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29:  Chapters

:942 Verses

1 Chronicles 1:

Chapter 1:54 Verses

13 1 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

13-1:1      Adam,121 Sheth,8352 Enosh,583 

13-1:2      Kenan,7018 Mahalaleel,4111 Jered,3382 

13-1:3      Henoch,2585 Methuselah,4968 Lamech,3929 

13-1:4      Noah,5146 Shem,8035 Ham,2526 and Japheth.3315 

13-1:5      The sons1121 of Japheth;3315 Gomer,1586 and Magog,4031 and Madai,4074 and Javan,3120 and Tubal,8422 and Meshech,4902 and Tiras.8494 

13-1:6      And the sons1121 of Gomer;1586 Ashchenaz,813 and Riphath,7384 and Togarmah.8425 

13-1:7      And the sons1121 of Javan;3120 Elishah,473 and Tarshish,8659 Kittim,3794 and Dodanim.1721 

13-1:8      The sons1121 of Ham;2526 Cush,3568 and Mizraim,4714 Put,6316 and Canaan.3667 

13-1:9      And the sons1121 of Cush;3568 Seba,5434 and Havilah,2341 and Sabta,5454 and Raamah,7484 and Sabtecha.5455 And the sons1121 of Raamah;7484 Sheba,7614 and Dedan.1719 

13-1:10     And Cush3568 begot3205 (853) Nimrod:5248 he1931 began2490 to be1961 mighty1368 upon the earth.776 

13-1:11     And Mizraim4714 begot3205 (853) Ludim,3866 and Anamim,6047 and Lehabim,3853 and Naphtuhim,5320 

13-1:12     And Pathrusim,6625 and Casluhim,3695 (of whom834, 4480, 8033 came3318 the Philistines,)6430 and Caphthorim.3732 

13-1:13     And Canaan3667 begot3205 (853) Zidon6721 his firstborn,1060 and Heth,2845 

13-1:14     The Jebusite2983 also, and the Amorite,567 and the Girgashite,1622 

13-1:15     And the Hivite,2340 and the Arkite,6208 and the Sinite,5513 

13-1:16     And the Arvadite,721 and the Zemarite,6786 and the Hamathite.2577 

13-1:17     The sons1121 of Shem;8035 Elam,5867 and Asshur,804 and Arphaxad,775 and Lud,3865 and Aram,758 and Uz,5780 and Hul,2343 and Gether,1666 and Meshech.4902 

13-1:18     And Arphaxad775 begot3205 (853) Shelah,7974 and Shelah7974 begot3205 (853) Eber.5677 

13-1:19     And unto Eber5677 were born3205 two8147 sons:1121 the name8034 of the one259 was Peleg;6389 because3588 in his days3117 the earth776 was divided:6385 and his brother's251 name8034 was Joktan.3355 

13-1:20     And Joktan3355 begot3205 (853) Almodad,486 and Sheleph,8026 and Hazarmaveth,2700 and Jerah,3392 

13-1:21     Hadoram1913 also, and Uzal,187 and Diklah,1853 

13-1:22     And Ebal,5858 and Abimael,39 and Sheba,7614 

13-1:23     And Ophir,211 and Havilah,2341 and Jobab.3103 All3605 these428 were the sons1121 of Joktan.3355 

13-1:24     Shem,8035 Arphaxad,775 Shelah,7974 

13-1:25     Eber,5677 Peleg,6389 Reu,7466 

13-1:26     Serug,8286 Nahor,5152 Terah,8646 

13-1:27     Abram;87 the same1931 is Abraham.85 

13-1:28     The sons1121 of Abraham;85 Isaac,3327 and Ishmael.3458 

13-1:29     These428 are their generations:8435 The firstborn1060 of Ishmael,3458 Nebaioth;5032 then Kedar,6938 and Adbeel,110 and Mibsam,4017 

13-1:30     Mishma,4927 and Dumah,1746 Massa,4854 Hadad,2301 and Tema,8485 

13-1:31     Jetur,3195 Naphish,5305 and Kedemah.6929 These428 are the sons1121 of Ishmael.3458 

13-1:32     Now the sons1121 of Keturah,6989 Abraham's85 concubine:6370 she bore3205 (853) Zimran,2175 and Jokshan,3370 and Medan,4091 and Midian,4080 and Ishbak,3435 and Shuah.7744 And the sons1121 of Jokshan;3370 Sheba,7614 and Dedan.1719 

13-1:33     And the sons1121 of Midian;4080 Ephah,5891 and Epher,6081 and Henoch,2585 and Abida,28 and Eldaah.420 All3605 these428 are the sons1121 of Keturah.6989 

13-1:34     And Abraham85 begot3205 (853) Isaac.3327 The sons1121 of Isaac;3327 Esau6215 and Israel.3478 

13-1:35     The sons1121 of Esau;6215 Eliphaz,464 Reuel,7467 and Jeush,3266 and Jaalam,3281 and Korah.7141 

13-1:36     The sons1121 of Eliphaz;464 Teman,8487 and Omar,201 Zephi,6825 and Gatam,1609 Kenaz,7073 and Timna,8555 and Amalek.6002 

13-1:37     The sons1121 of Reuel;7467 Nahath,5184 Zerah,2226 Shammah,8048 and Mizzah.4199 

13-1:38     And the sons1121 of Seir;8165 Lotan,3877 and Shobal,7732 and Zibeon,6649 and Anah,6034 and Dishon,1787 and Ezer,687 and Dishan.1789 

13-1:39     And the sons1121 of Lotan;3877 Hori,2753 and Homam:1950 and Timna8555 was Lotan's3877 sister.269 

13-1:40     The sons1121 of Shobal;7732 Alian,5935 and Manahath,4506 and Ebal,5858 Shephi,8195 and Onam.208 And the sons1121 of Zibeon;6649 Aiah,345 and Anah.6034 

13-1:41     The sons1121 of Anah;6034 Dishon.1787 And the sons1121 of Dishon;1787 Amram,2566 and Esh-ban,790 and Ithran,3506 and Cheran.3763 

13-1:42     The sons1121 of Ezer;687 Bilhan,1092 and Zavan,2190 and Jakan.3292 The sons1121 of Dishan;1789 Uz,5780 and Aran.765 

13-1:43     Now these428 are the kings4428 that834 reigned4427 in the land776 of Edom123 before6440 any king4428 reigned4427 over the children1121 of Israel;3478 Bela1106 the son1121 of Beor:1160 and the name8034 of his city5892 was Dinhabah.1838 

13-1:44     And when Bela1106 was dead,4191 Jobab3103 the son1121 of Zerah2226 of Bozrah4480, 1224 reigned4427 in his stead.8478 

13-1:45     And when Jobab3103 was dead,4191 Husham2367 of the land4480, 776 of the Temanites8489 reigned4427 in his stead.8478 

13-1:46     And when Husham2367 was dead,4191 Hadad1908 the son1121 of Bedad,911 which smote5221 (853) Midian4080 in the field7704 of Moab,4124 reigned4427 in his stead:8478 and the name8034 of his city5892 was Avith.5762 

13-1:47     And when Hadad1908 was dead,4191 Samlah8072 of Masrekah4480, 4957 reigned4427 in his stead.8478 

13-1:48     And when Samlah8072 was dead,4191 Shaul7586 of Rehoboth4480, 7344 by the river5104 reigned4427 in his stead.8478 

13-1:49     And when Shaul7586 was dead,4191 Baal-hanan1177 the son1121 of Achbor5907 reigned4427 in his stead.8478 

13-1:50     And when Baal-hanan1177 was dead,4191 Hadad1908 reigned4427 in his stead:8478 and the name8034 of his city5892 was Pai;6464 and his wife's802 name8034 was Mehetabel,4105 the daughter1323 of Matred,4308 the daughter1323 of Mezahab.4314 

13-1:51     Hadad1908 died4191 also. And the dukes441 of Edom123 were;1961 duke441 Timnah,8555 duke441 Aliah,5933 duke441 Jetheth,3509 

13-1:52     Duke441 Aholibamah,173 duke441 Elah,425 duke441 Pinon,6373 

13-1:53     Duke441 Kenaz,7073 duke441 Teman,8487 duke441 Mibzar,4014 

13-1:54     Duke441 Magdiel,4025 duke441 Iram.5902 These428 are the dukes441 of Edom.123 





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1 Chronicles 2:

Chapter 2:55 Verses

13 1 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

13-2:1      These428 are the sons1121 of Israel;3478 Reuben,7205 Simeon,8095 Levi,3878 and Judah,3063 Issachar,3485 and Zebulun,2074 

13-2:2      Dan,1835 Joseph,3130 and Benjamin,1144 Naphtali,5321 Gad,1410 and Asher.836 

13-2:3      The sons1121 of Judah;3063 Er,6147 and Onan,209 and Shelah:7956 which three7969 were born3205 unto him of the daughter4480, 1323 of Shua7770 the Canaanitess.3669 And Er,6147 the firstborn1060 of Judah,3063 was1961 evil7451 in the sight5869 of the LORD;3068 and he slew4191 him. 

13-2:4      And Tamar8559 his daughter in law3618 bore3205 him (853) Pharez6557 and Zerah.2226 All3605 the sons1121 of Judah3063 were five.2568 

13-2:5      The sons1121 of Pharez;6557 Hezron,2696 and Hamul.2538 

13-2:6      And the sons1121 of Zerah;2226 Zimri,2174 and Ethan,387 and Heman,1968 and Calcol,3633 and Dara:1873 five2568 of them in all.3605 

13-2:7      And the sons1121 of Carmi;3756 Achar,5917 the troubler5916 of Israel,3478 who834 transgressed4603 in the thing accursed.2764 

13-2:8      And the sons1121 of Ethan;387 Azariah.5838 

13-2:9      The sons1121 also of Hezron,2696 that834 were born3205 unto him; (853) Jerahmeel,3396 and Ram,7410 and Chelubai.3621 

13-2:10     And Ram7410 begot3205 (853) Amminadab;5992 and Amminadab5992 begot3205 (853) Nahshon,5177 prince5387 of the children1121 of Judah;3063 

13-2:11     And Nahshon5177 begot3205 (853) Salma,8007 and Salma8007 begot3205 (853) Boaz,1162 

13-2:12     And Boaz1162 begot3205 (853) Obed,5744 and Obed5744 begot3205 (853) Jesse,3448 

13-2:13     And Jesse3448 begot3205 (853) his firstborn1060 (853) Eliab,446 and Abinadab41 the second,8145 and Shimma8092 the third,7992 

13-2:14     Nethaneel5417 the fourth,7243 Raddai7288 the fifth,2549 

13-2:15     Ozem684 the sixth,8345 David1732 the seventh:7637 

13-2:16     Whose sisters269 were Zeruiah,6870 and Abigail.26 And the sons1121 of Zeruiah;6870 Abishai,52 and Joab,3097 and Asahel,6214 three.7969 

13-2:17     And Abigail26 bore3205 (853) Amasa:6021 and the father1 of Amasa6021 was Jether3500 the Ishmaelite.3459 

13-2:18     And Caleb3612 the son1121 of Hezron2696 begot3205 children of854 Azubah5806 his wife,802 and of854 Jerioth:3408 her sons1121 are these;428 Jesher,3475 and Shobab,7727 and Ardon.715 

13-2:19     And when Azubah5806 was dead,4191 Caleb3612 took3947 unto him (853) Ephrath,672 which bore3205 him (853) Hur.2354 

13-2:20     And Hur2354 begot3205 (853) Uri,221 and Uri221 begot3205 (853) Bezaleel.1212 

13-2:21     And afterward310 Hezron2696 went in935 to413 the daughter1323 of Machir4353 the father1 of Gilead,1568 whom he1931 married3947 when he1931 was threescore8346 years8141 old;1121 and she bore3205 him (853) Segub.7687 

13-2:22     And Segub7687 begot3205 (853) Jair,2971 who had1961 three7969 and twenty6242 cities5892 in the land776 of Gilead.1568 

13-2:23     And he took3947 Geshur,1650 and Aram,758 with854 the towns2333 of Jair,2971 from4480, 854 them, with854 Kenath,7079 and the towns1323 thereof, even threescore8346 cities.5892 All3605 these428 belonged to the sons1121 of Machir4353 the father1 of Gilead.1568 

13-2:24     And after that310 Hezron2696 was dead4194 in Caleb-ephratah,3613 then Abiah29 Hezron's2696 wife802 bore3205 him (853) Ashur806 the father1 of Tekoa.8620 

13-2:25     And the sons1121 of Jerahmeel3396 the firstborn1060 of Hezron2696 were,1961 Ram7410 the firstborn,1060 and Bunah,946 and Oren,767 and Ozem,684 and Ahijah.281 

13-2:26     Jerahmeel3396 had1961 also another312 wife,802 whose name8034 was Atarah;5851 she1931 was the mother517 of Onam.208 

13-2:27     And the sons1121 of Ram7410 the firstborn1060 of Jerahmeel3396 were,1961 Maaz,4619 and Jamin,3226 and Eker.6134 

13-2:28     And the sons1121 of Onam208 were,1961 Shammai,8060 and Jada.3047 And the sons1121 of Shammai;8060 Nadab,5070 and Abishur.51 

13-2:29     And the name8034 of the wife802 of Abishur51 was Abihail,32 and she bore3205 him (853) Ahban,257 and Molid.4140 

13-2:30     And the sons1121 of Nadab;5070 Seled,5540 and Appaim:649 but Seled5540 died4191 without3808 children.1121 

13-2:31     And the sons1121 of Appaim;649 Ishi.3469 And the sons1121 of Ishi;3469 Sheshan.8348 And the children1121 of Sheshan;8348 Ahlai.304 

13-2:32     And the sons1121 of Jada3047 the brother251 of Shammai;8060 Jether,3500 and Jonathan:3126 and Jether3500 died4191 without3808 children.1121 

13-2:33     And the sons1121 of Jonathan;3126 Peleth,6431 and Zaza.2117 These428 were1961 the sons1121 of Jerahmeel.3396 

13-2:34     Now Sheshan8348 had1961 no3808 sons,1121 but3588, 518 daughters.1323 And Sheshan8348 had a servant,5650 an Egyptian,4713 whose name8034 was Jarha.3398 

13-2:35     And Sheshan8348 gave5414 (853) his daughter1323 to Jarha3398 his servant5650 to wife;802 and she bore3205 him (853) Attai.6262 

13-2:36     And Attai6262 begot3205 (853) Nathan,5416 and Nathan5416 begot3205 (853) Zabad,2066 

13-2:37     And Zabad2066 begot3205 (853) Ephlal,654 and Ephlal654 begot3205 (853) Obed,5744 

13-2:38     And Obed5744 begot3205 (853) Jehu,3058 and Jehu3058 begot3205 (853) Azariah,5838 

13-2:39     And Azariah5838 begot3205 (853) Helez,2503 and Helez2503 begot3205 (853) Eleasah,501 

13-2:40     And Eleasah501 begot3205 (853) Sisamai,5581 and Sisamai5581 begot3205 (853) Shallum,7967 

13-2:41     And Shallum7967 begot3205 (853) Jekamiah,3359 and Jekamiah3359 begot3205 (853) Elishama.476 

13-2:42     Now the sons1121 of Caleb3612 the brother251 of Jerahmeel3396 were, Mesha4337 his firstborn,1060 which1931 was the father1 of Ziph;2128 and the sons1121 of Mareshah4762 the father1 of Hebron.2275 

13-2:43     And the sons1121 of Hebron;2275 Korah,7141 and Tappuah,8599 and Rekem,7552 and Shema.8087 

13-2:44     And Shema8087 begot3205 (853) Raham,7357 the father1 of Jorkoam:3421 and Rekem7552 begot3205 (853) Shammai.8060 

13-2:45     And the son1121 of Shammai8060 was Maon:4584 and Maon4584 was the father1 of Beth-zur.1049 

13-2:46     And Ephah,5891 Caleb's3612 concubine,6370 bore3205 (853) Haran,2771 and Moza,4162 and Gazez:1495 and Haran2771 begot3205 (853) Gazez.1495 

13-2:47     And the sons1121 of Jahdai;3056 Regem,7276 and Jotham,3147 and Geshan,1529 and Pelet,6404 and Ephah,5891 and Shaaph.8174 

13-2:48     Maachah,4601 Caleb's3612 concubine,6370 bore3205 Sheber,7669 and Tirhanah.8647 

13-2:49     She bore3205 also Shaaph8174 the father1 of Madmannah,4089 (853) Sheva7724 the father1 of Machbenah,4343 and the father1 of Gibea:1388 and the daughter1323 of Caleb3612 was Achsah.5915 

13-2:50     These428 were1961 the sons1121 of Caleb3612 the son1121 of Hur,2354 the firstborn1060 of Ephratah;672 Shobal7732 the father1 of Kirjath-jearim,7157 

13-2:51     Salma8007 the father1 of Bethlehem,1035 Hareph2780 the father1 of Beth-gader.1013 

13-2:52     And Shobal7732 the father1 of Kirjath-jearim7157 had1961 sons;1121 Haroeh,7204 and half2677 of the Manahethites.4506 

13-2:53     And the families4940 of Kirjath-jearim;7157 the Ithrites,3505 and the Puhites,6336 and the Shumathites,8126 and the Mishraites;4954 of them4480, 428 came3318 the Zareathites,6882 and the Eshtaulites.848 

13-2:54     The sons1121 of Salma;8007 Bethlehem,1035 and the Netophathites,5200 Ataroth the house of Joab,5854 and half2677 of the Manahethites,2680 the Zorites.6882 

13-2:55     And the families4940 of the scribes5608 which dwelt3427 at Jabez;3258 the Tirathites,8654 the Shimeathites,8101 and Suchathites.7756 These1992 are the Kenites7017 that came935 of Hemath,4480, 2575 the father1 of the house1004 of Rechab.7394 





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1 Chronicles 3:

Chapter 3:24 Verses

13 1 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

13-3:1      Now these428 were1961 the sons1121 of David,1732 which834 were born3205 unto him in Hebron;2275 the firstborn1060 Amnon,550 of Ahinoam293 the Jezreelitess;3159 the second8145 Daniel,1840 of Abigail26 the Carmelitess:3762 

13-3:2      The third,7992 Absalom53 the son1121 of Maachah4601 the daughter1323 of Talmai8526 king4428 of Geshur:1650 the fourth,7243 Adonijah138 the son1121 of Haggith:2294 

13-3:3      The fifth,2549 Shephatiah8203 of Abital:37 the sixth,8345 Ithream3507 by Eglah5698 his wife.802 

13-3:4      These six8337 were born3205 unto him in Hebron;2275 and there8033 he reigned4427 seven7651 years8141 and six8337 months:2320 and in Jerusalem3389 he reigned4427 thirty7970 and three7969 years.8141 

13-3:5      And these428 were born3205 unto him in Jerusalem;3389 Shimea,8092 and Shobab,7727 and Nathan,5416 and Solomon,8010 four,702 of Bath-shua1340 the daughter1323 of Ammiel:5988 

13-3:6      Ibhar2984 also, and Elishama,476 and Eliphelet,467 

13-3:7      And Nogah,5052 and Nepheg,5298 and Japhia,3309 

13-3:8      And Elishama,476 and Eliada,450 and Eliphelet,467 nine.8672 

13-3:9      These were all3605 the sons1121 of David,1732 beside4480, 905 the sons1121 of the concubines,6370 and Tamar8559 their sister.269 

13-3:10     And Solomon's8010 son1121 was Rehoboam,7346 Abia29 his son,1121 Asa609 his son,1121 Jehoshaphat3092 his son,1121 

13-3:11     Joram3141 his son,1121 Ahaziah274 his son,1121 Joash3101 his son,1121 

13-3:12     Amaziah558 his son,1121 Azariah5838 his son,1121 Jotham3147 his son,1121 

13-3:13     Ahaz271 his son,1121 Hezekiah2396 his son,1121 Manasseh4519 his son,1121 

13-3:14     Amon526 his son,1121 Josiah2977 his son.1121 

13-3:15     And the sons1121 of Josiah2977 were, the firstborn1060 Johanan,3110 the second8145 Jehoiakim,3079 the third7992 Zedekiah,6667 the fourth7243 Shallum.7967 

13-3:16     And the sons1121 of Jehoiakim:3079 Jeconiah3204 his son,1121 Zedekiah6667 his son.1121 

13-3:17     And the sons1121 of Jeconiah;3204 Assir,617 Salathiel7597 his son,1121 

13-3:18     Malchiram4443 also, and Pedaiah,6305 and Shenazar,8137 Jecamiah,3359 Hoshama,1953 and Nedabiah.5072 

13-3:19     And the sons1121 of Pedaiah6305 were, Zerubbabel,2216 and Shimei:8096 and the sons1121 of Zerubbabel;2216 Meshullam,4918 and Hananiah,2608 and Shelomith8019 their sister:269 

13-3:20     And Hashubah,2807 and Ohel,169 and Berechiah,1296 and Hasadiah,2619 Jushab-hesed,3142 five.2568 

13-3:21     And the sons1121 of Hananiah;2608 Pelatiah,6410 and Jesaiah:3470 the sons1121 of Rephaiah,7509 the sons1121 of Arnan,770 the sons1121 of Obadiah,5662 the sons1121 of Shechaniah.7935 

13-3:22     And the sons1121 of Shechaniah;7935 Shemaiah:8098 and the sons1121 of Shemaiah;8098 Hattush,2407 and Igeal,3008 and Bariah,1282 and Neariah,5294 and Shaphat,8202 six.8337 

13-3:23     And the sons1121 of Neariah;5294 Elioenai,454 and Hezekiah,2396 and Azrikam,5840 three.7969 

13-3:24     And the sons1121 of Elioenai454 were, Hodaiah,1939 and Eliashib,475 and Pelaiah,6411 and Akkub,6126 and Johanan,3110 and Dalaiah,1806 and Anani,6054 seven.7651 





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1 Chronicles 4:

Chapter 4:43 Verses

13 1 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

13-4:1      The sons1121 of Judah;3063 Pharez,6557 Hezron,2696 and Carmi,3756 and Hur,2354 and Shobal.7732 

13-4:2      And Reaiah7211 the son1121 of Shobal7732 begot3205 (853) Jahath;3189 and Jahath3189 begot3205 (853) Ahumai,267 and Lahad.3855 These428 are the families4940 of the Zorathites.6882 

13-4:3      And these428 were of the father1 of Etam;5862 Jezreel,3157 and Ishma,3457 and Idbash:3031 and the name8034 of their sister269 was Hazelelponi:6753 

13-4:4      And Penuel6439 the father1 of Gedor,1446 and Ezer5829 the father1 of Hushah.2364 These428 are the sons1121 of Hur,2354 the firstborn1060 of Ephratah,672 the father1 of Bethlehem.1035 

13-4:5      And Ashur806 the father1 of Tekoa8620 had1961 two8147 wives,802 Helah2458 and Naarah.5292 

13-4:6      And Naarah5292 bore3205 him (853) Ahuzam,275 and Hepher,2660 and Temeni,8488 and Haahashtari.326 These428 were the sons1121 of Naarah.5292 

13-4:7      And the sons1121 of Helah2458 were, Zereth,6889 and Jezoar,3328 and Ethnan.869 

13-4:8      And Coz6976 begot3205 (853) Anub,6036 and Zobebah,6637 and the families4940 of Aharhel316 the son1121 of Harum.2037 

13-4:9      And Jabez3258 was1961 more honorable3513 than his brethren:4480, 251 and his mother517 called7121 his name8034 Jabez,3258 saying,559 Because3588 I bore3205 him with sorrow.6090 

13-4:10     And Jabez3258 called7121 on the God430 of Israel,3478 saying,559 Oh that518 thou wouldest bless me indeed,1288, 1288 and enlarge7235 (853) my coast,1366 and that thine hand3027 might be1961 with5973 me, and that thou wouldest keep6213 me from4480 evil,7451 that it may not1115 grieve6087 me! And God430 granted935 him (853) that which834 he requested.7592 

13-4:11     And Chelub3620 the brother251 of Shuah7746 begot3205 (853) Mehir,4243 which1931 was the father1 of Eshton.850 

13-4:12     And Eshton850 begot3205 (853) Beth-rapha,1051 and Paseah,6454 and Tehinnah8468 the father1 of Ir-nahash.5904 These428 are the men376 of Rechah.7397 

13-4:13     And the sons1121 of Kenaz;7073 Othniel,6274 and Seraiah:8304 and the sons1121 of Othniel;6274 Hathath.2867 

13-4:14     And Meonothai4587 begot3205 (853) Ophrah:6084 and Seraiah8304 begot3205 (853) Joab,3097 the father1 of the valley1516 of Charashim;2798 for3588 they were1961 craftsmen.2796 

13-4:15     And the sons1121 of Caleb3612 the son1121 of Jephunneh;3312 Iru,5900 Elah,425 and Naam:5277 and the sons1121 of Elah,425 even Kenaz.7073 

13-4:16     And the sons1121 of Jehaleleel;3094 Ziph,2128 and Ziphah,2129 Tiria,8493 and Asareel.840 

13-4:17     And the sons1121 of Ezra5834 were, Jether,3500 and Mered,4778 and Epher,6081 and Jalon:3210 and she bore2029 (853) Miriam,4813 and Shammai,8060 and Ishbah3431 the father1 of Eshtemoa.851 

13-4:18     And his wife802 Jehudijah3057 bore3205 (853) Jered3382 the father1 of Gedor,1446 and Heber2268 the father1 of Socho,7755 and Jekuthiel3354 the father1 of Zanoah.2182 And these428 are the sons1121 of Bithiah1332 the daughter1323 of Pharaoh,6547 which834 Mered4778 took.3947 

13-4:19     And the sons1121 of his wife802 Hodiah1940 the sister269 of Naham,5163 the father1 of Keilah7084 the Garmite,1636 and Eshtemoa851 the Maachathite.4602 

13-4:20     And the sons1121 of Shimon7889 were, Amnon,550 and Rinnah,7441 Ben-hanan,1135 and Tilon.8436 And the sons1121 of Ishi3469 were, Zoheth,2105 and Ben-zoheth.1132 

13-4:21     The sons1121 of Shelah7956 the son1121 of Judah3063 were, Er6147 the father1 of Lecah,3922 and Laadah3935 the father1 of Mareshah,4762 and the families4940 of the house1004 of them that wrought5656 fine linen,948 of the house1004 of Ashbea,791 

13-4:22     And Jokim,3137 and the men376 of Chozeba,3578 and Joash,3101 and Saraph,8315 who834 had the dominion1166 in Moab,4124 and Jashubi-lehem.3433 And these are ancient6267 things.1697 

13-4:23     These1992 were the potters,3335 and those that dwelt3427 among plants5196 and hedges:1448 there8033 they dwelt3427 with5973 the king4428 for his work.4399 

13-4:24     The sons1121 of Simeon8095 were, Nemuel,5241 and Jamin,3226 Jarib,3402 Zerah,2226 and Shaul:7586 

13-4:25     Shallum7967 his son,1121 Mibsam4017 his son,1121 Mishma4927 his son.1121 

13-4:26     And the sons1121 of Mishma;4927 Hamuel2536 his son,1121 Zacchur2139 his son,1121 Shimei8096 his son.1121 

13-4:27     And Shimei8096 had sixteen8337, 6240 sons1121 and six8337 daughters;1323 but his brethren251 had not369 many7227 children,1121 neither3808 did all3605 their family4940 multiply,7235 like to5704 the children1121 of Judah.3063 

13-4:28     And they dwelt3427 at Beer-sheba,884 and Moladah,4137 and Hazar-shual,2705 

13-4:29     And at Bilhah,1090 and at Ezem,6107 and at Tolad,8434 

13-4:30     And at Bethuel,1328 and at Hormah,2767 and at Ziklag,6860 

13-4:31     And at Beth-marcaboth,1024 and Hazar-susim,2702 and at Beth-birei,1011 and at Shaaraim.8189 These428 were their cities5892 unto5704 the reign4427 of David.1732 

13-4:32     And their villages2691 were, Etam,5862 and Ain,5871 Rimmon,7417 and Tochen,8507 and Ashan,6228 five2568 cities:5892 

13-4:33     And all3605 their villages2691 that834 were round about5439 the same428 cities,5892 unto5704 Baal.1168 These2063 were their habitations,4186 and their genealogy.3187 

13-4:34     And Meshobab,4877 and Jamlech,3230 and Joshah3144 the son1121 of Amaziah,558 

13-4:35     And Joel,3100 and Jehu3058 the son1121 of Josibiah,3143 the son1121 of Seraiah,8304 the son1121 of Asiel,6221 

13-4:36     And Elioenai,454 and Jaakobah,3291 and Jeshohaiah,3439 and Asaiah,6222 and Adiel,5717 and Jesimiel,3450 and Benaiah,1141 

13-4:37     And Ziza2124 the son1121 of Shiphi,8230 the son1121 of Allon,438 the son1121 of Jedaiah,3042 the son1121 of Shimri,8113 the son1121 of Shemaiah;8098 

13-4:38     These428 mentioned935 by their names8034 were princes5387 in their families:4940 and the house1004 of their fathers1 increased6555 greatly.7230 

13-4:39     And they went1980 to the entrance3996 of Gedor,1446 even unto5704 the east side4217 of the valley,1516 to seek1245 pasture4829 for their flocks.6629 

13-4:40     And they found4672 fat8082 pasture4829 and good,2896 and the land776 was wide,7342, 3027 and quiet,8252 and peaceable;7961 for3588 they of4480 Ham2526 had dwelt3427 there8033 of old.6440 

13-4:41     And these428 written3789 by name8034 came935 in the days3117 of Hezekiah3169 king4428 of Judah,3063 and smote5221 (853) their tents,168 and the habitations4583 that834 were found4672 there,8033 and destroyed them utterly2763 unto5704 this2088 day,3117 and dwelt3427 in their rooms:8478 because3588 there was pasture4829 there8033 for their flocks.6629 

13-4:42     And some of4480 them, even of4480 the sons1121 of Simeon,8095 five2568 hundred3967 men,376 went1980 to mount2022 Seir,8165 having for their captains7218 Pelatiah,6410 and Neariah,5294 and Rephaiah,7509 and Uzziel,5816 the sons1121 of Ishi.3469 

13-4:43     And they smote5221 (853) the rest7611 of the Amalekites6002 that were escaped,6413 and dwelt3427 there8033 unto5704 this2088 day.3117 





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1 Chronicles 5:

Chapter 5:26 Verses

13 1 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

13-5:1      Now the sons1121 of Reuben7205 the firstborn1060 of Israel,3478 (for3588 he1931 was the firstborn;1060 but, forasmuch as he defiled2490 his father's1 bed,3326 his birthright1062 was given5414 unto the sons1121 of Joseph3130 the son1121 of Israel:3478 and the genealogy is not to be reckoned3808, 3187 after the birthright.1062 

13-5:2      For3588 Judah3063 prevailed1396 above his brethren,251 and of4480 him came the chief ruler;5057 but the birthright1062 was Joseph's:)3130 

13-5:3      The sons,1121 I say, of Reuben7205 the firstborn1060 of Israel3478 were, Hanoch,2585 and Pallu,6396 Hezron,2696 and Carmi.3756  

13-5:4      The sons1121 of Joel;3100 Shemaiah8098 his son,1121 Gog1463 his son,1121 Shimei8096 his son,1121 

13-5:5      Micah4318 his son,1121 Reaia7211 his son,1121 Baal1168 his son,1121 

13-5:6      Beerah880 his son,1121 whom834 Tiglath-pileser8407 king4428 of Assyria804 carried away1540 captive: he1931 was prince5387 of the Reubenites.7206 

13-5:7      And his brethren251 by their families,4940 when the genealogy3187 of their generations8435 was reckoned, were the chief,7218 Jeiel,3273 and Zechariah,2148 

13-5:8      And Bela1106 the son1121 of Azaz,5811 the son1121 of Shema,8087 the son1121 of Joel,3100 who1931 dwelt3427 in Aroer,6177 even unto5704 Nebo5015 and Baal-meon:1186 

13-5:9      And eastward4217 he inhabited3427 unto5704 the entering in935 of the wilderness4057 from4480 the river5104 Euphrates:6578 because3588 their cattle4735 were multiplied7235 in the land776 of Gilead.1568 

13-5:10     And in the days3117 of Saul7586 they made6213 war4421 with5973 the Hagarites,1905 who fell5307 by their hand:3027 and they dwelt3427 in their tents168 throughout all5921, 3605, 6440 the east4217 land of Gilead.1568 

13-5:11     And the children1121 of Gad1410 dwelt3427 over against5048 them, in the land776 of Bashan1316 unto5704 Salchah:5548 

13-5:12     Joel3100 the chief,7218 and Shapham8223 the next,4932 and Jaanai,3285 and Shaphat8202 in Bashan.1316 

13-5:13     And their brethren251 of the house1004 of their fathers1 were, Michael,4317 and Meshullam,4918 and Sheba,7652 and Jorai,3140 and Jachan,3275 and Zia,2127 and Heber,5677 seven.7651 

13-5:14     These428 are the children1121 of Abihail32 the son1121 of Huri,2359 the son1121 of Jaroah,3386 the son1121 of Gilead,1568 the son1121 of Michael,4317 the son1121 of Jeshishai,3454 the son1121 of Jahdo,3163 the son1121 of Buz;938 

13-5:15     Ahi277 the son1121 of Abdiel,5661 the son1121 of Guni,1476 chief7218 of the house1004 of their fathers.1 

13-5:16     And they dwelt3427 in Gilead1568 in Bashan,1316 and in her towns,1323 and in all3605 the suburbs4054 of Sharon,8289 upon5921 their borders.8444 

13-5:17     All3605 these were reckoned by genealogies3187 in the days3117 of Jotham3147 king4428 of Judah,3063 and in the days3117 of Jeroboam3379 king4428 of Israel.3478 

13-5:18     The sons1121 of Reuben,7205 and the Gadites,1425 and half2677 the tribe7626 of Manasseh,4519 of4480 valiant men,1121, 2428 men376 able to bear5375 buckler4043 and sword,2719 and to shoot1869 with bow,7198 and skillful3925 in war,4421 were four702 and forty705 thousand505 seven7651 hundred3967 and threescore,8346 that went out3318 to the war.6635 

13-5:19     And they made6213 war4421 with5973 the Hagarites,1905 with Jetur,3195 and Nephish,5305 and Nodab.5114 

13-5:20     And they were helped5826 against5921 them, and the Hagarites1905 were delivered5414 into their hand,3027 and all3605 that were with7945, 5973 them: for3588 they cried2199 to God430 in the battle,4421 and he was entreated6279 of them; because3588 they put their trust982 in him. 

13-5:21     And they took away7617 their cattle;4735 of their camels1581 fifty2572 thousand,505 and of sheep6629 two hundred3967 and fifty2572 thousand,505 and of asses2543 two thousand,505 and of men5315, 120 a hundred3967 thousand.505 

13-5:22     For3588 there fell down5307 many7227 slain,2491 because3588 the war4421 was of God.4480, 430 And they dwelt3427 in their steads8478 until5704 the captivity.1473 

13-5:23     And the children1121 of the half2677 tribe7626 of Manasseh4519 dwelt3427 in the land:776 they1992 increased7235 from Bashan4480, 1316 unto5704 Baalath-hermon1179 and Senir,8149 and unto mount2022 Hermon.2768 

13-5:24     And these428 were the heads7218 of the house1004 of their fathers,1 even Epher,6081 and Ishi,3469 and Eliel,447 and Azriel,5837 and Jeremiah,3414 and Hodaviah,1938 and Jahdiel,3164 mighty1368 men376 of valor,2428 famous8034 men,376 and heads7218 of the house1004 of their fathers.1 

13-5:25     And they transgressed4603 against the God430 of their fathers,1 and went a whoring2181 after310 the gods430 of the people5971 of the land,776 whom834 God430 destroyed8045 before4480, 6440 them. 

13-5:26     And the God430 of Israel3478 stirred up5782 (853) the spirit7307 of Pul6322 king4428 of Assyria,804 and the spirit7307 of Tiglath-pileser8407 king4428 of Assyria,804 and he carried them away,1540 even the Reubenites,7206 and the Gadites,1425 and the half2677 tribe7626 of Manasseh,4519 and brought935 them unto Halah,2477 and Habor,2249 and Hara,2024 and to the river5104 Gozan,1470 unto5704 this2088 day.3117 





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1 Chronicles 6:

Chapter 6:81 Verses

13 1 Chronicles

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

13-6:1      The sons1121 of Levi;3878 Gershon,1648 Kohath,6955 and Merari.4847 

13-6:2      And the sons1121 of Kohath;6955 Amram,6019 Izhar,3324 and Hebron,2275 and Uzziel.5816 

13-6:3      And the children1121 of Amram;6019 Aaron,175 and Moses,4872 and Miriam.4813 The sons1121 also of Aaron;175 Nadab,5070 and Abihu,30 Eleazar,499 and Ithamar.385 

13-6:4      Eleazar499 begot3205 (853) Phinehas,6372 Phinehas6372 begot3205 (853) Abishua,50 

13-6:5      And Abishua50 begot3205 (853) Bukki,1231 and Bukki1231 begot3205 (853) Uzzi,5813 

13-6:6      And Uzzi5813 begot3205 (853) Zerahiah,2228 and Zerahiah2228 begot3205 (853) Meraioth,4812 

13-6:7      Meraioth4812 begot3205 (853) Amariah,568 and Amariah568 begot3205 (853) Ahitub,285 

13-6:8      And Ahitub285 begot3205 (853) Zadok,6659 and Zadok6659 begot3205 (853) Ahimaaz,290 

13-6:9      And Ahimaaz290 begot3205 (853) Azariah,5838 and Azariah5838 begot3205 (853) Johanan,3110 

13-6:10     And Johanan3110 begot3205 (853) Azariah,5838 (he1931 it is that834 executed the priest's office3547 in the temple1004 that834 Solomon8010 built1129 in Jerusalem:)3389 

13-6:11     And Azariah5838 begot3205 (853) Amariah,568 and Amariah568 begot3205 (853) Ahitub,285 

13-6:12     And Ahitub285 begot3205 (853) Zadok,6659 and Zadok6659 begot3205 (853) Shallum,7967 

13-6:13     And Shallum7967 begot3205 (853) Hilkiah,2518 and Hilkiah2518 begot3205 (853) Azariah,5838 

13-6:14     And Azariah5838 begot3205 (853) Seraiah,8304 and Seraiah8304 begot3205 (853) Jehozadak,3087 

13-6:15     And Jehozadak3087 went1980 into captivity, when the LORD3068 carried away1540 (853) Judah3063 and Jerusalem3389 by the hand3027 of Nebuchadnezzar.5019 

13-6:16     The sons1121 of Levi;3878 Gershom,1648 Kohath,6955 and Merari.4847 

13-6:17     And these428 be the names8034 of the sons1121 of Gershom;1648 Libni,3845 and Shimei.8096 

13-6:18     And the sons1121 of Kohath6955 were, Amram,6019 and Izhar,3324 and Hebron,2275 and Uzziel.5816 

13-6:19     The sons1121 of Merari;4847 Mahli,4249 and Mushi.4187 And these428 are the families4940 of the Levites3881 according to their fathers.1 

13-6:20     Of Gershom;1648 Libni3845 his son,1121 Jahath3189 his son,1121 Zimmah2155 his son,1121 

13-6:21     Joah3098 his son,1121 Iddo5714 his son,1121 Zerah2226 his son,1121 Jeaterai2979 his son.1121 

13-6:22     The sons1121 of Kohath;6955 Amminadab5992 his son,1121 Korah7141 his son,1121 Assir617 his son,1121 

13-6:23     Elkanah511 his son,1121 and Ebiasaph43 his son,1121 and Assir617 his son,1121 

13-6:24     Tahath8480 his son,1121 Uriel222 his son,1121 Uzziah5818 his son,1121 and Shaul7586 his son.1121 

13-6:25     And the sons1121 of Elkanah;511 Amasai,6022 and Ahimoth.287 

13-6:26     As for Elkanah:511 the sons1121 of Elkanah;511 Zophai6689 his son,1121 and Nahath5184 his son,1121 

13-6:27     Eliab446 his son,1121 Jeroham3395 his son,1121 Elkanah511 his son.1121 

13-6:28     And the sons1121 of Samuel;8050 the firstborn1060 Vashni,2059 and Abiah.29 

13-6:29     The sons1121 of Merari;4847 Mahli,4249 Libni3845 his son,1121 Shimei8096 his son,1121 Uzza5798 his son,1121 

13-6:30     Shimea8092 his son,1121 Haggiah2293 his son,1121 Asaiah6222 his son.1121 

13-6:31     And these428 are they whom834 David1732 set5975 over5921 the service3027 of song7892 in the house1004 of the LORD,3068 after that the ark4480, 727 had rest.4480, 4494 

13-6:32     And they ministered1961, 8334 before6440 the dwelling place4908 of the tabernacle168 of the congregation4150 with singing,7892 until5704 Solomon8010 had built1129 (853) the house1004 of the LORD3068 in Jerusalem:3389 and then they waited5975 on5921 their office5656 according to their order.4941 

13-6:33     And these428 are they that waited5975 with their children.1121 Of the sons4480, 1121 of the Kohathites:6956 Heman1968 a singer,7891 the son1121 of Joel,3100 the son1121 of Shemuel,8050 

13-6:34     The son1121 of Elkanah,511 the son1121 of Jeroham,3395 the son1121 of Eliel,447 the son1121 of Toah,8430 

13-6:35     The son1121 of Zuph,6689 the son1121 of Elkanah,511 the son1121 of Mahath,4287 the son1121 of Amasai,6022