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:959 Verses

Deuteronomy 1:

Chapter 1:46 Verses

05 Deuteronomy

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

05-1:1      These428 be the words1697 which834 Moses4872 spoke1696 unto413 all3605 Israel3478 on this side5676 Jordan3383 in the wilderness,4057 in the plain6160 over against4136 the Red5489 sea, between996 Paran,6290 and Tophel,8603 and Laban,3837 and Hazeroth,2698 and Dizahab.1774 

05-1:2      (There are eleven259, 6240 days3117 journey from Horeb4480, 2722 by the way1870 of mount2022 Seir8165 unto5704 Kadesh-barnea.)6947 

05-1:3      And it came to pass1961 in the fortieth705 year,8141 in the eleventh6249, 6240 month,2320 on the first259 day of the month,2320 that Moses4872 spoke1696 unto413 the children1121 of Israel,3478 according unto all3605 that834 the LORD3068 had given him in commandment6680, (853) unto413 them; 

05-1:4      After310 he had slain5221 (853) Sihon5511 the king4428 of the Amorites,567 which834 dwelt3427 in Heshbon,2809 and Og5747 the king4428 of Bashan,1316 which834 dwelt3427 at Astaroth6252 in Edrei:154 

05-1:5      On this side5676 Jordan,3383 in the land776 of Moab,4124 began2974 Moses4872 to declare874 (853) this2063 law,8451 saying,559 

05-1:6      The LORD3068 our God430 spoke1696 unto413 us in Horeb,2722 saying,559 Ye have dwelt3427 long enough7227 in this2088 mount:2022 

05-1:7      Turn6437 you, and take your journey,5265 and go935 to the mount2022 of the Amorites,567 and unto413 all3605 the places nigh7934 thereunto, in the plain,6160 in the hills,2022 and in the vale,8219 and in the south,5045 and by the sea3220 side,2348 to the land776 of the Canaanites,3669 and unto Lebanon,3844 unto5704 the great1419 river,5104 the river5104 Euphrates.6578 

05-1:8      Behold,7200 I have set5414 (853) the land776 before6440 you: go in935 and possess3423 (853) the land776 which834 the LORD3068 swore7650 unto your fathers,1 Abraham,85 Isaac,3327 and Jacob,3290 to give5414 unto them and to their seed2233 after310 them. 

05-1:9      And I spoke559 unto413 you at that1931 time,6256 saying,559 I am not able3201, 3808 to bear5375 you myself alone:905 

05-1:10     The LORD3068 your God430 hath multiplied7235 you, and, behold,2009 ye are this day3117 as the stars3556 of heaven8064 for multitude.7230 

05-1:11     (The LORD3068 God430 of your fathers1 make you a thousand505 times6471 so many more3254 as ye are, and bless1288 you, as834 he hath promised1696 you!) 

05-1:12     How349 can I myself alone905 bear5375 your encumbrance,2960 and your burden,4853 and your strife?7379 

05-1:13     Take3051 you wise2450 men,376 and understanding,995 and known3045 among your tribes,7626 and I will make7760 them rulers7218 over you. 

05-1:14     And ye answered6030 me, and said,559 The thing1697 which834 thou hast spoken1696 is good2896 for us to do.6213 

05-1:15     So I took3947 (853) the chief7218 of your tribes,7626 wise2450 men,376 and known,3045 and made5414 them heads7218 over5921 you, captains8269 over thousands,505 and captains8269 over hundreds,3967 and captains8269 over fifties,2572 and captains8269 over tens,6235 and officers7860 among your tribes.7626 

05-1:16     And I charged6680 (853) your judges8199 at that1931 time,6256 saying,559 Hear8085 the causes between996 your brethren,251 and judge8199 righteously6664 between996 every man376 and his brother,251 and the stranger1616 that is with him. 

05-1:17     Ye shall not3808 respect5234 persons6440 in judgment;4941 but ye shall hear8085 the small6996 as well as the great;1419 ye shall not3808 be afraid1481 of the face4480, 6440 of man;376 for3588 the judgment4941 is God's:430 and the cause1697 that834 is too hard7185 for4480 you, bring7126 it unto413 me, and I will hear8085 it. 

05-1:18     And I commanded6680 you at that1931 time6256 (853) all3605 the things1697 which834 ye should do.6213 

05-1:19     And when we departed5265 from Horeb,4480, 2722 we went through1980 (853) all3605 that1931 great1419 and terrible3372 wilderness,4057 which834 ye saw7200 by the way1870 of the mountain2022 of the Amorites,567 as834 the LORD3068 our God430 commanded6680 us; and we came935 to5704 Kadesh-barnea.6947 

05-1:20     And I said559 unto413 you, Ye are come935 unto5704 the mountain2022 of the Amorites,567 which834 the LORD3068 our God430 doth give5414 unto us. 

05-1:21     Behold,7200 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath set5414 (853) the land776 before6440 thee: go up5927 and possess3423 it, as834 the LORD3068 God430 of thy fathers1 hath said1696 unto thee; fear3372 not,408 neither408 be discouraged.2865 

05-1:22     And ye came near7126 unto413 me every one3605 of you, and said,559 We will send7971 men376 before6440 us, and they shall search us out2658 (853) the land,776 and bring7725 us word1697 again (853) by what834 way1870 we must go up,5927 and(853) into413 what834 cities5892 we shall come.935 

05-1:23     And the saying1697 pleased me well:3190, 5869 and I took3947 twelve8147, 6240 men376 of4480 you, one259 of a tribe:7626 

05-1:24     And they turned6437 and went up5927 into the mountain,2022 and came935 unto5704 the valley5158 of Eshcol,812 and searched it out.7270, (853) 

05-1:25     And they took3947 of the fruit4480, 6529 of the land776 in their hands,3027 and brought it down3381 unto413 us, and brought7725 us word1697 again, and said,559 It is a good2896 land776 which834 the LORD3068 our God430 doth give5414 us. 

05-1:26     Notwithstanding ye would14 not3808 go up,5927 but rebelled against4784 (853) the commandment6310 of the LORD3068 your God:430 

05-1:27     And ye murmured7279 in your tents,168 and said,559 Because the LORD3068 hated8135 us, he hath brought us forth3318 out of the land4480, 776 of Egypt,4714 to deliver5414 us into the hand3027 of the Amorites,567 to destroy8045 us. 

05-1:28     Whither575 shall we587 go up?5927 our brethren251 have discouraged4549 (853) our heart,3824 saying,559 The people5971 is greater1419 and taller7311 than4480 we; the cities5892 are great1419 and walled1219 up to heaven;8064 and moreover1571 we have seen7200 the sons1121 of the Anakims6062 there.8033 

05-1:29     Then I said559 unto413 you, Dread6206 not,3808 neither3808 be afraid3372 of4480 them. 

05-1:30     The LORD3068 your God430 which goeth1980 before6440 you, he1931 shall fight3898 for you, according to all3605 that834 he did6213 for854 you in Egypt4714 before your eyes;5869 

05-1:31     And in the wilderness,4057 where834 thou hast seen7200 how that834 the LORD3068 thy God430 bore5375 thee, as834 a man376 doth bear5375 (853) his son,1121 in all3605 the way1870 that834 ye went,1980 until5704 ye came935 into5704 this2088 place.4725 

05-1:32     Yet in this2088 thing1697 ye did not369 believe539 the LORD3068 your God,430 

05-1:33     Who went1980 in the way1870 before6440 you, to search you out8446 a place4725 to pitch your tents2583 in, in fire784 by night,3915 to show7200 you by what834 way1870 ye should go,1980 and in a cloud6051 by day.3119 

05-1:34     And the LORD3068 heard8085 (853) the voice6963 of your words,1697 and was wroth,7107 and swore,7650 saying,559 

05-1:35     Surely518 there shall not one376 of these428 men376 of this2088 evil7451 generation1755 see7200 (853) that good2896 land,776 which834 I swore7650 to give5414 unto your fathers,1 

05-1:36     Save2108 Caleb3612 the son1121 of Jephunneh;3312 he1931 shall see7200 it, and to him will I give5414 (853) the land776 that834 he hath trodden1869 upon, and to his children,1121 because3282, 834 he hath wholly4390 followed310 the LORD.3068 

05-1:37     Also1571 the LORD3068 was angry599 with me for your sakes,1558 saying,559 Thou859 also1571 shalt not3808 go in935 thither.8033 

05-1:38     But Joshua3091 the son1121 of Nun,5126 which standeth5975 before6440 thee, he1931 shall go in935 thither:8033 encourage2388 him: for3588 he1931 shall cause (853) Israel3478 to inherit5157 it. 

05-1:39     Moreover your little ones,2945 which834 ye said559 should be1961 a prey,957 and your children,1121 which834 in that day3117 had no knowledge3045, 3808 between good2896 and evil,7451 they1992 shall go in935 thither,8033 and unto them will I give5414 it, and they1992 shall possess3423 it. 

05-1:40     But as for you,859 turn6437 you, and take your journey5265 into the wilderness4057 by the way1870 of the Red5488 sea.3220 

05-1:41     Then ye answered6030 and said559 unto413 me, We have sinned2398 against the LORD,3068 we587 will go up5927 and fight,3898 according to all3605 that834 the LORD3068 our God430 commanded6680 us. And when ye had girded on2296 every man376 (853) his weapons3627 of war,4421 ye were ready1951 to go up5927 into the hill.2022 

05-1:42     And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Say559 unto them, Go not up,5927, 3808 neither3808 fight;3898 for3588 I am not369 among7130 you; lest3808 ye be smitten5062 before6440 your enemies.341 

05-1:43     So I spoke1696 unto413 you; and ye would not3808 hear,8085 but rebelled against4784 (853) the commandment6310 of the LORD,3068 and went presumptuously up5927, 2102 into the hill.2022 

05-1:44     And the Amorites,567 which dwelt3427 in that1931 mountain,2022 came out3318 against7125 you, and chased7291 you, as834 bees1682 do,6213 and destroyed3807 you in Seir,8165 even unto5704 Hormah.2767 

05-1:45     And ye returned7725 and wept1058 before6440 the LORD;3068 but the LORD3068 would not3808 hearken8085 to your voice,6963 nor3808 give ear238 unto413 you. 

05-1:46     So ye abode3427 in Kadesh6946 many7227 days,3117 according unto the days3117 that834 ye abode3427 there. 





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Deuteronomy 2:

Chapter 2:37 Verses

05 Deuteronomy

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

05-2:1      Then we turned,6437 and took our journey5265 into the wilderness4057 by the way1870 of the Red5488 sea,3220 as834 the LORD3068 spoke1696 unto413 me: and we compassed5437 (853) mount2022 Seir8165 many7227 days.3117 

05-2:2      And the LORD3068 spoke559 unto413 me, saying,559 

05-2:3      Ye have compassed5437 (853) this2088 mountain2022 long enough:7227 turn6437 you northward.6828 

05-2:4      And command6680 thou the people,5971 saying,559 Ye859 are to pass through5674 the coast1366 of your brethren251 the children1121 of Esau,6215 which dwell3427 in Seir;8165 and they shall be afraid3372 of4480 you: take ye good heed unto yourselves therefore:8104, 3966 

05-2:5      Meddle1624 not408 with them; for3588 I will not3808 give5414 you of their land,4480, 776 no, not so much5704 as a foot breadth;4096, 3709, 7272 because3588 I have given5414 (853) mount2022 Seir8165 unto Esau6215 for a possession.3425 

05-2:6      Ye shall buy7666 meat400 of4480, 854 them for money,3701 that ye may eat;398 and ye shall also1571 buy3739 water4325 of4480, 854 them for money,3701 that ye may drink.8354 

05-2:7      For3588 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath blessed1288 thee in all3605 the works4639 of thy hand:3027 he knoweth3045 thy walking through1980 (853) this2088 great1419 wilderness:4057 these2088 forty705 years8141 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath been with5973 thee; thou hast lacked2637 nothing.3808, 1697 

05-2:8      And when we passed by5674 from4480, 854 our brethren251 the children1121 of Esau,6215 which dwelt3427 in Seir,8165 through the way4480, 1870 of the plain6160 from Elath,4480, 359 and from Ezion-gaber,4480, 6100 we turned6437 and passed5674 by the way1870 of the wilderness4057 of Moab.4124 

05-2:9      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Distress6696 not408 (853) the Moabites,4124 neither408 contend1624 with them in battle:4421 for3588 I will not3808 give5414 thee of their land4480, 776 for a possession;3425 because3588 I have given5414 (853) Ar6144 unto the children1121 of Lot3876 for a possession.3425 

05-2:10     The Emims368 dwelt3427 therein in times past,6440 a people5971 great,1419 and many,7227 and tall,7311 as the Anakims;6062 

05-2:11     Which1992 also637 were accounted2803 giants,7497 as the Anakims;6062 but the Moabites4125 call7121 them Emims.368 

05-2:12     The Horims2752 also dwelt3427 in Seir8165 formerly;6440 but the children1121 of Esau6215 succeeded3423 them, when they had destroyed8045 them from before4480, 6440 them, and dwelt3427 in their stead;8478 as834 Israel3478 did6213 unto the land776 of his possession,3425 which834 the LORD3068 gave5414 unto them. 

05-2:13     Now6258 rise up,6965 said I, and get you over5674 (853) the brook5158 Zered.2218 And we went over5674 (853) the brook5158 Zered.2218 

05-2:14     And the space3117 in which834 we came1980 from Kadesh-barnea,4480, 6947 until5704, 834 we were come over5674 (853) the brook5158 Zered,2218 was thirty7970 and eight8083 years;8141 until5704 all3605 the generation1755 of the men376 of war4421 were wasted8552 out from among4480, 7130 the host,4264 as834 the LORD3068 swore7650 unto them. 

05-2:15     For indeed1571 the hand3027 of the LORD3068 was1961 against them, to destroy2000 them from among4480, 7130 the host,4264 until5704 they were consumed.8552 

05-2:16     So it came to pass,1961 when834 all3605 the men376 of war4421 were consumed8552 and dead4191 from among4480, 7130 the people,5971 

05-2:17     That the LORD3068 spoke1696 unto413 me, saying,559 

05-2:18     Thou859 art to pass over5674 through (853) Ar6144 (853) the coast1366 of Moab,4124 this day:3117 

05-2:19     And when thou comest nigh7126 over against4136 the children1121 of Ammon,5983 distress6696 them not,408 nor408 meddle1624 with them: for3588 I will not3808 give5414 thee of the land4480, 776 of the children1121 of Ammon5983 any possession;3425 because3588 I have given5414 it unto the children1121 of Lot3876 for a possession.3425 

05-2:20     ( That1931 also637 was accounted2803 a land776 of giants:7497 giants7497 dwelt3427 therein in old time;6440 and the Ammonites5984 call7121 them Zamzummims;2157 

05-2:21     A people5971 great,1419 and many,7227 and tall,7311 as the Anakims;6062 but the LORD3068 destroyed8045 them before4480, 6440 them; and they succeeded3423 them, and dwelt3427 in their stead:8478 

05-2:22     As834 he did6213 to the children1121 of Esau,6215 which dwelt3427 in Seir,8165 when834 he destroyed8045 (853) the Horims2752 from before4480, 6440 them; and they succeeded3423 them, and dwelt3427 in their stead8478 even unto5704 this2088 day:3117 

05-2:23     And the Avims5757 which dwelt3427 in Hazerim,2699 even unto5704 Azzah,5804 the Caphtorims,3732 which came forth3318 out of Caphtor,4480, 3731 destroyed8045 them, and dwelt3427 in their stead.)8478 

05-2:24     Rise ye up,6965 take your journey,5265 and pass over5674 (853) the river5158 Arnon:769 behold,7200 I have given5414 into thine hand3027 (853) Sihon5511 the Amorite,567 king4428 of Heshbon,2809 and his land:776 begin2490 to possess3423 it, and contend1624 with him in battle.4421 

05-2:25     This2088 day3117 will I begin2490 to put5414 the dread6343 of thee and the fear3374 of thee upon5921 the nations5971 that are under8478 the whole3605 heaven,8064 who834 shall hear8085 report8088 of thee, and shall tremble,7264 and be in anguish2342 because4480, 6440 of thee. 

05-2:26     And I sent7971 messengers4397 out of the wilderness4480, 4057 of Kedemoth6932 unto413 Sihon5511 king4428 of Heshbon2809 with words1697 of peace,7965 saying,559 

05-2:27     Let me pass5674 through thy land:776 I will go1980 along by the highway,1870, 1870 I will neither3808 turn5493 unto the right hand3225 nor to the left.8040 

05-2:28     Thou shalt sell7666 me meat400 for money,3701 that I may eat;398 and give5414 me water4325 for money,3701 that I may drink:8354 only7535 I will pass through5674 on my feet;7272 

05-2:29     (As834 the children1121 of Esau6215 which dwell3427 in Seir,8165 and the Moabites4125 which dwell3427 in Ar,6144 did6213 unto me;) until5704, 834 I shall pass over5674 (853) Jordan3383 into413 the land776 which834 the LORD3068 our God430 giveth5414 us. 

05-2:30     But Sihon5511 king4428 of Heshbon2809 would14 not3808 let us pass5674 by him: for3588 the LORD3068 thy God430 hardened7185 (853) his spirit,7307 and made his heart obstinate,553, (853), 3824 that4616 he might deliver5414 him into thy hand,3027 as appeareth this2088 day.3117 

05-2:31     And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Behold,7200 I have begun2490 to give5414 (853) Sihon5511 and his land776 before6440 thee: begin2490 to possess,3423 that thou mayest inherit3423 (853) his land.776 

05-2:32     Then Sihon5511 came out3318 against7125 us, he1931 and all3605 his people,5971 to fight4421 at Jahaz.3096 

05-2:33     And the LORD3068 our God430 delivered5414 him before6440 us; and we smote5221 (853) him, and his sons,1121 and all3605 his people.5971 

05-2:34     And we took3920 (853) all3605 his cities5892 at that1931 time,6256 and utterly destroyed2763 the men,4962 and the women,802 and the little ones,2945 (853) of every3605 city,5892 we left7604 none3808 to remain:8300 

05-2:35     Only7535 the cattle929 we took for a prey962 unto ourselves, and the spoil7998 of the cities5892 which834 we took.3920 

05-2:36     From4480 Aroer,6177 which834 is by5921 the brink8193 of the river5158 of Arnon,769 and from the city5892 that834 is by the river,5158 even unto5704 Gilead,1568 there was1961 not3808 one city7151 too strong7682 for4480 us: the LORD3068 our God430 delivered5414 (853) all3605 unto6440 us: 

05-2:37     Only7535 unto413 the land776 of the children1121 of Ammon5983 thou camest7126 not,3808 nor unto any3605 place3027 of the river5158 Jabbok,2999 nor unto the cities5892 in the mountains,2022 nor unto whatsoever3605 the LORD3068 our God430 forbade6680 us. 





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Deuteronomy 3:

Chapter 3:29 Verses

05 Deuteronomy

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

05-3:1      Then we turned,6437 and went up5927 the way1870 to Bashan:1316 and Og5747 the king4428 of Bashan1316 came out3318 against7125 us, he1931 and all3605 his people,5971 to battle4421 at Edrei.154 

05-3:2      And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Fear3372 him not:408 for3588 I will deliver5414 him, and all3605 his people,5971 and his land,776 into thy hand;3027 and thou shalt do6213 unto him as834 thou didst6213 unto Sihon5511 king4428 of the Amorites,567 which834 dwelt3427 at Heshbon.2809 

05-3:3      So the LORD3068 our God430 delivered5414 into our hands3027 (853) Og5747 also,1571 the king4428 of Bashan,1316 and all3605 his people:5971 and we smote5221 him until5704 none1115 was left7604 to him remaining.8300 

05-3:4      And we took3920 (853) all3605 his cities5892 at that1931 time,6256 there was1961 not3808 a city7151 which834 we took3947 not3808 from4480, 854 them, threescore8346 cities,5892 all3605 the region2256 of Argob,709 the kingdom4467 of Og5747 in Bashan.1316 

05-3:5      All3605 these428 cities5892 were fenced1219 with high1364 walls,2346 gates,1817 and bars;1280 beside905 unwalled6521 towns4480, 5892 a great3966 many.7235 

05-3:6      And we utterly destroyed2763 them, as834 we did6213 unto Sihon5511 king4428 of Heshbon,2809 utterly destroying2763 the men,4962 women,802 and children,2945 of every3605 city.5892 

05-3:7      But all3605 the cattle,929 and the spoil7998 of the cities,5892 we took for a prey962 to ourselves. 

05-3:8      And we took3947 at that1931 time6256 out of the hand4480, 3027 of the two8147 kings4428 of the Amorites567 (853) the land776 that834 was on this side5676 Jordan,3383 from the river4480, 5158 of Arnon769 unto5704 mount2022 Hermon;2768 

05-3:9      (Which Hermon2768 the Sidonians6722 call7121 Sirion;8303 and the Amorites567 call7121 it Shenir;)8149 

05-3:10     All3605 the cities5892 of the plain,4334 and all3605 Gilead,1568 and all3605 Bashan,1316 unto5704 Salchah5548 and Edrei,154 cities5892 of the kingdom4467 of Og5747 in Bashan.1316 

05-3:11     For3588 only7535 Og5747 king4428 of Bashan1316 remained7604 of the remnant4480, 3499 of giants;7497 behold,2009 his bedstead6210 was a bedstead6210 of iron;1270 is it1931 not3808 in Rabbath7237 of the children1121 of Ammon?5983 nine8672 cubits520 was the length753 thereof, and four702 cubits520 the breadth7341 of it, after the cubit520 of a man.376 

05-3:12     And this2063 land,776 which we possessed3423 at that1931 time,6256 from Aroer,4480, 6177 which834 is by5921 the river5158 Arnon,769 and half2677 mount2022 Gilead,1568 and the cities5892 thereof, gave5414 I unto the Reubenites7206 and to the Gadites.1425 

05-3:13     And the rest3499 of Gilead,1568 and all3605 Bashan,1316 being the kingdom4467 of Og,5747 gave5414 I unto the half2677 tribe7626 of Manasseh;4519 all3605 the region2256 of Argob,709 with all3605 Bashan,1316 which1931 was called7121 the land776 of giants.7497 

05-3:14     Jair2971 the son1121 of Manasseh4519 took3947 (853) all3605 the country2256 of Argob709 unto5704 the coasts1366 of Geshuri1651 and Maachathi;4602 and called7121 them after5921 his own name,8034 (853) Bashan-havoth-jair,1316, 2334 unto5704 this2088 day.3117 

05-3:15     And I gave5414 (853) Gilead1568 unto Machir.4353 

05-3:16     And unto the Reubenites7206 and unto the Gadites1425 I gave5414 from4480 Gilead1568 even unto5704 the river5158 Arnon769 half8432 the valley,5158 and the border1366 even unto5704 the river5158 Jabbok,2999 which is the border1366 of the children1121 of Ammon;5983 

05-3:17     The plain6160 also, and Jordan,3383 and the coast1366 thereof, from Chinnereth4480, 3672 even unto5704 the sea3220 of the plain,6160 even the salt4417 sea,3220 under8478 Ashdoth-pisgah798, 6449 eastward.4217 

05-3:18     And I commanded6680 you at that1931 time,6256 saying,559 The LORD3068 your God430 hath given5414 you (853) this2063 land776 to possess3423 it: ye shall pass over5674 armed2502 before6440 your brethren251 the children1121 of Israel,3478 all3605 that are meet for the war.1121, 2438 

05-3:19     But7535 your wives,802 and your little ones,2945 and your cattle,4735 (for I know3045 that3588 ye have much7227 cattle,)4735 shall abide3427 in your cities5892 which834 I have given5414 you; 

05-3:20     Until5704, 834 the LORD3068 have given rest5117 unto your brethren,251 as well as unto you, and until they1992 also1571 possess3423 (853) the land776 which834 the LORD3068 your God430 hath given5414 them beyond5676 Jordan:3383 and then shall ye return7725 every man376 unto his possession,3425 which834 I have given5414 you. 

05-3:21     And I commanded6680 Joshua3091 at that1931 time,6256 saying,559 Thine eyes5869 have seen7200 (853) all3605 that834 the LORD3068 your God430 hath done6213 unto these428 two8147 kings:4428 so3651 shall the LORD3068 do6213 unto all3605 the kingdoms4467 whither834, 8033 thou859 passest.5674 

05-3:22     Ye shall not3808 fear3372 them: for3588 the LORD3068 your God430 he1931 shall fight3898 for you. 

05-3:23     And I besought2603, 413 the LORD3068 at that1931 time,6256 saying,559 

05-3:24     O Lord136 GOD,3069 thou859 hast begun2490 to show7200 (853) thy servant5650 (853) thy greatness,1433 and thy mighty2389 hand:3027 for834 what4310 God410 is there in heaven8064 or in earth,776 that834 can do6213 according to thy works,4639 and according to thy might?1369 

05-3:25     I pray thee,4994 let me go over,5674 and see7200 (853) the good2896 land776 that834 is beyond5676 Jordan,3383 that2088 goodly2896 mountain,2022 and Lebanon.3844 

05-3:26     But the LORD3068 was wroth5674 with me for your sakes,4616 and would not3808 hear8085, 413 me: and the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Let it suffice7227 thee; speak1696 no408 more3254, 5750 unto413 me of this2088 matter.1697 

05-3:27     Get thee up5927 into the top7218 of Pisgah,6449 and lift up5375 thine eyes5869 westward,3220 and northward,6828 and southward,8486 and eastward,4217 and behold7200 it with thine eyes:5869 for3588 thou shalt not3808 go over5674 (853) this2088 Jordan.3383 

05-3:28     But charge6680 (853) Joshua,3091 and encourage2388 him, and strengthen553 him: for3588 he1931 shall go over5674 before6440 this2088 people,5971 and he1931 shall cause them to inherit5157 (853) the land776 which834 thou shalt see.7200 

05-3:29     So we abode3427 in the valley1516 over against4136 Beth-peor.1047 





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Deuteronomy 4:

Chapter 4:49 Verses

05 Deuteronomy

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

05-4:1      Now6258 therefore hearken,8085 O Israel,3478 unto413 the statutes2706 and unto413 the judgments,4941 which834 I595 teach3925 you, for to do6213 them, that4616 ye may live,2421 and go in935 and possess3423 (853) the land776 which834 the LORD3068 God430 of your fathers1 giveth5414 you. 

05-4:2      Ye shall not3808 add3254 unto5921 the word1697 which834 I595 command6680 you, neither3808 shall ye diminish1639 aught from4480 it, that ye may keep8104 (853) the commandments4687 of the LORD3068 your God430 which834 I595 command6680 you. 

05-4:3      Your eyes5869 have seen7200 (853) what834 the LORD3068 did6213 because of Baal-peor:1187 for3588 all3605 the men376 that834 followed1980, 310 Baal-peor,1187 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath destroyed8045 them from among4480, 7130 you. 

05-4:4      But ye859 that did cleave1695 unto the LORD3068 your God430 are alive2416 every one3605 of you this day.3117 

05-4:5      Behold,7200 I have taught3925 you statutes2706 and judgments,4941 even as834 the LORD3068 my God430 commanded6680 me, that ye should do6213 so3651 in7130 the land776 whither834, 8033 ye859 go935 to possess3423 it. 

05-4:6      Keep8104 therefore and do6213 them; for3588 this1931 is your wisdom2451 and your understanding998 in the sight5869 of the nations,5971 which834 shall hear8085 (853) all3605 these428 statutes,2706 and say,559 Surely7535 this2088 great1419 nation1471 is a wise2450 and understanding995 people.5971 

05-4:7      For3588 what4310 nation1471 is there so great,1419 who834 hath God430 so nigh7138 unto413 them, as the LORD3068 our God430 is in all3605 things that we call7121 upon413 him for? 

05-4:8      And what4310 nation1471 is there so great,1419 that834 hath statutes2706 and judgments4941 so righteous6662 as all3605 this2063 law,8451 which834 I595 set5414 before6440 you this day?3117 

05-4:9      Only7535 take heed8104 to thyself, and keep8104 thy soul5315 diligently,3966 lest6435 thou forget7911 (853) the things1697 which834 thine eyes5869 have seen,7200 and lest6435 they depart5493 from thy heart4480, 3824 all3605 the days3117 of thy life:2416 but teach3045 them thy sons,1121 and thy sons'1121 sons;1121 

05-4:10     Especially the day3117 that834 thou stoodest5975 before6440 the LORD3068 thy God430 in Horeb,2722 when the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Gather me the people together,6950, (853), 5971 and I will make them hear8085 (853) my words,1697 that834 they may learn3925 to fear3372 me all3605 the days3117 that834 they1992 shall live2416 upon5921 the earth,127 and that they may teach3925 their children.1121 

05-4:11     And ye came near7126 and stood5975 under8478 the mountain;2022 and the mountain2022 burned1197 with fire784 unto5704 the midst3820 of heaven,8064 with darkness,6205 clouds,6051 and thick darkness.6205 

05-4:12     And the LORD3068 spoke1696 unto413 you out of the midst4480, 8432 of the fire:784 ye859 heard8085 the voice6963 of the words,1697 but saw7200 no369 similitude;8544 only2108 ye heard a voice.6963 

05-4:13     And he declared5046 unto you (853) his covenant,1285 which834 he commanded6680 you to perform,6213 even ten6235 commandments;1697 and he wrote3789 them upon5921 two8147 tables3871 of stone.68 

05-4:14     And the LORD3068 commanded6680 me at that1931 time6256 to teach3925 you statutes2706 and judgments,4941 that ye might do6213 them in the land776 whither834, 8033 ye859 go over5674 to possess3423 it. 

05-4:15     Take ye therefore good heed8104, 3966 unto yourselves;5315 for3588 ye saw7200 no3808 manner3605 of similitude8544 on the day3117 that the LORD3068 spoke1696 unto413 you in Horeb2722 out of the midst4480, 8432 of the fire:784 

05-4:16     Lest6435 ye corrupt7843 yourselves, and make6213 you a graven image,6459 the similitude8544 of any3605 figure,5566 the likeness8403 of male2145 or176 female,5347 

05-4:17     The likeness8403 of any3605 beast929 that834 is on the earth,776 the likeness8403 of any3605 winged3671 fowl6833 that834 flieth5774 in the air,8064 

05-4:18     The likeness8403 of any thing3605 that creepeth7430 on the ground,127 the likeness8403 of any3605 fish1710 that834 is in the waters4325 beneath4480, 8478 the earth:776 

05-4:19     And lest6435 thou lift up5375 thine eyes5869 unto heaven,8064 and when thou seest7200 (853) the sun,8121 and the moon,3394 and the stars,3556 even all3605 the host6635 of heaven,8064 shouldest be driven5080 to worship7812 them, and serve5647 them, which834 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath divided2505, (853) unto all3605 nations5971 under8478 the whole3605 heaven.8064 

05-4:20     But the LORD3068 hath taken3947 you, and brought you forth3318, (853) out of the iron1270 furnace,4480, 3564 even out of Egypt,4480, 4714 to be1961 unto him a people5971 of inheritance,5159 as ye are this2088 day.3117 

05-4:21     Furthermore the LORD3068 was angry599 with me for your sakes,5921, 1697 and swore7650 that I should not1115 go over5674 (853) Jordan,3383 and that I should not1115 go in935 unto413 that good2896 land,776 which834 the LORD3068 thy God430 giveth5414 thee for an inheritance:5159 

05-4:22     But3588 I595 must die4191 in this2063 land,776 I must not369 go over5674 (853) Jordan:3383 but ye859 shall go over,5674 and possess3423 (853) that2063 good2896 land.776 

05-4:23     Take heed8104 unto yourselves, lest6435 ye forget7911 (853) the covenant1285 of the LORD3068 your God,430 which834 he made3772 with5973 you, and make6213 you a graven image,6459 or the likeness8544 of any3605 thing, which834 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath forbidden6680 thee. 

05-4:24     For3588 the LORD3068 thy God430 is a consuming398 fire,784 even a jealous7067 God.410 

05-4:25     When3588 thou shalt beget3205 children,1121 and children's1121 children,1121 and ye shall have remained long3462 in the land,776 and shall corrupt7843 yourselves, and make6213 a graven image,6459 or the likeness8544 of any3605 thing, and shall do6213 evil7451 in the sight5869 of the LORD3068 thy God,430 to provoke him to anger:3707 

05-4:26     I call5749 (853) heaven8064 and earth776 to witness5749 against you this day,3117 that3588 ye shall soon4118 utterly perish6, 6 from off4480, 5921 the land776 whereunto834, 8033 ye859 go over5674 (853) Jordan3383 to possess3423 it; ye shall not3808 prolong748 your days3117 upon5921 it, but3588 shall utterly be destroyed.8045, 8045 

05-4:27     And the LORD3068 shall scatter6327 you among the nations,5971 and ye shall be left7604 few4962 in number4557 among the heathen,1471 whither834, 8033 the LORD3068 shall lead5090 you. 

05-4:28     And there8033 ye shall serve5647 gods,430 the work4639 of men's120 hands,3027 wood6086 and stone,68 which834 neither3808 see,7200 nor3808 hear,8085 nor3808 eat,398 nor3808 smell.7306 

05-4:29     But if from thence4480, 8033 thou shalt seek1245 (853) the LORD3068 thy God,430 thou shalt find4672 him, if3588 thou seek1875 him with all3605 thy heart3824 and with all3605 thy soul.5315 

05-4:30     When thou art in tribulation,6862 and all3605 these428 things1697 are come4672 upon thee, even in the latter319 days,3117 if thou turn7725 to5704 the LORD3068 thy God,430 and shalt be obedient8085 unto his voice;6963 

05-4:31     (For3588 the LORD3068 thy God430 is a merciful7349 God;) 410 he will not3808 forsake7503 thee, neither3808 destroy7843 thee, nor3808 forget7911 (853) the covenant1285 of thy fathers1 which834 he swore7650 unto them. 

05-4:32     For3588 ask7592 now4994 of the days3117 that are past,7223 which834 were1961 before6440 thee, since4480 the day3117 that834 God430 created1254 man120 upon5921 the earth,776 and ask from the one side4480, 7097 of heaven8064 unto5704 the other,7097, (8064) whether there hath been1961 any such thing as this2088 great1419 thing1697 is, or176 hath been heard8085 like it?3644 

05-4:33     Did ever people5971 hear8085 the voice6963 of God430 speaking1696 out of the midst4480, 8432 of the fire,784 as834 thou859 hast heard,8085 and live?2421