961 in5973 thine heart:3824 

14-6:9      Notwithstanding7535 thou859 shalt not3808 build1129 the house;1004 but3588 thy son1121 which shall come forth3318 out of4480 thy loins,2504 he1931 shall build1129 the house1004 for my name.8034 

14-6:10     The LORD3068 therefore hath performed6965 (853) his word1697 that834 he hath spoken:1696 for I am risen up6965 in the room8478 of David1732 my father,1 and am set3427 on5921 the throne3678 of Israel,3478 as834 the LORD3068 promised,1696 and have built1129 the house1004 for the name8034 of the LORD3068 God430 of Israel.3478 

14-6:11     And in it8033 have I put7760 (853) the ark,727 wherein834, 8033 is the covenant1285 of the LORD,3068 that834 he made3772 with5973 the children1121 of Israel.3478 

14-6:12     And he stood5975 before6440 the altar4196 of the LORD3068 in the presence of5048 all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel,3478 and spread forth6566 his hands:3709 

14-6:13     For3588 Solomon8010 had made6213 a brazen5178 scaffold,3595 of five2568 cubits520 long,753 and five2568 cubits520 broad,7341 and three7969 cubits520 high,6967 and had set5414 it in the midst8432 of the court:5835 and upon5921 it he stood,5975 and kneeled down1288 upon5921 his knees1290 before5048 all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel,3478 and spread forth6566 his hands3709 toward heaven,8064 

14-6:14     And said,559 O LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 there is no369 God430 like thee3644 in the heaven,8064 nor in the earth;776 which keepest8104 covenant,1285 and showest mercy2617 unto thy servants,5650 that walk1980 before6440 thee with all3605 their hearts:3820 

14-6:15     Thou which834 hast kept8104 with thy servant5650 David1732 my father1 (853) that which834 thou hast promised1696 him; and spakest1696 with thy mouth,6310 and hast fulfilled4390 it with thine hand,3027 as it is this2088 day.3117 

14-6:16     Now6258 therefore, O LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 keep8104 with thy servant5650 David1732 my father1 (853) that which834 thou hast promised1696 him, saying,559 There shall not3808 fail3772 thee a man376 in my sight4480, 6440 to sit3427 upon5921 the throne3678 of Israel;3478 yet so7535 that thy children1121 take heed8104 (853) to their way1870 to walk1980 in my law,8451 as834 thou hast walked1980 before6440 me. 

14-6:17     Now6258 then, O LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 let thy word1697 be verified,539 which834 thou hast spoken1696 unto thy servant5650 David.1732 

14-6:18     But3588 will God430 in very deed552 dwell3427 with854 men120 on5921 the earth?776 behold,2009 heaven8064 and the heaven8064 of heavens8064 cannot3808 contain3557 thee; how much less637 this2088 house1004 which834 I have built!1129 

14-6:19     Have respect6437 therefore to413 the prayer8605 of thy servant,5650 and to413 his supplication,8467 O LORD3068 my God,430 to hearken8085 unto413 the cry7440 and the prayer8605 which834 thy servant5650 prayeth6419 before6440 thee: 

14-6:20     That thine eyes5869 may be1961 open6605 upon413 this2088 house1004 day3119 and night,3915 upon413 the place4725 whereof834 thou hast said559 that thou wouldest put7760 thy name8034 there;8033 to hearken8085 unto413 the prayer8605 which834 thy servant5650 prayeth6419 toward413 this2088 place.4725 

14-6:21     Hearken8085 therefore unto413 the supplications8469 of thy servant,5650 and of thy people5971 Israel,3478 which834 they shall make6419 toward413 this2088 place:4725 hear8085 thou859 from thy dwelling3427 place,4480, 4725 even from4480 heaven;8064 and when thou hearest,8085 forgive.5545 

14-6:22     If518 a man376 sin2398 against his neighbor,7453 and an oath423 be laid5375 upon him to make him swear,422 and the oath423 come935 before6440 thine altar4196 in this2088 house;1004 

14-6:23     Then hear8085 thou859 from4480 heaven,8064 and do,6213 and judge8199 (853) thy servants,5650 by requiting7725 the wicked,7563 by recompensing5414 his way1870 upon his own head;7218 and by justifying6663 the righteous,6662 by giving5414 him according to his righteousness.6666 

14-6:24     And if518 thy people5971 Israel3478 be put to the worse5062 before6440 the enemy,341 because3588 they have sinned2398 against thee; and shall return7725 and confess3034 (853) thy name,8034 and pray6419 and make supplication2603 before6440 thee in this2088 house;1004 

14-6:25     Then hear8085 thou859 from4480 the heavens,8064 and forgive5545 the sin2403 of thy people5971 Israel,3478 and bring them again7725 unto413 the land127 which834 thou gavest5414 to them and to their fathers.1 

14-6:26     When the heaven8064 is shut up,6113 and there is1961 no3808 rain,4306 because3588 they have sinned2398 against thee; yet if they pray6419 toward413 this2088 place,4725 and confess3034 (853) thy name,8034 and turn7725 from their sin,4480, 2403 when3588 thou dost afflict6031 them; 

14-6:27     Then hear8085 thou859 from heaven,8064 and forgive5545 the sin2403 of thy servants,5650 and of thy people5971 Israel,3478 when3588 thou hast taught3384 them the good2896 way,1870 wherein834 they should walk;1980 and send5414 rain4306 upon5921 thy land,776 which834 thou hast given5414 unto thy people5971 for an inheritance.5159 

14-6:28     If3588 there be1961 dearth7458 in the land,776 if3588 there be1961 pestilence,1698 if3588 there be1961 blasting,7711 or mildew,3420 locusts,697 or caterpillars;2625 if3588 their enemies341 besiege6887 them in the cities8179 of their land;776 whatsoever3605 sore5061 or whatsoever3605 sickness4245 there be: 

14-6:29     Then what3605 prayer8605 or what3605 supplication8467 soever834 shall be made1961 of any3605 man,120 or of all3605 thy people5971 Israel,3478 when834 every one376 shall know3045 his own sore5061 and his own grief,4341 and shall spread forth6566 his hands3709 in413 this2088 house:1004 

14-6:30     Then hear8085 thou859 from4480 heaven8064 thy dwelling3427 place,4349 and forgive,5545 and render5414 unto every man376 according unto all3605 his ways,1870 (853) whose heart3824 thou knowest;3045 (for3588 thou859 only905 knowest3045 (853) the hearts3824 of the children1121 of men:)120 

14-6:31     That4616 they may fear3372 thee, to walk1980 in thy ways,1870 so long3605, 3117 as834 they1992 live2416 in5921, 6440 the land127 which834 thou gavest5414 unto our fathers.1 

14-6:32     Moreover1571 concerning413 the stranger,5237 which834 is not3808 of thy people4480, 5971 Israel,3478 but is come935 from a far7350 country4480, 776 for thy great name's sake,4616, 1419, 8034 and thy mighty2389 hand,3027 and thy stretched out5186 arm;2220 if they come935 and pray6419 in413 this2088 house;1004 

14-6:33     Then hear8085 thou859 from4480 the heavens,8064 even from thy dwelling3427 place,4480, 4349 and do6213 according to all3605 that834 the stranger5237 calleth7121 to413 thee for; that4616 all3605 people5971 of the earth776 may know3045 (853) thy name,8034 and fear3372 thee, as doth thy people5971 Israel,3478 and may know3045 that3588 this2088 house1004 which834 I have built1129 is called7121 by thy name.8034 

14-6:34     If3588 thy people5971 go out3318 to war4421 against5921 their enemies341 by the way1870 that834 thou shalt send7971 them, and they pray6419 unto413 thee toward1870 this2063 city5892 which834 thou hast chosen,977 and the house1004 which834 I have built1129 for thy name;8034 

14-6:35     Then hear8085 thou from4480 the heavens8064 (853) their prayer8605 and their supplication,8467 and maintain6213 their cause.4941 

14-6:36     If3588 they sin2398 against thee, (for3588 there is no369 man120 which834 sinneth2398 not,)3808 and thou be angry599 with them, and deliver5414 them over before6440 their enemies,341 and they carry them away captives7617, 7617 unto413 a land776 far off7350 or176 near;7138 

14-6:37     Yet if they bethink themselves7725, 413, 3824 in the land776 whither834, 8033 they are carried captive,7617 and turn7725 and pray2603 unto413 thee in the land776 of their captivity,7628 saying,559 We have sinned,2398 we have done amiss,5753 and have dealt wickedly;7561 

14-6:38     If they return7725 to413 thee with all3605 their heart3820 and with all3605 their soul5315 in the land776 of their captivity,7628 whither834 they have carried them captives,7617, (853) and pray6419 toward1870 their land,776 which834 thou gavest5414 unto their fathers,1 and toward the city5892 which834 thou hast chosen,977 and toward the house1004 which834 I have built1129 for thy name:8034 

14-6:39     Then hear8085 thou from4480 the heavens,8064 even from thy dwelling3427 place,4480, 4349 (853) their prayer8605 and their supplications,8467 and maintain6213 their cause,4941 and forgive5545 thy people5971 which834 have sinned2398 against thee. 

14-6:40     Now,6258 my God,430 let, I beseech thee,4994 thine eyes5869 be1961 open,6605 and let thine ears241 be attent7183 unto the prayer8605 that is made in this2088 place.4725 

14-6:41     Now6258 therefore arise,6965 O LORD3068 God,430 into thy resting place,5118 thou,859 and the ark727 of thy strength:5797 let thy priests,3548 O LORD3068 God,430 be clothed3847 with salvation,8668 and let thy saints2623 rejoice8055 in goodness.2896 

14-6:42     O LORD3068 God,430 turn not away7725, 408 the face6440 of thine anointed:4899 remember2142 the mercies2617 of David1732 thy servant.5650 





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